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tellbvl survey

Have you just visited Biscuitville? If you still keep Biscuitville receipt with you, you have to take part in Tellbvl survey. Through this Biscuitville survey, you can express Biscuitville feedback easily. This way, you can tell Biscuitville about your recent dining experience, comments or complaints. As a reward, you will get a Biscuitville coupon after this survey.

Are you interested in participating in TellBVL? If so, you should keep reading on this page. It is because we have explained Biscuitville survey guideline and the tips to get Biscuitville coupons. Besides, you can find out the information about Biscuitville locations and Biscuitville hours. Happy reading.

What is TellBVL?

If you are a loyal customer of Biscuitville, you should be familiar with this program. Tellbvl is a customer satisfaction survey held by Biscuitville. The aim of Biscuitville survey is to measure the level of satisfaction of every guest after dining in Biscuitville. This way, Biscuitville can know what the customers feel.

Knowing the customers’ satisfaction level is very important for this restaurant. Based on the result of this survey, Biscuitville can know the weakness of their business. Then, they can improve the quality of their product and service. In the future, Biscuitville can satisfy more customers.

If you want to participate in this survey, you must have a valid Biscuitvilel receipt. It is because this receipt contains a Biscuitville survey invitation code. With this Biscuitville survey code, you can unlock the survey and start giving your feedback. At the end of Tell Bvl survey, you will be able to get a Biscuitville validation code.

Once you get Biscuitville coupon code, you should redeem it as soon as possible. The reward you will get depends on the offer printed on the survey invitation. Usually, Biscuitville offers a free drink or free biscuit as a reward.

tellbvl survey

tellbvl Biscuitville survey is accessible at

Biscuitville Restaurant Profile

The fans of fast-food and Southern cuisine will be familiar with Biscuitville. As like its name, this restaurant serves biscuits as the main menu. The founder of this Biscuitville restaurant is Maurice Jennings. In the beginning, she opened a pizza restaurant in Denville, Virginia. Then, in 1975, she started to build Biscuitville. Then, she tried to focus on serving biscuits.

Nowadays, Biscuitville is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. There are more than 54 Biscuitville restaurants in Virginia and North Carolina. If you want a simple breakfast menu, you can go to Biscuitville. In 15 minutes, you will be able to enjoy your order. Various Biscuitville breakfast menus are available such as platters, sandwich, and sweets.

Tellbvl survey preparation

Before taking Tellbvl survey, you have to prepare some requirements. These requirements will help you to complete a Biscuitville survey easily. Here are the things that you need.

  • A valid Biscuitville receipt.

You cannot take the survey without Biscuitville receipt. It is because you have to enter tellbvl survey code and the time of the visit to start this survey.

  • A device.

Since Biscuitville survey is done online, you need a device to reach the survey portal. Using a computer or a smartphone is allowed. Just make sure that you use a compatible browser to access the survey site.

  • Internet connection.

Please check your internet connection before accessing Biscuitville survey portal. This way, you can complete this survey without any trouble.

  • A pen.

Even this survey is done online, you still have to prepare a writing tool. What is it for? At the end of Tellbvl survey, you should write the validation code on your receipt.

tellbvl biscuitville survey

tellbvl biscuitville survey steps

What are the Steps to Take TellBvl Survey?

When your preparation is ready, it means you can start this survey whenever you want. This survey is very easy to do. In less than 10 minutes, you will be able to complete all the survey steps. To get started, you can check the Biscuitville survey guideline below.

  • Step 1. Visit the Biscuitville survey portal.

First of all, you have to visit the Biscuitville survey portal. You can access it at You can write own this survey web address directly on your browser. Besides, you also can reach this survey portal through You can find a link to bring you to Tellbvl survey portal.

  • Step 2. Select the language.

Tellbvl survey website provides two language choices for the survey takers. The default language setting is using English. But, if you feel not convenient in using English, you can change it into Spanish. Just click on the Espanol link under the Start button.

  • Step 3. Enter Biscuitville survey invitation code.

The next, you have to enter Biscuitvilel survey code. This survey code contains 14 digits of the number. You have to look up this code on your receipt. Usually, this tellbvl survey code is available at the bottom of the Biscuitville receipt.

