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Are you the new staff of UnitedHealth Group? If so, you may look for some information about UnitedHRDirect portal. No doubt, United HR Direct portal is very beneficial for UnitedHealth Group employees. It is because this portal can be the source of information. Just keep reading on this article. Then, you will find complete information about UnitedHealth Group employee portal.

What is UnitedHRDirect?

UnitedHRDirect is the online platform that serves as the employee portal of UnitedHealth Group. This portal is only accessible by the authorized users. As the employees, you need United HR Direct login credentials to access it. First, you need an employee ID. Then, you also need MS password.

If you are not familiar yet with this portal, you should scroll down this article. Then, you can find any detailed information about this site. You can find out UnitedHRDirect login guideline, UnitedHealth Group eSSO login, United HealthCare HR Direct, and many more.

You can log in to this portal to view all the details about your employment issues. As an example, you can view and enroll UnitedHealth Group Employee Benefits. Besides, you can access the salary information as well.

unitedHRdirect login

unitedHRdirect login page is accessible at globalselfservice.unitedhealthgroup.com

Unitedhealth Group Company Profile

Hello people! If you want to know the UHG profile, don’t skip this part. Here we will help you get to know the workplace every day. You will need this information for a successful orientation period. We will start with a description of this business first.

UHG is a company that can help you achieve health and well-being. They have headquarters in the United States. If you join UnitedHealth Group, you can achieve health easily. We want you to know that you can find innovations and quality products for health.

You can know their efforts from sophisticated clinical and technological expertise. Then don’t worry about their data bank. Follow the 5 short facts of the UnitedHealth Group below.

  1. The UnitedHealth Group was founded in 1977 under the name United HealthCare Corporation.
  2. They have more than 305,000 staff with 85,000 professional clinical staff.
  3. The company has more than $ 3.5 billion in technology and innovation development funds.
  4. UnitedHealth Group serves patients from 130 countries in the world and 50 states in the United States.
  5. UnitedHealth Group and Empresas Banmédica work together to serve health in Chile, Columbia, and Peru.

The Features of UnitedHRdirect Login Portal

United HR Direct provides a various menu which is accessible by its employees. The staff does not need to open another website. Because UHG has this feature on UnitedHRdirect. So, the staff can take care of their work problems online. You don’t need to go to the office to solve administrative problems such as leave. You can make a schedule and mark the day off on this portal. Below are some features that you can use through the UnitedHRdirect portal.

  1. Contact your HRD office.

Well, staff can enjoy HR services online. This feature will help the HRD report staff attendance. Then staff can submit their leave online. So you don’t need to spend energy to go to the HRD office.

  1. Create a Flexible Work Schedule in this Account.

Furthermore, the features on this portal allow you to change the schedule. So, you can make changes or exchange schedules with other colleagues. Well, you have 24-hour access to check work schedules on this portal.

  1. Enroll in various benefit programs from UHG. They want you to be able to live a healthier life. Then you can manage savings and plan for health care. This program applies to staff who have more than 20 hours of work per week.
  • Improve your work life. Here the staff has several programs that can make your work atmosphere comfortable. First, you can get the Paid Time Off program. Secondly, UHG can give you a paid company holiday. Third, staff can claim for reimbursement of their education. Fourth, you can apply for adoption assistance.
  • Pension and Savings Planning. Here staff receives assistance to manage their salaries. If you are just working here, it’s good if you join this program. You can save salary easily. Then staff can buy company shares to enter the group credit community.
  • Health Package for Staff. Health is the main mission of UHG. Staff can join this program with their families. You can plan dental and eye care. Then you can make savings for health planning. Get a flexible expense account to reduce your health care costs.
  • Health and fitness program package. You need to explore the benefits of the office program. So they have a health and fitness program for you. Choose a program that is suitable for you and your family.
  1. Access to Salary Payment Information.
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This portal has a feature to see salary payments from the office. Previously maybe you need to come to the ATM. Now, smartphones can help you find out the details of salary payments easily. You can check the online paystub at United HR Direct.

  1. Get References to Complete Your Job.

Finally, they have various information that supports your work. Here staff can view videos, news or data relevant to their work. Apply this reference to complete your work. Don’t hesitate to get help from this portal.

  1. Accident insurance or life insurance.

The company created an insurance program to protect the safety of staff. They can get a change fee for accident incidents. However, they have several rules for the process of insurance claims. Read the rules first.

UnitedHRdirect login steps

UnitedHRdirect login steps

How to Access UnitedHRDirect Employee Portal?

Before you log into United Healthcare R Direct, you should prepare all the requirements. First, you need a computer which is connected to the stable internet access. Also, you need valid UnitedHRDirect login details. It includes the UnitedHealth Group Employee ID and the password. If all these items are ready, you can start doing several instructions below.

  • Step 1. Visit the UnitedHealth Group Employee portal.

First of all, you have to access UnitedHRdirect or United Healthcare HR portal. You can use your browser to reach www.globalselfservices.unitedhealthgroup.com. You should focus on the login section on the left side of the page.

