Sonic Free Drink Code – How to Get Sonic Free Drink Code & Sonic Printable Coupons?

Sonic Free Drink Code

Welcome to Sonic Drive-in Offers!

Hi, Sonic Drive-in Loyal Customers! You are so lucky because your favorite restaurant offers you Sonic Free Drink Code to fresh your day. Yes, you can save your money and enjoy Sonic Route 44 Fountain Drink for free. The first thing you need to do is about to come to one of the nearest Sonic Restaurant then purchase Sonic Shakes or even the other your favorite menu.

You will receive a receipt which can help you to access Sonic Drive-in Guest Satisfaction Survey Portal. Don’t worry! It will take only five to ten minutes to complete all of the survey questionnaires. Right now, you are on a really good page as we are going to guide you to win Sonic Free Drink in a minute. For your information, this restaurant also offers you Sonic Printable Coupons that will help you to enjoy Sonic Menu affordably. Well, enjoy!

About Sonic Drive-in Restaurant

Before we learn about the steps to get Sonic Free Drink Code, it is better to know about Sonic Restaurant Profile at first. Even it has been popular for most American, but some of you may be less information about it. Well, Sonic Drive-in Restaurant or somehow it is called as Sonic Corporation is one of the subsidiaries of Inspire Brands which is the American Company who held several great restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Arby’s, Rusty Taco and many more.

Even, Sonic is an American Drive-in Fast Food Restaurant that is based in Oklahoma City. It started the operation in 1953 by the ideas of Troy Smith. At that time, Smith built the first Sonic Restaurant in Shawnee, Oklahoma with the name Top Hat Drive-in.

Sonic Drive-in Double Stack

Sonic Drive-in Double Stack Picture is taken from

Then, in 1959, he changed the name into Sonic and moved the headquarter office to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the United States. Sonic Restaurant served the various fast food meals such as a sandwich, French fries, hamburgers, corn dogs, and some drink options such as Sonic Slush, soft drink, and milkshakes.

When you come to a standard Sonic Drive-in, you will find some stalls where you can drive your car to order the menu through the intercom speaker system. Without parking your car, you will get your order delivered by a carhop. Even, you can enjoy the meal by sitting on some comfortable patio seating or also choose to get Sonic Drive-thru lanes to continue the trip. Right now, Sonic operates for over than 3,615 Locations in 45 States with over than 9,200 employees involved.

What is Sonic Free Drink Code?

Sonic Drive-in Restaurant even became the number ten of the top 50 quick-service and fast-casual restaurant according to QSR Magazine’s Rankings in 2011. In every single day, this restaurant tries to give all the best to the customers and improve its performance as well. Then, as one of the way of enhancing, Sonic launches an online Sonic Customer Survey and give the participants a Sonic Free Drink Code for their next visit.

Sonic Free Drink Code

Sonic Free Drink Code is captured from Portal

Of course, they don’t need to pay any cash for Sonic Route 44 Fountain Drink because it is free on the same Sonic Locations of their previous visit. This survey portal is accessible via online at To take part in this awesome survey program, there are several things that you should prepare, and here they are:

  • At first, you must own the valid Sonic Receipt which it may give you a secret code to access Talk to Sonic Survey Portal.
  • You must prepare an electronic device such as your computer set, laptop, tablet, or even Smartphone.
  • Then, you can access Talk to Sonic Survey Page even if your device has been supported with a current version of the internet browser. Yet, you are free to use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or even Mozilla Firefox.
  • Of course, to go online, your device must stay connected to the strong and stable internet connection.
  • At last, you have to stay focused on completing Sonic Guest Survey Questionnaires. It may take several minutes to complete the questions. Just prepare your five to ten minutes to finish the survey and get your Sonic Free Drink Code.
Sonic Free Drink Code Official Page

Sonic Free Drink Code Official Page is available at

What are the Qualifications to Get Sonic Free Drink Code?

