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value village listens

Have you just visited Value Village? If you still keep Value Village receipt or donation card, you should not miss taking part in Value Village Listens. Through Value Village Survey, you can share your feedback after shopping or donating in this store. As a reward, you can get Value Village Thankyou code worth $2 off.

With this Value Village coupon, you can save your budget when you make a purchase at Value Village. If you have not taken part in this survey yet, you should not be confused. Keep reading our article to get the brief guideline of Value Village Listens survey.

What is Value Village Listens?

Valuevillagelistens is a survey portal that you can visit to express your feedback. If you don’t have the experience, our instructions will give you enlightenment. Here loyal customers can use their store receipt to take surveys. You only have a little time to use this opportunity.

What can you get from this Value Village? After you answer the survey question, Value Village Listens will display the code. Simply write down this code on your Value Village receipt. Then, you can get a discount of $ 2 for your next shopping visit. If you can’t wait to visit Value Village, keep reading our instructions. Because you can complete it easily and quickly.

value village listens

value village listens survey is accessible at

Value Village Store Profile

Do you like shopping for used goods? You don’t need to think negatively about this store concept. Low prices do not mean cheap items. Here Value Village has a concept to recycle used goods. They process the product until the used goods are suitable for you to buy. Well, Value Village was founded 60 years ago. They developed the Savers brand on used goods.

Here the customers can find clothes, household items, and accessories. Their background to using this concept is from the garbage you dispose of. In one year the community can store more than 700 million pounds of waste. You don’t need to worry about this non-profit shop. They collaborate with 100 non-profit organizations to make donations.

So they have more than 300 shops with a staff of 21,000. Here Value Village wants to increase awareness to reduce textile waste. Because the population of North America has textile waste as much as 12 million tons every year. In fact, one used shirt that you bought can save 2,650 liters of water. You can join the Rethink Reuse community to support this movement. Below are some brands of used products from Value Village.

  1. Savers brands (the United States and Australia).
  2. Value Village brands (the United States and Canada).
  3. Brand Unique (United States).
  4. Brand Village des Valeurs (Quebec).

Value Village Listens Survey Rules

In this section, the customers need to read the Value village survey rules. If you want to read the original version of this rule, you need to open On the same portal, you can conduct surveys. Visit the Terms & Conditions page at the bottom of the website to read survey rules. They make this rule page simple. However, you can simply read our review here. Because we will help you understand the survey rules.

  1. In one month you can only do one survey. This regulation applies to one household.
  2. You only need to make a transaction at Value Village or make a donation to them.
  3. Bring your coupon to get $2 off discount. Here you cannot exchange Value Village Coupons with cash.
  4. You can only exchange coupons for one transaction.
  5. Don’t use your coupon along with other promos.
  6. Coupons do not apply to new merchandise or gifts. If you return an item, your coupon will expire.
  7. Here you need to do a Value Village Survey within 7 days of a visit to the store.
  8. The Validation code will appear if you complete all survey questions.
  9. Exchange your coupon to the store in less than 90 days. After 90 days your coupon is invalid.
  10. Who is prohibited from taking Value Village Listens? If you work in a shop, part of a sponsor or work partner, then you may not take surveys. This rule applies to your family in one household.
  11. Value Village can change rules or freeze coupons for certain reasons.

Tips for Taking Value Village Listens

In this section, we have an easy way to prepare your survey. Before arriving at the survey step, you need several devices. This device will support your survey process from start to finish. So, a complete device can help you have an easy survey experience. If you can’t wait to read our tips, see the reviews below.

  1. Prepare Value Village receipt.

Here you need to be a customer at the store or make a donation to them. You can come to the nearest shop. If you use a store locator, you can save time and effort. Then, you can purchase or donate any items at Value Village. After that, you will get a receipt containing the survey code.

  1. Use a compatible browser.
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Furthermore, you can save time with a compatible device and browser. If both are compatible, the survey process will not find a problem. You can use a laptop, computer or even a smartphone. This process will require the browser to load the Value Village Listens website.

  1. Use Stable Connection for your Device.

In the process of the Value village survey, it is good if you have a stable internet network. You can complete this process quickly from a stable internet support. Wifi and hotspot can be the first choice for this survey. If you use Wifi, choose the position with the strongest signal. Then your device can capture signals properly.

  1. Users need to conduct a survey in less than 7 days.

After making a transaction or donation, you need to conduct a survey. Here they have a time limit for the Value village survey. Visit the survey portal before reaching 7 days from your visit to the store. If you pass this time, then you cannot use the entry code. So the Enter Code will expire before you use it. We believe you don’t want to experience this problem. Well, if you are ready to take a survey, read the steps in the next section.

value village listens

value village listens survey steps

Value Village Listens Steps Using A Receipt

Yes Guys, here you come to the survey steps section. After preparation is complete you can take a few easy steps. The portal will display the main page and question page. You need to choose honest answers for assessment of Value Village services. There you need to rank your level of satisfaction in the Value Village. Here is the step by step of Value Village Listens survey.

