TellHCO Survey – Hollister Survey Login for Hollister 10 off 50 & Hollister Open Hours

TellHCO Survey – Hollister Survey Login for Hollister 10 off 50 & Hollister Open Hours


Do you like it if you go shopping and find your dream clothes? Of course, you must be glad moreover if you shop at Hollister store. For information, you can get Hollister 10 off 50 if you take TellHCO survey. Yes, it is a program created by Hollister and Co for all customers who want to share feedback about their shopping experience.

You see, if you visited Hollister store recently, you must have a receipt. On the receipt, you will find Hollister survey codes. Yes, it is the key for you to enter Hollister Survey portal. You see, you can complete TellHCO Hollister Survey in less than five minutes. And, for the rewards, you will get $10 Coupon or 10% from Hollister. Awesome!

What is TellHCO Survey?

You know, TellHCO Survey is a program created by Hollister Co. for all customers with a hope they will share their shopping experience whether it is bad or good. Yes, you can take Hollister Survey by visiting survey portal. But, before you do, you have to be sure that you own Hollister survey codes.

TellHCO Survey – Hollister Survey Login for Hollister 10 off 50 & Hollister Open Hours

TellHCO Survey – Hollister Survey Login for Hollister 10 off 50 & Hollister Open Hours

Where to get it? You will get the code on a valid receipt you get from Hollister store. You see, one receipt is for one Hollister guest survey entry. Well, at the survey page, you can share your feedback. It can be Hollister feedback, complaint, suggestions, and review. You can elaborate your experience about Hollister outlet you visited.

Anyway, if you take TellHCO Hollister Survey, you will get rewards. In this case, you can enjoy Hollister 10 off 50 special prices. Here, you just have to complete the survey in order to get the rewards. Yes, you can either get $10 Coupon or 10% from Hollister Company.

In case you have no idea on how to take the survey, you may check the following guides. You will see how to take Hollister and Co survey and finish the entire steps. Here, you must be glad as you can complete it within less than five minutes. Well, are you ready to take Hollister Co. Survey now? Enjoy the full guides!

How to Take TellHCO Survey?

  • Prepare Hollister Receipt
  • Visit TellHCO Survey Official Site
  • Choose English or Spanish
  • Enter TellHCO Survey Code
  • Click on the “Submit” Button
  • Share Your Overall Satisfaction about Your Last Visit
  • Elaborate Hollister Feedback
  • Submit Tell HCO Survey
  • Receive Hollister Coupon Code
TellHCO Survey – Hollister Survey Login for Hollister 10 off 50 & Hollister Open Hours

TellHCO Survey – Hollister Survey Login for Hollister 10 off 50 & Hollister Open Hours

Step by Step Guides to Take TellHCO Survey

It looks like you want to take Hollister survey now. Well, you have to be sure whether you take the official Hollister survey. Simply, you just need to visit the official site by visiting So, here is the full survey guide for you!

  • Step 1: Prepare Hollister Receipt

First thing first, all survey takers need to prepare a Hollister receipt. For you who recently visited Hollister outlet, you must have one. In case you don’t, you need to visit the store and purchase an item. Yes, a valid receipt must have Hollister survey code. You know, the survey code is at the bottom of the receipt.

  • Step 2: Visit TellHCO Survey Official Site

If you have that one, you can visit Hollister survey official site. You see, you just need to prepare a device whether you use a laptop or smartphone. After that, you may launch the best browser you have like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or even Internet Edge. Now, you click on the address box and search

  • Step 3: Choose English or Spanish

Once you see the homepage, you can click on the language that you want to use at the survey. For instance, you can use English or Spanish language. Of course, you can’t use other languages as they are not available for the Hollister survey page.

  • Step 4: Enter TellHCO Survey Code

Later, you just have to enter Hollister survey codes. In the first place, you have prepared the receipt. You can take a look at the bottom part of the receipt. Now, you can enter the 13-digit Hollister survey code correctly.

  • Step 5: Click on the “Submit” Button

Once you have done, you can click on the “Submit” button to start. Yes, if your Hollister survey code is correct, you can go on. But, if it is no longer valid, you need to replace it with another receipt or Hollister survey code.

