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Have you just visited Wawa? If you still have Wawa receipt, you should not miss the invitation to enter MyWawaVisit survey. You can use the Wawa Survey code which is available on your receipt. After the survey, you will be entered to Wawa Sweepstakes offering $500 Wawa gift card and Wawa Merchandise. It is a very valuable prize, isn’t it?

That is why you should not ignore the Wawa survey invitation. You just need to share your experience when you make a transaction at Wawa. Simply, share your feedback and Wawa complaints honestly. Wawa will be glad receiving the customer feedback. It is because this feedback can help Wawa to be better in the future.

What is MyWawaVisit?

MyWawaVisit is a survey portal for Wawa Inc. customers. Whatever your experience, share the story here. They will make improvements to increase your preference for Wawa. As a reward, they offer Wawa sweepstakes in the last part of the survey. There, they have a reward of $500 for the lucky winner. Besides, you also can get Wawa merchandise worth $75.

Before you take part in this survey, find out Wawa Inc information first. We have some information that can help you take the survey easily. Just keep scrolling this page to find out MyWawaviist survey rules and steps. Also, you can get other informative details about Wawa such as Wawa gift cards, Wawa hours, and Wawa customer service.


Mywawavisit survey page is available at

Wawa Inc. Company Profile

Hello, now you have arrived at their business profile section. If you want to know Wawa Inc products, read our review. Here we will start with the founder of the Wawa business. You need to know that the founder of Wawa Inc. is Grahame Wood. This business operated in 1964.

So 55 years ago they started serving customers. Here Wawa operates a department store and gas station. This business is in the East Coast region of the United States. Year after year Wawa maintains its business with good growth. In 2008 Wawa was ranked as the largest department store chain in Greater Philadelphia.

Then they are the number 3 largest fast food retailer there. 2 businesses ranked 1 and 2 are ACME Markets and Shoprite. In 2018 they have 800 shops. Then the store operates under the parent company Wild Goose Holdings Co.  If you have a shopping receipt at Wawa’s shop, don’t forget Mywawavisit. Be a winner in the Wawa sweepstakes program. We will help with your survey step.

Wawa Survey and Sweepstakes Rules

An important step before opening a survey portal is to read the rules. Here survey portal users can visit the sweepstakes rules link on the corner of the website. So you can read the detailed survey rules.

However, you can read the simple version rules in this website. We will make reviews that are easy for you to understand. Here are some rules about MyWawavisit Survey

  1. Eligibility Rules.

Here we have regulatory information to find out customer eligibility. You need to meet several criteria to follow the Wawa Survey. Read the eligibility rules below.

  • You are a legal resident in Columbia or 50 United States.
  • Residents in both countries are 18 years old or older. They calculate your age when taking surveys.
  • You are not part of Wawa Inc.’s staff, sponsors and business partners.
  • You are not a family member of staff at Wawa inc.
  1. Sweepstakes Entry Methods.

After answering the survey, you need to take part in the Wawa Sweepstakes program. Here you need to know the entry method first. In the Wawa loyalty program, you can only use one method. Yes Right, customers need to complete the My Wawa visit survey.

  • Get a coupon or shopping receipt to take an online survey. You can make transactions at the store, restaurant or gas station to get a receipt.
  • Both have survey codes that you can use entering the question page.
  • Complete your survey first. You can share your experience of a recent visit to the Wawa gas station or shop.
  • You can only use the survey code for one entry only.
  • At the end of the session, the portal will need your identity as a sweepstakes entrant.
  1. Sweepstakes Entry Period.

If you want to take a survey, it’s good if you know the entry period first. They will calculate the sweepstakes entered during the entry period. If you make an entry outside the period, they do not take this into account. Here users can conduct surveys on June 1, 2019. Then the entry period ends on August 31, 2019.

  1. Wawa Sweepstakes Rewards.
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What makes you curious about this sweepstakes? Yes Right! You certainly want to know the reward after completing the survey. Here the winner can win the Wawa Gift Card. Here they can use rewards at all registered Wawa outlets. Well, find out the Wawa sweepstakes prize below.

  • The lucky winner will receive $500 Wawa gift card and Wawa merchandise valued at $75.
  • The total prize awarded in each entry period is $5575.
  • Wawa limits one prize per person in one entry period.
  1. Winner Announcement.

If you are lucky, Wawa will contact you. Here they use e-mail, letter or telephone to contact the winner. You need to pay a prize tax. Then the winner cannot redeem the prize in cash. If you do not make a claim, they will cancel your victory. Then Wawa will look for other winners.

What is Mywawavisit Survey Preparation

Well, if you want to be part of MyWawavisit Survey, you have to prepare for it. Here we will help with the preparation process from the beginning to the end. This process has no difficulty. So, you can finish it in a short time.

  • Wawa receipt.

The valid receipt from Wawa is the main requirement to take MyWawavisit survey. It is because when you access My Wawa Visit survey page, you will be asked to enter some receipt details. For instance, you ahve to provide Wawa store number and Mywawavisit survey code.

  • A device.

