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price chopper direct connect login

Are you the new employee of Price Chopper? If so, you have to access the Price Chopper Employee portal. This company has a Price Chopper Direct Connect portal for its employees. Through the Price Chopper Employee Login Portal, the employees can check any information about their employment.

Once you are hired by Price Chopper, you should access the Price Chopper Direct Connect portal. This portal is also known as My Price Chopper Login Page. This way, you can access your benefits, schedule, and salary information. To access it, you need a Unique ID and password. You can ask your manager to get this login credential.

Price chopper direct connect is the official portal for all Price Chopper employees. They can use features and programs through the My Price Chopper login process. Don’t worry about a bad login experience. It is because you can get instructions for easy login in the Connect Portal login Price Chopper through this article.

price chopper direct connect login

price chopper direct connect login page is accessible at

Price Chopper Company Profile

In this section, we will invite staff to get to know their workplace. Here we discuss your office profile. Price Chopper is a subsidiary of Golub Corporation. Golub Corporation does not only have one supermarket. But, they have several popular brands.

Golub Corporation is one of the retailers of household products, medicines, etc. You only need to visit one place to meet household needs. Then this business developed in 6 countries. They are New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, etc. What are the brands of Golub Corp.?

  • First, Price Chopper Market.
  • Second, Market Business 32.
  • Third, Business Market Bistro.

If you are a staff member of Price Chopper, you need to have pride. Because they will help you to get a decent life. They can contact the staff through the My price Chopper login portal. So, don’t forget to check your account. Because they will make announcements and policies from this portal. Then below are some Price Chopper commitments for customers.

  • First, they serve customers to get long-term loyalty.
  • Second, you will have a work team. There they develop a culture of friendliness, participation, and challenge.
  • Third, shareholders give a fair return on investment.
  • Fourth, they keep partnerships to improve their quality of life.

What can you buy at Price Chopper Market? Here, you can shop for livestock products, groceries, bakery, etc. You can buy Frozen and pantry products here. Then you can’t miss their survey program. Visit them at Then, they have My price chopper app to facilitate your shopping process.

What are the Features of Price Chopper Direct Connect?

Well, in this section you have the right to know the features that you can access through this portal. We say that you can improve the quality of life with this portal. Yes right! Staff can facilitate their future using this portal. If you haven’t used this portal yet, don’t hesitate to register. Price Chopper Employee portal will make your life and job easier.

  1. Visit the My Teammate Portal.

Do you have a teammate? If you have a team, then you need to use this portal. Here they will connect you with the My Teammate Portal account. So you can make a plan for your team. Below are some programs for your team.

  • Get health resources and programs for your team.
  • Get an educational scholarship for Price Chopper staff.
  • Follow the company’s challenges with your team.
  • Outbound program for staff.
  • Arrange your favorite lunch menu for your team.
  1. Insurance Program for Price Chopper Staff.

Here you need this program to protect you. They use insurance differently for each case. First, they have health insurance. Second, you can choose to use life insurance. Third, they have an accident insurance program. You can follow all three of them through your personal account.

  1. Online salary information system.

Price Chopper staff can view salary payment details online. They only need to visit a personal account. Then the staff can see the salary and payment details. Price Chopper Direct Connect is the right solution for your busy life.

  1. Career Information.
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If you need a reliable source of information, then this portal is the answer. Because Price Chopper will upload information to staff through this portal. Some information will discuss vacancies in your office. If you want to apply for a job, get valid information from this portal.

  1. Arrange your schedule through this portal.

You need to have ease of work. Here My price Chopper login is the right solution. First, you can contact the HR office. Second, enter your leave from this portal. Third, make changes to your shift schedule. Fourth, look at your daily schedule through the device you have. Are you still hesitant to join this line?

  1. Your work and identity are safe.

If you use this portal, the system will protect the information you entered. Here you don’t just enter an identity. But, you enter and save an online worksheet. You don’t need to worry about data theft. Because you need a User ID and password to open this portal.

Price Chopper Direct Connect Login Preparation.

After reaching this section, you will learn the preparation step for login. Why do staff need to prepare for login? This preparation will determine the login process. If you need help, we suggest you go to the HRD office. There, the staff can help you understand the login portal and the device. Then they will help you with your User ID or account password.