  • Step 6: Share Your Overall Satisfaction about Your Last Visit

Well, you can share your overall satisfaction about your last visit to Hollister store. In this case, you just have to choose what you feel about your shopping experience. Not to mention, you can rate from 1 to 5 where 1 is for the lowest satisfaction. Yes, it is okay to choose one or even five as all is based on your shopping experience.

  • Step 7: Elaborate Hollister Feedback

Now, you can elaborate your Hollister review about the outlet you visited. For information, Hollister survey page only allows you to enter up to 1,200 characters. You see, you can either give complaint, suggestions, or even bad comments.

  • Step 8: Submit Tell HCO Survey

So, it will be nice if you submit Hollister survey form. You see, there will be a submit button to click. And, if you click on the button, it means that you are no longer able to edit the previous data.

  • Step 9: Receive Hollister Coupon Code

Finally! You have completed the entire Hollister survey steps. Now, it must be nice that you check the screen as it appears Hollister redemption code. Well, you can grab the pen and write down the unique code on the receipt. Later, you can redeem your Hollister coupons to get discount off. What a fantastic reward, isn’t it?

TellHCO Survey – Hollister Survey Login for Hollister 10 off 50 & Hollister Open Hours

TellHCO Survey – Hollister Survey Login for Hollister 10 off 50 & Hollister Open Hours

How to Redeem Hollister Coupons?

So, you have got the Hollister coupons. Now, you must be glad to redeem the coupons now. You see, you can follow the guides to redeem the coupons. Here you go!

  • Save Hollister Coupon Code on the Receipt
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First, you can save the coupon until you redeem it at Hollister store. Well, it is nice that you notice the expired date. In case it meets the date, it may be no longer valid. Yes, you can redeem the coupon before the due date of the expiration.

  • Visit Hollister Near Me

Second, of course, you have to visit Hollister store. If you have no idea finding the nearest store, you can search Hollister Near Me. Later, you can go to the nearest one from your place.

  • Make a Transaction

After that, you can start shopping some items at Hollister store. Indeed, it is okay if you only purchase one item. It is because the coupon can only be redeemed if you make a transaction. So, to redeem one coupon, you have to make a transaction. If you want to redeem two coupons, then, there need to be two transactions you make.

  • Show and Redeem Hollister Coupon

When you are about to pay for the bill, you can show your Hollister coupon. If you see, the cashier will give you discount off. And, the rewards are all based on the Hollister survey period right now. You may receive $10 discount off of $50 you spend at Hollister outlet.

List of Hollister Hours Open/Close and Hollister Holiday Hours

Anyway, some of you may be curious to know whether Hollister stores now are open or closed. Here, you just have to check Hollister hours open now. You can search Hollister hours Near Me or even Hollister holiday hours. Well, you can also enjoy the following information!

  • Hollister Stores Hours of Operation

Hollister Hours Today Open/Close Hours
Monday 10AM–9PM
Tuesday 10AM–9PM
Wednesday 10AM–9PM
Thursday 10AM–9PM
Friday 10AM–9PM
Saturday 10AM–9PM
Sunday 12–6PM

So, you know that all Hollister stores are open start from Monday through Sunday. Yes, on Monday through Saturday, most Hollister stores open start from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Meanwhile, Hollister Sunday hours start from 12:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

  • Hollister Holiday Hours

Holiday Date Open/Close Hollister Holiday Hours
Independence Day Thurs, Jul 4 Open 7:00am – 3:00pm
Labor Day Mon, Sep 2 Open 7:00am – 3:00pm
Thanksgiving Eve Wed, Nov 27 Open Regular Open – Noon
Thanksgiving Thurs, Nov 28 Closed
Christmas Eve Tues, Dec 24 Open Regular Open – Noon
Christmas Wed, Dec 25 Closed
New Year’s Eve Tues, Dec 31 Open Regular Open – 3:00pm
New Year’s Day Wed, Jan 1 Open 7:00am – 3:00pm
Easter Sun, Apr 1 Closed
Memorial Day Mon, May 25 Open 7:00am – 3:00pm

Yes, it is clear that Hollister stores are open on most holidays. Here, the stores open start from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Meanwhile, on certain holiday, Hollister holiday hours are as usual. And, some holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, Hollister stores are mostly closed.