  • Step 1. Visit the Official Survey website of Value Village Listens.

First, load the Value village listens survey portal through your browser. Make sure the internet is connected to complete the search process. Just access

  • Step 2. Change the language if necessary.

Click on the Espanol button to change the language of the survey portal. The default language setting for Value Village Listens survey is English. So, if you do not have any difficulty in using English, you can skip this step.

  • Step 3. Select the purchase receipt image.

On the first page, you can see 2 pictures of receipts. The first image is a purchase receipt. Besides, the second is a donation receipt.

  • Step 4. Enter Value Village Listens survey code

On this page, you will land on the survey portal according to the invitation you have. If you select the purchase receipt, then you only need to enter one information. So, you need to complete the customer code column. This code consists of 19 digit numbers. Look at the receipt image to help you see the customer code.

  • Step 5. Press the Start button.

In order to begin Value Village Listens survey, you need to click the start button to enter the question page.

  • Step 6. Answer the Value village survey question.

Next, you need to complete the question page. Here you need to submit opinions and ratings for Value Village. They will display some aspects of the service in the survey question. So your visit will determine the results of the assessment for Value Village. Below are some aspects that you need to remember to answer the survey questions.

  1. Your satisfaction with the product and price.
  2. Rate their shopping places.
  3. Give comments to staff and their product knowledge.
  4. Leave your feedback in the box provided. You can write about shopping problems at Value Village.
  5. Comment on the appearance of their products, places, and staff.
  • Step 7. Get Value Village Coupon.

Here you can get the Value village thankyou code. Record your discount code in the store receipt or donation receipt.

  • Step 8. Redeem your coupons within 90 days.

Then you will get a $ 2 discount for your shopping items. At least you have to spend $5 to redeem this coupon.

value village survey

value village survey to get Value Village coupon $2 off

Value Village Survey Steps Using Donor Invitation Card

Even you do not make a purchase at Value Village, you still can participate in Value Village Listens. You just need to make a donation to Value Village. You can give your clothes, shoes, or houseware. Then, you will get a donor invitation card. Check Valuevillagelistens survey steps by using Donor Invitation Card below.

  • Step 1. Visit Value Village survey portal.

No matter you enter the survey using a receipt or donation card, the portal you have to access is the same. You have to access

  • Step 2. Change the language.
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If you are not comfortable in using English, you can change the language setting into Spanish. Just click on the Espanol button which is available under the start button.

  • Step 3. Enter the Value Village Customer Code.

Look at your Value Village donation card. Is there any customer code? This code usually contains 4 digits in length. You can find this customer code in the middle part of your receipt.

  • Step 4. Indicate the date of visit.

The next, you have to indicate the day you visit Value Village. If you do not remember when you came to this store, you have to check your receipt. Click on the calendar icon to select the date.

  • Step 5. Specify the time of visit.

Then, you need to specify the hour when you came to Value Village. Just select the hour and meridiem from the drop-down menu.

  • Step 6. Press the START button.

After making sure that the details you enter are correct, you have to press the start button. This way, you can move to the main survey page.

  • Step 7. Answer Value Village survey questions.

Now, it is your time to respond to all questions about Value Village. You need to recall your recent experience at Value Village. Then, you can rate your shopping satisfaction, products, service, and employee attentiveness.

  • Step 8. Take Value Village discount coupon.

After submitting this survey, Value Village Listens will give you a validation code as a reward. Write down this coupon code on your Value Village receipt. Then, you can redeem this coupon with $2 off on your next visit.

How to Search for Value Village Near Me

Do you have a Value Village coupon? If you have it, let’s exchange it at the nearest store. If you want to find the nearest Value Village, Savers or Unique location, follow the steps below. You don’t need to go anywhere to find information. Because you can get it through a computer, browser, and internet. Here we will use the Store Locator at the Value Village Official Website.

  1. Visit the Value Village website at
  2. Open the Stores page. After the device screen displays the website, look for the Stores menu. There you can use the nearest search keyword location.
  3. Enter your postal code or ZIP Code. The system will search for the postal code you entered.
  4. Select the location closest to you. After the system displays search results, you can choose a location. Click on the View Details button. They will connect you with local store information.
  5. Review the Value Village information that you need. They have Value Village address, telephone number, and Store Hours.

Value Village Hours of Operations

Before you decide to visit Value Village store, you have to check Value Village store hours. This way, you can find out what time Value Village opens and close every day. Besides, you also need to check Value Village holiday hours. Value Village open hours can be seen on this following table.

