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Do you want a great provider for your phone? Windstream can be the answer to your need now. Just find out Windstream hours to get the service from this company. This company has been a long-time provider in the industry of telecommunications in the United States. When you use Windstream as your provider, you will be able to enjoy its products, such as voice network and data network. Besides, you may use its satellite service to enhance the quality of your TV programs.

If you are eager to get services from Windstream, you can just call its contact number and place your orders. Or, you may visit Windstream store locations if you have free time. But, make sure you come during Windstream Hours. Otherwise, you will not see anyone at Windstream store as the operation schedule probably is off. You do not want to waste your energy for a simple thing, right?

What if you only have time on the holidays? Apart from Windstream Hours, Windstream must have a certain schedule during public holidays. If you are looking for such information, you may get it all in this article. Besides, there is more to know about Windstream locations near to your place and ways to contact Windstream customer service. Happy reading!



About Windstream

Windstream is a company of communication provider in the United States. The official name of this company is Windstream Holdings, Inc. People also know this company as Windstream Communications. This provider company began in 20016 following the merger process between Altel and Valor Communication Group. The current Windstream Headquarters is situated in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Now, the company offers voices and data network, such as VoIP, phone, residential broadband, MPLS, and digital TV. Besides, the services owned by Windstream include cloud-based voice, data storage, virtual servers, managed firewalls. The areas served by Windstream are in 21 states. It means there are over 8.1 million people using services from Windstream.

No wonder, this company has successfully secured its position as the ninth biggest provider of the residential telephone in the United States. To expand its business, Windstream is also partnering with a provider of broadcast satellite services based in California, Direct TV.

windstream hours

windstream hours

Windstream Hours

If you do not want to get upset when you have reached the Windstream store location, you must have information about Windstream Business Hours before you go there. The information of Windstream hours will be helpful for you in finding the open time and close time of Windstream store. The regular schedule of Windstream store hours is shown below. Take a look!

Day Windstream hours 
Monday 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM
Tuesday 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM
Wednesday 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM
Thursday 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM
Friday 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

As you look at the timetable of Windstream regular store hours, we can conclude here that most Windstream stores are not open every day. by this means, you can only get fresh information about Windstream products and services at its store locations on weekdays. Yes, it is only 5 days a week.

However, certain Windstream store locations may have different policies related to its store hours. The differences are probably because of different seasons and state regulations. You do not need to worry about this matter. you can just call Windstream local store to find fixed details about Windstream store hours at the location.

Furthermore, the timetable above has helped answer some questions about Windstream store hours. The answers are explained below.

  1. Is Windstream store open today?

Yes, sure! Windstream store is open today according to its regular operating hours. Each location of Windstream store will provide excellent services from Monday to Friday. It means you can visit the store on weekdays only. On weekend Saturday and Sunday, Windstream will not open its store locations.

  1. What time is Windstream store open?

Windstream stores will start its operation hours at 08.30 a.m. on Monday until Friday. Some other locations may be open 30 minutes or 60 minutes later than the regular schedule. Contact the nearest Windstream store in your area to ask about its open hours.

  1. What time is Windstream store close?

Every Windstream store is closed at 05.30 p.m. other locations may be close later as it depends on the open hours. Besides, do not come to Windstream store location on Saturday and Sunday because it obviously does not have store services on weekends.

Windstream Holiday Hours

What makes Windstream Hours different from Windstream Holiday Hours? Well, Windstream store is probably closed during holiday hours. However, it will not apply to all public holidays. Only on certain holidays where employees have chances to gather with their loved ones. It will be much easier to understand about Windstream Holiday Hours from the table below.

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Holiday Open / Close Holiday Open / Close
New Year’s Eve Closed Independence Day Closed
New Year’s Day Open Memorial Day Closed
Good Friday Open Veterans Day Open
Black Friday   Open Labor Day Closed
Easter Sunday Closed Cinco de Mayo Open
Easter Monday Open Tax Day Open
St. Patrick’s Day   Open Thanksgiving Day  Closed
Valentine’s Day Open President’s Day Open
Halloween Open Christmas Eve Open
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Closed Christmas Day Closed

The table has shown that Windstream store will not provide any services on certain public holidays. Windstream has arranged this policy before New Year starts. The purpose is to allow all of Windstream employees to celebrate the holidays without having to manage their job duties on those days.

So, you cannot expect any services from Windstream representatives during Holiday Hours. This is the list of Windstream Holiday Hours which we can conclude from the table above.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Make sure you check your calendar before you decide to go to Windstream store locations on the holidays mentioned above. And if you have an appointment with Windstream technicians on those holidays, you’d better reschedule it on another day.

