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Hello readers! Holidays are a suitable time for shopping. Fashion Stores are shops that are never empty of visitors. If you want to visit a popular fashion shop, don’t forget to go to Ross Dress For Less during Ross hours. Ross is a popular clothing store from California.

They make great deals for your fashion sense and wallet. First, Ross Store has a lower price than other fashion stores. Second, they offer the world’s best brands to visitors. Third, don’t hesitate with the fashion style in this store. Fourth, you can choose clothes comfortably. These four offers can be found at Ross’s store. If you want to visit this popular fashion shop, check out Ross Hours first.

If you are a new customer, reading our instructions will help your visit. Here we will help you use customer service to find Ross Hours. Then if you want to go on holidays, then you need to know Ross holiday hours. We have everything you need before visiting Ross Hours. Well, don’t close our instructions if you haven’t finished. Because we are sure you will get even more information here.

ross dress for less

ross dress for less

Ross Store Profile

Since when did you find out this fashion store ?. Ross Store is a famous fashion department store in California. Well, this shop was founded in 1950. The Ross Department Store business chooser is Morris “Morrie” Ross. He founded the first store in San Bruno. He spends 85 hours a week operating his business.

Morris hard work gives sweet results. Year after year this fashion shop is developing well. Then in 1995, they could make $ 1.4 billion a year. In 2012 Ross had stores in 33 countries. The number of shops they have is 1000 shops.

Then they expanded to 4 other countries with 1,412 stores. Here they want customers to get the opportunity to save more money. If you are looking for a quality and inexpensive fashion store, put Ross on your visit list.

Ross hours

Ross hours

Ross Hours

Ross Dress For Less is the place to shop for clothes that we recommend for you. Fashion lovers need to add this shop to their visit list. If you want to shop, it’s a shame that the shop you visit is closed. We want you to get a good experience in this store. So you need to know two or four things. First, find out Ross Operating Hours.

Second, you need to know Ross holiday hours. Third, you need a store locator to get Ross Near Me. Fourth, confirm ross hours through customer service. If you have these four keys, you can visit comfortably. In this section, we will help you to review a list of Ross Hours.

Day Ross hours
Monday 9.00 AM – 9 PM
Tuesday 9.00 AM – 9 PM
Wednesday 9.00 AM – 9 PM
Thursday 9.00 AM – 9 PM
Friday 8.30 AM – 9 PM
Saturday 8.30 AM – 9 PM
Sunday 9.00 AM – 9 PM

In the table above you can see the Ross Store opening and closing time. So, you need to make a plan before shopping. So you don’t need to spend a lot of time in the shop to find the items you need. Record the time and day of your visit. So Ross Store is open from Monday to Sunday. But, on Friday and Saturday, the stores have different operating hours. They open earlier than other days. Well, if you want more time to shop, visit the Ross Store on Fridays and Saturdays.

  1. Is Ross Stores Open Today?

Yes it is. They are open Monday to Sunday. So, you can visit anytime. Choose your favorite day and time to visit. If you need advice, you can choose Friday and Saturday. Because the store will open longer on both days.

  1. What Time is Ross Stores Open?

Ross Stores is open 7 days a week. In general, the store will open starting at 9:00 in the morning. Well, is your shopping time still lacking? If you need more time, you can come at 8:30 on Friday or Saturday. If you want to see the exact store hours, we hope you check the local stores.

  1. What time is Ross Dress For Less Close?

So you need to leave the store before 9:00. All stores will close at the same time for 7 days a week. Visit the store locator to find a local store. Then the system will help you get Ross Open Hours with time at the local store.

Ross Holiday Hours

After learning Ross Operating Hours, here we will make a list for Ross Holiday Hours. You can view the calendar to find out some holidays in your country. Here each country has a different national holiday. In general, stores are closed on these holidays. If Ross is your favorite shop, then you need to read our review below. Here we have an important list for the time of your visit. Before going to the store, you should check the list of holidays below.

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Day Status Day Status
New Year’s Day Open Independence Day (4th of July) Open
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day) Open Labor Day Open
Valentine’s Day Open Columbus Day Open
Presidents Day Open Halloween Open
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Open Veterans Day Open
St. Patrick’s Day Open Black Friday Open
Good Friday Open Cyber Monday Open
Easter Monday Open Christmas Eve Open
Cinco de Mayo Open New Year’s Eve Open
Mother’s Day Open Easter Sunday Closed
Memorial Day Open Thanksgiving Day Closed
Father’s Day Open Christmas Day Closed

In the table above you can see that the Ross Store is open on most holidays. But, they are closed on three major holidays. They are Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. So, don’t visit the Ross Store on those three holidays.

