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Workstation Scentsy Portal

Welcome to Portal!

Are you working at Scentsy Corporation or being the part of Scentsy Consultant? Well, you can access Workstation Scentsy then manage your Scentsy Pay Portal to maximize your work performance. This day, we will talk about Workstation Scentsy Login Guidelines, all about Scentsy Consultant Support details as well as the employee benefits that you can get.

It will be fun because you can earn a lot of money by selling Scentsy Products to your customers in an easy way. You have no longer worries to join its team as you can work anytime and anywhere you want. Do you want to get more time with your families? Here is a good job for you!

About Scentsy Company’s Profile

Before accessing the Workstation Scentsy Portal, it will be really good if you know the Scentsy company profile. Anyway, Scentsy is an American body fragrance and perfume. This company started the operation in 2004, but it has won ten direct selling industry awards.

One of the best is DSA’s First-ever Rising Star Award for the best business operations in 2009. This company applies the home-selling industry where it cooperates with a lot of Scentsy Consultants in over than 11 states. These consultants work to meet the customers, share Scentsy Catalog, and sell the products to them. This company even offers both offline and online purchasing.

Scentsy Official Portal

Scentsy Official Portal is available at

When you need to get the offline purchasing, you can visit the nearest Scentsy Locations or even meet Scentsy Consultant Support to be more experienced with its fragrances. Meanwhile, online purchasing is only available on its official website at Portal.

To be closer with this company, including the consultant, you are better to follow Scentsy Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter. Or, you can join in its membership program by submitting your personal information to Portal and create your login account. Later, this account will be very helpful to access Scentsy Online Order, make online shipping, or even claim the deals and coupon codes.

Scentsy Consultant

Scentsy Consultant Benefits and Requirements are available at

What is Workstation Scentsy?

Then, here we go! You are going to access Workstation Scentsy Portal as it is your employee work field portal. It is available at Of course, this site has several features and benefits that may support your work.

To get into this site, you must submit your Consultant Identification Number including with the proper password that you get at the first time joining Scentsy Consultant. Once you sign in your account, you will get several features to help you manage the business accurately. In general, the new consultants may be curious with the features inside of this portal, well here they are:

  • At first, this portal has a mobile-friendly design for any types of electronic devices. And somehow, a consultant needs to manage a business by a simple tool then they prefer to use a Smartphone. Don’t worry! Portal will fit any devices you take.
  • The second, it also has an intuitive website design that will improve your overall experience in running a business with Scentsy.
  • And then, you should not doubt with the payout preferences as Scentsy Workstation Portal gives you secure self-service capabilities.
  • For the next, Workstation.Scentsy Portal has a transfer center which can help you to control the management and be easy to operate the dashboard.
  • Sure, it also has a transaction history interface and the secure monitor transaction to manage the products and marketing.
  • It has protected your account with its great Apple Passbook and Android pass wallet integration.
  • At last, to remind your previous activity, this Scentsy Consultant Support Portal gives you the notification of banded emails and dashboard.
Workstation Scentsy Portal

Workstation Scentsy Portal Homepage is taken from

What Need to Prepare to Access Workstation Scentsy Portal?

All we know that it is the online workforce portal, so you need to go online to get into the portal. And of course, there are several important tools that you have to prepare. Yes, they will help you experiencing easiness to access your employee account and features. Then, here, the tools are:

  • A set of computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  • A current version of internet browser
  • Strong and stable internet connection
  • And, a valid Scentsy Consultant ID and its valid password.

How to Access Workstation Scentsy Login Portal?

For the next, it is your best time to start accessing Scentsy Workstation Portal and get ready to enhance your work performance. With no talk too much, here the simple step by step process that you can follow:

  • Step 1# Get the Official Site

First of all, once you have been ready with your electronic device, you can directly go online to Scentsy Workstation Portal. And as all we know, it is available at

  • Step 2# Submit the Login Details

You may get the Scentsy Consultant Support Homepage, and you have to submit your valid consultant identification numbers at the first box. Below that place, you can give the valid password that you have got from Scentsy IT Support Department.

