Safeway Gift Card Promotion – About Safeway Survey, Safeway Just For U, and Safeway Hours

safeway gift card promotion

Do you want to get Safeway gift card promotion? Absolutely yes. For your information, you can get Safeway gift card $100 easily. There are several ways of getting this Safeway gift card. One of them is by taking the Safeway survey. Besides, you also can get the promotion at Safeway store.

In this article, we try to explain some alternatives to get the Safeway gift card promotion. Just scroll down this page to find out Safeway survey guideline to win $100 Safeway gift card. Besides, you can find out the way to purchase Safeway gift card. Furthermore, you can explore all details about the Safeway Just For U program.

safeway gift card promotion

safeway gift card promotion

Company Profile: Safeway Supermarket

Well guys, before you go shopping well if you know this place first. Here readers can get to know Safeway Supermarket better. Because we have little reviews of their products and history. So Safeway is a shopping place that was established in 1915. This supermarket comes from North America.

Here you can find various organic products. They are famous for organic fruits and vegetables. You can see their commitment to sell the best products through the phrase “Ingredient for Life”. In 1929 they entered the international market. Safeway chose Canada as their first overseas market.

The delivery operation system was born in 2000. They made a new program to understand the wishes of buyers. Your advice will help the business stay alive. So, now they are still actively serving customers. How do you know what your customers want? They have a Safeway Survey to make it easier for you to make suggestions.

How to Get Safeway Gift Card Promotion?

You must know how convenient shopping at Safeway by using Safeway gift card. You do not need to bring some cash when you go shopping. When you want to checkout, you just need to present this gift card and the cashier will swipe this card to process the payment. You do not need to wait for the change. This way, you can save your time when you make a transaction.

If you want to get this Safeway gift cards, there are several ways you can do. Here are the possible ways to get Safeway gift cards.

  • Taking part in Safeway Survey Sweepstakes.

In a certain occasion, Safeway conducts a survey to measure the customers’ satisfaction level. Usually, they will invite the customers to take this survey through a transaction receipt. So, when you receive Safeway receipt, you have to check it. Who knows, this receipt contains a survey invitation.

After completing the Safeway survey, you will be offered to enter Safeway Sweepstakes program. If you win this sweepstake, you will be able to get $100 Safeway gift card for free. Then, you can use this gift card to purchase anything you want at Safeway.

  • Purchasing the gift card in-store.

You can purchase Safeway gift card for yourself or for someone else. To get this card, you need to go to the Safeway store nearby. Then, you can purchase the physical gift card there. There are many kinds of Safeway gift cards based on the amount of balance.

  • Purchasing gift cards online.

If you are too lazy to go to the Safeway store, you can order the gift cards online. Just visit Safeway official site at Two gift card types are available in this site. You can purchase a physical gift card or e-gift card. Then, the gift cards will be sent to your address or the recipient’s address.

Safeway survey

Safeway survey to get Safeway gift card

Steps to Get Safeway Gift Card Promotion from Safeway Survey

Who can refuse free Safeway Gift card worth $100? If you want to get this Safeway gift card promotion, you have to complete Safewaysurvey first. After making a transaction at Safeway, you will a receipt. Just check this receipt then you will be able to find Safeway Survey invitation code there. The next, you can do this following steps.

  • Step 1. Visit Safeway Survey portal.

If you want to get Safeway gift card promotion, you need to complete the Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey. In the beginning, this survey is accessible at But, now, this survey portal does not work anymore.

To access the Safeway Survey website, you need to go to Safeway official site first. It can be accessed at Then, you can scroll down the homepage until you find Take Online Survey menu. Just click on this menu to access the Safeway survey portal.

  • Step 2. Enter the Safeway Survey code.

In Safeway Survey homepage, there are two blank fields you have to fill out. First of all, you need to enter the Safeway Survey invitation code. This code is available on your receipt. Make sure that you enter this code correctly.

  • Step 3. Enter your email address.