Luckily, Mywawavisit survey is not only reachable by using a computer. But, you also can access it from your smartphone. So, you can choose the device which is the most convenient for you.

  • The compatible browser and internet connection.

Also, you have to prepare the browser to access Mywawavisit survey portal. Then, your browser can run properly if you connect your device to a stable internet connection. So, you need to check your internet access before accessing the survey portal. This way, you will not face any trouble when you take Mywawavisit survey.

Wawa survey mywawavisit

Wawa survey steps to win Wawa gift cards at mywawavisit

What are MyWawaVisit Survey Steps?

How to complete Mywawavisit is quite easy. Because Wawa made this portal familiar to customers. If you don’t get a clue, get this section in our article. After understanding these instructions, you can begin the Wawa Survey process.

At this stage, Wawa wants to hear you rate their services. Then you can share problems and opinions in the comments column. You don’t need to worry about Sweepstakes. Because your opinion does not affect the prize draw process. However, you need to do this process correctly. Because one survey code can only be used once.

  • Step 1. Visit the Mywawavisit survey portal.

First, activate your computer to open the browser software. Here you need to start the first step of the survey. We ask that you go to the Wawa Survey portal page. Use your browser to access the website address below.

  • Step 2. Select the Wawa Survey Portal language.

If the user does not get into trouble, they can use English. Because the portal uses English automatically. However, they have one other language choice for you. Yes right, you can use Spanish. Click on the Espanol button to change the language settings.

  • Step 3. Enter Wawa Survey Code.

Then, they ask you to enter the Wawa survey code. Check Wawa receipt to find out My Wawa visit survey code.

  • Step 4. Enter the Store number.

In order to identify the Wawa location you have just visited, you need to enter the Wawa store number. If you do not know this number, you can check your receipt.

  • Step 5. Answer the question from Mywawavisit.

In this step, you have to face some questions related to your experience at Wawa. You can rate your satisfaction level. Also, you are free to express Wawa complaints, comments, and suggestions.

  • Step 6. Answer the classification question at the end of the session.

In this section, they have 3 classification questions. Click on the arrow icon to enter the answer. First, you have to select your gender. Then, you need to indicate your age. The last, you have to describe your nationality.

  • Step 7. Enter Wawa sweepstakes.

The last, after submitting the survey answer, Wawa invites you to join their sweepstakes program. If you are interested in taking this sweepstakes program, you have to submit some personal information. For instance, you have to write down your full name, mailing address, email address, and phone number.

What are MyWawaVisit Survey Questions?

If you have not taken part in MyWawavisit survey before, you may curious what questions asked in this survey. In general, the questions are similar to other customer surveys. It asks you about the products, store conditions, and the employees’ behavior towards the customers. Here are examples of MyWawavisit survey questions.

  • What day did you visit the Wawa Outlet?
  • When did you visit the Wawa outlet? Here you can reopen your coupon and store receipt.
  • What did you buy at the outlet?
  • General cleanliness of the place. You need to rank for your level of satisfaction. They have 5 ratings ranging from Highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied.
  • Friendliness of staff in general.
  • Do you get an assistant to make a transaction?
  • Speed of service to visitors.
  • Rate the product price.
  • When did you return to Wawa?
  • Do you want to recommend Wawa to others?
  • Leave your comment. You can give negative or positive comments. Give honest comments based on your experience in a store or gas station.
  • Did you find the item you needed?
  • Give a description of the atmosphere in the Wawa shop.
  • How many times have you visited Wawa in 15 days?
wawa gift cards

wawa gift cards

About Wawa Gift Cards

Wawa Gift card is the perfect gift for someone special. You can give this card as a prize for your friends. Besides, you also can use this card for your daily transaction at Wawa. This card is accepted in all Wawa locations. For instance, you can use it at Wawa convenient store, Wawa Food Market, or Wawa gas station.

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Wawa gift cards come in two versions. You can use the physical card or virtual card. To get these cards, you can purchase it at Wawa stores. Besides, you also can purchase these cards online at or Wawa App. Here are some points you need to know about Wawa gift card.

  1. You cannot exchange gift card balances with cash. If you win sweepstakes, you may not exchange prizes.
  2. If your balance is less than $ 5, you can exchange it for cash. This regulation applies in New Jersey.
  3. The Wawa Gift Card does not have an expiration date.
  4. Get a Wawa gift card with a shop, the Wawa website, and the Wawa application.
  5. You can buy products in all Wawa Outlet locations using a gift card. They will reduce your balance on the card.

How to Check Wawa Gift Card Balance?

Before using a Wawa gift card, you have to know your Wawa card balance. This way, you will be able to know whether the card balance is enough for your transaction. If you run out the balance, you cannot use this card to pay your transaction. Here are two possible ways to check Wawa gift card balance.

  • Go to the Wawa store.

When you are at the Wawa store, you can ask the cashier to swipe the card. Then, you will be able to know how much the card balance you have.

  • Check it at Wawa website.

