Perkins Experience Survey – Check Perkins Survey Steps and Perkins Hours

perkins experience survey

Do you often enjoy any tasty menu items at Perkins restaurant? It means you have a lot of possibilities to get more foods for cheaper prices or even free! You just need to take some minutes to participate in the Perkins Experience Survey. Through this survey platform, you will be able to share your feedback about your recent visit to any location of Perkins restaurant.

You can share anything that made you feel special or disturbed when you were visiting the store. It does not matter if you comment about the positive or negative aspect of the Perkins restaurant here. All the feedback you send through Perkins Guest Survey may improve the qualities of products and services at Perkins restaurant. Besides, the restaurant may give you rewards for sparing a few minutes for sharing your feedback.

If you are wondering what you should know more about Perkins Customer Satisfaction Survey, you may find the answers in this article. Also, you can find some tips to get Perkins coupons, ways to find the nearest Perkins restaurant and bit information about Perkins open hours. Happy reading!

perkins experience survey

perkins experience survey is accessible at

About Perkins

Perkins is a restaurant chain based in Memphis, Tennessee. Ivan Perkin and Matt Perkin began this business in 1958 when they had Perkins store in Cincinnati, Ohio for the first time. The store went as Perkins Pancake House in the early years. The acquisition process made this Perkins Pancake House restaurant run as Perkins in 1987. Currently, Perkins is available in 365 locations in the United States and 17 stores are open in Canada. At Perkins restaurant, you are able to enjoy foods for breakfast.

Besides, there are more menu items to offer, such as burgers, beef, steak, BBQ, salads, etc. Moreover, Perkins has special menu items for children and older people with more than 55 years old. As it has a strong commitment to serving healthy and delicious menu items for everyone, Perkins never forgets to provide any nutritional information for its customers.

Perkins Experience Survey Rules

Before taking part in Perkins Experience Survey, you have to understand the survey rules. This way, you can know your eligibility to participate in the Perkins guest survey. besides, you will know the requirements needed to take Perkins survey. For your convenience, here are we have concluded the rules of Perkins Experience Survey.

  • Survey eligibility.

Perkins experience survey is only for the Perkins customers. The participants must be at least 18 years old. Besides, they have to be the legal residents of the US. Furthermore, Perkins employees are prohibited to enter this survey.

  • Survey requirements.

In order to take Perkins Experience Survey, you need to have the valid receipt from Perkins restaurant. It is because you have to enter some Perkins receipt details to start the survey. Besides, you need a device as well as internet access to start this online survey.

  • Survey reward.

To thank your participation in this survey, Perkins will reward you a validation code. You need to write this code on your receipt. In your next visit, you can present this Perkins coupon to get 10% off. But, you should note that Perkins survey reward may vary based on the survey period.

  • Survey rules.

These are the rules for taking the survey and redeeming the rewards. Make sure that you obey this rule so that you can complete the Perkins Experience survey successfully.

  1. One receipt is only for once survey entry.
  2. The survey is valid only for one guest per month.
  3. You only can redeem the coupon in the participating restaurant.
  4. You must present the receipt to get the Perkins survey reward.
  5. You should not copy the coupon.
  6. Perkins survey coupon cannot be used with other promotions.
  7. This survey offer is not valid for Perkins employees.
perkins experience survey

perkins experience survey steps

Steps to Take Perkins Experience Survey

There are some things you need to have before you can take part in Perkins Survey. This way, you can do the survey in a smooth way. What you should prepare is a device with an internet connection. After that, you will need a purchase receipt with a pen to write down the validation code. If you have got all of these prerequisites, you may start the survey now.

  1. Go to Perkins experience survey portal.

First, you need to go to for the current survey period, this website address will direct you to Then, you will see a link and you can Click Here. The link will let you open the next page.

  1. Choose Options

Second, you should one of the 2 options provided there. You may choose to tell your recent experience or general comments. As you come here for the survey, you can click choose the recent experience.

  1. Select Location

Third, you must select the location that you are eager to share. Just fill in the location fields with ZIP code, State or Province, City, and Street. Then, you can click the Next button. After that, you will see a page of the Store Search Results. Now you should click one of the locations which appear in the results and click the Next button.