  • Step 4. Indicate the time of visit.
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After that, you have to provide the information about what time you visit Biscuitville restaurant. If you forget this information, you can check your receipt. Just specify the hour, minute, and meridiem when you came to Biscuitville. Usually, the time detail is located at the top of your receipt.

  • Step 5. Press the Start button.

To begin this tellBVL survey, you have to click on the START button. If the survey code and time of visit you enter is correct, you will be able to start this survey.

  • Step 6. Answer Biscuitville survey questions.

Tellbvl contains some questions asking your experience when you dine in Biscuitville. So, you have to recall your latest experience in Biscuitville. You have to rate your satisfaction, menu, employee service, restaurant’s condition, and many other aspects. Just make sure that you give honest responses.

  • Step 7. Answer the classification questions.

For the classification purpose, Biscuitville asks you some questions. First, you have to indicate your gender. Then, you need to state your age. After that, you also need to indicate your annual income and ethnicity background.

  • Step 8. Take the Biscuitville coupon code.

After submitting this survey, tellbvl will give you Biscuitville validation code. You should write down this code on your receipt. This validation code serves as Biscuitville coupons. You can redeem this coupon with the offer printed on Biscuitville receipt. As an example, you can get a free biscuit or free drink as a reward.

That’s all the simple steps to take part in Tellbvl survey. After getting the Biscuitville coupon code, you have to go to Biscuitville to redeem it. Just present your receipt and the validation code to the cashier. Then, you will get a survey reward.

Tips to Get Biscuitville Coupons

You can save more when you have Biscuitville coupon. It is because you can get the free menu from Biscuitville. There are several ways to earn Biscuitville coupons. Here are the tips for can do.

  1. Take part in tellbvl survey.

Once you get a Biscuitville receipt, you need to check whether there is a survey invitation there. If so, you can use this receipt to take part in the Biscuitville survey. As a reward, you will be able to earn a Biscuitville coupon after the survey. Then, you can redeem this coupon in your next visit.

  1. Sign Up Biscuit Club.

Another way to earn Biscuitville coupon is by signing up a Biscuit Club program. This program give you many benefits. First, you will get exclusive offers from Biscuitville. Besides, you can get free breakfast on your birthday. The last, after signing up this program, you can get the free biscuit.

How to Sign Up Bicuitville Biscuit Club?

If you are interested to be the part of Biscuitville Biscuit Club, you have to sign up soon. You can do the online registration at Biscuitville website. You should not worry about these registration steps. This registration is free and easy to complete. Just do the step by step below.

  • Visit the Biscuitville website.

First of all, you have to access the Biscuitville official website. You can reach this site at

  • Click on Promos menu.

At the bottom of Biscuitville website, you will be able to find several menus. You just need to press the Promos menu. Then, Biscuitville will display the current promotion program.

  • Click Sign Up for Birthday Club.

Soon after you click the Sign up button, Biscuitville website will display the registration form.

  • Complete Biscuit Club registration form.

The next, you need to fill out this form with your personal information. You have to write down your full name, email address, zip code, Bicuitville restaurant location, and date of birth.

  • Press the Sign Up button.

To submit your information, you can click on the Sign Up button. Then, you are a member of Biscuitville Biscuit Club. Now you can check your email. You will receive a Biscuitville coupon as the reward for signing up this program. You can redeem this coupon at Biscuitville location. Then, you will get free biscuit.

Once you complete this registration steps, you will get the exclusive offers and promotion from Biscuitville. Just check your email to know what the special offers given by Biscuitville.

Biscuitville Promos and Special Offers

You must be happy if you receive special offers from Biscuitville. You should update the new promos offered by Biscuitville. To check the current offers and deals from Biscuitville, you have to visit its official website. You can find out Biscuitville promos there. Here are some promos and offers from Biscuitville.

  • Biscuitville Flavor of Local.
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Biscuitville usually offers a special menu in the seasonal time. You will not be able to enjoy this menu all the time. it is because Biscuitville only serves this menu in a certain period. As a loyal customer of Biscuitville, you should not miss this offer. To explore the seasonal menu, you can go to Biscuitville website.