Besides, you can check Wawa gift card balance online at You can select Fuel, Cards, and More menu. Then, you can click on Check My Gift Card Balance. In the new page, you have to enter Wawa gift card number and PIN. These two details are available at the back of your Wawa gift card.

wawa store locator

wawa store locator to search wawa near me

How to Search for Wawa Near Me

It is not difficult to find Wawa locations near you. It is because Wawa has many chains thorough the US. When you want to fill up your car’s tank and look for some food, you should not doubt to locate the nearest Wawa locations. Here are some possible ways to search the Wawa store.

  • Using the store locator.

If you want to use Wawa store locator, you have to visit Wawa website. Check the instructions below to locate the closest Wawa store.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Click on the store locator button.
  3. Enter the keyword search location. Use state, city or ZIP Code. You also can enter Wawa store number.
  4. Select Wawa store you need.
  5. Click the search button.
  6. After the portal displays search results, select the closest location.
  7. Read the local Wawa store’s website to find out the store information.
  • Use the Wawa App.

You can download the Wawa mobile App at Play Store. Once you install this application, you will be easier to make a transaction at Wawa. You can order online and pay your transaction. You can even get the Wawa rewards. This application also can help you to find Wawa locations near me.

  • Use Google Maps.
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The last method to locate Wawa is by using Google Maps. You just need to open this application and enter the keyword Wawa near me. Then, this application will show the direction to the nearest Wawa. Besides, you also can view Wawa reviews.

Wawa Hours of Operation

Before you go to Wawa, you should find out Wawa hours. So, you can know what time Wawa opens and closes. For your information, Most locations of Wawa opens 24 hours. So, you can go to this store anytime. When you need to shop your daily need, enjoy some food, or purchase the gasoline, do not doubt to go to Wawa.

Here is Wawa store hours.

Day Operation Hours
Monday Open 24 Hours
Tuesday Open 24 Hours
Wednesday Open 24 Hours
Thursday Open 24 Hours
Friday Open 24 Hours
Saturday Open 24 Hours
Sunday Open 24 Hours

You may have some questions related to Wawa store hour. Perhaps the answer below can satisfy you.

  • Is Wawa Open today?

Wawa opens every day. So, you can visit this store on any day you want.

  • What time does Wawa open?

Wawa opens 24 hours. This store is ready to serve you whenever you want. You can visit the convenient store, food market, or the gas station anytime.

  • What time does Wawa close?

This store is never closed. Wawa store attendants work in some shifts in order to serve the customers. So, even you need to buy some food or gas at 1 AM late in the night, you can go Wawa.

  • What is Wawa holiday hours?

Wawa opens in most public holidays. But, Wawa closes in Christmas.

How to Contact Wawa Customer Service?

In case you have some questions about Wawa or you want to give your feedback, you can contact Wawa Customer Support. This way, you will get a satisfying response from Wawa Customer Service team. Here are some ways you can try to contact Wawa.

  • By phone.

Calling Wawa customer service phone number is the fastest way to get the response. Make sure that contact Wawa during Wawa business hour.  You can dial 1-800-444-9292.

  • Website.

You can fill out Wawa feedback form at Wawa official website. You just need to access Then, click on the Contact menu. Then, you can complete the form related to Customer Service, Wawa rewards, General feedback, and online order.

  • By mail.

You can send your inquiry to this following address.

Wawa Inc. Mailing Address.

260 West Baltimore Pike, Wawa Pennsylvania.

the United States 19063-5699.

Wawa FAQs

Can you get gas with Wawa gift card?
Yes. If you purchase the gas at Wawa gas station, you need to swipe Wawa gift card at the register or at the pump. Then, the amount you spend to purchase the gas will be deducted from your gift card.
Does Wawa have e gift cards?
Yes. Wawa has a virtual gift card or E-gift card. You can purchase this e-gift card at Wawa official website or Wawa App.
Does Wawa have Visa gift cards?
Yes, Wawa provides prepaid Visa gift card.
How do I check the balance on my Wawa gift card?
You can check Wawa gift card balance at any Wawa locations. Besides, you also can check the balance online at
Can I use my Wawa credit card anywhere?
Wawa Credit card can be used at any Wawa locations. You can use it to buy some food, beverage, merchandise, or gas.
Does Target sell Wawa gift cards?
I am not sure, but if you want to purchase Wawa gift card, you can purchase it at Wawa store or
Does Wawa have uber gift cards?
Yes. You can purchase Uber gift card at any retailers such as Wawa, Walmart, Target, etc.
Where does Wawa get their gas?
They get the gas supply from the distributor such as Exxon or Sunoco.
Does Wawa credit card have annual fee?
Luckily, there is no annual fee for Wawa gift card.
Does Wawa have a credit card?
Yes. This store has the credit card without an annual fee.
Is there cash back at Wawa?
Unfortunately, Wawa does not do cashback for the customers.

Wawa Review
4.1 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Product availability
  • Price
  • Service
  • Store cleanliness

Summary of Mywawavisit

Mywawavisit is a customer satisfaction survey held by Wawa. You can take this survey at At the end of the survey, you can join Wawa sweepstakes which offer $500 as a reward.

User Review
( votes)


  • Responsive customer service
  • Open 24 hours
  • Gift card and credit card available


  • Dirty store
  • Quite expensive

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