It is the main requirement to participate in Safeway gift card promotion. You must have a valid email address. This way, Safeway will contact you by email in case you win Safeway Sweepstakes.

  • Step 4. Click on the Next button.
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To start the survey, you should press the Next button. This way, you can begin answering Safeway survey questions to get Safeway Gift card promotion.

  • Step 5. Answer Safeway Survey questions.

You are stepping the main section of the survey. Here, you need to respond to all questions given by Safeway. Most of the questions are asking about your shopping experience at Safeway. Besides, you will be given the chance to express your feedback or complaints about Safeway products and service.

  • Step 6. Answer the classification questions.

In order to classify the survey takers, Safeway gives some questions to the survey participants. First, you need to indicate your gender. Then, you should mention your age and ethnicity. After that, you should write down the household’s monthly income. The last, you need to mention the number of children under 18 years old that you have.

  • Step 7. Enter Safeway sweepstakes.

To enter this sweepstakes program, you should complete the simple form. In this form, you have to fill in your full name, email address, and telephone number.

Now, you have completed Safeway Survey sweepstakes. Then, you need to wait for the winner notification from Safeway. If you win this contest, Safeway will contact you by email or phone call. Then, you will receive Safeway Gift Card promotion $100 as a reward.

What are Safeway Survey Questions?

If you never take part in Safeway Survey before, you may be curious what questions are asked. You should not worry about this matter. It is because most of the survey questions are asking your experience when you visit Safeway. So, you just need to recall your recent experience at the Safeway store.

Check out the list of questions below to help your online survey.

  • Rate your satisfaction shopping in their grocery store.
  • They ask that you rank several aspects. You can recall the condition of the place, products, and shopping atmosphere.
  • Is your shopping experience problem-free?
  • Mark the shopping area that you visit. Click on the box next to the shopping area.
  • Give feedback for the product you are buying.
  • Do you get help from staff to get the product you are looking for?
  • Give your level of satisfaction to the staff that helps your shopping process.
  • Leave a comment on the column honestly. You can enter positive or negative comments in this section.
  • Give your opinion on product prices and cashiers.
  • Give your opinion as a user of the Just for U account.
Safeway gift card promotion

How to get Safeway gift card promotion

How to Purchase a Safeway Gift Card Promotion in Store?

When you go shopping st Safeway, you should not miss purchasing  Safeway Gift Card. During Safeway Gift Card promotion, you will be able to get some benefits of having this card. So, you can buy this gift card for yourself or for someone else. Here are the steps to get Safeway gift card promotion in the store nearby.

  • Step 1. Go to the nearest Safeway Supermarket.

If you want to use offline methods, you need to visit their shop. Then, you can buy gift cards here.

  • Step 2. Ask for help from Safeway store attendant.

Next, you need to ask the staff around you. If you have never visited, it’s good if you get help from the staff. The staff will tell you where you can buy gift cards.

  • Step 3. Buy the Safeway gift card.

Before buying, you can find out information on gift cards. Ask for an explanation for how to use gift cards. Then pay the gift card according to the balance you choose.

  • Step 4. Create a Safeway account.

Here you need to create an online account. Visit on your computer. Here you need to go through the registration process. Enter the personal information they need. Then you can connect the gift card with your account.

Finally, create a username and password for your account. You can check the Safeway balance gift card easily.

  • Step 5. Try to log into Safeway.

You need to go back to the home page. There you can log in by entering your username and password. After you log in to your personal account, explore the features of your Safeway account.

  • Step 6. Check the Safeway gift card balance.

Then you can check the amount of Safeway gift card balance. Besides, if you are shopping online at, you can pay for transactions using a gift card.

How to Purchase Safeway Gift card Online?

When you are too lazy to visit Safeway store location, there is an alternative to get a Safeway gift card. Yups, you can purchase it online. To get this gift card, you should visit the Safeway official website. Then, you can do these following step to purchase the gift card.

