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mynikevisit-na survey

Do you like sports? Well, if you know sports very well, Nike must have been a familiar name for you. True! This brand has been popular worldwide among international athletes and been sponsors for any big matches held on Earth. So, what’s new about this brand? Nike is giving away discount coupons if you participate in the Mynikevisit-na customer survey.

It means you are able to share your feedback about Nike products or services at its official stores. You may tell any good or bad experiences when you purchase Nike products. Also, you may use this chance to give your suggestions to Nike. So, it can improve its qualities day by day. Of course, Nike will appreciate your time and opinions by giving a Nike Survey coupon worth $10 discount.

Are you curious how you can take part in Mynikevisit Na Customer Survey? Don’t worry! You will find a guideline to do the survey steps in this article. Besides, there are some tips to get Nike discounts, find Nike locations easily, other interesting information from Nike. Just make sure you do not skip any parts of this article. Happy reading!

mynikevisit-na survey

mynikevisit-na survey for Nike $10 off

About Nike

Nike is a popular multinational company producing apparel, footwear, accessories, and equipment mostly for sports. The current headquarters of Nike company is situated in Washington County, Oregon. Originally founded in the United States, Nike has been an international brand the world’s biggest supplier of athletic apparel and shoes.

Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight were the men starting this business. They built this company in 1964 and named it Blue Ribbon Sports. However, they started using Nike as the company’s official name in 1971. The Greek goddess of victory was the inspiration of bringing this name as the company’s brand.

Besides, Nike has some subsidiaries, such as Hurley International, Brand Jordan, and Converse. Today, there are more than 73.000 people working for this company branches inside and also outside of the United States.

Moreover, there is one more thing that cannot be separated from Nike company. Yes! We are talking about the iconic logo recognized around the world as Swoosh. This logo was the masterpiece of Carolyn Davidson. Then, Nike Company introduced this Swoosh logo for the first time in 1971. With its fame, this Swoosh logo even has got its own worth as $26 billion.

Nike survey steps at mynikevisit-na

Nike survey steps at mynikevisit-na

Steps to Take Part in MyNikevisit-na Survey

It will be easy for you to participate in the customer survey if you know the rules. So, what are the rules of MyNikevisit-na Survey? First, you must be at least 16 years of age. So, it will not be a problem for you if you are eligible. Otherwise, your parents or guardians may help you to do the survey.

Second, your Nike purchase receipt will be valid only for 7 days. It means the receipt and also the survey invitation code will get expired if you do not use them during the valid days.

Third, Nike only allows each household to join the customer survey maximum twice a week. So, if your family has more than 2 survey invitation code at the same time, Nike will just accept 2 valid receipts of yours.

After you have understood the rules, you still need to prepare the survey prerequisites. This will not be a difficult task as you just have to get the most recent Nike purchase receipt, a device with a browser, the internet connection, and a pen to write the validation code. Then, you can take the survey using the following steps.

  1. Go to MyNikevisit-na survey portal

Firstly, you must go to This is the official website address of Nike customer survey. In old survey season held by Nike company, this survey address used to be However, it does not work anymore now.

So, if you feel confused about the survey address, just follow the information given in your recent purchase receipt. Well, if you have been able to view the survey page, you will get a question if you‘d like to continue because this allows eligible participants only.

  1. Select Language

Secondly, you will get options for the language that you approve to use during the survey process. this language setting page will appear after you decide to continue taking the survey in the previous step. To select the language, you must be sure that you really understand the instructions given in the language.

This way, you will not find any difficulties later as you cannot find any buttons to change the language when the survey has already begun. Now, you may select English, Français (French), Español (Spain), or Chinese. Once you click one of the language buttons, you will get directed to the next page in the language you want.

  1. Enter Nike Survey Code
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Thirdly, you can see a page with a receipt example on it. Then, you may scroll down the page and find a blank space to fill in a Mynikevisit-na survey code printed on your purchase receipt. There are 15 up to 20 digits provided on the receipt. Then, you can the digits without spaces and hyphens. If you have done this step, you may click the Next button. The page will load and take you the question pages.

  1. Answer MyNikevisit-na Survey Questions

Fourthly, you may answer some questions from Mynikevisit-na survey. In the beginning, you may rate some statements based on your true experience at the Nike store. Here, you can show if you feel satisfied or not satisfied with the visit.

After that, you will get a chance to elaborate your feedback about your experience in a provided space. You may type in your comments and suggestion in 1200 characters. If you are wondering what kind of questions that may appear on the MyNikevisit-na website, you may check the list below.

  • qualities of Nike products,
  • general satisfaction with Nike store services,
  • your plans to repurchase at Nike stores,
  • recommending Nike to your loved ones,
  • etc.
  1. Write the Validation Code

Finally, a validation code will show up in the end of the MyNikevisit-na survey steps. This Nike Discount Code will appear after you have finished answering questions given by Nike customer survey. You can now take your purchase receipt and pen.