  1. Inform Detail Experience
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Fourth, you will see another page to inform your visit experience in details. You may start it with the visit date and time. In other Perkins Guest Survey, you must also insert a survey invitation code. Then, you are able to tell the experience in 2500 characters. Then, you may inform the employee’s name who has helped you if you can still remember. If you have filled in the fields, you can click the Next button.

  1. Fill In Contact Details

Fifth, you can fill in your contact details, such as name, phone number, email address, and complete home address. By submitting your contact information on this page, it will be easy for Perkins management to contact you in case there is important information that you should know about the restaurant. Then, you must click Next again.

  1. Write Down Validation Code

Finally, you may write down the validation code if it appears for you. If you have got the code, you can write it down on the receipt and redeem it to get a discount at Perkins restaurant. If you do not find a code, probably there will be other rewards from this customer survey.

In another Perkins survey period, you may be required to enter Perkins survey code. This code is available on your receipt. So, when you get the receipt from Perkins restaurant, you have to check it well. Usually, there will be the instruction on how to take Perkins experience survey. This receipt also informs you the survey reward you will get.

Tips to Find Perkins Coupons

Visiting Perkins locations can be a fun thing if you can enjoy the delicious menu items without spending too much of your cash. It will be possible to happen if you have got a Perkins coupon with you. This way, you can save your money every time you come to Perkins restaurant with a coupon. But, how can you get a Perkins coupon? Well, it is easy! There are some ways that will enable you to get Perkins coupon. Here they are.

  1. Take Part in Perkins Experience Survey

By participating in the Perkins Feedback Survey, it means you have helped this restaurant to improve its qualities. Besides, you may get an interesting reward after you have completed the customer survey. In certain survey periods, Perkins will grant you a validation code worth 10% discount for every survey that you can complete.

You can receive the discount after you make the purchases at the Perkins restaurant. It means you must bring your valid purchase receipt with the validation code for the redemption process.

  1. Join MyPerkins eClub

Perkins restaurant has created an eClub for its loyal customers. If you feel interested, you can start to join this eClub through Perkins official website at After that, you must go to MyPerkins registration page to fill in MyPerkins eClub registration form. Make sure you choose your favorite Perkins location where you can take rewards from the restaurant easily.

If the registration process is successful, you will start receiving rewards. For example, Perkins eClub will grant you 20% discount right after you have done the registration. Besides, there will be a special reward given for your birthday.

  1. Sign Up KidPerks Birthday Club

MyPerkins E-Club is also present in a different version. It goes as KidPerks Birthday Club as only children can join this special eClub. If you want your children to be a part of this KidPerks Birthday Club, you should register their birthday. Remember, your children must not be older than 12 years old if you want them to be a member of this Birthday Club.

  1. Follow Social Pages

When you are following Perkins social media pages, you can get updates about the newest promotions from Perkins restaurant. this way, it will be easy for you to find out how to get Perkins coupons through the social media pages. So, you’d better start following Perkins social pages on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Find Online Deal Sites

You can always access the internet to find online deal sites. Some sites may offer you valid Perkins coupons. But, you should make sure that the sites are safe for transactions.

What are Perkins Kid Perks?

Perkins declares its restaurant to be a family restaurant. no doubt, all Perkins restaurants are kids friendly. This way, the customers are not hesitating to bring their children to Perkins. It is because this restaurant offers a special menu for kids. Besides, Perkins also has a special application for kids. If you are interested in finding out more details about Perkins Kid Perks, you can check the explanation below.

  1. Perkins Birthday Club.

If you sign up Perkins Birthday Club, you will be able to get Perkins coupon 20% off for joining this club. Besides, you will also be able to get a special gift on your birthday. Furthermore, you can add your children who are under 12 years old. Then, they will get a special offer too.

  1. Kid Perks App.
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You need to download  Perkins Kid Perks App on Google Play Store or App Store. This application contains some games and activity sheets for your children. Besides, it also offers stickers and frames for the photo booth.