Well, it is a really good question for you who want to get Sonic Coupons Text for a free Sonic Route 44 Fountain Drink. Although you want it very much, you have to pay attention to the winner’s qualification. Yes, there are several rules that you must obey to get this special prize. And, here the details are:

  • First of all, you must recently visit Sonic Restaurant, and it must be not more than 14 days of that last visit.
  • Your receipt must be in good condition where Sonic Staff can read the survey ID Codes clearly.
  • And then, you are the legal residence of the United States, Sonic Drive-in Canada or even the District of Columbia.
  • The minimum age of the people who can take this survey is 18 years old at the time entering Portal.
  • As the Sonic Survey Participants, you must limit your survey. Here, you can only take a survey entrance in a week per household. Totally, you have four chances to take the survey in a month. Use this chance as good as possible!
  • At last, you are not the parts of Sonic Staffs or even its family members.
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Steps to Get Sonic Free Drink Code at

Great! It is a great time to share you our simple steps to get Talk to Sonic Survey Reward. Yes, you are right to win that free drink coupon because you have supported Sonic Restaurant by completing TalktoSonic Survey Contest. You don’t need to waste time then here the step by step survey that you can follow:

  • Step 1# Get the Official Site

And the first thing to do is about to go online to the official site of Sonic Customer Satisfaction Survey Contest. As all we know, you can switch on your computer or Smartphone and visit Portal. Once you reach the homepage, you have to get ready with the English survey version.

  • Step 2# Read the Survey Details

For a new Talk to Sonic Survey Participants, it is better for you to read the survey details before completing the survey questionnaires. In this case, you can click the menu “SMG Terms of Services” or “SMG Privacy Policy” to get the details of Sonic Customer Survey Contest.

  • Step 3# Start the Survey

Once you have known all details about Sonic Survey, you can take your previous Sonic Drive-in Receipt then type down your ID number printed on the bottom of your receipt. Just be sure that you type down the correct codes on the box then click at “Start” button.

  • Step 4# Complete the Survey

For the next, you can face the first survey section. In this case, you will get several like scale statements with some range of scores. Simply, you only need to read them and choose the scores based on your preferences. So that you know, the score will represent how high you are satisfied with the previous Sonic Drive-in Performance.

The second survey section shows you several questions that will lead you to share your opinion, complaints, suggestion, or even tell your previous visit experience. On this section, you are able to type down your feedback using words and sentences.

  • Step 5# Get the Free Drink Code

Finally, you will get a part where your computer appears the series of Sonic Free Drink Code. Sure, you can take your writing utensil and write the code at the back side of your Sonic Receipt. You must keep your receipt as it must be still in good condition when you redeem your Sonic Coupons Text.

  • Step 6# Finish the Survey

Great! You have completed all survey steps, and you can quit from Survey Portal. It means that you can finish it and get ready to enjoy your free Sonic 44 Route Fountain Drink.

How to Use Sonic Free Drink Code?

Now, you have owned Sonic Route 44 Codes on the receipt, and it is the perfect time for you to use it. But, there are several things that you should know before use that coupon code. And, here they are:

  • At first, you should know that your Sonic Free Drink Code is valid within less than a week of the last survey entered.
  • The second, you can use the coupon at the same Sonic Restaurant location of your previous visit.
  • The redemption process is valid for one coupon per each participant. If you have more than a coupon code, it is better to use it on separate occasions.
  • Once you come to the restaurant, you are prior to giving that Sonic Coupon to the cashier or customer services. Just be sure that your receipt is still in good condition where the staffs can read your code clearly.
  • When Sonic Customer Service has accepted your receipt, you are able to enjoy your Sonic Route 44 Fountain Drink for free. Don’t forget to order the other Sonic Drive-in Menu using Sonic Printable Coupons 2019. It will be helpful to get the menu cheaply.

How to Locate Sonic Drive-in Near Me Locations?

Well, Great! You can locate the nearest Sonic Restaurant in your local city and know what the offers available are. Simply, this process will not take you many times as you can get the lists of nearest Sonic Restaurant in a minute. With no talk too much, here the ways to locate Sonic Drive-in near me, those are:

  • Way 1# Use Sonic Store Locator

First thing first, you should know that Sonic Drive-in Restaurant offers a store locator feature on its official website. You can visit and click at “Find a Sonic.” This menu is available at the top right corner of the homepage. Once you click on that menu, you are able to type down your current city and state. Or, to make it specific, you can submit the zip codes at the required place.

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You can make some filters based on the miles or even the Sonic Services that you are looking for. Sure, you can click at “Search,” and your screen will display the lists of nearest Sonic Restaurants. On that lists, you can visit its official website, get the details of Sonic Happy Hours, mail-in address as well as Sonic Customer Service Phone Numbers that you can dial up.

