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Have you just visited Family Dollar store recently? If so, do you still keep Family Dollar receipt? This receipt can be a key to enter the Family Dollar Survey at RateFD portal. You should not miss taking part in this survey sweepstakes program since this store offers a great prize. If you are lucky, you can win $1000 cash daily and $1500 cash weekly.

What is RateFD?

RateFD is the name of the customer survey held by Family Dollar Store. If you are the loyal customers of this store, you should not miss this survey invitation. It is because you can share Family Dollar Feedback.

Besides, through RateFD Survey, you can enter Family Dollar sweepstakes. This sweepstake offers a daily and weekly prize. As a daily prize, you can win $1000. Besides, the weekly prize offers $1500.

The requirement of RateFD survey is very simple. You just need to have the Family Dollar survey invitation code. This code is printed on your Family Dollar receipt. So, you should not trash your receipt after shopping at this store. For more detailed information about Rate FD Survey, you can scroll down this page.

family dollar survey

family dollar survey can be accessed at ratefd.com

Family Dollar Store Profile

Before we come with the survey step, read our reviews first. Here we will discuss the Family Dollar Store Profile. Is there any Family Dollar store in your city? If your access to this store is easy, you should go shopping at this store. It is because the rewards and coupons are waiting for you after this.

Well, we will start with Family Dollar products first. Here they sell various needs for your family. See a list of products that you can buy here.

  • They sell beauty products.
  • You can buy home decoration products.
  • Get frozen or cold food here.
  • They sell clothes.
  • You can find health products etc.

They founded the Family Dollar business in 1959.  Dollar Tree is Parent Company for Family Dollar Subsidiaries. Their first store stood in Charlotte. FD Store flies its business wing to the Southern States. In 1965 they established business in South Carolina, Georgia.

Then their 100th store was established in 1971. Their 300 stores were founded in 1978. This number will continue to grow throughout the year. Until now they are present in your city. Their business can survive because of customer trust. So, Family Dollar Store can keep up with customer tastes from time to time.

The owner of the idea for the Family Dollar business is Leon Levine. He is an entrepreneur. Leon makes his shop different from other businesses. Customers can get products with only 2 dollars. This concept has survived until now. That is, they want customers to come home from the store with happiness.

If this is your first visit, remember everything you see and feel. Because your story will help complete the survey process. RateFD is their effort to approach your satisfaction. If you are impatient with the survey process, go to the next section.

ratefd survey

ratefd survey page is accessible at ratefd.com

What are RateFD Survey Rules?

At this stage, we will discuss the rules for surveys and sweepstakes. Both are related to each other. In this section, you need to know your eligibility. So, not all visitors have this golden opportunity. Our survey guide will eliminate your anxiety about completing a survey.

In fact, you can read the complete rules of RateFD survey at Family Dollar survey portal. But, here we have simplified the rules so that it can be understood easily. Below are some rules that you need to know before conducting the RateFD Survey.

  1. The answer does not affect the sweepstakes.
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If you complete the survey, your answer does not affect the drawing process. So, even you submit a complaint or critic, you still have the chance to win the sweepstakes.

  1. Family Dollar Sweepstakes participants.
  • Legal Resident may take part in the draw if they are 18 years or older. (This rule applies if you are a resident of Germany, Ireland, and Denmark).
  • If you live in Korea, then you may enter the sweepstakes if you are 20 years old.
  • You are not entitled to join this program if you work as a staff at Family Dollar. If you are part of the Sponsor Agent, you are not allowed to enter this sweepstake. Also if you live in one household with Family Dollar employees, you are not eligible for this program too.
  1. RateFD Sweepstakes entry method.

Family Dollar only provides one sweepstakes method. You can enter this sweepstake online through www.ratefd.com. Then, you have to complete RateFd survey in order to enter the sweepstakes.

But, if you want to enter the sweepstakes offered by the Sponsor Emphatica, you are allowed to submit a mail-in entry. See the sweepstakes steps on the following explanation.

  1. Family Dollar Sweepstakes Rewards.

If you take part in the draw, you need to choose a daily or weekly draw. Because both have different rewards.