  • Step 3# Get ready to Explore the Portal
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For the rest, you must ensure that you have recently submitted the correct Consultant ID and password. At that time, you can click at “Sign in” and get ready to explore the features and benefits.

What are the Common Troubles when Accessing Workstation Scentsy Login Site?

In some cases, you may get several conditions where you cannot access your Scentsy Consultant Login Portal. Then, you should not give up because you don’t have time to break your chance to always improving a career as a Scentsy Consultant. As long as you find out the trouble’s reasons, you will get ideas to solve it as soon as possible. Then, here the common troubles that you may face when entering Portal and here they are:

  • Bad internet connection
  • The old version of the internet browser
  • Un-supported electronic devices
  • Your mistyping Scentsy Consultant ID or password
  • Or, locked account.

How to Recover the Forgotten Workstation Scentsy Login Password?

Once you have forgotten your password, you should not panic then directly click at “I forgot my Password” at Homepage. The page will require your registered email address then you can click at the “Continue” button. Once you have clicked on that button, you can check your inbox mail then confirm any notifications from Scentsy Consultant Support Teams.

How to Contact Workstation Scentsy Consultant Support Teams?

For all of you know, Scentsy Team is always ready to help any consultant problems. Just in case you find some troubles when accessing Workstation Scentsy Portal, you should not worry about contacting Scentsy Consultant Support Teams. And, here the ways to get them:

  • Scentsy Workstation Corporate Office address is available at 2701 E. Pine Avenue, Meridian, Idaho 83642, the United States.
  • The Toll-Free Number is available at 877-855-0617. They are available from Monday to Friday from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM MST.
  • If you need to call Scentsy Official Support Phone Numbers, you can call the teams at 208-472-0800 (some rates may apply). They are accessible within Scentsy Business Hours of operation starting from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM MST.
  • The Fax number is accessible at 208-888-4306.
  • Then, the Scentsy Workstation Email address is available at [email protected]
  • And, for the Media Relations, you can send your email to [email protected]

How do I Become a Scentsy Consultant?

One of the powers of Scentsy Company is on its consultants. Indeed, it becomes one of the best startup companies based on its operation and won several awards such as DSA’s First-ever Rising Star Award in 2009. So that is why, we find out most people are interested in being the part of Scentsy Consultant. If you are one of those people, here the steps that you can do:

  • Step 1# Visit the Proper Site

First of all, you have to get ready with your electronic device, likewise laptop, tablet, Smartphone, or even a set of computer. Once you have been ready with that device, you need to launch Portal or even visit your Sponsor’s Personal Website (PWS).

  • Step 2# Choose the Menu

Once you reach the Scentsy Homepage, you can click at “Become a Consultant” or “Join my consultant.” You can find this menu on the top side of the page. Sure, you are better to read all details and information related with Scentsy Consultant.

  • Step 3# Choose the Starter Kits

When you get the consultant enrollment page, you have a chance to choose the Starter Kits. As so you know, this Starter Kits are the basic tools that you will need to start your business with Scentsy.

  • Step 4# Complete the Required Information

For the next, you need to complete the next enrollment steps. In this case, the site requires your personal information such as full name, email address, active phone numbers, mail-in address, and even your Social Security Number.

  • Step 5# Complete the Payment

And then, you have to get ready with your Debit and Credit Card to complete your Starter Kits Payment. When you have completed this process, you can get a Consultant Form which includes Scentsy Consultant ID as well as the Scentsy Workstation Password.

  • Step 6# Wait for your Starter Kits Arrived

For the rest, you only need to wait for your ordered Starter Kits. If you have received those kits, you can start your sale and meet your customers.

How to Get the Nearest Scentsy Consultant?