How to Find The Nearest Windstream Locations

Are you wondering where you can find Windstream Locations near to your place? It is an easy task. You can simply look for the location through your device. But, you should have connected the device to the internet. This way, you do not need to waste your time looking for its locations by going around the area you are residing right now.

Well, there are some easy ways to find the nearest Windstream store locations which you might want to know. Here are the explanations.

  1. Windstream Store Finder

With Windstream Store Finder, it will be easy for you to find the closest Windstream locations. The instructions to use Windstream Store Finder are available here.

First, you should go to This website address will take you to the official website of Windstream.

  • Click Store Finder

Second, you can click the Store Finder button. You will find the button on the lower bar of the website home page. It means you must scroll down the page to see the bar. When you click it, the page of Windstream Store Finder will appear. You do not need to enter the location details because this page contains all the list of Windstream store locations.

the list includes Windstream locations in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Also, you will get the store address, local phone number, and store hours on this Store Finder page.

Besides, there is another way to search for Windstream store locations near to your place. These are the steps to do it.

  • Visit

Firstly, you need to visit the Windstream official website at

  • Click Location Icon

Secondly, you may click a Location Icon on the upper part of the website home page. You will see an instruction to “Click here to provide your location” next to the Location Icon. If you click the icon, a pop-up page will appear.

  • Enter Store Details

Thirdly, you may enter the store details in the search fields of the pop-up page. You should complete a street address, a unit (apt), and a ZIP code.

  • Use This Address

Lastly, you may click a button to Use This Address. The button will help you open a page where you can get information about available services at your preferred Windstream store.

  1. Search Engine

The search engine in your device can help you find Windstream store locations in your area. You may need to enter some keywords, such as the store information and Windstream Near Me. Then, you will not need to wait for a long time until you get the search results.

How to Sign Up Windstream Account

As a Windstream customer, you have to create a Windstream account as soon as possible. With this account, you will be able to pay the bill online or purchase Windstream products. Here are the steps to register the Windstream account.

  • Step 1. Visit the Windstream official website.
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First of all, you have to access the official portal of Windstream. Use your browser to visit Besides, if you want to access the Windstream login page directly, you can visit

  • Step 2. Click on New User? Start Here.

When you land on the Windstream login page, you have to focus on the link under the login section. Since you do not create an account yet, you have to click on the link entitled, New User? Start here.

  • Step 3. Enter Windstream account number.

To sign up a new account, you have to fill in the registration form. First, you have to write down the Windstream account number. You can find this account number at Windstream bill.

  • Step 4. Enter your last name.

You do not need to write down your full name. Just enter your last name.

  • Step 5. Provide your email address.

You have to write down your email address. This way, Windstream can send you any informative email related to Windstream products and service.

  • Step 6. Enter the zip code.

The last, you need to provide the postal code.

  • Step 7. Press the Register button.

To finish this registration process, you have to click on the Register button.

  • Step 8. Create a username and password.

You will get an email from Windstream asking you to set up a username and password. This login credentials will help you to reach your Windstream account.

windstream kinetic login

windstream kinetic login

How to Sign in to Windstream Account?

After creating a Windstream account, you will have a valid username and password. Then, you have to try to sign in to Windstream in order to manage your account. Here is the brief guideline to sign in to Windstream.

  • Step 1. Access Windstream login page.

There are two ways of accessing the Windstream login page. First, you can access it through Windstream official website at Besides, you can land to Windstream login page directly by accessing

  • Step 2. Enter Windstream username.

Do you still remember your Windstream username that you create during the registration process? Enter the username on the provided field. If you forget it, you can reset the username by pressing Forgot Username link.

  • Step 3. Enter Windstream password.

The next, you have to enter the Windstream password correctly. If you lose your password, you can reset it by clicking on Forgot password link.

  • Step 4. Press the Sign In button.

The last, you can enter your Windstream account by pressing the Sign In button. If you find any trouble in signing into your Account, you can click on the link entitled Having trouble signing in? This way, Windstream representative staff will help you to overcome the login troubles.

Ways to Reach Windstream Customer Service

Did you find difficulty in accessing the network provided by Windstream? Probably, there is something to repair very soon. You can just contact Windstream Customer Service to tell about the problem. After that, you can just wait for the customer service representatives to share the solutions to you. It will not take time to get the responses as long as you follow the procedure correctly. Now, you may use the following ways to reach the customer service of Windstream.