  • Is Hollister open today?

Well, if you take a look on Hollister hours now or Hollister holiday hours or Hollister hours near me, Hollister stores are open today. Yes, you now can enjoy shopping at Hollister stores.

  • What time does Hollister open?

You know that Hollister regular hours start from 10:00 AM. But, most stores may have different Hollister opening hours. Well, you don’t have to worry about it as you can always check Hollister opening hours at Hollister store locator or Hollister Near Me.

  • What time does Hollister close?

Meanwhile, you may also question the Hollister closing hours. Yes, it all depends on the day today. If it is Sunday, most Hollister stores closed on 6:00 PM. As certain locations may have different Hollister hours, you may need to check it on the official site or on Google Map.

  • Hollister Hours Near Me

Of course, you can check Hollister hours near me or even Hollister holiday hours today by visiting the official site. You can use the Hollister store locator and check the entire details of the hours of the store you want.

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Meanwhile, you can also search Hollister on Google Map. When you see some store options, you can click on a certain store. And then, you will see the details of Hollister hours and even the store number. You see, you will know whether the stores open or close right now.

List of TellHCO Survey FAQs and Answers

Alright! You must be glad knowing all information about Hollister store. Well, you must be glad that you start taking the survey now to enjoy the rewards. Anyway, in case you have a bunch of problems related to the steps, you can check Hollister survey FAQs below. You will find the answers and you can solve the problem. Here you go!

What do Hollister points do?
So, it is nice to know whether Hollister offers customers rewards in the form of points. Here, you can join Hollister Club Cali in order to get the points. Whenever you do a transaction at the store by showing your member card, you will get points for each dollar you spend.</p> <p>Nicely, Hollister points also work if you use gift cards on the purchase. Yes, you can collect the points. When you have collected certain points, you can redeem them to enjoy discount off or even free item at Hollister store. Nice, isn’t it?
Does Hollister have free shipping?
Do you want to get Hollister free shipping special offer? Well, you have to join Club Cali in order to get the member rewards. In this case, you can enjoy the promo of buy one get one 50% off site wide discount. Besides, you can also enjoy free standard shipping if you spend $50 or more. Aren’t they interesting for you?
Do you pay for Club California Hollister?
For information, when you join Hollister Club Cali, you have to pay certain cost. But, as rewards, you can enjoy 1,000,000 Club Cali points. In other words, you can enjoy £400 value in Cali Cash certificates each year. Here, you can check the official website to know how much that you have to pay for Hollister Club California Hollister.
Does Hollister give birthday coupons?
Well, it is sad to say that you won’t get any birthday discounts from Hollister stores. But, you don’t have to worry about it as you are still able to enjoy special deals throughout the year.
Is Club Cali Hollister Free?
As you see, you will have to pay certain cost in order to join Hollister Club Cali. But, for Hollister UK club, it is free to join. In this case, you just have to visit the official site that is And then, you can provide your first name, last name, as well as email address, and also phone number.
Does Hollister accept military discount?
Some of you may also ask whether you can get Hollister military discount or not. For information, the company doesn’t provide you this special
How long does Hollister take to ship to store?
Yes, you can order some items online whether it is at Hollister app or official site. For information, the ship is going to be for about 4 to 9 business days for delivery. Meanwhile, some areas may need 14 days for delivery.
Does Hollister offer student discount?
Request Hollister student discount. Sorry, Hollister isn’t offering a student discount through Student Beans right now. Register now and be the first to know when a Hollister student discount is available through Student Beans.
How do you use a Hollister gift card online?
So, some of you may have Hollister gift card. For information, you can use the gift card online. Simply, you just need to visit and enter your 16 digit account number. Besides, you will also have to enter your PIN in the field of Use a Gift Card. You can check out the order. For information, you can’t use the card if you lost or destroy it.
Does Hollister have store pick up?
By the way, you may need to use the service of Hollister store pick up. IN this case, you just have to call the distribution center. Well, you can either call +1-866-426-1285 or +1-925-359-2568. After that, you may send your request whether you want a refund for your order and so on.
How do I unsubscribe from Hollister emails?
You may have joined Hollister club. But, there is one thing you dislike about the service that is keep receiving email from Hollister. Indeed, you can unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails from Hollister Co.</p> <p>Here, you need to visit Hollister Unsubscribe page. And then, you can enter your email and confirm whether you want to unsubscribe it. Or, it is also good if you visit Hollister Marketing Preferences page. It is available at the profile page.
Does Hollister do price adjustments?
Yes, Hollister does price adjustments. In this case, you have to wait for about 14 days to process it. But, you have to be sure that you keep the receipt if you want to process it. And also, your Hollister order number and also the items must be eligible for the price adjustment. Once the cashier processes it, they will take care of the credit.
How do I return my Hollister clothes online?
You just shopped at Hollister store and you think about returning the clothes online. Well, you can return or exchange your merchandise at a Hollister Co. store. But, you have to be sure whether you bring the items complete with the order invoice.
Can you use Hollister gift cards at Abercrombie?
Indeed, Hollister gift cards can only be used at Hollister stores. So, in case you want to use some gift cards at Abercrombie & Fitch stores, you have to own the other cards.
Are Hollister returns free?
Talking about returning the items, you may have dilemma. Yes, you are afraid whether you have to pay for the returns fee. Indeed, for returns & exchanges, you can process it for free. You just have to visit to access the privacy policy about this term.

