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Have you just finished the recruitment process at Subaru of America? Congratulations! It means you will start your career in a great working environment. It means you should start getting to know how this company handles its employees. Well, Subaru of America is famous of its good employment management. You do not need to worry about being a newcomer at this company because Subaru of American has an online employee portal named Subarunet.

Then, you will get any information you need about working at Subaru of America if you have been a user on Subarunet portal. Of course, you must sign up an account before you can access the platform. Besides, the employee portal will help you finish your job easily.

If you are wondering how to join this Subarunet employee portal, you are in the right place. This article has what you need to know about the ways to get access on Subaru SSO employee portal. Besides, there is a procedure which you may learn in case you forgot your Subaru account password. Also, there is more things to know about this company.


Subaru employee portal at subarunet

About Subaru of America

Subaru of America Inc., often goes as SOA, is a vehicle company which is situated in Camden, New Jersey. The parent of Subaru of America is Subaru Corporation based in Tokyo, Japan. It means Subaru of America is a distributor of Subaru brand vehicles for the United States market. This subsidiary company began in 1968 located in Bala CynWid, Pennsylvania.

This was a year after Malcolm Bricklin got an idea to make a deal with Subaru Corporation and brought this Japanese brand into the United States. Malcolm Bricklin needed a year to complete the negotiation. So far, Subaru of America has hired around 1200 employees to work for this company. the products offered by Subaru of America include vehicles, such as sedans and SUVS, as well as vehicle tools.

What is Subarunet Employee Portal?

Subaru Employee Portal is the only official employee portal created by Subaru of America. As a company with around 1200 employees working together in the same environment, it must not be easy to handle them fairly at the same time. This is why Subaru of America decided to launch an employee portal to make its Human Resource Management handle the employment easily.

Employees can simply access the portal at Each employee must have an account on the portal if they need 24-hour access to any information related to Subaru of America and its employment updates. Also, you may need to check employee benefits programmed by this vehicle company, such as employee benefits, payment information, etc.

However, you will not be able to create an employee account by yourself when you have reached You still need to see a Human Resource staff help you register a new employee account on Subaru SSO portal. when the registration process has finished, the HR staff will hand in your account credentials. These consist of Subaru account username with a password.

You will have to use these account credentials every time you are eager to sign in to your Subaru employee account. To make your account safe from any malicious attempt, you must be sure that you will not share the account credentials with other people.


subarunet login steps

How to Do Subarunet Login Steps

After you have got your new account, you may be wondering how to login on Subaru employee account. However, you want to prepare some things needed before you can log in. For example, you must have a device with a compatible browser. It will be better if you access your account through a laptop or a computer. Then, you must have the internet connection to your device. as an online portal, the internet connection is a must whenever you want to access it. After that, you should prepare your Subaru Employee Login credentials. The account credentials are the username and password that you have received from the HR staff last time.

As you have got the prerequisites, you can start the login process. It will not take too much of your time. As long as you have 2 or 3 minutes, you will be able to log in to your account. Probably you feel confused about the steps because this is your first-time login attempt. So, just pay attention and follow the login steps below.

  1. Go to subarunet Employee Portal

First, you should go to Subaru SSO Employee Login Portal. You will be able to access the portal at When you have been on the website, you will see your browser page show a login section on the left side of the website home page. You only need to focus on this section whenever you need to log in to your Subaru employee account.

  1. Fill In Username
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Second, you must fill in the username field. Then, you may type in the username in the first blank field. You can only use the username which has been registered by the HR staff previously. Make sure you fill in the username correctly. Otherwise, your login request will fail.

  1. Enter Password

Third, you need to enter the password of your Subaru employee account. You can enter it in the second field under the username field. This password will be your key to access your account. So, you must not enter wrong digits in the password field. Also, you should keep this password for yourself if you want your account secure.

  1. Click Login

Finally, you can end the login process with a Login button. You will find the button under the password field. if the account information that you have entered in the login section is correct, the page will load and let you access your employee account. IT means you may start exploring your account and access any information shared by Subaru of America company. However, you should recheck your username and password if the login button shows that your login request is not valid.

How to Reset Subarunet Password

Did you find it difficult to log in to your Subaru employee account? Perhaps there is something wrong with your password. Or, you cannot enter the correct password because you forgot it. To handle this problem, you’d better reset your Subaru employee account password. This way, you will be able to get access to your employee account as soon as possible. If you do not know what to do to get a new password, you can use the procedure below.

  1. Visit subarunet Employee portal

Firstly, you should go to the page where you can log in to your account when you need to reset your account password. It means you should visit Subarunet employee portal at This time, you are still going to use the login section provided on the website page.