  • Step 2. Provide UHG Employee ID.

To reach your account, you have to enter UnitedHealth Group employee ID. This ID contains nine digits of the number. If you lose your employee ID, you should ask your HR manager.

  • Step 3. Press the Sign In button.

Make sure that the employee ID you enter is valid. Then, you can continue to the next page by pressing the Sign In button.

  • Step 4. Enter the password.

In the next page, you are required to provide the password. Make sure that you keep this password as a secret. Never share this password to anyone. If your password is valid, you will be able to explore UnitedHRDirect portal.

  • Step 5. Explore UHG employee portal.

Once you are successful to sign into UnitedHRDirect portal, you are free to use all features in this website. Besides, you are allowed to access all employment information in this platform. As an example, you can view the employee benefits and other info.

In case you face any trouble when you sign into United HR Direct, you should contact Unitedhealth Group IT help desk. Simply dial this number to report your login issues. 1 888 848 3375.

UnitedHealth Group the Hub

UnitedHealth Group the Hub

How to Create Account at United Healthcare Hub Portal?

As the UnitedHealth Group employee, you may not only need to access UnitedHRDirect portal. But, depending on your need, you may need to access United Healthcare Hub website. To sign up at this portal is very easy. You just need to prepare your UnitedHealth Group employee ID. Then, you can follow step by step below.

  • Step 1. Access United HealthCare Hub website.

In order to start the Self-registration at UHG Hub portal, you should visit the official website of Hub UHG. Use your browser to reach hub.unitedhealthgroup.com. Furthermore, you also can reach this site by using the search engine. Simply enter the keyword Hub UHG on the search bar.

  • Step 2. Click User Self Registration Link.

This link is available under the login section. Soon after you press this link, you will be directed to the new page.

  • Step 3. Provide UnitedHealth Group Employee ID.

In order to verify your employment status, you have to enter your employee ID. This employee ID contains 9 digits of numbers. After entering this ID number, you can press the Login button.

  • Step 4. Provide the details needed.

In order to complete UHG Hub self-registration process, you need to supply some information. As the example, you have to write down your name, email address, and contact details.

  • Step 5. Set up a password.
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The next, you need to set up MS Domain password. If you find something difficult about setting up this password, you have to contact United Support Center.

  • Step 6. Submit the information.

Last, you can press the Submit button to finish this self-registration process. Then, you can try to log into UnitedHealth Group Hub portal by using your employee ID and MS Domain password.

How to Access Unitedhealth Group Enterprise SSO?

Have you tried to sign into the UHG Enterprise SSO website? Once you have completed the self-service registration process, you should try log into United Health Group Hub website soon. Here is the step by step you can do to reach your account.

  • Step 1. Access The Hub UHG portal.

Hub UHG website is different from United HR Direct website. Even though both websites are accessible by using the employee ID and MS Domain password. You can reach this website by visiting hub.unitedhealthgroup.com or signon.unitedhealthgroup.com.

  • Step 2. Provide UHG employee ID.

At the login section, there is only one field to complete. Here, you need to fill in this blank field by using UHG employee ID. Make sure that this employee ID contains 9 digits.

  • Step 3. Click on the Login button.

After entering your employee ID, you need to press the Login button. This way, you will be able to go to the next login page.

  • Step 4. Provide MS Domain password.

You can complete this login process by providing a valid password. Now, you can explore the UHG Hub portal.

UnitedHealth Group Employee Benefits

The employee benefits become a consideration before applying for a job. So, before you decide to apply for the job position at UnitedHealth Group company, you have to know what employee benefits offered by this company. It is because the employee benefit is the way the company appreciates its employees. Listed below are the employee benefits offered by UnitedHealth Group.

  1. Health Benefits.

Health can affect employees’ productivity. So, the company has to make sure that its employees have a good health condition by offering Health or Medical benefits. Here are some health benefits offered by UnitedHealth Group.

  • Rally for health.
  • Medical plan.
  • Health Saving Account.
  • Dental and Vision plan.
  • Flexible Spending Account.
  • The Well.
  1. Life or Disability.

In order to support the employees’ life, United Health Group offers some benefits below.

  • Basic Life.
  • Dependent Life.
  • Employee Supplemental Life.
  • Short Term Disability.
  • Long term Disability.
  • Business Travel Accident Insurance.
  1. Financial benefits.

As the employee, you have to protect the financial condition to guarantee your future life. Listed below are some benefits for your financial issue.

  • UnitedHealth Group employee discount.
  • Employee Stock Purchase plan.
  • 401 (K) plan.
  • UnitedHealth Group Credit Union.
  • Executive saving plan.
  1. Other employee benefits.

United Health Group also offers these benefits below for the employees.

  • PTO Purchase.
  • Employee Assistance program.
  • Commuter reimbursement.
  • Voluntary benefits.

How to Enroll in UnitedHealth Group Employee Benefits?