  1. Kid Perks Meal.

As stated before, Perkins is a kid-friendly restaurant. it is because this restaurant offers various menu items for children. This way, your kids will be happy when you invite them to dine in Perkins. Here are the examples of Perkins Kid Perks Menu.

  • Kid’s Grilled Cheese
  • Kid’s pancakes dipper.
  • Kid’s Kraft Mac and cheese.
  • Perky Bear Pancake.
  • Kid’s Brioche French Toast.
  • Silver Dollar Short Stack.
  • Scrambled Egg, Hash Browns And Toast.
  • Kid’s Chicken Strips.
  • Rainbow Pancakes.
  • Kid’s Mini Chef Salad.
  • Kid’s Cheeseburger.
myperkins perkins perks

myperkins perkins perks

What is MyPerkins?

Perkins is a customer club which lets you know any updated information about Perkins offers and deal. If you sign up this program, you will get the email containing Perkins special offers. Besides, you can get Perkins coupons and deals as well. If you decide to join Perkins, you will be able to get a 20% off coupon from Perkins. Besides, you also can receive a birthday gift from Perkins.

If you want to join Perkins, you can do these following steps.

  • Visit Perkins official website.

Perkins provides online registration for the customers who want to join My Perkins. That is why you have to access

  • Click on MyPerkins.

When you land on the perkins official site, you have to focus on the top menu bar. Then, you should press the MyPerkins menu.

  • Complete the registration form.

Once you press MyPerkins option, you will be directed into a new page containing Myperkins registration form. This form requires your details such as:

  1. Date of birth.
  2. Name
  3. Email address.
  4. Postal code.
  5. Most frequented Perkins location you visit.
  6. The menu you want to add to Perkins restaurant.
  7. Favorite drink.
  8. The person you dine with.
  9. The time you visit Perkins.
  10. The kids you have.
  • Press the Join button.

In order to submit this registration form, you can press the Join button.

How to Locate Perkins Near Me

Are you going to enjoy the signature dishes at Perkins restaurant but you do not know where the location is? Stay calm and just prepare your smartphone. You will be able to access information about the nearest Perkins location through the device. But make sure you have connected your smartphone to the Internet. Now, you may read the explanation below.

  1. Perkins Restaurant Locator

For accurate information about Perkins restaurant, you’d better use Perkins Restaurant Locator. The following procedure will help you understand how to use the restaurant locator.

  • Go to

First, you can go to the Perkins restaurant website at

  • Click Locations

Second, you should click the Locations button. You will see it on the top part of the website home page. The button will take you to Perkins locator page.

  • Enter Location Information

Third, you must enter the location information of the Perkins restaurant in the search field. You may use ZIP code, city, or state.

  • Press Let’s Eat

Lastly, you need to press Let’s Eat button next to the search field. You will get the search result in some seconds.

Perkins restaurant locator is very helpful to gather information about the nearest Perkins location in your area. This locator will give you some details related to the Perkins location address, phone number, distance to the store, and the local open hours.

  1. Search Engine

Well, your search engine can do the work as well. You can just launch the browser installed on your device, then, type the keyword in the search field to find Perkins restaurants. Or, you may use keywords, like Perkins Near Me or just the location information. Then, the results will appear only within a few seconds.

Perkins Hours of Operation

Before you visit the nearest Perkins restaurant, you should know what time you can visit the location. So, you will not find it close when you have reached the restaurant. Even though it is true that some Perkins restaurant locations are open for 24 hours from Sunday to Saturday, the rest Perkins locations have their own open schedule. Just pay attention to the following timetable to make you understand more about Perkins Restaurant Hours.

Day Open Hour
Sunday 6 AM – 10 PM
Monday 6 AM – 10 PM
Tuesday 6 AM – 10 PM
Wednesday 6 AM – 10 PM
Thursday 6 AM – 10 PM
Friday 6 AM – 12 PM
Saturday 6 AM – 12 PM

You can see it from the timetable that several Perkins restaurants may open at 06.00 a.m. The restaurants are open very early in the morning. This is why you can have breakfast at Perkins. At other locations, they may open their stores an hour later than the timetable above. Then, they are close at 10.00 p.m. on Sunday until Thursday.