In this period, Biscuitville offers three special menu items. First, you should try Chicken and waffle sandwich. Besides, you also can enjoy cold-brewed iced vanilla latte. As a dessert, you can try the Peach muffin. You can also browse Biscuitville menu at its website.

  • Biscuit Club.

As mentioned in the previous section, you can sign up the Biscuitville Biscuit Club. Then, you will be able to receive various exclusive offers from Biscuitville. Just by completing the simple registration form at Biscuitville website, you will be able to get a free biscuit from Biscuitville.

  • Biscuitville Birthday Club.

To get the special offer from Biscuitville on your birthday, you just need to submit your date of birth. Then, you will be able to get a special treat on your birthday. Usually, Biscuitville offers a free biscuit to the customer who is on a birthday.

  • Kids activity program.

This program is for the kids. You can download the coloring sheet at Biscuitville website. Then, your kids have to finish these colouring sheets.  The next, you can bring this sheet to Biscuitville locations nearby. As a reward, your kids can get a free biscuit.

How to Search Biscuitville Near Me?

When you are confused about your breakfast meal, you just need to go to Biscuitville. You can enjoy the Biscuitville breakfast menu at 54 restaurants nearby. It is very easy to locate the nearest Biscuitville restaurant. You can do one of the tips below to find Biscuitville locations near me.

  1. Using store locator.

To use this feature, you have to access the Biscuitville official website first. Then, you will be able to find the store locator menu. Here are the steps of using this tore locator feature.

  • Visit Biscuitville official site at
  • Click on Find Us. You can find this menu at the top or bottom section of Biscuitville website.
  • Use My Location or Enter the location. Biscuitville can identify your location. You can choose whether you use your current location or search by location.
  • Enter the city, zip code, or state. The more detail you enter is better. Biscuitville will display the result based on the information you enter.
  • Click on Go button. Once you press the Go button, the Biscuitville website will display the list of the restaurant. You can select to see the result on a map or list.
  • Explore the result. Then, you can explore the Biscuitville locations. Besides, you also can find other information such as Biscuitville phone number and Biscuitville store hours.
  1. Search Engine.

If it is too complicated to use Biscuitville store locator, you can use the search engine or Google maps. Just enter the keyword Biscuitville near me or Biscuitville locations near me. Then, this search engine will display the result. You can get the direction to the closest Biscuitville restaurant. Besides, you can find other details such as Biscuitville open hours and Biscuitville reviews.

Biscuitville Hours of Operations

Before visiting the Biscuitville restaurant, you have to check Biscuitville store hours. This way, you will be able to know what time Biscuitville opens and closes. Biscuitville open hours can be seen in this following table.

Monday 5.30 AM – 2 AM
Tuesday 5.30 AM – 2 AM
Wednesday 5.30 AM – 2 AM
Thursday 5.30 AM – 2 AM
Friday 5.30 AM – 2 AM
Saturday 5.30 AM – 2 AM
Sunday 6.00 AM – 2 AM

However, Biscuitville operating hours may vary by locations. Other Biscuitville stores may open and close earlier. To make sure the open hour at your local Biscuitville location, you have to check it by using Biscuitville store locator. Just enter the location then, you will get the information about Biscuitville hours.

Besides, here are some questions related to Biscuitville store hours.

  • Is Biscuitville open today?

Yes. Biscuitville opens every day. You can dine in this restaurant from Monday to Sunday.

  • Is Biscuitville open on Sunday?

Yes. Biscuitville opens on Sundays from 6 AM up to 2 AM. So, you can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner in this restaurant.

  • What time does Biscuitville open?

On Monday to Saturday, Biscuitville opens at 5.30 AM. This way, you can enjoy Biscuitville breakfast menu. But, on Sundays, Biscuitville opens at 6 AM

  • What time does Biscuitville close?

Every day, Biscuitville closes at 2 AM.

  • What is Biscuitville holiday hours?
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Biscuitville opens during public holidays. This restaurant only closes on Christmas day.

biscuitville feedback

biscuitville feedback

How to Submit the Feedback at Biscuitville Website?