  • If you follow Weekly Sweepstakes, you are entitled to $1500 in cash.
  • If you follow the Daily Sweepstakes, they offer $1000 cash.
  • They will give cash according to your country’s currency.
  • Then they will pay you using a check or money order if you live in Korea or Honduras.
  1. Family Dollar Sweepstakes Period.

Before entering the sweepstakes, check the period first. Because the system only received sweepstakes in that period. You can enter sweepstakes starting June 23, 2019. Then this period ends on July 20, 2019.

  1. Survey requirements.

You need the Invitation Code. This code is the survey portal credentials. You cannot start the survey without entering the invitation code. How to get an invitation code is quite easy. You only need to buy products at Family Dollar to get receipts. In the receipt, you get the Invitation Code to conduct a survey.

  1. Winner Selection.
  • They will determine the winner randomly. Family Dollar will choose the winner of the daily prize and weekly prize.
  • Perform a math exam to make a claim on your prize.
  • If you reject a prize as a winner, your reward will be forfeited.
  1. Survey Preparations.
  • Browser and Computer Device.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Detail receipt.
RateFD Survey

RateFD Survey steps

What are RateFD Survey Steps?

Now, we discuss how to complete the RateFD Survey. If you have prepared the requirements and you are eligible to take this survey, you can start taking RateFD survey now. You will not find any difficulties since the survey steps and questions are quite easy. Check the brief guideline below.

  1. Visit the RateFD Survey portal.

Prepare your device and internet to access Family Dollar Survey portal. Use your browser to visit www.ratefd.com. This web address is the official survey portal of Family Dollar.

  1. Select the Language option.

On the first page, you can do two tasks. First, you can select the language of the survey portal. Second, you can read the complete rules of surveys and sweepstakes. After you arrive on the first page, click on the Terms and Conditions link. This method will help you open the rules sheet. Then you can choose English or Spanish for this survey website.

  1. Enter rateFD Survey ID number.

Here, the system will ask you to fill in the survey ID number. You need to check the Family Dollar receipt. You can see the receipt sample provided in RateFd survey page to find out the ID number. This ID number is separated into four groups.

  • Complete the first column with the Offer Code on your receipt.
  • Then, enter the register number in the next column.
  • Complete the Cashier Number on the third column.
  • Enter the transaction number on the fourth column.
  1. Click on the next button.
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After entering the serial number on your receipt, you can press the Next button. This button will direct you to rateFd survey page.

  1. Answer RateFd Survey questions.

On this page, you need to answer the question. You need to answer this question honestly. Recall your atmosphere and satisfaction when shopping. Then you can use it to complete the survey. Below are some list of theme survey questions.

  • Rate the physical condition and store environment.
  • Rate the product quality.
  • Give your opinion on product prices.
  • Give your opinion for satisfaction in general.
  • Assessment for staff appearance.
  • Give value for hospitality.
  • Tell me about the problem you encountered at the store.
  1. Enter the Family Dollar Sweepstakes.

You need to fill out a form with personal identity and contact information. Here, you have to write down your full name, complete address, email address, and telephone number.

How to Enter RateFD Survey Sweepstakes by Mail?

Family Dollar Customers are allowed to enter the sweepstakes by mail. This method does not require any purchase. Besides, you do not need to take the survey. Here are the steps to enter the sweepstakes without taking the survey.

  • First, you should prepare a piece of paper.
  • Second, you should write down your personal information on this paper. You should hand-write the full name, email address, phone number, home address without PO Boxes, and the closest Family Dollar store location.
  • Third, you need also write this statement:

Daily sweepstakes:

“Please enter me in the Empathica Daily Sweepstakes for a chance to win one (1) Daily Prize”

Weekly Sweepstakes:

“Please enter me in the Empathica Weekly Sweepstakes for a chance to win great prizes”

  • Fourth, put this paper in a business-sized envelope. Then, send it to the address below.

Emphatica Daily/Weekly Sweepstakes

Family Dollar Sweepstakes

511 Avenue of the Americas, #40

New York, NY


How to Search Family Dollar Near Me?