Then, you must write down the validation code in the space provided on your Nike purchase receipt. Make sure you do it correctly as any false digits will make your code invalid. In your next visit, you can bring this receipt as your coupon for Nike 10 Off reward. By this means, if you show this coupon to the cashier, you will get a $10 discount for your purchases at Nike stores.

Simple Tips to Get Nike Discount

For a discount hunter, Nike can be the best place to go. It is because this brand never hesitates to make customers come back to its stores again and again for a lot of discounts. Here are the simple tips to get discounts at Nike stores.

  1. Take Part in mynikevisit-na Survey

Nike will grant you a discount coupon if you take part in MyNikevisit-na survey and give your feedback for this brand. After the survey process is over, you will get a validation code that can be your Nike Survey $10 coupon. it means you can redeem the coupon in the next visit to get a $10 discount of your purchases. In other survey seasons, Nike may reward you a Nike $5 Coupon code for participating in a Nike customer survey.

  1. Check Nike Website

Always check the Nike website at for new updates and promotions. This website will be a great source of quality products made by Nike.

  1. Sign Up Nike Email

Worried of missing any updates from Nike? You can simply sign up email through its website. Then, you will start receiving the newest offers and information about Nike products through your email account.

  1. Join NikePlus Club

Why don’t you join NikePlus Club? If you become a member of this club, you will easily get access to Nike exclusive products, Active Nike Promo Codes, and free shipping. You just need to register at by submitting your contact details. Besides, you can register to this club using your Facebook account.

  1. Use Student & Military Discount

Do you know that Nike has special discounts for students and military personnel? Well, there will be a 10% discount from Nike if you are eligible for this special discount. To get

Nike Student Discount, you must be a U.S. college student and complete the student verification form on the Nike website. Besides, if you are active military personnel, veteran, retired & reservist US Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard personnel, you will get discounts after your online verification on Nike website has been approved.

  1. Follow Social Pages

Do not forget to always follow Nike updates through its social pages, such as Instagram, Twitter, etc. There will a lot of promotions and updates posted on the pages.

  1. Find Online Deal Sites

If you use a search engine, you may find some online deal sites offering Nike discount codes. Just make sure the sites are safe for you to make transactions.

How to Find Nike Locations Near Me

Do you need to reach Nike stores really soon? Then, you can try the following ways to find the nearest Nike locations.

  1. Nike Store Locator
  • Go to

First, you should go to the Nike website at You will find several helpful buttons on the website home page.

  • Click Contact Us

Second, you can scroll down the home page and find the Contact Us link. Just click the link to take you to Nike contact page.

  • Choose Store Locator
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Third, you will find some options on the contact page. You need to choose the Store Locator button here to find Nike locations you want. Then, the page will load the Store Locator page.

  • Enter Location Information

Fourth, you must enter the location information that you are eager to find in the provided field. it can be the city name or location address. Then, you can make it specific by using the filter button. It will help you narrow the search information based on the store types, such as Nike Factory Stores, Nike Stores, or Hurley.

  • Click Search Button

Lastly, you just have to click the search button to start the process. After that, a list of locations will come out under the search field. You can click your preferred location to find out more about the store.

  1. Search Engine

It is also fast to use a search engine whenever you are going to search for Nike locations. You only need to launch a browser in your device. Then, you can type in the location information that you need to visit or you use Nike Near Me in the search field. In a few seconds, the search engine will show you a list of the closest Nike locations in your area.

Nike Hours of Operation

To save your time, it will be better if you complete your insights about Nike Open Hours. This way, you can find the right time to go shopping at Nike stores. Well, the timetable below has information about Nike Open Schedule for you.

Day Open Hour
Sunday 11 AM – 6 PM
Monday 10 AM – 8 PM
Tuesday 10 AM – 8 PM
Wednesday 10 AM – 8 PM
Thursday 10 AM – 8 PM
Friday 10 AM – 8 PM
Saturday 10 AM – 8 PM

From the timetable above, it is clear that Nike store is open every day. It means you can go there from Sunday to Saturday. Nike stores normally will be open at 10.00 a.m. and close at 08.00 p.m. However, the open duration will be a bit shorter on Sunday as the stores will be open from 11.00 a.m. until 06.00 p.m.

For your information, this schedule can be different at other Nike store locations. So, we always recommend you to contact the store before you make a visit there. Or, you can check Nike open schedules by using Store Locator provided at

What is NikePlus?

Nike Plus is a membership program offered by Nike customers. This program offers various benefits to its members. This program is also known as Nike+. It is available on the mobile app as well. You can download and install the Nike+ App for easy access.

Before signing up in this membership program, Let me tell you the benefits of becoming the members of NikePlus.

  • Member exclusive products.

You can be the first person to know the exclusive products launched by Nike. Besides, you can purchase member-only products. This way, you can get your favorite stuff in your size easily.

  • Expert Guidance and Advice.

You are allowed to chat with the athletes. This way, you can ask about sport and products. Then, you will be able to get a recommendation about the best products at Nike.

