Smoothie King Feedback – Smoothie King Survey Steps and Smoothie King Hours

smoothie king feedback

Do you want to lose weight? Or do you want to shape your body? Well, Smoothie King is the right solution for you. Do you want to earn Smoothie King coupons after enjoying this healthy menu? If so, you have to join the Smoothie King Feedback survey. Through Smoothie King Survey, you will be able to share your smoothiekingfeedback while earning a coupon $1 off.

Smoothie King Survey is a portal that can gather consumer opinions on Smoothie King. If you have Smoothie King receipt, use this receipt to take the survey. Visit Smoothiekingfeedback survey portal to complete the survey questions. The last visit can help you to respond to all the survey questions. If you are hesitant to take a survey, then you need our guidance. We will make sure you complete the Smoothie King Feedback easily. Well, who doesn’t want to enjoy smoothies at cheap prices here? If you want to save your money, follow the steps below. Happy reading!

smoothie king feedback

smoothie king feedback survey is accessible at

Smoothie King Profile

Well, what do you think if you hear the name, Smoothie King? Yes Right, smoothies are drinks from a mixture of several ingredients. This drink has a fairly thick consistency. So you can feel full without needing to eat. Smoothie King is a suitable place for sports lovers. If you have a healthy life goal, tell their staff. Their staff will offer a variety of products that support the purpose of your healthy life.

Smoothie King was founded in 1973. They have headquarters in New Orleans. This restaurant offers a healthy menu for visitors. They have calorie calculations and the selection of suitable ingredients for your diet. In 1989 they stood as the first health food in the United States. Smoothie King has fresh ingredients and recipes that can encourage a healthy lifestyle. They have Clean Blends. Below are some commitments that make the Smoothie King special.

  1. They don’t use sugar on the Smoothie King menu.
  2. You will be satisfied with the menu of whole fruits and vegetables.
  3. They don’t use dyes, flavors or artificial preservatives.
  4. Don’t worry about trans oil and fat. You will not find it here.

Smoothie King Feedback Preparations

Before you take part in the Smoothie King Survey, complete your preparation. You can complete survey preparation easily if you follow our guidelines. You don’t need to go anywhere. Because this device can be found around you. If you want easy access, we have tips for preparation before taking the Smoothie King Feedback survey.

  1. Avoid input errors in the survey process.

Well, before opening the question page, you need to fill in the details of the receipt. Here you can avoid mistakes when using a convenient device. Computers and laptops have convenient display and input devices. You can use one of the two survey tools. If you don’t have both, smartphones can be the last choice for this process.

  1. Increase your access speed.

The survey process requires internet and a browser. The browser will have good speed if you use a stable internet. Public wifi can help you achieve this goal. Select the area closest to the wifi center. There they have a stable internet signal.

  1. Find the nearest store to make a transaction.

Here you need to visit to get store receipt. Find the store closest to your Smoothie King application. Or you can use the website to reach the store locator feature. If you can find the nearest store, you can save energy. Get your receipt at the nearest store to conduct a survey.

smoothie king feedback survey steps

smoothie king feedback survey steps

Smoothie King Survey Steps

After doing a few tips on preparing a survey, you can now start now. Smoothie king feedback will be completed in a fairly short time. If you remember the last visit to Smoothie King, this process will be easy. So, we hope you don’t forget the moment to eat there. Because survey questions will ask you to rank the service aspects. In this section, we hope you only enter honest feedback. Because your answer can change Smoothie King in the future.

  1. Go to the Smoothie King Official Survey website.

Visit Smoothiekingfeedback with your browser and device. How to find the survey portal is quite easy. If you can use Google or a browser, you are not difficult to do this step. So this process requires a keyword or address. You can use Smoothie king feedback or

  1. Complete the column with the receipt details

Next, you can open the Smoothie King receipt. Here you need to fill in several columns with your visit information. See your visit information on the store receipt. Then you can see a sample receipt to help with the survey process.