  • Step 1. Visit Safeway official site.

Well, you need to open the website first. You can use the search box in the browser to find the website. The website address is

  • Step 2. Click on the Gift Card menu.
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If you visit the website, you can see several menus there. You can access the Gift Card page. Click on the Gift card menu to land on the next page.

  • Step 3. Select Options Explore All of Them.

Here you can explore various Gift Cards. So you can choose the product you want from this reference. They will display Gift Cards from all products.

  • Step 4. Click on the S link.

Here the user needs to find a Safeway gift card brand. S is the keyword to get the easiest search results.

  • Step 5. Click on the gift card you want.

After getting the gift card you want, click on the image. The website will help you land on the card purchase page. Choose the Egift Card or Physical Gift Card? Here they have 2 gift cards that you can choose.

  • Step 6. Fill in the balance of your Safeway gift card.

Next, you need to fill in the gift card balance. They have $ 15 to $ 500. The Gift Card price will adjust the balance you buy.

  • Step 7. Enter the number of gift cards you want to buy.

Perhaps, you want to purchase more than one gift card. You can give these gift cards to your friends or family members as presents.

  • Step 8. Complete the subject and shipping address.

In case you purchase the physical gift card, you have to complete the shipping address. If you want to purchase it for yourself, you can write down your mailing address completely. But, if you want to give this card to someone else, you have to write down the recipient’s address correctly.

  • Step 9. Enter the name of the Safeway Gift Card recipient.

You can enter more than one name. Just write down the name of the gift card’s recipients correctly. Include the first name and the last name.

  • Step 10. Select the payment method.

Click on the Add to Cart button. Here users can choose how to pay for gift cards. Then, you can complete this purchasing process by paying your gift card based on the payment method you choose.

What is Safeway Just for U?

Safeway Just For U is a customer loyalty program from Safeway store. If you sign up this program, you will be able to get Safeway coupons and Safeway Deals. This way, you can save your money when you go shopping at Safeway. In each week, you can find more than $300 in total saving. Are you interested in this program?

Besides, when you become a member of Safeway Just For you, you can earn some points every time you make a transaction at Safeway. When you have collected the points into a certain amount, you can redeem it at Safeway. Then, you can get a discount on gas and grocery.

safeway just for u sign up

safeway just for u sign up

How to Sign Up Safeway Just For U to Get Safeway Coupons?

If you are interested in signing up in this loyalty program, you have to register online at the Safeway website. With a simple step of registration, you will become a member of Safeway Just for You program, Then, you will be able to receive many Safeway deals and Safeway offers every week. Here are the steps to sign up Safeway Just For you.

  • Step 1. Visit the Safeway website.

First of all, you have to visit Safeway official website. You can reach it at

  • Step 2. Click on Just For U Menu.

When you reach the Safeway homepage, you should focus on the menu located on the top of the page. Then, click on Just For You menu.

  • Step 3. Press the Sign Up button.

You will be directed into the new page informing the benefits of joining Safeway Just For You program. Then, you should click on Sign Up button to start the registration process.

  • Step 4. Complete the registration form.

There will appear a simple form you have to complete. You need to fill in this form with the information below.

  1. First name and last name.
  2. Phone number or Club Card number that you use at Safeway store.
  3. Email address.
  4. Set up a password.
  5. Zip code.
  6. The local Safeway store nearby.
  • Step 5. Agree with Term and Conditions.

After completing the registration form, you have to check the box to show your agreement with Safeway Just for You terms and conditions.

  • Step 6. Press Create Account button.

You can submit this registration form by clicking on the Create Account button. Then, you can check your email to find Safeway exclusive offers

How to Search Safeway near me

When you are out of town, you may not know where to find Safeway locations. But, you can try several ways below to locate the Safeway store near me. The guideline below will help you to find the closest Safeway store. Here you can use the store locator or google maps.

