Vans Feedback Survey – Win $4,250 Vans Sweepstakes from Vans Survey

Vans Feedback Survey - Win $4,250 Vans Sweepstakes from Vans Survey

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Are you a part of Vans customers? If you say yes, you must be grateful as the company offers you to win $4,250 sweepstakes prizes. You know, you just need to take Vans feedback survey and share your shopping experience. Here, the Vans Survey is available online that is at

For information, you can take part in Customer Feedback Survey if you have a valid receipt. If you see, Vans Customer Service provides you a place to share your shopping experience whether it is about Vans outlet, Vans family, custom Vans, Vans runners, or even Vans brand. Well, you can check out the full guides to Vans Customer Satisfaction Survey.

What is Vans Feedback Survey?

Now, you can get more information about the program that offers you cash as the prizes. You see, Vans feedback survey is the official program created by Vans Customer Service for customers who have a valid receipt. In this case, if you have a valid receipt, you can take Vans Survey by visiting

Vans Feedback Survey - Win $4,250 Vans Sweepstakes from Vans Survey

Vans Feedback Survey – Win $4,250 Vans Sweepstakes from Vans Survey

Just like its name, the goal of Customer Feedback Survey is to gather all feedback from the customers. No doubt, you can give positive or even negative comments. Well, the customer service team must be glad receiving your feedback. Indeed, the company wants to know whether you are satisfied with the visit or not. Later, they will improve the service and even products for you.

Well, in case you have completed Vans Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will get a chance to join Vans sweepstakes. You see, it is a program that you can join if you completed the survey. If you are lucky, you can win $4,250 total prizes. Wow!

Of course, this program is a way much more special than free Vans shoes giveaway programs in general. In this case, you need to take the step by step process to complete and answer all questions. They can be about Vans family, Vans outlet you visited, custom Vans, Vans runners you bought, or other Vans brand.

How to Take Vans Feedback Survey and Join Vans Sweepstakes?

  • Get Vans Valid Receipt
  • Visit Vans Feedback Survey Website
  • Choose the Language Available
  • Enter the Date of Your Purchase
  • Enter the Vans Store Number You Visited
  • Enter the Vans Transaction Number
  • Re-Enter the Transaction Number
  • Enter the Vans Register Number
  • Select Your Age
  • Type the Characters of Captcha Correctly
  • Click on the “Submit” Button
  • Give Ratings to Show Overall Satisfaction
  • Answer All Vans Feedback Survey Questions
  • Write Vans Feedback
  • Submit Vans Feedback Survey
  • Join Vans Sweepstakes
  • Complete Your Personal Information
Vans Feedback Survey - Win $4,250 Vans Sweepstakes from Vans Survey

Vans Feedback Survey – Win $4,250 Vans Sweepstakes from Vans Survey

Step by Step Guides to Take Vans Feedback Survey Sweepstakes

Alright! As you want to take the survey, you can give a try to follow the guides. Indeed, you may have got the brief steps of the survey. Now, you can check out the following instructions:

  • Step 1: Get Vans Valid Receipt

First thing first, it is good that you prepare the valid receipt. As you see, you have to be sure that the receipt is not expired.

  • Step 2: Visit Vans Feedback Survey Website

Later, you can continue to visit Vans survey website that is or Yes, you should be sure that your internet browser is the latest version. You may use Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Edge, and so on. If you see, you must also provide fast internet connection.

  • Step 3: Choose the Language Available

Once you see the homepage, you are free to choose the language you prefer, such as English.

  • Step 4: Enter the Date of Your Purchase

After that, you can enter the date of your purchase. No doubt, you will be able to see the date on your receipt. Yes, you should be sure that you complete the date correctly.

  • Step 5: Enter the Vans Store Number You Visited

Later, you should enter the store number of the store location you visited. You see, you will also get the store number on your receipt.

  • Step 6: Enter the Vans Transaction Number

For the next, you can continue to enter the transaction number too. Of course, your receipt also provides this data.

  • Step 7: Re-Enter the Transaction Number

In order to validate the number, you have to reenter the transaction number. Yes, you should make sure that the transaction number you enter must be the same as the previous one.

  • Step 8: Enter the Vans Register Number
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Now, it is good for you to enter the register number. If you see, the same receipt that you hold provides the data as well.

  • Step 9: Select Your Age

Now, you can continue to select your age. Yes, you can choose under 18 years old and so on.

  • Step 10: Type the Characters of Captcha Correctly

You see, you have to know that there will be a captcha code. Simply, you just have to enter or type the code based on the sample. Well, it is good that you enter it correctly. Otherwise, you have to reenter the captcha that has been refreshed.

  • Step 11: Click on the “Submit” Button

So, it looks like you have completed the details of the receipt, you can click on the “Submit” button. You see, you will go to the next page.