How to Search Hollister Near Me Locations?

You know that there is a bunch of ways to find out the nearest location of Hollister stores from your place. Not to mention, here are the three ways that you may try:

  • Hollister Near Me on Google Map
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First, you can open and search Hollister Near Me. And then, the results must show a bunch of store locations. You can click on a certain option to use the feature of direction and check Hollister hours and store phone number.

  • Hollister Near Me on Hollister Store Locator

Second, Hollister official website also provides you a way to search the locations using Hollister store locator. You can visit and enter your location like the city or state at the store locator menu. After that, you will see many recommended locations in the place you mention. Yes, you can check Hollister hours, ratings, and phone number.

  • Hollister Store Locator on Hollister App

Well, the company also offers you to download Hollister app that also provides the store locator for you. Instead of entering your location manually, you can use GPS feature. And, the results of the locations will be various.

List of Hollister and Co Customer Service Contact Information

For you who need to talk to Hollister and Co customer service, here are the following contacts that will be helpful for you!

  • Hollister and Co Head Office Address

Hollister Co, 100 Hollister Co Way, New Albany, OH 43054, United States

  • Hollister and Co Customer Service US Phone Number

+1 925 359 2568 or 866 426 1285

  • Hollister and Co Customer Service UK Phone Number

0808 234 0795

  • Hollister and Co Customer Service France Phone Number


  • Hollister and Co Customer Service Germany Phone Number


  • Hollister and Co Email Address

[email protected]

You can take TellHCO Hollister Survey right now if you want to claim the rewards soon. Yes, you can check at your home whether you have a bunch of Hollister receipts. And then, you can enter the Hollister survey codes at the Hollister Survey portal.

Yes, you can send some feedback and elaborate the aspects you like or dislike about Hollister store you visited. No doubt, through Hollister Co. survey, all customers can speak up without any worries.

If you complete the survey form, you will receive Hollister 10 off 50 coupons. Yes, you will have 10% discount off if you spend $50 on your next visit. Isn’t it nice to get $10 Coupon 10% from Hollister? So, what are you waiting for? Take Hollister and Co survey now and enjoy your next shopping!

TellHCO Survey
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  • Staff Friendliness

TellHCO Survey

You can take TellHCO Survey in order to enjoy Hollister 10 off 50 discount. And, you can also check Hollister Open Hours about certain store. Well, here is brief review of Hollister Survey Login and company service!

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  • The survey is easy to take
  • You will get rewards if you participate in the program
  • You can take anytime and anywhere


  • One receipt is for one survey entry
  • Different store location has different hours including holiday hours

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