  1. The login process requires a device.

First, this process requires a device. We do not limit you to certain login devices. Instead, we give you the freedom to choose a device. Because only you know the device that is convenient for the login process. You can enter a computer, laptop on the first choice list. If you don’t have it, you can do this process via a smartphone.

  1. Your device requires internet support.

Second, the staff needs to have internet support. If you don’t have it at home, then use public wifi. Or you can open a personal account in your office area. So, without the internet, the browser and device cannot reach the login portal. Then you can get a smooth login process from a stable internet signal.

  1. Your account requires a Login Credential.

Credentials can maintain the security of your account. Here you need a User and Unique ID. Then you need the Price Chopper account password. Get both through the HRD Office. If you are new staff, it’s good if you visit the HRD office first. Then get a brief explanation for your first access.

Price Chopper Direct Connect

Price Chopper Direct Connect login steps

How to Access Price Chopper Direct Connect Login?

After passing through the preparation section, staff can now use it for the login process. The login process only takes 2 minutes. If your login device is complete, this process will run smoothly. Then, you can read some of the rules of the program you want to follow. The office will help you get a better future. So, don’t forget to use this portal. Follow the steps below to open the login portal.

  • Step 1. Open Price Chopper Direct Connect Portal.

You can enter the Keyword: Price Chopper Direct Connect to the search engine. Besides, you also can use the Website address: or

  • Step 2. Enter your Price Chopper unique ID or username.

First, you need to enter a Unique ID. You can get it through the HRD office. If you do not have this Unique ID, you can use Price Chopper email account. Then, if you do not have Price Chopper email account yet, you can log into this Price Chopper Direct Connect by using PCDC Username.

  • Step 3. Enter your My Price Chopper password.

Furthermore, users can complete the password column. You can get a password in the account registration process. Save this credential for the next login process. If you lose your password, you can use the Reset Password menu to retrieve it.

  • Step 4. Click on the Login button.

After the two columns are filled in, you can now enter the portal using the Login button. Make sure that your username and password are correct. So, you do not get trouble to login.

  • Step 5. Explore Price Chopper Direct Connect Portal.
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So, you can use the features of this portal to find any information related to your employment issues. As the example, you can check your schedule and salary information

price chopper employee portal

price chopper employee portal registration process

Price Chopper Direct Connect Registration Process

Before you log in, we have an account creation phase. Here you can do it through the same portal. The process of creating an account is more complicated than the login process. So you need more time. Because the system will ask you to complete the registration form. There you need a valid email. This email will help users recover account passwords.

  • Step 1. Visit the Price Chopper login portal.

Enter in the website search box. Click search on the screen of your device. Then the browser will search the login portal.

  • Step 2. Click on User Management Menu.

This option is available on the top right of the portal. It is located next to the Login menu. This User Management Menu consists of three submenus. They are Reset Password, Change Password, and Register.

  • Step 3. Select the Register button.

This registration process is actually to create your password. Once you select the Register button, a simple form will appear. You have to fill it out to complete this process.

  • Step 4. Complete the registration form.

First, you have to enter Price Chopper Unique ID. Then, you have to create a password. Confirm this password by retyping it on the next box. The next, you have to select the two security password. Provide the answer to each question. The last, enter the last four number of SSN.

  • Step 5. Press the Submit button.

You can finish this registration process by pressing the Submit button. Now, you have the valid password to access Price Chopper Direct Connect. You can try to log into a Price Chopper employee Login portal for the first time.

How to Change Price Chopper Direct Connect Password

In order to protect Price Chopper password, you need to change your password regularly. So, you can make it secured and avoid being hacked by an unresponsible person. You have to notice that the information you can view in Price Chopper My Portal is secret. This way, you should not share your Price Chopper employee login details with others. here is the way to change your password.

  • Step 1. Access Direct Connect Price Chopper.

You need to access the Price Chopper Employee portal page at You can visit this portal if you want to make some changes to your account.

  • Step 2. Select User management.

Choose User Management menu if you want to change or reset the password. It is located on the top right corner of the Price Chopper Direct Connect homepage.

  • Step 3. Select Change Password.

There will be three menus available. They are Change password, reset the password, and register. You need to select the Change button.

  • Step 4. Enter Price Chopper Unique ID.

