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xjt employee login

Being a newcomer in a different place can be quite hard for some people, especially those working in the airline industries. There can be a lot of things to learn about the company and the working environment, like ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. it means you should make a quick adaptation to maximize your working skills in the company. But, you do not have to feel down as you can take advantage of XJT Employee Login Portal.

This is what will help you understand your job duties at the company. Besides, all employees of ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. must have accounts on the portal. So, you will not feel depressed to handle your job alone because there will be a lot of seniors and other staffs will help you there.

Now, you can find all of the information related to ExpressJet Airlines Employees portal in this article. It includes the steps to create an XJT employee account, how you can log in to the new account, the procedure to recover your password, and some other things that will add your insights about the airline company. So, happy reading!

xjt employee login

xjt employee login page is accessible at xjt.com

About ExpressJet Airlines

In airline industries, ExpressJet Airlines company is a well-known one in the United States. The headquarters of ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. is situated in College Park, Georgia. This company has been operating since 1986 by providing domestic routes in the country. Later, the company decided to add more routes with its 153 Bombardier and Embraer Jet Aircraft. So far, ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. has services for 126 fleet size and 194 destinations through 34 states and District of Columbia. Besides, the flights to and from Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas are included in the company services. With a busy schedule like that, it is not surprising that ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. has around 3600 workers contributed to the company business.

What is XJT Employee Login Portal?

XJT Employee Login Portal is an official platform for ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. employees. As this company has a huge number of employees, it can be very difficult to handle them at the same time. This is why ExpressJet Airlines created this platform to let its employees keep informed with any conditions of the company. Employees can also interact with other users on the portal. This way, they can discuss anything about their job duties at ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. Besides, the company can easily supervise the working performance of the employees only by checking bit information from the employee accounts.

Moreover, you should register before you can use the portal. But one thing that makes this portal easy to use is that you may do the registration steps by yourself. You can create an account based on your employee information in the company without seeing any Human Resource staff. Then, you can log in to the account after you have done the registration process. There are 2 possible ways to log in to your XJT employee account because it has 2 versions based on the device you use. For example:

  1. Desktop

The desktop version requires you to use big devices, such as a laptop or a personal computer. Then, you can access it at www.xjt.com. The positive thing about this version is that the display qualities are satisfying. However, you may need electrical power to support your device at times. This way, it is not portable enough to use.

  1. Mobile

The mobile version is accessible at www.xjt.com/ASA/XJTMobile/Login.aspx. If you use the portal via mobile, you will be able to bring it anywhere you want as long as you connect it to the internet. However, the display qualities are not better than the desktop version.

How to Sign Up on XJT Employee Portal

Before you can access, you should sign up an account on ExpressJet Airlines employee portal. if you are not sure you can do it by yourself, you may use the following guideline to create your new employee account.

  1. Visit the XJT Employee Login portal

First, all you need to do is visit ExpressJet Airlines employee portal at www.xjt.com. the portal home page will show you buttons and fields on the login section.

  1. Click Register

Second, you should click the Register button. it will bring you to a page of the user agreement. Then, you may read the information on the agreement page. It is important to understand what you should and should not do on the employee portal, right? After you have finished reading the agreement, you should click “I Agree” button. Then, a verification page will appear.

  1. Complete Verification Form

Third, there is a blank form on the verification page that you need to complete. What you can fill in the verification form is:

  • Employee ID number
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You’d better check your Employee ID Card to find this ID Number. It consists of 7 digits in length.

  • Birth Date

There is a calendar icon next to the date field. You have to click it and choose your date of birth. It must consist of your birth month, date, and also year.

  • SSN

Your Social Security Number is a must for the registration of ExpressJet Airlines employees. you may check the number on your SSN card.

When all the fields are complete, you can press the Continue button. Then, you will be able to the password page.

  1. Create Password

Fourth, you should keep your account safe by creating a password. You can use the password as your key to logging in to your employee account.

  1. Submit Form

Finally, you can submit the registration form. Now, you have been registered as a user of ExpressJet Airlines employee portal.

xjt employee login

xjt employee login steps

Steps to Log into XJT Employee Login Portal

When you have got an account on XJT.Com Employee Login Portal, you still need to prepare some things to make your login steps run well. For example, you can prepare a device with a browser. no matter what devices you use, just make sure you have installed a browser in it.

Then, you will need an internet connection because this portal should be accessed online. After that, your account credentials should be ready as well. The credentials are the User ID and password that you have created in the registration process.

Now, you can start the login process. It will not take a long time, though. If this will be your first time to log in, you can follow the simple steps below.

  1. Go to XJT employee login portal

First, you should go to www.xjt.com to reach ExpressJet Airlines employee portal. Then, you can just focus on the login section.

  1. Enter User ID

Second, you need to enter the User ID which you have registered on ExpressJet Airlines employee portal. The user ID is your 7-digit employee ID number.