If you come on another holiday, you can ask the clerk about Ross Hours. Because the store can close early to respect the staff. So, staff can go home early to enjoy time off with family. But, each store can have different Ross Hours. You can confirm this store hours before visiting.

How to Search for Ross Locations Near Me

After getting Ross Holiday Hours, now you arrive at the Ross Near Me stage. Here we have instructions for finding the nearest location. Then you can follow directions to visit the Ross Store. What do you need to find a location ?. First, get a computer or smartphone. If you don’t have it, you can use a tablet or laptop.

Second, you need to connect the device to the internet. Third, you need information on your current location. If you have all three, you can read the next instructions. If necessary, you can record your search results. We will help you use the Google Maps application and Store Locator. Let’s check this out!

  1. Google Maps.

This popular application from Google can help you find Ross Store Near Me. Here you can use the application or web version of Google Maps. Ideally, you need a smartphone to use Google Maps. So, download this application first from Google Play. Then install Google Maps on your smartphone. After that, you can use this application to find the location of the Ross Store. Enter “Ross Store” as a keyword in this application. Then click the search button. Your smartphone screen will display a map of location and distance. Then you can find out the travel time and directions to the store. But, you cannot find out Ross open hours here.

  1. Ross Store Locator.

Second, you can use the store locator on the Ross Official Website. Here you still need internet and devices. The ideal tool for searching through a store locator is a laptop or computer. Here you need to have a data search engine. You can use popular browsers like Google, Mozilla and internet explorer. If you don’t have the experience, you can follow the steps below. Then you will soon find out Ross Near Me and Ross Hours.

  • Load the Ross Official Website page.

Go to this page using the browser on your device. Enter the address to open the official Ross store website. Click enter on the keyboard of your device. Then the device screen will display the main page of the Official Ross website.

  • Visit the Store Locator Page.

Look for the store locator icon on the website page. If you want to get the closest location, visit this page.

  • Enter your location.

Next, the system will ask for your location information to search. Here they need ZIP Code or the name of your city. Click on the enter or go button to start the search process.

  • Select the location of the nearest store.

In the search results, they make a list starting from the store with the closest distance. Click on the shop you want. There they have some information about your visit. So you can find out the address and Ross Hours.

  • Get directions.

Click on the Get Directions button to get directions. Store Locator will help you with directions through a smartphone. If you use this feature, you need to have a strong signal. So the device will update the data quickly. A bad connection can stop instructions from your device.

  • Congratulations, you will soon arrive at the Ross Dress For Less store.
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How to Save on Ross Dress for Less?

We all know that Ross Dress for Less offers affordable price for their fashion items. But, it will be fun if you can save more at this store. So, you need to review the tips below if you want to save your budget when you shop at Ross Dress for Less.

  • Complete Rosslistens Survey.

Ross Dress for Less has a customer satisfaction survey named Rosslistnes. You can access this online survey at Just prepare your Ross receipt to enter this survey. After completing the Ross store survey, you will be entered to Ross sweepstakes. This way, you will get a chance to win $1000 Ross gift card.

  • Subscribe Ross email.

You can sign up the Ross promotional email through Ross official website. This way, you will receive the newest offers from Ross. Sometimes, you will be able to get a discount offer.

  • Use Ross Senior Discount.

Ross offers the senior discount every Tuesday. This program is called 55+ Tuesday Discount. So, only the customers who are more than 55 years old can get a discount. You can get 10% off if you join this program.

  • Follow Ross Social Media.

Ross Dress for Less often updates their promotions through social media accounts. So, you need to follow Ross Dress for Less account in some social media platform. For instance, you can follow it on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Visit online coupon sites.

When you type the keyword Ross coupons in your search engine, you will find many websites offering Ross coupons. But, you should be wise about choosing the trusted website. You can use these coupons to shop at Ross Dress for Less.

How to Get Ross Gift Card?

In case you want to give a present for someone you love, you can purchase Ross gift card for them. This way, they can use Ross gift card to purchase the items they like at Ross Dress for Less. There are two possible ways to get Ross gift card. First, you can purchase it at Ross Dress for Less store. Besides, you also can purchase it online at Ross wesbite.

In this section, we will present the step by step to purchase Ross Dress for Less gift card through its website. Check this out.

  • Access Ross Dress for Less website.

The first thing you have to do is accessing Ross official website. You can use your browser to visit

  • Select Gift card.

When you reach Ross Dress for Less homepage, you need to scroll it down. At the bottom of the page, you will be able to find some menus. Just click Shop Gift Cards.

  • Choose the design of Ross gift card.