  • Way 2# Use Google Map

All of us may be familiar with Google Map as it is very useful to find out the locations on this planet. Sure, finding out Sonic Restaurant Location is such as a piece of cake for Google. Once you run the app or even access, you are able to type down “Sonic Drive-in near me” or even state the specific location such as “Sonic Restaurant in Austin Texas.” You can click on “Go” or “Search” then the map will search it for you.

In line with Sonic Store Locator, this map will give you the lists of Sonic Restaurant Locations near your current position. With that lists, you can ask the direction, know the detail of address and Sonic Hours of Operation as well as Sonic Promo Codes that you can use. Awesome!

  • Way 3# Install Sonic App

The innovation from Sonic Corporation is about to launch Sonic App for the Android and Apple Users. Yes, you can install this app from Google Play Store, App Store, or even Sonic Official Website at Once you install the app, you can run it on your personal PC, laptop, or even Smartphone. So that you know, it will show you the smaller display of Sonic Official Site where you will get a “Sonic Store Locator” at the top side of the page.

On that menu, you can locate Sonic Drive-in near me locations by submitting your current city, state, or even zip codes. Anyway, installing this app also gives you a lot of benefits. Not to mention, you can access Sonic Online Order, get the latest Sonic Promo Codes, and use some special Sonic Menu Prices and many more.

About Sonic Printable Coupons 2019

The other way of improving the performance is about to offer the weekly, monthly or even daily promotions, Sonic Printable Coupons, or even any deals. You should pay attention to this information because Sonic will always update this Sonic Promo Codes on its official website, social media account, or even Sonic Drive-in Membership Program.

As we have stated before, you have made a really good choice by staying on this page. After giving you the simple steps to get Sonic Free Drink Code and complete Talk to Sonic Survey successfully, here the lists of Sonic Printable Coupons that you can use. And, here they are:

  1. 50% Off of Cake Batter Shakes
  2. Free Corn Dog With Purchase
  3. Half-Priced Drinks & Slushes With App Order
  4. 50% Off of Shakes and $1.49 Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches After 8:00 PM every day
  5. 50% Off of Drinks &and Slushes During Happy Hours – Everyday 2-4 PM
  6. $1.99 Soft Pretzel Twist & Cheese Sauce within Limited Time Only at Participating Sonic Drive-In
  7. 50% Off of Regular Price Cheeseburgers on Tuesdays Only
  8. $0.99 Large Drinks and $1.49 Large Specialty Drinks Until 10:00 AM.

What are the Specials at Sonic?

As all we know, Sonic Drive-in Restaurant serves us a lot of kinds of fast food meals. When you are experienced a lot with fast food, it may be very easy for you to order at Sonic or even the other fast food chains. But do you know? Several Sonic Specials may make you hesitate to other the other fast food chains. And, here they are:

  1. Free Sonic Drink or Slush

Sure, you can get Sonic Free Drink by taking Talk to Sonic Survey. Indeed, you can install Sonic App to get a more free drink and slush offers.

  1. The Carhop Classic

The Sonic Loyal Customers may miss Sonic Carhop Classic as it is the first Sonic Menu. Well, Carhop Classis is back, and you can enjoy it at just $2.99. You can choose Quarter Double Cheeseburger with Medium Tots or even a Signature Slinger with Medium Tots.

  1. Sonic Happy Hours

And then, you can visit Sonic Restaurant between 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM local time then get Sonic Happy Hours offer. At that time, you can get half-price Sonic Drinks and even wolf down 99 cents for Sonic Corn Dogs.

  1. Breakfast Slingers

If you have a hard job and need to think much in a whole day, then you must start your day with Sonic Breakfast Slinger. You only need to pay for $1.49 and enjoy the Egg and Cheese or Bacon or even Egg and Cheese Slinger.

  1. Soft Pretzel Twist

Snack on Sonic New Pretzel Twist comes to brighten your brunch time. It costs only for $1.99 in some participating Sonic Restaurant with its limited time offer. Check your local Sonic Drive-in near me locations.

  1. Half-Priced Cheeseburger

Have you heard about Sonic Family Night? Well, it is a great time to bring your lovely family to Sonic every Tuesday at 5:00 PM to close. At that time, you can enjoy half-price Sonic Cheeseburgers.

  1. Morning Drink Stop
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It is a great choice to get Sonic Large Special Drinks for only $1.49 or even 99 cents of Snag Large Drinks. Just come to Sonic before 10:00 AM then enjoy this deal!