  1. Forgot Password?

Secondly, you must click a link of which questions you if you Forgot Password? the link will take you to the page where you can start the password recovery process.

  1. Enter Username

Thirdly, you will have to enter the username of your Subaru employee account. You can enter it in Subaru User Login field. in case you forgot your username, the only way to get it back is by contacting an HR staff. This way, the staff will share your valid username to reset your password. After you have entered the username, you can click the Next button.

  1. Answer Security Questions

Fourthly, there will be some security questions which show up on your screen. The questions are those you created with an HR staff in the registration process last time. If you can still remember the correct answers for the security questions, you will be able to pass this step. The questions are supposed to secure your accounts from any hacks. This is why you should provide valid answers every time you get the questions on the employee page.

  1. Create a New Password

Lastly, you can create your new account now. Make sure you create a new password with a strong security level. Besides, it is also important to make it easy to remember. This way, you do not need to reset your password many times in a short period. If you have done with the new password, you need to save it now. you can save the new password in your note. So, you can simply look it up when you forgot your password again. When your new password is ready, you may want to try to log in to your account. if the login attempt is successful, it means your password has been valid.

What is Subaru Employee Benefits?

Subaru of America has a lot of career opportunities for its employees. no wonder, every position in this company can be inviting for professionals out there. This vehicle company is ready to accommodate those experts in HR and Administration, Marketing, Sales, Parts, Service, Product Management, IT, Accounting, and Legal.

Besides, the company really encourages its employees to grow better in a supportive working environment. Subaru of America will let its employees to explore their skills as much as they can. Even the company is ready to help its employees with a strong will to learn more knowledge.

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Moreover, there are some employee benefits which can be a thing to consider before job seekers apply for a position in Subaru of America. Employees will get benefits once they join this vehicle company. the facilities can be enjoyed as long as they are a part of Subaru of America. The benefits include:

  1. Medical Insurance

Insurances are important to keep employees stay at a company. This is why, every employee of Subaru of America will have some options of medical plans, prescription plan, dental plan, and vision plan.

  1. Vacation & Holidays

Employees also have rights to refresh their energies with some days of vacations and holidays. At Subaru of America, employees will get 8 holidays, 4 floating holidays, 3 weeks’ vacation to start and, and several additional days based on employees’ length of service.

  1. Reimbursement Accounts

Employees’ families can also get benefits from this company, such as health care, dependent care, employee, family life, and personal accident insurance options.

  1. Disability Insurance

Imperfection is not a reason to stop exploring your skills at this company. For those with some disabilities, Subaru of America has some programs which include short-term disability insurance and long-term disability insurance.

  1. Retirement Plans

Before employees of his company retire, they may start retirement plans to secure their old days. The plans can be profit-sharing plan plus 401k feature with company match.

Besides, there are more things to offer by Subaru of America for its employees. at this company, employees may also get Subsidized Vehicle Lease/Purchase Program, Adoption Assistance and a Matching Gift Program,  Annual Bonus Program, Domestic Partner Benefits, Tuition Reimbursement, and Paid Time Off for Volunteer time.

Subaru Hours of Operations

Before visiting Subaru, you have to check Subaru open hour Subaru holiday hours. This way, you will be able to know what time Subaru opens and closes. For the accurate time of Subaru operation hours, you can check the local Subaru dealer in your location. But, for the Subaru general hours, you can view on the time table below.

Subaru Sales hours

Day  Open hour
Monday 8 AM – 7 PM
Tuesday 8 AM – 7 PM
Wednesday 8 AM – 7 PM
Thursday 8 AM – 7 PM
Friday 8 AM – 7 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 6 PM

Subaru Service Hours

Day Open hour
Monday  7.30 AM – 5.30 PM
Tuesday 7.30 AM – 5.30 PM
Wednesday 7.30 AM – 5.30 PM
Thursday 7.30 AM – 5.30 PM
Friday 7.30 AM – 5.30 PM
Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM

That’s all Subaru Sales hours and Subaru Service Hours. So, you have to visit Subaru dealer on the correct time based on your need. Please note that Subaru is closed on Sunday. But, you have to note that Subaru hours may vary by locations. It means every Subaru dealer has its own open hour. Some stores may open and close earlier.

Subaru Holiday Hours

Subaru dealership opens is most of the public holiday. So, if you have free time during the holiday, you can go to Subaru to purchase the new vehicle or do some maintenance for your vehicle. But, you have to note that Subaru may close during these holidays.