Ross has provided some designs for the gift card. But, if you think that the design is too boring, you can create the new design. However, for the faster purchase process, you can use the existing design.

  • Select the theme.

If you prefer using the existing design of a Ross gift card, you can select the theme. As an example, you can select the birthday gift, Christmas, baby born, or other celebrations.

  • Enter Ross gift card balance.

Ross gift card is available in $10 up to $150. So, in this step, you can select the amount of gift card balance you want.

  • Complete the shipping address.

In this step, you have to write down the complete recipient’s address. You need to provide the street address, zip code, city, and state. Do not forget to enter the name of the gift card’s recipient.

  • Complete the payment.

The price of the gift card depends on the amount of Ross gift card balance you have selected. Besides, you also need to pay the additional fee for shipping. Usually, the shipping fee is $1.95.

How to Contact Ross Customer Service

Next, we have a way to contact the Ross Store. Yes Right, you need to know Ross Customer Service. This department is important for shops and customers. You can Give opinions and complaints through Customer Service. Then the clerk can help you get a solution to the problem of shopping at the Ross Hours Shop.

Before you use this method, you can open the FAQs page first. There they have answers to simple questions. If you need a quick response from an officer, then you need to contact customer service. Your opinion through customer service can help Ross Store grow. They can make your shopping experience better.

  1. Ross Store Help Desk Phone Number.
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Do you want a quick answer from the clerk? Well, you can use this first method. They have two telephone lines for consumers. Here the officer will help you get a solution to the shopping problem. Here, customer service is active 7 days a week. But, you need to contact them at Customer Service Hours. If you do it outside of operating hours, they cannot help you. Contact staff via 1-800-335-1115 or 1-800-945-7677.

  1. Ross Store Mailing Address.

Furthermore, customers can send customer complaint letters to the Store Hours office. You can write problems that you get in stores. Then convey your hopes for improvements to the Ross Store. But, you need to spend a budget to pay the cost of sending this letter. Then we cannot guarantee that they will reply to the letter you sent. If you are want to reach Ross via mail, you can try it.

Ross Stores Corporate Office 5130

Hacienda Drive Dublin,

CA 94568.

  1. Ross Social Media.

Convey your comments through their official social media. Here you can follow one of their two social media. Ross can upload product promos and loyalty programs here. Then you can see the latest products in the store. Finally, you can send direct messages to the store. Below is Social Media that you can follow.

  • Facebook: @RossDressForLess.
  • Instagram: @rossdressforless.
  1. Ross Official Website.

Enter your opinion through their website. Visit the website through Then visit the contact us menu. There you will see a form to enter comments. Well, you just need to complete the form to enter an opinion. Finally, click the submit button.

Ross Dress For Less FAQs

Can you shop Ross online?
Unfortunately, you cannot shop for your favorite items online at Ross website. Ross Dress for Less is different from other fashion retailers. Even Ross has an official website at, it does not offer online shopping for the customers. If you want to purchase Ross products, you have to visit the local Ross Dress For Less store near you.
Does Ross have coupons?
At this moment, Ross Dress for Less does not offer coupons. But, if you often shop at Ross, you will know about Ross great deals. This way, you can save your shopping budget to purchase any items you want. For instance, you may shop for clothing, home goods, toiletries, shoes, and many other items.
What brands does Ross carry?
When you visit Ross Dress for Less, you can shop for these brands. For instance, you can purchase Adidas, 7 For All Mankind, Air Jordan, Adio (Shoes), Betsey Johnson, Anne Klein, and Bearpaw.
Does Ross Dress for Less have military discount?
Unfortunately, Ross does not offer the military discount for active duty service members or veterans.
Which is better Ross or TJ Maxx?
If you want something cheaper, Ross is better than TJ Maxx. Ross offers the items with lower price. For instance, you can find cheaper shoes of good quality.
What are the benefits of set Ross?
If you are working at Ross Dress For Less, you will be able to get these benefits. For instance, you will receive an employee discount, health insurance, job training, and retirement plans.
What's cheaper Ross or TJ Maxx?
It can be said that Ross is cheaper than TJ Maxx. According to the data presented by Bloomberg in 2016, Ross sells the items at an average cost $10. Besides, the average cost of TJ Maxx products is $14 or $15.
What is the employee discount at Ross?
If you are working as the part-time staff at Ross, you will be able to get 20% discount at Ross and DD’s.
How much does a sales associate make at Ross?
Ross sales associates can make $10 per hour. Besides, Ross retail associate can make $8 – $13 per hour.

Ross Dress for Less Review
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Summary of Ross Hours

Before visiting Ross Dress for Less, you should check Ross hours first. When you know Ross store hours, you can shop at this store comfortably.

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