  • Step 12: Give Ratings to Show Overall Satisfaction

Nicely, you have entered the survey portal. Now, you can start to complete the survey. If you see, there will be some ratings in the form of stars. You just have to choose how many stars you want to give.

  • Step 13: Answer All Vans Feedback Survey Questions

Well, you need to also answer Vans survey questions. Mostly, they are all about your shopping experience. Well, you don’t need to write down the answer as you just have to choose the best answers based on your experience. Somehow, some questions allow you to choose more than one answer.

  • Step 14: Write Vans Feedback

Now, you can write down your Vans feedback. If you see, you are free to send comments, complaints, critics, suggestions, or so on. Mostly, the feedback section has limitation. For this reason, you have to make sure you type the feedback less than 1,200 characters.

  • Step 15: Submit Vans Feedback Survey

If you see, after completing the survey, you can submit the survey. If you submit the survey, you won’t be able to edit the previous data.

  • Step 16: Join Vans Sweepstakes

Well, if you have submitted the survey, you will get an offer whether you want to join the sweepstakes or not. If you see, you can quit from the website in case you are not interested in winning $4,250 total prizes. But, if you want to, you just have to join it.

  • Step 17: Complete Your Personal Information

Lets say you join the program. Now, you need to complete your personal information. You know, some details you must input is your name, age, gender, email address, home address, phone number, and so on.

What are Vans Sweepstakes Prizes?

Do you know? Vans is looking for lucky Vans sweepstakes winners. Of course, if you join the sweepstakes, you automatically be in the list of the next winners. For information, Vans survey sweepstakes will show 50 lucky winners. Yes, each winner will receive certain prizes.

Not to mention, you will get a digital code for your next shopping at Vans whether itis in store or online. Yes, you can use it at as well. At the website, you can check out various designs of a custom pair of shoes valued up to $85. So, you can say that Vans sweepstakes ARV of each Prize is up to $85.

If you count, the total Vans sweepstakes ARV will be $4,250. Of course, if you become one of the lucky candidates of the winners, you must be glad. You can join as many Vans sweepstakes as you want in order to increase the chance to win the prizes.

How to Check the List of Vans Sweepstakes WInners?

When it is the end of the sweepstakes period, you must be curious whether you become the lucky participant or not. In this case, you just have to check the Vans sweepstakes winners announcement. Well, there are some ways you can do, like:

  • Offline Vans Winner List Request

At the first way, it will be an offline one. In this case, you should send a self-addressed, stamped business size envelope. Here, the information you must complete is like your full name, home address, phone number, age and birthdate, complete with email address.

Later, you can send the letter to VANS Survey Sweepstakes, Winners List Request. Well, the address will be at PO Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325. If you join 2019 period, you should make it sent by the latest December 12, 2019. If you join 2020 period, you must make it received by the latest month of the year at the same date.

  • Check the List of Vans Sweepstakes Winners Online
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Anyway, you can also check the list of the winners online. Well, the website you should visit will be the same as the time you took the survey and joined the sweepstakes. Here, you can visit or After that, you can click on the list of the sweepstakes winners.

Later, you will see a table contains the list of the name, address, sweepstakes period, and the prizes.Yes, if you have got your name among the list, you just need to fulfill the requirement. Not to mention, you should complete the Vans sweepstakes winner form. And also, you shouldn’t be late in sending the form. Otherwise, you will get no prizes.

List of Vans Feedback Survey FAQs & Answers

Anyway, how many of you have some questions about Vans or Vans survey? Well, it must be nice that you check the following Vans frequently asked questions. Nicely, other customers may ask the same questions as yours. So, you can check out the following FAQs complete with the answers!