  • Store Locator. You can use the store locator through the Safeway Official Website. You need some of your location information. They are city names, ZIP Code and state. There you can record the address, telephone number and Safeway hours.
  • Google Maps. Get the Google Maps application to find the nearest Safeway. Enter the keyword “Safeway near me” search. They will find the location closest to you. But, you need a stable internet connection for convenient access.
  • Safeway App. Here you need to download the Safeway application on your device. You can get complete promo information from this application. Don’t be surprised if you can save money through this method. Because application users can access digital coupons easily. Then they have more than $ 300 offers to save your money. Finally, you can use the store locator in the application feature.
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Safeway Hours of Operation

Before you visit Safeway, you have to make sure Safeway store hours. Besides, if you want to visit the pharmacy, you also need to check Safeway Pharmacy hours. This way, you will know what time this store opens and closes. Listed below are the details about Safeway store hours and Safeway pharmacy hours.

Safeway Store hours

Day Operation Hours
Monday 10:00 AM – 08:30 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM – 08:30 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM – 08:30 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM – 08:30 PM
Friday 10:00 AM – 08:30 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Safeway Pharmacy Hours

Day Open hour
Monday 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday  8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

However, you should notice that Safeway open hours may vary by locations. So, each Safeway store may have the different hour of operation. Some store may close later than other stores. Besides, here are some questions which are often asked related to Safeway store hours.

  • Is Safeway open today?

Yes, Safeway is open every day. This store also opens on most public holiday. Safeway only closes during Christmas Day. In other public holidays, Safeway may only reduce the hour of operation.

  • What time does Safeway open?

Most of Safeway store and Safeway Pharmacy open at 8 AM.

  • What time does Safeway close?

Most of Safeway stores close at 9 PM. But, some stores may open until 1 AM.

  • What is Safeway Holiday Hours?

Safeway only closes its store on Christmas. Besides, in other public holidays, Safeway may open later and close earlier.

How to Contact Safeway Customer Service.

If you have any questions related to Safeway, you should contact Safeway Customer Care. This way, you can ask about Safeway gift card, Safeway deals, and Safeway coupons. Besides, you also can express your shopping feedback. Here are some alternatives to contact Safeway Customer Support.

  • By phone.

In case you get an urgent issue, calling Safeway Customer Service is the best option. Here is the list of Safeway contacts.

  1. Safeway Retail Store/Corporate : 1-877-723-3929
  2. Safeway Grocery Delivery: 1-877-505-4040
  3. Safeway Accessibility Support : 1-877-635-4833
  • By mail.

Besides, you can get in touch with Safeway by sending the letter to Safeway Corporation. The address of Safeway Headquarter is listed below.

Safeway Customer Service Department.

5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.

Pleasanton, California 94588.

Safeway FAQs

Can you use Safeway gift cards gas?
Yes, you can use it to purchase gas at any participating location.
Where can you buy Safeway gift cards?
You can buy Safeway gift card in-store. Or, you also can purchase it online at Safeway website
Can you buy a gift card with a gift card at Safeway?
Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a gift card by using the reloadable gift card.
Do Safeway gift cards work at Albertsons?
Yes, Safeway gift card is accepted in more than 2000 stores in the US including Albertsons.
What is the balance on my Safeway gift card?
The balance is the amount of money in your gift card. You can purchase anything you want at Safeway by using Safeway gift card balance.
Does Safeway have Sephora gift cards?
Yes, you can purchase Sephora gift card at Safeway.
Does Safeway sell Ulta gift cards?
Yes, you can purchase Ulta gift card at Safeway and other grocery stores such as Albertsons and Vons.
Do gas stations sell gift cards?
Yes, some gas station also sells the gift card. For instance, you can purchase Chevron gift card or Exxon gift card.


Safeway Review
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  • Service
  • Store cleanliness

Summary of Safeway Gift card promotion

You can get Safeway gift card promotion in several ways. First, you can take Safeway Survey. Then, you can buy the gift card at Safeway store. Also, you can purchase it online at

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