  1. Website

If you are eager to contact Windstream via the website, you must go to You may use 2 possible ways on this website, such as:

  • Live Chat

You can ask Wendy, a Windstream’s Virtual Agent, using the Live Chat feature provided on Windstream’s website. This feature will help you solve some issues related to planning prices, service availability, and internet speeds. The live chat will be available on:

  • Monday to Friday from 08.00 a.m. until 06.00 p.m. ET
  • Saturday at 08.30 a.m. until 05.00 p.m. ET
  • Email

It is also possible to use the email feature on the Windstream website. You can send your email by completing the Windstream Contact Us Form. The information that you should enter in this form is first name, last name, email address, phone number, request type (repair issues, payment arrangements, miscellaneous), and the description of your request. If the form is ready to send, you can click Submit button under the form.

  1. Phone

When you feel that the Windstream problems you have really needs to solve very soon, you’d better reach Windstream customer service by phone. This way, you can talk directly to the customer service representatives and explain the problems. Windstream has several phone numbers for different issues. You just need to pick one based on the information you want to get.

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Services Phone Numbers Days Time
Customer Service & Billing 800 347 1991 Monday to Friday
07.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m
Sales Team 866 445 8084 Monday to Friday 07.30 a.m. to 08.00 p.m
Online Order Status 800 4815441 Monday to Friday 08.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m
Phone Service Repair 800 347 1991 Every day 24 hours
TV & Internet Technical Support 800 347 1991 Every day 24 hours
Payment Arrangements 800 537 7755 Monday to Friday 07.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m

  1. Mailing

At times, internet connection and phone services may get troubles. This may stop you from reaching Windstream. So, mailing post can be an idea to solve this. You just need to take some pieces of papers. Then, you may write down your feedback on the papers. It is okay if you would rather type the messages and print them out. After that, you can send your letters to Windstream corporate office address at:

4001 Rodney Parham Road

Little Rock, Arkansas, 72212

The United States

  1. Social Media

Windstream is ready to provide new information through its social media pages. Besides, you may submit your inquiries by leaving your messages there. Here are the links which will take you to Windstream social media accounts.

  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:

Windstream FAQs

Does Windstream require a contract?
You should not worry to use Windstream service since this company does not ask the customers to sign the contract. So, you can enjoy Windstream high-speed internet access without having a contract. When you are not satisfied with Windstream service, you can unsubscribe or cancel the service whenever you want.
What does Windstream do?
Windstream Holdings, Inc or Windstream Communications is a voice and data network provider. It provides communication services such as Broadband, MPLS, and VoIP. Besides, this company also manages services such as managed firewall, virtual servers, data storage, and cloud-based service.
How do I cancel my Windstream service?
If you want to cancel Windstream service, you have to contact Windstream customer service. You should call 800 347 1991. Just tell the customer service representative staff that you want to cancel Windstream service. This way, your call will be directed into the Windstream retention department. Then, Windstream will process the service cancelation.
Is Windstream a good Internet provider?
It can be said that Windstream is one of the best internet providers in the US. It is because it uses a fiber optic internet connection. It offers the internet speed up to 1000 Mbps. But, Windstream internet service has some limited availability. For instance, Windstream Spectrum Cable and DSL Internet-only offers the speed up to 100 Mbps. So, you have to choose Windstream fiber to speed up your internet connection.
Does Windstream have free antivirus?
Yes. Windstream offers MMA or McAfee Muti Access antivirus. This internet provider does not only offer antivirus. But, it also offers anti-phishing, firewall, parental control, and PC optimization. McAfee software offered by Windstream supports all the browsers.
How do I download a Windstream Security Suite?
If you want to download Windstream Security Suite or install McAfee, you have to visit Then, you have to log into your Windstream account. Then, you can click on the Account Manager menu. The next, you can download Windstream Security Suite powered by McAfee. To begin the installation, you have to click on this link. In order to complete the installation process, you have to reboot your PC.
How fast is Windstream kinetic?
Windstream offers Premium Kinetic Internet which has the speed up to 100 Mbps.
Is Windstream unlimited?
Windstream offers various perks and internet plans. For instance, it offers the unlimited data cap with no contract for the basic internet service.
Is there a Windstream app?
Yes. You can download and install the Windstream Mobile App for Android or Apple smartphone. This way, you can reach your Windstream account through this mobile application. You can do other tasks such as paying the bill, enroll in auto-pay as well as manage your account.

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Summary of Windstream Hours

Windstream is one of internet providers in the US. If you want to visit Windstream, you should check Windstream hours. Then, you can contact Windstream Customer Service.

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