If you want to go shopping and win the great prize, you have to visit Family Dollar Near Me. There are several ways to search for the closest locations of Family Dollar. First, you can use the official website as a location search engine. Second, you need to download the Family Dollar App. You can download this Application on Google Play or the App Store. Below is a little explanation to search Family Dollar locations.

  1. Family Dollar Official Website.
  • Visit the store’s official website with your device. Here you need to use the keyword www.familydollar.com. then the browser will find the store website for you. This process will run fast with stable internet support.
  • Click on the Store Locator menu. On this page, you can see the Family Dollar location search column.
  • Enter the keyword location search. They need a ZIP Code, the name of your country or city as a keyword.
  • Select the search filter for the location you want.
  • Click on the search icon. After this, they will display a list of nearby locations. You can choose the location with the closest distance. Record the information you need for a shop visit.
  1. Family Dollar App.

If you use this method, you will easily see promos from the store. Then you can get smart coupons easily. Below are some features that you can enjoy from Family Dollar App.

  • You can access smart coupons faster.
  • Follow the SmartSpins game to get smart coupons.
  • Be the first to see product promos.
  • The nearest Family Dollar search location application.
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Family Dollar Hours.

Before you go to Family Dollar, you should make sure the Family Dollar Hours. This way, you can know what time this store opens and closes.

Family Dollar Operation Hours.


How to Contact Family Dollar Customer Service?

Customer service is an important part of the business. This section will find out the weaknesses of the store. They can make a clarification for customer problems. Then this section will help the store receive new ideas and suggestions from customers. If you like shopping at Family Dollar Store, give your praise and advice here.

  1. Family Dollar Help Desk Phone Number. 1-844-636-7687.
  2. Give your opinion via Email Address. [email protected]
  3. Then you can write letters to FD Store via Mailing Address.

Family Dollar Corporation

PO Box 1017

Charlotte, North Carolina 28201-1017

  1. Follow Family Dollar Store Social Media.
  • Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/familydollar?_rdc=1&_rdr.
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/myfamilydollar.
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFamilyDollar.
  • Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/familydollar/.

Family Dollar FAQs

Is Family Dollar owned by Dollar Tree?
Yes, in July 2014, Dollar Tree bought this retail store for $8.5 Billion.
Are Family Dollar and Dollar General the same?
These two stores are different. Family Dollar has more locations than Dollar General. Besides, Family Dollar is acquired by Dollar Tree.
Which Family Dollar Stores are closing?
There are more than 390 Family Dollar stores are closing in 2019. This is happened because of the retail apocalypse.
What is the difference between Family Dollar and Dollar General?
Family Dollar does not only sell the item for $1. You can find various products which cost more than $1. Dollar General also does not sell a buck item. But, you can find various items at a low price at Dollar General.
Is Family Dollar cheaper than Walmart?
No, Walmart has beaten the Family Dollar and Dollar General. The report says that Walmart is the cheapest retailer.
What corporation owns Dollar General?
This store is owned by Dollar General Corporation. So, this store is independent and it is not acquired by another company.
Who started the Family Dollar?
Family Dollar is founded by Leon Lavine.
Who is the owner of Family Dollar?
Family Dollar now is owned by Dollar Tree.
How many stores does Family Dollar have?
Family Dollar has closed 390 stores recently. But, it plans to renovate and rebrands 1000 stores.
What should I buy at Family Dollar?
Seasonal decorations, bath supplies, accessories, gift bags, notebooks, storage containers, and many more.
Is Dollar General and Dollar Tree the same company?
They are a different company. Dollar General is owned by Dollar General Corporation. Besides, Dollar Tree is the same company with Family Dollar.
Is Family Dollar a franchise?
No. Family Dollar is not a franchise store. All Family Dollar stores are owned by Dollar Tree company

Family Dollar Review
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  • Product Availability
  • Price
  • Service
  • Store Cleanliness

Summary of RateFD Survey

RateFD is a customer satisfaction survey for all Family Dollar Customer. This survey is available at ratefd.com. Through Family Dollar survey, you can convey Family Dollar Feedback. Besides, you can win $1000 and $1500 as the reward of Family Dollar Sweepstakes.

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  • Low price
  • Great sweepstakes reward
  • Various products available


  • Low customer service
  • Messy store

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