  • Enter the store number at the top of the receipt. The store number consists of 10 digit numbers.
  • Enter the date of your visit to Smoothie King. Click the calendar icon to select the date.
  • Click the clock icon to enter the visit time to Smoothie King.
  • Click the next button to enter the survey question page.
  1. Complete your Smoothie King Feedback Survey.
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After finishing with the main page, now give your feedback to King Smoothie. They will make easy questions for you. Recall the products you bought and the atmosphere of Smoothie King store.

  1. Complete the identification column.

After the survey is complete, the portal will display identification questions.

  • Choose your age.
  • Choose your gender.
  • Choose your household income every month.
  • Choose your ethnicity.
  • Do you have children under the age of 18?
  • Choose the social media that you have.
  1. Take Smoothie King Coupon.

Once you submit the survey answer, Smoothie King Feedback survey portal will display the coupon code. Write this validation code on the store receipt to make a coupon.

  1. Redeem Smoothie King coupon.

Bring your coupons and show them to the staff. They will give you special offers from Smoothie King. Congratulations, you can save your money.

How to Find Smoothie King Near Me

If you are looking for the nearest store, you need a store locator. Well, here they have 3 methods that you can choose. The nearest shop will save your visit time. So, don’t forget to use this feature for a comfortable visit. Below are some ways to find out the location of the nearest Smoothie King.

  1. Use your Google Map application.

First, users need to open the Google Map application. There they can use the Smoothie King keyword to get a location. However, you need to have an internet connection.

  1. Use the Smoothie King App.

Download this app for a great visit to Smoothie King. If you are a Smoothie King lover, you need to join an application user. Because they have features that will help you access. First, find the application from Google Play or the App Store. Second, click the download button. Third, open your application and set your profile first. Below are some features that you can find in the Smoothie King Application.

  • collect points from your transaction at Smoothie King. Here you can collect 100 points for $ 1 payments.
  • Collect your points up to 2500 points. Smoothie King will give you a healthy reward.
  • Exchange your points to get a prize from Smoothie King.
  • Get offers for new products or discounts at Smoothie King.
  • Discover Smoothie King Near Me easily.
  1. Use the Store Locator on the Official Smoothie King Website.

Finally, visitors can find locations from First, open your browser to find the official website. Enter in the search field. After landing at, visit the locations page. Enter Zipcode, city, and country to start the search. Click on the view local page button to get complete information on local restaurants. What can you get from the local restaurant page? let’s look at the information below.

  • Get directions links to visit local restaurants.
  • Get Smoothie King Hours here.
  • Visit their menu via the link on this page.
  • Get the address and telephone number of the Local Smoothie King.

Smoothie King Hours of Operation

After getting a King Coupons Smoothie, you need to visit them. Because you need to exchange the reward. Here we hope you don’t forget to bring a coupon. Then you can show this coupon to the staff when ordering the menu. They will offer several product promos or discounts. Remember, you can only use this coupon for one transaction.

But, before you go there, you need to make sure Smoothie King store hours. This way, you can know Smoothie King Open hours and the closing hours. This is the Operation Hours for Smoothie King.

Day Open Hours
Monday 7 AM – 9 PM
Tuesday 7 AM – 9 PM
Wednesday 7 AM – 9 PM
Thursday 7 AM – 9 PM
Friday 7 AM – 9 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 9 PM
Sunday 11 AM – 7 PM

However, Smoothie King store hours may vary by locations. So, every Soomthie King outlet may have a different open hour and closing hour. In order to check the Smoothie King operating hour in the outlet nearby, you should check it by using Smoothie King store locator.

Besides, here are some questions related to Smoothie King hours.

  • Is Smoothie King open today?

Yes, Smoothie King is open every day. But, the store hours may be different each day. From Monday to Friday from 7 AM up to 9 PM. Besides, on weekends, this store opens late at 9 Am on Saturday and 11 AM on Sundays.

  • What time does Smoothie King open?
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At weekdays, Smoothie King opens at 7 AM.

  • What time does Smoothie King close?

Smoothie King store closes at 9 PM.

  • What is Smoothie King holiday hours?