  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day 4th of July
  • Labor day
  • Thanksgiving day
  • Christmas Day

How to Search Subaru Dealership Near me

In case you want to purchase the new Subaru vehicle, you have to visit Subaru near me. This way, you can find a lot of models of car which suit to your necessity. Besides, in case you need to maintain your Subaru car, you also can locate Subaru retailer near me. Here are some possible ways to find out Subaru locations.

  • Store locator.

If you want to use Subaru store locator, you have to visit Subaru official website. Then, you can do this following instruction.

  1. Visit the official site of Subaru at
  2. Click on Find Retailer. This menu is available at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Enter the zip code and the city. Besides, you also allow Subaru website to use your own location. This way, you do not need to enter the city or zip code to find Subaru retailer.
  4. Click on the location on the map. This way, you can get the direction to the nearest Subaru dealer.
  5. Explore the dealer information. This store locator does not inform the locations. But, you also can find out other details such as Subaru phone number, service schedule, and view the inventory.
  • Search engine.
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The second way to locate Subaru dealer is by using the search engine. You just need to enter the keyword such as Subaru near me or Subaru dealership near me. Then, the search engine will show you the direction to the closest Subaru locations. Besides, this search engine also informs Subaru hours, Subaru reviews and ratings.

How to Reach Subaru SSO Help Desk

At times, people got technical problems with their employee accounts. It is not something to worry though, especially if you are working at Subaru of America, Inc. If you have any troubles with your Subaru employee account, you can always ask for help to Subaru SSO Help Desk. The Help Desk representatives will be there to help you solve the problems. You just have to contact them and tell the difficulties you have right now. These are some simple ways to contact the Help Desk.

  1. Website

When you can go online, you can just visit This website has a contact page that will inform you how you can reach Subaru Help Desk.

  1. Phone

For quick responses, you’d better try to call the Help Desk via phone. This way, you can talk about the problems you have clearly. The phone number which will connect you to a Help Desk representative is 1 800 SOA STAR or 1 800 762 7827.

Subaru FAQs

Does my Subaru have a recall?
Yes, Subaru Recall began on October 2004. The owners of Subaru have to contact Subaru of America Company at 1 800 782 2783. This company is recalling the certain model of the vehicle year 2007-2009, Legacy and Outback vehicle, Impreza vehicle 2008-2014, Forester vehicle 2009-2013, and all vehicle equipped with the turbocharged engine.
What is Brake Assist Subaru?
Brake Assist Subaru is the assistance system for the drivers. It helps the brake power in case the driver is not able to depress the brake strongly. Besides, it will work when the brake power is not sufficient. Brake Assist can generate the brake power depending on the speed when the drivers depress the pedal.
Is Subaru new car warranty transferable?
Yes. Even Subaru car is sold to the new owner, there will be no warranty transfer charge. In order to update the warranty record, the owner has to contact Subaru at 800-SUBARU3. The original purchaser of Subaru car can cancel the extended warranty for a pro-rated refund.
What does the Subaru warranty cover?
Subaru warranty can cover the vehicle up to three years of usage or 36.000 miles. Besides the powertrain coverage of Subaru only covers the warranty up to five years or 60.000 miles. In case you buy the used Subaru car or the warranty has been expired, you have to pay for all the repair cost.
Does Subaru have blind spot detection?
Yes. All Subaru vehicles have blind spot detection. Besides, these vehicles also have Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Change Assist, and Rear Vision Camera.
How does Subaru Starlink work?
Subaru Starlink App lets the users connect their IOS or Android device to Subaru entertainment system by using Bluetooth. This way, the users can access the content of the entertainment such as iHeartRadio, Aha, Calendar, Weather, News, Pandora, Stitcher radio, and many other applications.
How long is the warranty on a Subaru?
The basic warranty coverage of Subaru is 3 years or 36.000 miles. This warranty can cover the entire vehicle.
Does Subaru have a lifetime warranty?
Yes. Subaru has Exclusive Lifetime Warranty. Ans it does not have the additional cost. This Exclusive lifetime Subaru can give you the protection and coverage for unlimited time and miles. This warranty works as long as you own Subaru vehicle.
What does Subaru maintenance plan cover?
Subaru also offers the maintenance plan. You can choose the best plan suit for you. The mileage interval is between 6000 or 7500. The service is provided by the factory-trained technicians. The guarantees will use the genuine parts of Subaru vehicle. So, do not doubt to let your car get the maintenance at Subaru dealer.

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Summary of Subarunet

Subarunet is an employee portal owned by Subaru of America. If you are working at Subaru, you can log into this site to see your employment information. For instance, you can check the schedule or employee benefits.

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