In case you lose the Biscuitville receipt, you should not be sad. It is because you still can be able to express the Biscuitville feedback through its official site. Here is the step by step to submit your dining feedback.

  • Visit the Biscuitville official website.

The first thing you can do is accessing Biscuitville website at This website provides the Contact menu which you can use to submit your feedback.

  • Click on Contact Us Menu.

Once you reach Biscuitville website, you should scroll it down until you find the menu ar at the bottom of the page. Then, you need to click on the Contact Us menu. This way, you will be able to reach the Contact page.

  • Click Share your feedback.

There are some options in this contact page. First, you can take part in tellbvl survey. Besides, this website also allows you to share your feedback. Since you do not have Biscuitville receipt, you have to select the second option: Share Your feedback.

  • Select the feedback purpose.

In the next page, Biscuitville website will display some purposes of giving the feedback. Choose one of these options which represent the feedback you will give. For instance, you can choose catering inquiry, employment inquiry, birthday club, gift card inquiry, or general feedback.

  • Answer some questions.

After choosing the type of feedback, you can continue to the next page. Here, you will get a series of questions asking about your feedback. As an example, you may get the questions about the Biscuitville location you have just visited and the date of visit.

  • Write down your feedback.

At the end of this feedback submission process, you will get a chance to leave your feedback. Just write down your comments, questions, suggestions, or complaints in detail. You can write up to 1200 characters.

  • Submit your feedback.

The last, you can submit your Biscuitville feedback.

How to Contact Biscuitville Customer Service

In case you have several questions about Biscuitvlle, you have to contact Biscuitville customer service soon. Besides, you also can reach them when you want to share your experience after dining in Biscuitville. Here are some possible ways to get in touch with Biscuitville Customer Support team.

  • By phone.

Calling Biscuitville Customer Support Center is the fastest way to get teh response. Here you can talk directly with Biscuitville representative staff. For the immediate assistance from Biscuitville, you can contact 336 553 3700.

  • By mail.

You can send your inquiry to Biscuitville by mail. Just send your letter to Biscuitville address below.

Biscuitville Restaurant Support Center

1414 Yanceyville Street.

Suite 300

Greensboro, North Carolina 27405

  • By email.

You are also allowed to send an email to Biscuitville. Here is the Biscuitville email address. [email protected] You will be able to get the response soon.

  • Website.

You are welcomed to submit your feedback through the Biscuitville website. The procedure of submitting the feedback is available in the previous section. As the example, you may want to submit the feedback and suggestion about Biscuitville menu, online store, gift card, B’day club, and many other topics.

  • Social media.

Following Biscuitville social media accounts is beneficial. First, you can get updated information about Biscuitfille offers and special deals. Besides, you can get in touch with Biscuitville administrator as well. Here is the list of Biscuitville social media accounts.




Biscuitville FAQs

What time does Biscuitville stop serving breakfast?
Biscuitville starts serving breakfast menu at 6 AM. Then, this restaurant stops serving breakfast at 11 AM. After 11 AM, you can order Biscuitville lunch menu.
Where is Biscuitville?
Biscuitville restaurants can be found in 55 locations in North Carolina and Virginia.
Does Biscuitville serve lunch?
Yes. Biscuitville serves the lunch menu starting at 11 AM.
How much are Biscuitville biscuits?
It costs $3.19 – $7.99. The price depends on the topping.
Who started Biscuitville?
Maurice Jennings started Biscuitville business in 1975.
When was biscuitville founded?
The first Biscuitville is founded in 1975 by Maurice Jennings.
Does Biscuitville deliver?
Yes. Some Biscuitville locations offer delivery service.

Biscuitville Review
4 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Menu
  • Price
  • Service
  • Restaurant's atmosphere

Summary of tellbvl Survey

TellBvl is a customer satisfaction Survey held by Biscuitville. This survey can be accessed at As a reward, you will get Biscuitville coupon which is redeemable with a free biscuit or drink.

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  • Delicious menu for adult and kids
  • Friendly staff
  • Nice ambiance


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