From the review above you can notice that UnitedHealth Group offers various benefits for the employees. No doubt, many people are interested in working at this company. However, not all UnitedHealth Group employees are eligible for all benefits above. You have to check your eligibility to enroll those benefits.

Luckily, UnitedHealth Group has the special platform which informs the details about employee benefits. To view all the benefits offered, you can access benefitsinfo.uhg.com. Then, if you want to explore this site, you can do some steps below.

  • Step 1. Access UnitedHealth Group employee benefits website.

As mentioned below, UHG provides a special website about employee benefits. You can access it at benefitsinfo.uhg.com. This portal is only for UHG employees. So, if you want to explore the content of this website, you need to login by using your employee ID and password.

There will be some categories of employee benefits you can browse. For instance, you can view Financial benefits, Health benefits, and life or disability.

  • Step 2. Press View/Enroll in Benefits.

This portal contains some menus. As the example, there are View/Enroll in Benefits, Go to Credit Union, and Go to Fidelity. Your purpose of visiting this site is to check the employee benefits. So, you have to choose the first menu.

  • Step 3. Provide MS ID.
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In order to enter this portal, you have to provide MS ID. Once you press View/Enroll in Benefits menu, you will be brought to UnitedHealth Group Enterprise Secure Sign On page.

  • Step 4. Provide the password.

In the next step, you need to write down your password. Make sure that you provide the valid password so that your login process is successful.

  • Step 5. Click on Submit button.

The last step is clicking on the Submit button. If your MS ID and password are correct, you will be able to explore this site. Then, you can check your eligibility for the employee benefits. Besides, you also can enroll in the benefits you want. In case you get any troubles in accessing this employee benefits portal, you can contact the UHG IT Help desk at 1 888 848 3375.

How to reach UnitedHealth Group Support Center?

In case you have any questions or issue related to your employment, you have to contact UnitedHealth Group HR Direct. Listed below are some contacts of UnitedHRDirect. You can call the number based on your need.

  1. By phone.

UnitedHealth Group has several phone numbers that you can contact based on your need. Here are the phone numbers you can call.

  • UnitedHealth Group HR Direct phone number.

In case you want to ask about the benefits enrollment, you can call 1 800 561 0861. Then, you can choose option 1 when you are connected. UnitedHRDirect Support Center is available from Monday – Friday at 7 AM -7 PM.

Besides, you also can contact them by using the Chat feature at UHG website. You can visit benefitsinfo.uhg.com. The next, you can click Chat Online.

  • UHG IT Help Desk.

In case you face any log in trouble in accessing your UnitedHRDirect account, you have to call IT Help desk soon. Simply dial 1 888 848 3375. This number is only for the employees who are in North and South America.

  • UHG Health Care Advisor.

In case you want to consult about health benefits info, you can contact UnitedHealth Group Health Care Advisor. To contact them, you have several alternatives of communication. First, you can talk to them by phone. You can call 1 800 357 1371.

Second, you can text them. You can use this number 58647. But, you should notice that message and data rates may apply. Last, you can email them. Just send your email to [email protected]

  1. Website.

You can go to the UHG official website. You can open the website through www.unitedhealthgroup.com. Then find the contact us menu at the bottom of the official website. There, you can read the link to contact the help desk. Click on the Employer / Health Benefits Administrator link. They will connect you to the website www.uhc.com. Learn the employee benefits program here.

  1. By mail

Unitedhealth Group Mailing Address. Next, send opinions and complaints by mail. Send a letter with the subject and address below.

UnitedHealth Group

P.O. Box 1459

Minneapolis, MN 55440-1459

  1. Unitedhealth Group Social Media.
  • Facebook: UnitedHealth Group.
  • Twitter: @UnitedHealthGrp.
  • Linkedin: UnitedHealth Group.
  • Youtube: UnitedHealth Group.

UnitedHealth Group FAQs

Where is UnitedHealth Group located?
Unitedhealth Group is headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota.
What does UnitedHealth Group do?
This company provides the health benefit plans as well as benefit services.
Who is the CEO of UnitedHealth Group?
The CEO of Unitedhealth Group is David S. Wichmann.
Is UnitedHealth a group?
Yes. This health care company provides health care products and plans.
Who started UnitedHealth Group?
The founder of this company is Richard T. Burke.
Does UHC own optum?
Yes, United Healthcare owns Optum.
Where is optum based?
Optum is headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
How long has UnitedHealth Group been in business?
Unitedhealth Group started its business in 1977.
Is optum part of UnitedHealth Group?
Yes. Optum is the part of Unitedhealth Group.

UnitedHealth Group Review
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  • Employee Benefits
  • Management
  • Working Atmosphere

Summary of UnitedHRDirect

UnitedHRDirect is the employee portal of UnitedHealth Group. This platform is accessible at globalselfservice.unitedhealthgroup.com. The employees can visit United HR Direct portal to view the benefits, schedule, or salary details.

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