  1. Fill In Password

Third, you can fill in the password in the provided field. Be certain you type it right.

  1. Click Login

The last step is to click the Login button. Your login attempt is successful if your account page shows up on your screen. You can explore it now.

How to Log into XJT Mobile

In order to make the employees more convenient in using XJT employee login portal, ExpressJet launches XJT mobile. This way, you can access the XJT employee login portal using your smartphone. Before using the XJT mobile app, make sure that you have downloaded this application at Play Store or App Store. So, both android and iOS users can use this XJT mobile. Here is the step by step to access XJT mobile login.

  • Download and install XJT mobile.

First of all, prepare your smartphone to download this application. Just search XJT Mobile at Play Store or App Store. Then, you can install this application on your smartphone.

  • Open XJT Mobile app.

After installing this application, you can open it. If you have not registered in XJT employee login portal yet, you have to complete the sign-up process first. This way, you can set up the password to access your account at XJT employee login page.

  • Enter ExpressJet employee ID.

To reach your account, you need to provide a valid employee ID. If you do not know your employee id, you can ask your HR manager.

  • Provide a valid password.

Have you created an XJT employee login password? If so, you can enter this password to the provided field. Make sure you enter the password correctly. If you do not, you will not be able to reach your account at XJT mobile.

  • Press the Login button.

Last, you can click on the login button. Now, you can explore the XJT employee login page whenever and wherever you are. The features of XJT mobile and XJT web version are the same. For instance, you can access the flight schedule, employee benefits, and pay stub information.

Using the XJT mobile is more efficient. It is because just by using your smartphone, you can access all information related to your job.

The procedure of XJT Employee Login Password Recovery

In case you have found problems with your XJT password, you’d better recover it as soon as possible. The following procedure will help you recover the password of your employee account.

  1. Go to www.xjt.com

First, you should go to www.xjt.com where you are supposed to access your employee account.

  1. Forgot Password?
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Second, you will see Forgot Password link and click it to open the password recovery page.

  1. Complete Validation Form

Third, you must complete a validation form to prove that you are a registered user on ExpressJet Airlines employee portal

  1. Create a New Password

Fourth, you are able to make a new password now. Make sure you use a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols.

  1. Submit

Finally, submit your new password. if the recovery process is successful, you can start using the password for login steps.

What is ExpressJet Employee Benefits?

A lot of people are interested to start their careers at ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. it is not astonishing because this company offers various benefits to its employees, such as:

  1. Healthcare

The first benefit each employee of ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. can get is healthcare. This benefit will include:

  • Vision Plan

Employees can take this plan for eye exams and medical devices.

  • Dental Plan

With this dental plan, employees may take care of their dental health and solve any dental problems.

  • Health Insurances

If employees need certain medical procedures, the health insurances will cover their needs.

  • Telehealth

This plan will allow employees to find recommendations related to certain doctors and health institution with discounts.

  • Counseling

Working can be stressful at times. Thus, ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. has a counseling program to support its employees and fix their problems.

  • Maternity Support Program

For mothers, this program is very beneficial when they need supports of quality resources and administrative assistance.

  • Healthcare Spending Accounts

Employees may use the money saved in the healthcare spending account for any medical needs

  • Health Plan Incentives

Employees can get more knowledge about their health conditions by using Health Plan Incentives.

  1. Financial

The second benefit given by ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. is related to financial needs. Some programs included in this benefit are:

  • Bonus Pay

To appreciate its employees’ dedication at work, ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. will grant bonus pay for them.

  • Paid Time Off

When employees take some days off for certain purposes, ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. is still ready to give payment.

  • Children Discount

There will be discounts for employees’ primary childcare.

  • Daycare Flexible Spending Account

The company will allow employees to get assistance when they need daycare plan.

  • Adoption Assistance Reimbursement

Employees can take the adoption program and all the cost caused by this plan will be covered by the company.

  • Parental Leave

This program will let ExpressJet Airlines employees do things related to Surrogacy, Adoption, and also Foster Care.

  • Disability

ExpressJet Airlines will not let its employees face its difficulties alone. This is why; there will be some ways to cover any costs for short-term disability conditions.

  • Life Insurance

There are affordable costs for taking employees’ life insurance.

  • Commuter Benefit

The company will cover transportation cost for employees with certain distances.

  • 401(K) Plan

Employees of ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. can plan their retirement days using this 401(K) Plan. They can start the saving plan as long as they still work for the company.

  1. Career

The third benefit will be beneficial for career paths’ of ExpressJet Airlines employees. The programs related to this benefit are:

  • Career Planning

With career planning, employees of ExpressJet Airlines may get knowledge of how to work better in airline industries.

  • Development Resources

A big number of resources will be able to improve employees’ professional and personal development

  • Leadership Programs

ExpressJet Airlines will let employees grow their leadership skills and focus on their goals.