Do vans offer student discount?
First of all, you may need to know whether Vans offer student discount or not. For information, if you are students, you can register UNiDAYS and claim discount on Vans website. Here, you will get promo codes. Yes, you can also get some advantages of exclusive promotions on services and products. Nicely, you can get it at Vans Online Store.
Is there a Vans app?
Somehow, you may need to get the official Vans mobile app. If you see, you can get the app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Well, you should be at least 13 years old in order to use the app. Now, you can use the app to order the shoes online.
What are the vans rewards?
As loyal customers, you will be able to get some rewards. If you want to get rewards such as giveaway, free items, or even discount off. Well, you just have join Vans Family program. If you become the members, you will get special offers. Of course, you will get notifications once the company holds an event. What a nice offer, isn’t it?
Can I exchange my vans without a receipt?
In case you want to exchange your Vans products, you have to know the terms and condition. For information, it is okay if you want to return unworn and unwashed merchandise back to the store. But, you should be sure that it is not older than 30 days since the day you purchased it. And, you can only exchange it by visting
Why are vans called vans?
Of course, you should know that in the first place, brothers Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren, Gordon C Lee, and also Serge D’Elia opened the first Vans store. It was on March 16, 1966. Well, the first store location was 704 East Broadway in Anaheim, California. If you see, the location under the name The Van Doren Rubber Company.
Do you wear socks with Vans?
And then, you need also to know that you can wear socks or not when it comes to Vans. Yes, in case you don’t want to include the appearance of socks in your look, it is good to use high-top sneakers. Or, it is also nice that you wear invisible socks for low-top sneakers. You can wear them based on your preference as you create your own style.
How much are vans points worth?
You see, Vans worth about $3 billion, seven and a half times what VF paid. 
Does vans always have free shipping?
Now, who love to order online? Well, you must be glad as you can get free 2 day shipping from Vans company. In this case, you just have to be sure that the items being to in-stock Vans brand merchandise. If it is not, you may need to pay extra charge for the shipping fee.
Does vans do military discount?
Well, you should know that Vans also offer you military discount. In this case, you just have to show your ID card or wear the military uniform when you visit the store. Yes, you should know that you can also get some government discounts.</p> <p>If you see, you can get the discount off or special offers whether they are in stores or online. Yes, you can claim the rewards over Vans products that are available at the Navy Exchange and the Army & Air Force Exchange. In this case, Military exchanges offer exclusive discounts to service members and your families. Nice, isn’t it?
Are vans comfortable?
No doubt, if you purchase Vans items, you must know the ratings are good. But, somehow, some customers mention that the products are flat, serving no arch support. However, the form they give to your feet is pleasing to look at.</p> <p>For the best tips, you can wear Vans products but it is best that you don’t werat it for manual labor or even walking long distances. In other words, you can say that Vans are comfortable as a casual shoe.
Is the Vans sticker waterproof?
You may love to get Vans stickers. For information, you can stick it on your cars or other vehicles. Well, waterproof stickers are the best choice on farm and construction machinery. Besides, it is also good to stick it on delivery vans, trucks, trailers, and other vehicles. Mostly, they are waterproof. But, it doesn’t mean that you can keep it wet for a long time.

How to Search Vans Stores Near to Your Place?

Some of you may want to search for the nearest Vans stores location? In this case, it must be nice that you use the following ways. You can search for the locations within seconds. Alright, here are the best ways to try:

  • Vans Near Me on Google Map
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First thing first, you can search for And then, you can search for Vans  Near Me. No doubt, you will see the list of the stores and details about it. When you click on a certain store option, you can check the store hours, phone number, and the feature of direction.

  • Vans Near Me on Vans Store Locator

Or maybe, you may prefer to use the store locator that is available at the official website. For information, you just have to visit and click on the locator menu. And then, you will see a bunch of locations of the stores as well as details about them.

  • Vans  Store Locator on Vans Mobile App

One of most customers favorite is to use the app that also provides Vans store locator. You know, you can download the app for free on Google Play or Apple store. And then, you can sign up or log in to your account in order to use the store locator menu.

List of Vans Customer Service Contacts Information

Do you think you need to get in touch with Vans customer service team? Of course, you can do it. Somehow, you may need to find out the answers to some issues about Vans. Or, maybe, you need to send complaints. Indeed, you can easily call the number, visit the office, or even visit the website. So, here is the Vans contact list for you:

  • Vans Phone Number

(714) 556-1534

  • Vans Office Address

1588 S Coast Dr; Costa Mesa, California 92626

  • Vans Official Website

Well, it is all informatin you can get when it comes to Vans feedback survey. If you want to take Vans Survey, it is good that you prepare a valid receipt. Yes, without it, you won’t be able to take and complete Customer Feedback Survey. Of course, you can send your feedback to Vans Customer Service by visiting

Just like its name, Vans Customer Satisfaction Survey provides you a place to share your shopping experience. Not to mention, you can send feedback about Vans outlet, custom Vans, Vans runners, or even Vans brand. Besides, you can also join Vans family to get more rewards such as free Vans shoes giveaway. So, are you ready to win the prizes from the sweepstakes program? Enjoy following the guides!

Vans Feedback Survey
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Vans Feedback Survey

Vans Feedback Survey is a place where you can win $4,250 Vans Sweepstakes from Vans Survey. Well, before you start to join the program, it is nice to check brief review of the company. Here you go!

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  • There is no limitation of the survey sweepstakes entry
  • You can send feedback, suggestions, critics, or complaints
  • You can win the sweepstakes prizes if you are lucky


  • Vans employees, sponsors, and family members cannoy join the program
  • You can only win once
  • One sweepstakes entry needs one valid receipt

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