Smoothie King is open on most public holidays. But, this store closes on Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.

smoothie king app healthy rewards

smoothie king app healthy rewards

What is Smoothie King Rewards Program?

As a loyal customer of Smoothie King, you have to join Smoothie King Rewards. This program is also known as Smoothie King Healthy Rewards program. This program is the best strategy of Smoothie King to increase sales. Besides, as a customer, you can use this reward program to earn some discounts from Smoothie King.

Joining this program will give you some benefits. First, you can earn some points every time you make a transaction at Smoothie King. Then, these points are redeemable with a certain discount. How does this program work? You can find out the way to earn Smoothie King reward points on the explanation below.

  • You have to spend $10 at least in Smoothie King store.
  • Then, you will be able to collect 1000 Healthy Rewards points.
  • 1000 points are redeemable with $1 off.
  • This reward can be redeemed on the next purchase.
  • Signing up this program for the first time can give you $2 off.
  • You can get $2 off on your birthday.
  • You also can other exclusive offers from Smoothie King.

How to Sign Up and Earn Smoothie King Healthy reward?

If you want to sign up in Smoothie King healthy Rewards program, you must have Smoothie King App. You can download the Smoothie King mobile app in Play Store or Apps Store. This application gives you many benefits. For instance, you can explore Smoothie King menu prices easily. Besides, you can find Smoothie King coupons and deals.

Having this application on your smartphone will make you easier when you make a transaction at Smoothie King. Here is the step by step to earn Smoothie King healthy Reward by using Smoothie King app.

  • Make a transaction at Smoothie King.

In every transaction, you should spend at least $10. This way, you will be able to get some points depending on the amount of your transaction.

  • Scan Smoothie King code.

In the checkout process, you have to scan the code on the Smoothie King App. Then, you will be able to earn the points from your transaction. You can save points.

  • Collect the points.

You need to collect at least 1000 points to get $1 off Smoothie King coupon. So, the more often you make a transaction, the more points you can earn. If you can earn 7000 points, you can get Smoothie for free.

  • Redeem the Healthy Rewards points.

You can redeem this reward on your next visit. But, you should notice that this reward point can expire. So, you have to redeem it as soon as possible. You need to redeem these points within 60 days.

What is Smoothie King Menu?

If you often visit Smoothie King, you must be familiar with all the menus. Perhaps, you have a special menu which becomes your favorite. Even the name of this outlet is Smoothie King, this store does not only serve Smoothie. But, you also can enjoy other products such as snacks, supplement, and enhancer.

Smoothie King has a slogan, Smoothie with a Purpose. It means, every menu served in Smoothie King has a purpose for the customers. For instance, there is a Smoothie King menu for weight loss or fitness. Just express your purpose of purchasing the Smoothie. Then, Smoothie King staff will select the best Smoothie for you.

Here is some Smoothie menu you can try.

  1. Smoothie.

It is the main menu at Smoothie King. All smoothies are made of fresh ingredients. Based on its purpose, Smoothie can be classified into these groups.

  • Fitness blend.

You can order this fitness blend if you want to build the body’s muscles. This blend contains high protein ingredients. Here are some fitness blend menus you should try: The Activator Strawberry Banana, The Activator Chocolate, Original High Protein Lemon, and Peanut Power Plus Chocolate.

  • Slim blend.

This menu is suitable for those who want to lose weight. It is because this blend can make you slim and healthy. Besides, it can burn your fat. To maintain your body’s shape, you should try Greek Yogurt Peach Papaya, Slim-n-trim chocolate, and Mango Fest.

  • Wellness blend.

You can strengthen your body’s immune system with this blend. You should try Berry Punch, Apple Kiwi Kale, and Green Tea Tango.

  1. Enhancer.

Smoothie King also serves enhancer to improve your health. This drink has several purposes. For instance, it can boost energy. Besides, you can order the slim enhancer to lose your weight. In addition, you also can purchase Wellness Enhancer. The last, to build your body’s muscle, you can enjoy the fitness enhancer.

  1. Supplement.
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You can purchase the health supplement at Smoothie King. As the example, you can order Lean Meal Replacement and Gladiator Complete Protein.