  • Connect to Sport anytime and anywhere.

With NikePlus, you can access more than 100 on-the-go workouts. Besides, you can set the training plans as well.

  • Special events access.

You will get informed when Nike holds special events. This way, you will never miss any special events held by Nike.

  • Free delivery.

Nike offers a fast and free delivery service for the member of NikePlus. So, if you become a member of this program, you do not need to pay the shipping cost when you purchase Nike products online.

  • 30 day wear test.

You will love this offer. When you purchase Nike products, you can return it in 30 days if you do not like the products. No receipt is needed. Then, you can exchange it to another product.

  • Express checkout in store.

The member of Nike Plus can get special treatment at the Nike store. For instance, they can do express checkout and enjoy the special Nike store hours.

  • Birthday reward.

You can celebrate your birthday with NikePlus Unlock. This way, you can get special offers from Nike.

Nike Plus login and registration

Nike Plus login and registration

How to Sign Up NikePlus?

NikePlus registration process is easy to do. You can sign up online at the Nike official website. With the simple steps of registration, you can get the great benefits of the Nike+ program. Here are the steps to become members of NikePlus.

  • Step 1. Visit the Nike official site.

The first thing you have to do is accessing the Nike website at

  • Step 2. Click on Join/Log in to Nike Plus account.
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At the top menu bar, you can see the option to join or log into your Nike Plus account. Press this menu to access the NikePlus registration form. Then, the Nikeplus Login field will appear. Since you have not signed up yet, you should click on Join Now.

  • Step 3. Register with Facebook account or email.

You can choose whether you want to sign up by using a Facebook account or email address. If you choose email registration, you have to complete the simple form.

  • Step 4. Complete the registration form.

In this step, you need to provide some data. First, you should enter your email address. Then, set a password for login. After that, you have to enter your first and last name. The next, indicate your date of birth. Then, select your country. The last, indicate your gender.

  • Step 5. Sign up for promotional email.

If you want to receive the email from Nike, you should tick the box.

  • Step 6. Press Create Account.

Finally, you are at the end of the NikePlus registration step. You can submit your data by pressing Create Account button.

Ways to Contact Nike Customer Service

Having troubles at Nike stores? Don’t worry!  Nike has a customer service team who will be ready to help you out of the problems. You may reach the service in some ways below.

  1. Website

To contact Nike via website, you can go directly to You will find a feature for chatting with Nike customer service here. You may use this service every day at 04.00 a.m. until 11.00 p.m.

  1. Phone

Nike has provided some phone numbers for different issues. You can select which number that suits the problem you need to solve.

Services Contact Numbers Hours Days
Product & Orders 1 800 806 6453 4 am – 11 pm Everyday
NRC & NTC 1 800 379 6453 8 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday
Company Info & Inquiries 1 800 344 6453 7 am –  4 pm Monday – Friday

  1. Mailing

If you prefer contacting Nike via mailing post, you can send your letters to Nike headquarters address at:

One Bowerman Drive

Beaverton, Oregon, 97005

United States

  1. Social media

Sending your message through Nike social media pages are also possible to do. This method is very quick and easy. These are the links to reach Nike pages on social platforms.

  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • YouTube:
  • Instagram:

Nike FAQs

Does Nike give birthday discounts?
Unfortunately, Nike does not provide a birthday discount for the customers. But, you can sign up NikePlus to get the birthday reward.
Does Nike offer student discount?
Yes. Nike offers a student discount. The college and university students can get 10% off if they purchase the products at Nike official website. To earn this discount, you have to verify your student status at the Nike website.
Does Nike have discounts?
Yes. Nike often offers the discount program for its customers. For instance, you can enjoy the student discount at the Nike website.
How do I use a promo code on Nike?
If you use Nike promo code to shop online at, you can enter the promo code at the checkout section. When you are in the payment section, you will be asked to whether you have a Nike gift card, Nike promo code, or Nike voucher. Then, you can enter the Nike promo code in the section available.
What does a Nike Plus Pass do?
With Nike Plus, you can receive various offers and informative programs held by Nike. You can even get the discount if you become a member of Nike Plus.
Do Nike Plus members get discounts?
Yes. In some occasion, Nike offers a special discount and offers for the member of Nike Plus program.
Does Nike Outlet have student discount?
Yes. When you purchase the Nike product, you can show your student ID. Then, you can get Nike 10% off coupon discount.
Does Nike have a Black Friday sale?
Yes. Nike offers 20% off during Black Friday sale. You should not miss this special offer. Just visit the Nike store or to get this deal.
Does Nike plus cost money?
Nike Plus membership program is free. You can sign up online at Nike official website By completing the simple registration form, you will be able to get free membership of Nike Plus. Then, you will be the first person to know about Nike latest deals and offers.

Nike Review
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Summary of Mynikevisit-na survey

MyNikevisit-na is a customer satisfaction survey held by Nike. You can access it at This survey rewards you $10 Nike Gift Card.

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