Day Store Hours
Monday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday  10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

That’s all Value Village general hours. But, you have to notice that Value Village hours may vary by locations. So, every value Village store has a different open and close hour. Some store may open and close earlier. Then, other stores may open and close later. Here are some questions related to Value Village hours of operation.

  • Is Value Village Open today?

Value Village opens every day. So, you can go to this store whenever you want. You just need to check its open hour to find out what time this store operates.

  • What time does Value Village open?

From Monday to Saturday, Value Village opens at 9 AM. Besides, on Sundays, value Village opens at 10 AM.

  • What time does Value Village close?

Value Village is closed at 9 PM from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, this store is closed at 8 PM.

  • What is Value Village holiday hours?

Value Village opens in most public holidays. But, this store is closed at Christmas.

What is Value Village Super Savers Club?

Super Savers Club is a loyalty program for customers. You can join this program to get special offers from them. You can register this program via the official website. There you need to create an account online for free. Then you can go to the local store to get a card. Basically, Value Village can help you to save bigger than usual. What’s so special about the Super Savers Club?

If you often donate or make a transaction at Value Village, you have to create a Super Savers account. When you become a member of this club, you can get many benefits. Here are some benefits of joining Value Village Super Savers Club.

  • Member-only sales.
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You can purchase the exclusive items at Value Village. These items are provided for the members of Super Savers Club only. So, you can find certain products which are not displayed in the store.

  • Exclusive offers and coupons.

After signing up this program, you will receive the email from Value Village. You can receive many coupons through this email. This way, you can save your budget when you go shopping at Value Village.

  • Event invitation.

As a member of the Super Savers Club, you will be the first person who knows about the events held by Value Village. As the example, you will get the invitation to the store opening and celebration.

  • Birthday discount.

You can receive the birthday discount 20% off if you join this club. It is a very interesting offer, isn’t it? You can go shopping while saving on your birthday.

How to Contact Value Village Customer Service

You have to reach Value Village Customer Support team in case you have any questions about this store. Besides, you may express your feedback directly. When you contact them, you will be able to solve any issues related to this store. Here are some possible ways to contact Value Village Customer Service.

  • By phone.

You need Value Village customer service number if you want to talk directly with their team. This way, you can ask any questions and share the feedback directly. As a result, you will get an immediate response from them. Here is Value Village Customer Service Number: 425 462 1515

  • By mail.

Value Village also welcomes any inquiry from the customers. If you want to send them a letter, you can use the address below.

11400 SE

6th Suite 220

Bellevue, Washington

98004 642

  • Social media.

If you do not want to miss any offers and information about Value Village, you have to follow its social media accounts. Here are some of their accounts.

Facebook: @ValueVillage.


Pinterest: Savers Thrift Store.

Twitter: @SaversVillage.

Value Village FAQs

Is Savers and Value Village the same?
Yes, they are the same company. Value Village is located in the United States and Canada. Besides, the Savers store is located in Australia and the United States.
What is Value Village return policy?
Value Village does not provide a cash refund. You can exchange the clothing, small household items, or accessories within 7 days of purchase. You must bring the receipt. Besides, the items must still have the original tags. If you want to receive the dollar value, you have to exchange the items on the same day of purchase.
What day is Senior Day at Value Village?
Every Tuesday, Value Village offers the senior discount for those who are more than 55 years old. They can get 10% off their purchase. Usually, this discount applies on selected items only.
Can I sell my clothes to Value Village?
Value Village will not give you cash for the items you sell. But, value Village will give you a Value Village coupon is the form of punch card.
Is Value Village owned by Walmart?
No, Value Village is owned by Savers Company which is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.
Is Value Village a good charity?
No, value Village is the largest for-profit thrift store. Value Village can earn million dollars for deceiving the items from donor and consumer.
How much do Value Village employees make?
It depends on the job title. For instance, Value Village cashier can earn $9 – $12 per hour. Besides, Value Village manager can earn $27K – $97K per year.
Does savers pay for your clothes?
No, if you donate your clothes or other stuff, you will get Savers coupon in the form of punch card.
How much does a Value Village store manager make?
Value Village store manager can earn $27K – $97K per year.
What kind of donations does savers take?
Houseware, clothing, books, kitchenware, shoes, and many more.
Do you get a discount if you donate to savers?
Yes, you will get Value Village Coupon which you can use to purchase the items at Value Village and Savers.

Value Village Review
3.9 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Products
  • Price
  • Service
  • Store condition

Summary of Value Village Listens

Value Village Listens survey can be accessed at Through this Value Village Listens, you can share your experience after shopping at this store. Then, you can earn Value Village thankyou code after survey.

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  • You can earn Value Village coupon
  • Pleasant staff.
  • various products available.


  • Expensive products.
  • Less quality products.

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