The next, you need to verify your account. Here, you must enter your Unique ID.

  • Step 5. Type the old password.

Then, this website will ask you to provide the password you want to change.

  • Step 6. Enter the new password.

If the old password you enter is valid, you will be allowed to set up the new password. You have to confirm this new password by entering it on the following box.

Now you have the new password to access Price Chopper Direct Connect. You have to memorize this Price Chopper password well. Then, you can log in to Price Chopper employee portal by using this new password.

How to Reset Price Chopper Direct Connect Password?

The users of Price Chopper employee portal often forget the password. When this problem happens, you should not worry. Price Chopper has the menu to reset your password. Simply follow the instructions below, then, you will be able to retrieve your password. Check this out.

  • Step 1. Access Price Chopper Direct Connect.
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First of all, you have to access the Price Chopper employee login portal. It is available at

  • Step 2. Click User Management.

You need to select User management if you want to change or reset your password.

  • Step 3. Select Reset Password.

Since you forget your password, you have to retrieve it by pressing the Reset Password button.

  • Step 4. Provide Price Chopper Unique ID.

On the provided field, you have to enter the valid UniqueID.

  • Step 5. Answer the security questions.

You will get three security questions. Make sure that you give the correct answers based on the answer you make during the registration process.

  • Step 6. Get your password back.

If your answers are correct, you will be able to get your password back.

How to Contact Price Chopper Help Desk?

If you have any questions related to Price Chopper, you should not doubt to contact its customer service. You can reach them by phone or social media accounts. Here are some possible ways to get in touch with Price Chopper Customer Service.

  1. Price Chopper Customer Service Phone Number.

Get In touch with their customer service through:

1 (800) 666-7667 (Monday until Friday 8.30 am – 07.00 pm org Saturday and Sunday at 10.00 am – 04.00 pm).

  1. Price Chopper Customer Service Mailing Address.

2422 Highway 12B

Hamilton, NY 13346

(315) 824-6040

  1. Price Chopper Customer Service Social Media.
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Pinterest:
  • Instagram :

Price Chopper FAQs

How do I get a replacement Price Chopper card?
You can go to the Price Chopper Guest Service Desk. Then, they will give you the Price Chopper Replacement card. You should provide Advantedge card number. If you do not know it, you have to contact 1 800 666 7667.
How do I redeem my Price Chopper points?
You have to collect up to 1000 Price Chopper reward points. Then, you will get an email from Price Chopper that you get Price Chopper coupons 5% off. You can redeem this discount coupon on your next visit.
How do you get Price Chopper e-coupons?
You can browse the ecoupons at Price Chopper website. You can load this coupon to AdvantEdge card. Just click on the Save button to add the coupon. Then, you can scan this ecoupon when you checkout. The discount is applied automatically.
Does Price Chopper have digital coupons?
Yes, it does. You can browse the digital coupons at Price Chopper website. Simply access it at
What gas station Can I use my Price Chopper card?
You can use your Price Chopper card at Sunoco Stations.
Do Price Chopper points expire?
Your Price Chopper points will expire within 6 months after you earn it. You can choose to earn the points through Fuel Saving. This way, you can get 5 Cents off per gallon at QuickTrip every time you spend $50. Do not forget to use Price Chopper reward Card during the transaction process.
Who started Price Chopper?
William Golub and Bernard Golub started the first Price Chopper at 1932 in Green Island, New York.
How do Price Chopper eCoupons work?
You can save Price Chopper e-coupons at your Price Chopper Card or Price Chopper App. Then, you can show this e-coupon at the cashier during the checkout process. You will get the discount after scanning this Price Chopper ecoupons.
Does QuikTrip have a rewards program?
You can use QuickTrp Reward Card to participate in this reward program. You will be able to earn one reward point every time you spend $2 at QuickTrip stores.

Price Chopper Direct Connect Review
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Summary of Price Chopper Direct Connect

Price Chopper Direct Connect is the official employee portal of Price Chopper Supermarket. You can access Price Chopper Employee portal at To access My Portal Price Chopper login page, you need a valid Username or Unique ID and password. After login, you can explore all information such as benefits, schedule, and salary details.

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  • Fun workplace
  • Competitive Salary
  • Various employee benefits


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  • Not enough staff

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