  • Coaching and Mentoring

Employees can reach their goals based on their plans if they join coaching and mentoring programs from the company.

  • Recognition Programs

The company will absolutely recognize employees’ contribution and give them rewards.

  • GED Reimbursement

Employees can use the GED Reimbursement program with a half cost.

  • Tuition Reimbursement

Employees will get helps to manage their tuition and education plans.

  • Onboarding

In case there is a transition period faced by employees, this plan can make the process run smoothly.

What is Expressejet Career Opportunity?

If you like working at Airlines, perhaps ExpressJet can be one of your choices. Many applicants want to build their careers at ExpressJet. It is because this company offers various employee benefits and employee programs. Besides, the salary offered is competitive. You can get a raise every year. No doubt, ExpressJet becomes one of the most lovable companies.

There are many career opportunity offered by ExpressJet. You can view ExpressJet careers below.

  • Pilot.

If you have the license as a pilot, why don’t you start your career at ExpressJet? On this company, you can get some perks. For instance, ExpressJet offers $22K bonus for the new-hired pilot. Besides, you can receive $8K annual overrides for the captains.

  • Maintenance staff.
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As an engineer, you also can build your brighter career at ExpressJet. In this position, you can get various benefits and career progression.

  • Flight attendance.

If hospitality is your passion, you need to apply for ExpressJet flight attendance.

  • Crew Support.

The crew support team will make sure that the Expressjet operation runs smoothly. They will provide operational assistance for other flight crew members.

expressjet career

expressjet career

How to Apply for ExpressJet Careers?

If you want to be a part of ExpressJet airlines, you have to apply for a certain position in this company. First of all, you need to decide the job position you want to apply for. Then, you can search for the career opportunity at ExpressJet. Here is the step by step to apply for ExpressJet job.

  • Visit the Expressjet official website.

First of all, you need to access the official portal of ExpressJet. You can use your browser to visit www.expressjet.com.

  • Click on Career menu.

Once you land on the ExpressJet homepage, you need to click on the Career menu. This menu is available at the top and bottom menu bar.

  • Click on the job position.

There are many job positions available at ExpressJet. For instance, you can apply for the pilot, flight attendant, Crew Support team, maintenance staff, and many more.

  • Review the requirements and job description.

Before you submit your application, you need to review the job requirements. This way, you can know whether you are eligible for this position. Besides, you also need to check the job description. So, you will know what to do when you are hired by ExpressJet. This section also informs you about ExpressJet employee benefits.

  • Click on Apply Now.

If you can pass all the requirements, you can click on Apply Now.

  • Enter your email address.

On the next page, you are required to submit your email address. Then, you can check your email to view the further instruction for applying for a job at ExpressJet.

  • Submit your application.

Last, you can submit your job application online. You need to include your CV and supporting documents such as a diploma certificate, passport, pilot license, medical check-up certificate, and many more.

That’s all the simple steps to apply for a job at ExpressJet Airlines. After submitting your application, you need to wait for the announcement from ExpressJet. If you are qualified as the job applicant, they will give you an interview chance. Then, working at ExpressJet is one step closer.

How to Reach ExpressJet Employee Login Support Center

If you still find problems related to your employee account, just contact the XJT Support Center. So, your problems can be fixed very soon. These are the ways to reach XJT Support Center representatives.

  1. Phone

Explaining the problems of your employee account can be easier if you get helps directly from XJT Support Center representatives. If you are eager to talk to XJT Support Center via phone, you can reach the IT Help Desk of XJT at 435-634-3271.

  1. Email

In case you are not ready to explain the problems via phone, you can still let the XJT support center representatives know via email. You just need to compose your email and send it to [email protected]

Expressjet Airlines FAQs

How often do raises occur at ExpressJet Airlines?
You should be glad working at these airlines. It is because the raises occur every year.
What is ExpressJet employee benefits?
This company offers various employee benefits. For instance, it provides healthcare, financial benefits, and career development.
What is ExpressJet branded flying?
ExpressJet branded flying includes 220 daily departure.
What makes ExpressJet different from other airlines?
ExpressJet offers a convenient flight. For instance, there is no middle seat, assigned seat on the aisle or window, comfortable seat, etc.
Who owns Express jet?
ExpressJet is owned by Mana Air, LLC
How many employees does ExpressJet have?
ExpressJet has more than 3000 employees.
Did United Airlines buy ExpressJet?
Skywest wants to sell ExpressJet to United Airlines. But, this airline is now owned by Mana Air.
What is a United Express jet?
It is a regional flight branch of United Airlines. It operates the regional airlines’ routes.

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Summary of XJT Employee Login

XJT Employee login portal is owned by ExpressJet Airlines. If you work at this company, you should access XJT portal to view your employment information. For instance, you can check the salary and benefits.

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