  1. Snacks.

Your days will be great when you enjoy a fresh smoothie and delicious snacks. When you visit Smoothie King, you can order some snacks such as Veggie chips, Mixed Nuts, and Protein Muffin.

Smoothie King Customer Service

If you have a problem with a survey, you can convey feedback in other ways. Here you need to read this section to get information on Smoothie King Customer Service. They have various methods that you can try. Note our explanation below.

  1. Official Website of Smoothie King.

If you want to read Smoothie King’s full information, visit their website at You can visit the Smoothie King FAQ page. There you can read a few short questions about Smoothie King. Next, you can visit the contact us page. Then submit Smoothie King feedback with the steps below.

  • Visit the
  • Click on the contact us menu.
  • Select the subject for your feedback. They have several aspects that you can choose from.
  • Click on the next button to enter the feedback page.
  • Complete the web survey form. Here they need your address. Then enter your name and email.
  • Write down the problem in the aspect you choose.
  1. Smoothie King Mailing Address.

The next method is to send a letter to the Smoothie King office. You need to have paper, pens, and envelopes. Then you need to send a letter through the post office. Below is the Smoothie King Mailing Address.

Smoothie King Franchises, Inc.

9797 Rombauer Road

Suite 150

Dallas, TX 75019

  1. Smoothie King Customer Service Phone Number.

Here we have their telephone number that you can contact. We hope you pay attention to customer service operations hours. Here they will receive your call from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Just dial 1 888 472 195.

  1. Smoothie King Social Media.

Finally, if you love this restaurant you need to follow their social media. Don’t miss some attractive promos every month. Because they will make announcements from popular social media accounts now.

  • Facebook: @SmoothieKing.
  • Twitter: @SmoothieKing.
  • Instagram: @smoothieking.
  • Youtube: Smoothie King.
  • Pinterest: smoothiekingus.

Smoothie King FAQs

What is the healthiest Smoothie King smoothie?
Considering the amount of calories in Smoothing Menu, there are three options you can choose since it contains fewer calories. For instance, you can enjoy Slim-N-Trim Orange Vanilla, Pure Recharge Mango-Strawberry, and Berry Carrot Dream.
Is Smoothie King good for weight loss?
Of course yes. You have to select Smoothie King which contains less fat. Besides, you also can enjoy the smoothie with high protein to build your muscle.
What is the best thing to get at Smoothie King?
There are several smoothies considered as the best menu at Smoothie King. You can try Orange Julius Light Smoothie, Emerald City Smoothie Fruity, Slim-n-Trim Strawberry, and Starbuck’s Vivanno Smoothies.
Does Smoothie King still have $5 Fridays?
Yes, every Friday, you can purchase medium-sized smoothie only by paying $5.
Is Smoothie King lean 1 healthy?
Definitely Yes. It is because Lean1 is a fat burning meal replacement which is made with the perfect amount of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.
Are Smoothie King smoothies really healthy?
You have to be wise to select the Smoothie King menu which contains fewer calories. This way, you can enjoy a healthy smoothie which is good for losing weight and keep your body healthy.
Does Smoothie King have happy hour?
Yes. Smoothie King Happy Hour starts from 5 PM up to 7 PM. You should visit this store during Smoothie King happy hour to get the best deal and offer.
Does Smoothie King do student discounts?
Unfortunately, Smoothie King does not offer a student discount.
How do you save Smoothie King?
You can join the Smoothie King healthy rewards program. This way, you can save $1 off when you spend at least $10.
Is Smoothie King a meal replacement?
Some Smoothie King menu can be the meal replacement. It is because Smoothie King contains the complete nutrient such as Carbo, protein, vitamins, and mineral.
Does Smoothie King have wheatgrass shots?
Yes, you can get Wheatgrass juice shots at any Smoothie King locations.


Smoothie King Review
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Summary of Smoothie King Feedback Survey

Smoothie King Feedback survey can be accessed at You can complete this survey by expressing your feedback. As a reward, you can get $1 off Smoothie King Coupon.

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