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On Friday and Saturday, the open schedule is longer that they can close the stores at 12.00 p.m. some locations may close an hour earlier on these 2 days. You’d better contact the Perkins location which you are going to visit via phone to check if the store is open 24 hours or has a different schedule.

Here are some common questions related to Perkins restaurant hours.

  • Is Perkins open today?

Perkins is open every day. You can visit this restaurant from Monday to Sunday. This restaurant is also open in major public holidays.

  • What time does Perkins open?

Every day, this restaurant is open at 6 AM.

  • What time does Perkins close?

From Sunday to Thursday, Perkins is closed at 10 PM. But, on Friday and Saturday, Perkins is closed at 12 AM.

  • What is the Perkins holiday hours?

Perkins restaurant is open in all public holidays. But, Perkins holiday hours may be shorter than the normal day. Some Perkins restaurants may open late and close earlier.

How to Reach Perkins Customer Service

Have you got any bad experiences when you come to the Perkins store location? You’d better tell about the experiences to Perkins customer service. This way, they can find ways to solve your problems. Your comments will really help this restaurant to grow better. Now, you can try some ways to contact Perkins customer service representatives.

  1. Website

You can always access the official website of Perkins restaurant at to contact the customer service representatives. Then, you may go to the contact page to share your feedback for the Perkins restaurant.

  1. Phone

For the fastest response, you can try to contact Perkins customer service via phone. it means you can talk about your visit experiences directly to the customer service representatives. The phone numbers which you can reach are:

  • Perkins Customer Service: 1800 225 5939
  • Perkins Head Office: +1 901 766 6400
  1. Fax

It is possible for you to share your feedback by using a facsimile machine. You can send your message via fax to +1 901 766 6482.

  1. Mailing

In case you need to contact Perkins customer service via mailing post, you just need to write down your feedback on some paper sheets. After that, you may send the letters to Perkins corporate office at:

6075 Poplar Avenue, No. 800

Memphis, Tennessee, 38119

the United States

  1. Social Media

You can use your social media accounts to reach Perkins as well. You may leave your comments on Perkins social media pages. Besides, you will be able to read comments left by other customers for Perkins. This way, you may get answers from if you have inquiries for Perkins. The social media pages of Perkins are available at this address:

  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:

Perkins Restaurant FAQs

Are Perkins Restaurants franchises?
Some Perkins restaurants are company-owned. But, other Perkins restaurants are franchises. Nowadays, Perkins is still looking for restaurant operators who want to run Perkins franchise.
How much does a Perkins franchise cost?
If you want to open the new Perkins franchise, you must prepare at least $500.000 in the liquid asset.
Does Perkins serve all-day breakfast?
Yes. Perkins restaurant serves the breakfast menu all day. It means you can enjoy Perkins breakfast menu items whenever you want. For some restaurants, the breakfast menu is not only served in the morning.
Does Perkins make their own pies?
Perkins has a manufacturing division to make the pies and other baked goods. This factory is called Foxtail. It manufactures pancake mixes, pies, bakery, and cookie dough.
Does Perkins offer a senior discount?
Yes. Perkins offers a special discount as well as special menu items for senior. If you are at 55 years old or older, you can enjoy this offer.
How much is build a breakfast at Perkins?
Build-a-breakfast menu costs $8.99.
What day is free pie day at Perkins?
Perkins has a special event called Pie Society Monday. Every Monday from 11 AM up to 9 PM, Perkins offers a free fresh-baked Perkins pie. But, you have to purchase an entree to get this special offer. Besides, you have to notice that this free pie offer is only valid in the participating locations.
Does Perkins do military discount?
Unfortunately, Perkins does not offer a military discount.

Perkins Review
4 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Menu
  • Price
  • Service
  • Restaurant atmosphere

Summary of Perkins experience survey

Perkins experience survey is held by Perkins restaurant. Through Perkins Guest survey, you can express your dining feedback. Then, you can get 10% off as a reward.

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  • Various menu available
  • Kids-friendly
  • Breakfast available all day


  • No delivery service

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