How Do I Complain about Sonic?

Yes! You can share your complaint freely to Sonic Drive-in Restaurant. There are some ways that you can do to share your complaint in a smart way, and here they are:

  • At first, you can visit your local Sonic Restaurant and meet the customer service or even the store manager. They will respond to you directly.
  • Or, you can call Sonic Customer Service via phone at 1-866-657-6642 within Sonic Business Hours of Operation. But, they may direct you to the local Sonic Teams where you get the problem.
  • Friends, you can email Sonic Headquarter Office team at [email protected] or even call them at 1-888-766-4233.
  • As usual, you can participate in the Sonic Drive-in Survey at and share your complaint by answering the questionnaires. Besides sharing the complaint, you can get Sonic Free Drink Code as a reward.
  • At last, you can follow Sonic Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter then send them your complaints via messages.

Lists of Sonic Free Drink Code Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Well, Guys! You should not hesitate to visit Sonic Drive-in Restaurant because it is the best place to get the most delicious fast food meal in the United States. For you who are its new customers, it is okay to keep several questions related to this restaurant. Specifically, when you want to get Sonic Free Drink Code, here several frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we collect from the various sources and those are:

Does Sonic have $1 Hot Dogs Today?
If it is Wednesday, then here is a great deal for all of you! Yes, you can enjoy sonic 6” Chili Cheese Coney and All-American Dogs with only $1.00. This offer does not include tax and limited only 5 orders per each customer.
Are Sonic shakes still half price after 8?
Yes! You can enjoy the sweet offer from Sonic Drive-in Restaurant after 8:00 PM. This offer includes 50% Off of all Sonic Shakes such as Yellow Cake Batter Classic Shake, Oreo Cookie Yellow Batter Master and so on. For your information, Yellow Cake Batter Classic Shake costs $2.69 for mini; $4.39 for medium and $4.89 for large. After 8:00 PM, you can enjoy that menu with 50% off. Meanwhile, Oreo Cookie Yellow Batter Master costs $3.19 for mini; $3.79 for small; $4.39 for medium and $5.29 for large space. Besides of Sonic Shakes, you can enjoy the special price of $1.49 for all Sonic Ice Cream Sandwiches. For example, you can enjoy Oreo Cookie Wafers, Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips and other ice cream sandwich menu that previously (before 8:00 PM) is cost $1.99. Indeed, this offer does not have any limits while you can enjoy them with all of your families of friends. Anyway, some Sonic Locations may have various offers, so you are better to check on Sonic Drive-in near me to check what your local Sonic offers to you.
How much are Sonic Hot Dogs Today?
Anyway, you may need to know the detail Sonic Menu and Prices. Well, you can visit Sonic Official Website at then download Sonic Menu PDF. Anyway, you can pay $2.09 for Sonic Original Pretzel Dog (It is available at Sonic Happy Hours) and $2.99 for Sonic Cheezy Bacon Pretzel Dog.
Are Sonic Hot Dogs all Beef?
Of course, Yes! All of Sonic Hot Dogs are made of 100% beef. It will be very delicious if you add ketchup, yellow mustard, relish or even chopped onions. It becomes more interesting with the spicy brown mustard, grilled onion, tomatoes, and fresh lettuce.

And Friends! It is all about Sonic Free Drink Code, Sonic Restaurant, and a few details of Sonic Printable Coupons. It is time for you to visit one of the nearest Sonic Locations then share your eatery experiences at Talk to Sonic Survey Portal. Don’t forget to practice our survey steps. Anyway, we hope that you enjoy reading this page and surely all of the information is useful for you. Thanks for reading and enjoy Sonic Route 44 for free!

Sonic Free Drink Code
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Sonic Free Drink Code

Do you need a free drink at Sonic? You know, you can get an instant Sonic Free Drink Code by taking part in Sonic Drive-in Customer Survey Program. By completing a 5-minute short survey questionnaire, you can get a code that is redeemable with free Sonic Route 44 Fountain Drink. You can enjoy this free drink at all Sonic Drive-in Locations and let’s check the details!

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  • Affordable meal’s prices
  • Quick services
  • Available in dine-in and drive-thru services
  • Large parking area
  • Friendly Staff


  • Less healthy meal options
  • Not recommended for a vegan
  • Limited seating area

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