Great! It is a great time to shop at Scentsy through Scentsy Consultant near you. Yes, you should not come to Scentsy Locations because the Consultant may come to you. Anyway, there are three ways to get in touch or even meet the consultant, and here they are:

  • Way 1# Use Scentsy Store Locator

First thing first, you should know that Scentsy offers a store locator feature on its official website. You can visit and click at “Find a Consultant.” This menu is available at the top right corner of the homepage. Once you click on that menu, you are able to type down your current city and state.

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Or, to make it specific, you can submit the zip codes at the required place. You can make some filters based on the nearest miles of your current position. Sure, you can click at “Search,” and your screen will display the lists of nearest Scentsy Consultant. On that lists, you can visit its official website, get the details of Sonic Happy Hours, mail-in address as well as Scentsy Consultant Phone Numbers that you can dial up.

  • Way 2# Install Scentsy App

The innovation from Scentsy is about to launch the Scentsy Mobile App for the Android and Apple Users. Yes, you can install this app from Google Play Store, App Store, or even Sonic Official Website at

Once you install the app, you can run it on your personal PC, laptop, or even Smartphone. So that you know, it will show you the smaller display of Sonic Official Site where you will get a “Scentsy Store Locator” at the top side of the page. On that menu, you can locate Scentsy Consultant locations by submitting your current city, state, or even zip codes.

  • Way 3# Be a Member of Scentsy

For the rest, it is a great idea to be a member of a Scentsy Consultant. Of course, this membership program will give you a lot of benefits. Despite getting easy to find out Scentsy Consultant Positions, you will get the latest information about the products, deals, and promotions in a quick way.

To be a part of them, you can meet your consultant and ask them to enroll you on its member. Later, to get more great experience with Scentsy, we hope that you are interested in joining as Scentsy Consultant and getting your awesome income every month.

Lists of Workstation Scentsy Frequently Asked Questions

As a new Scentsy Consultant, you may have several questions about Scentsy Company as well as the things that you should prepare to start a business. Then, you are very lucky because you stay on this page and we are ready to share you many things. And, here several popular new Scentsy Consultant questions that we get from the various sources. Well, check them out!

How do Scentsy Consultants Get Paid?
We have mentioned before that you are very lucky to be the part of Scentsy Consultant. By selling Scentsy Products in a month, you will get 20%. In this case, Scentsy will send the commission on your Personal Retail Volume (PRV). It will increase to 25% when you have collected 1,000 PRV Points worth of sales. And again, it increases up to 30% if you have collected 2,000 PRV Points and more. So, you should not always worry about giving all of your best to enhance your sale every single day.
How much is 200 PRV in Scentsy?
Anyway, you should know that 200 PRV Points are the same at $200. For your information, when you have collected $200 in sales, you will earn $40 potential income. And sure, you can calculate it up to $80 income when you have $400 and even more in every single month.
How Much is the Scentsy Reinstatement Kits?
To be the part of Scentsy Consultant, you don’t need to pay any costs. But, you have to prepare your money to buy the Scentsy Starter Kits. As we have mentioned above, this starter kit costs $99, and it includes the tax and shipping. Even, it is okay to hold a party and apply your earned products credits based on your Host-Exclusive Starter Kits. When you have paid that cost, you are able to get several helpful tools such as Scentsy Catalog and Scented Warmer Testers.
What are the Scentsy Reinstatement Kit Lists?
When you have completed Scentsy Consultant Enrollment Form and pay Scentsy Reinstatement Kits Cost, you will get several helpful tools to start your business and access Workstation Scentsy Portal. So, Guys! the tools include Best selling warmer, Fan-favorite Scentsy Bars, Clean Products, Laundry Products, Scentsy Catalog, Scented Warmer Testers, Body Samples, Order Forms, Product Training Guides, and the Consultant Guides.
Can you Make Money with Scentsy?
Of course, Yes! When you need to get a flexible job where you can stay at home, run a business while you can play with your children, then working as a Scentsy Consultant is a good option for you. Once you sell the Scentsy Products, then you are able to earn Personal Retail Volume Points, get awesome rewards as well as earn some perks and bonuses. To motivate you, some Scentsy Superstar consultant even can make more than 1 million dollars in a single year according to PRV Points that you have earned.
Do Scentsy Consultants Get Discounts?
Scentsy Consultants do not get any discounts for the products that they have purchased. But, they are able to get 20 to 25% or even more commission on everything they sell even it is for themselves. Sure, it is more than a discount where you can get more income, bonuses, and perks based on the PRV Points that you have recently earned.
Is Scentsy safe?
Once you joined as Scentsy Consultant, you may get a lot of questions whether Scentsy safe or not. Well, you should not hesitate to say that Scentsy is safe. Most people outside may have concerns about Scentsy Wax and Oil Products likewise Eucalyptus. Not only safe, but Scentsy is also non-toxic to be inhaled by humans. Even, you should be aware of your personal health’s condition because each people may have different problems (Especially for children and infants). So, before using that type of oil, it is better to contact your doctor or even check your prescription to ensure which it is safe for you.
How much PRV do you need to stay active with Scentsy?
To stay active as Scentsy Consultant, you need to earn at least 200 PRV Points or even collect $200 of the sales worth every month. This number of point will help you stay active and get $40 Potential Income.
Can I Rejoin Scentsy?
Of course, you can. For your information, Scentsy always opens the opportunity for the Former Scentsy Consultant to apply for an account reinstatement. Even, you have to notice that it may have a minimum waiting period of your inactive account. Here, Scentsy will give you three months after they canceled your account for the inactivity. Or, it will give you six months if Scentsy has canceled your account because of many reasons. To activate your Scentsy Consultant Account, you need to visit Scentsy Workstation and click at Workstation Lite to check your personal reinstatement eligibility date. On that page, you will have the options to order a reinstatement Kit then restart your business.
How Long do Scentsy Cubes Last?
If you are familiar to use Scentsy Cubes, then you should not worry that this bar is last for 50-80 hours. Even, some of the cubes have a different time of last then you can check the notes fragrances that are available on your cube print details. One tip that you can do to make it longer is about to keep it warm to the point of your room. Then, when you are not inside, you can turn it off.
Can you leave Scentsy warmer on all night?
Yes! You are able to leave your Scentsy Warmer on everywhere you want although you don’t have any waxes inside. It can relax, refresh, and make you feel calm while you sleep, you work, and anything else.
Can I use essential oils in Scentsy warmer?
It is a good idea to put a little amount of coconut oil at the top of your Scentsy Warmer. And then, you can add a few drops of your favorite Scentsy Essential Oils on it. Sure, you can melt them into one cube. If you cannot smell it, you can top up with the essential oils you have. As always, still, be safe and aware when you are heating anything.
What is a Scentsy Buddy?
Friends! Do you need to send a special fragrance packs for your kids or friends? Then, send then a Scentsy Buddy can be a great idea. So that you know, Scentsy Buddy is a stuffed animal that contains a special pocket of a fragrance packs. It is a very good idea as your interesting gift.
Does Scentsy Consultant Get Free Shipping?
Right now, the shipping services will cover the location within the contiguous United States. There are three basic shipping costs that you should pay. At first, your shipping cost is $8.00 if you earn for $.01 – $79.99 Sale. But If you make $80.00 up to $199.99, the shipping cost is 10% of the products totals. Meanwhile, when you have made $200 or more sales value, you will get free shipping cost.

And, it is all about Workstation Scentsy, Scentsy Consultant Support Portal, and a few details about the steps and benefits of being a Scentsy Consultant. We hope that it can motivate you to work better and for you who are hesitate will be interested in joining this awesome flexible job. Anyway, thanks for reading this page and stay fragrant with Scentsy!

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Workstation Scentsy
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Workstation Scentsy

Are you a part of Scentsy Company? If it is yes, you have to access Workstation Scentsy at This portal will help you to manage your business, improve your work performance as well as appreciate your hard work by claiming Scentsy Consultant and Employee Benefits. Read our page and you will find our the simple login steps, password recovery and many more!

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