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Do you want to get Michales Coupons easily? You just need to access Mymichaelsvisit portal to take Michaels survey. To participate in this survey, you must have Michaels receipt. Then, you can visit My Michaels Visit survey portal to share your shopping experience and feedback. After the survey, you will get the Michaels coupon code as a reward.

My Michaels visit is a way to get a more frugal shopping experience. They have a reward for users of this survey portal. Get a shopping coupon at the end of the Mymichaelsvisit survey session. What do you need for this survey process? You only need to store proof of payment or a receipt at the Michaels store. Because the receipt has a key to enter the survey portal. Yes right, you need a 22 digit survey code.

If you want to get an easy survey process, read these instructions. We will help you understand Michaels products before taking surveys. Then these instructions will go to the core to help your survey. Well, we better not waste time, so let’s start now!


mymichaelsvisit survey page to get Michaels coupon

Michaels Store Profile

Well, you need to know Michaels products and business first. This section can help you remember your last visit to the store. Because we have a profile of popular department stores there. If this is your first visit, you can see the product first through the website. So you come to the store having a shopping plan. Visit the nearest store for an easier shopping process. Get store locator features through Then you can visit Michaels near me.

This shop was founded in 1973. They sell art products to the public. The owner of this shop is Michael J. Dupey. His first company was Dupey Enterprise, Inc. He started the department store business since 1962. Dallas was the first location to establish the Michaels Department Store. They developed positively by having 26 stores in 11 years.

Then Michaels expanded the business to Canada and Toronto in 1993. A few years later they owned the 1000th store. They founded the store precisely in 2008. Until 2014 they could generate 4 billion dollars every year. The business has a profit program and an official portal for staff. So if you are looking for work, put Michaels on your job application sheet.

MyMichaelsVisit Survey Rules.

After reading the store’s profile, you are now ready to shop at Michaels Department Store. Who doesn’t like shopping coupons? Here Michaels wants you to make changes to their store. So they need your help to find out the weaknesses of the product and the store.

Well, they have a Mymichaelsvisit portal to accommodate your opinions or comments. Your trust is important to them. As a sign of gratitude, they did not forget to give you a reward. After conducting a survey the screen will display coupon code. You can exchange this validation code with a discount of 25%.

Before taking steps on the survey portal, read the rules first. Because they have eligibility rules for survey portal users.

  1. The reward you can get is a validation code. This code will appear after you finish answering the Michaels Survey question. Then write the code on the device screen on the receipt sheet. Finally, now you have Michaels coupons.
  2. Coupons are only valid in the United States. If you use it in another country, you don’t get anything.
  3. The coupons you get have a 25% discount value.
  4. You can only redeem one coupon in one day. You cannot use more than one coupon a day.
  5. They do not accept cash exchanges.
  6. Survey portal users are 18-year-old legal residents of the United States. Don’t take surveys if you are not old enough to do it.
  7. Use receipts within 7 days after the transaction date. After 7 days, the survey code on the receipt cannot be used.
  8. You can only complete surveys online. They did not receive surveys by telephone.
  9. Use coupons within a 30 day period. Go to Michaels Near Me using the store locator on the website page.

Easy Tips to Complete Mymichaelsvisit Preparation.

Is it hard to get a coupon? Well, if you open a website, you can read some of this information. There they have a gift program and a coupon page. If you visit Michaels Rewards, they have a membership program. So, you only need to join the membership program to get a discounted price. Secondly, you can download the Michaels application. They have digital coupons that you can get through the application.

Finally, you can take a survey to get a discount coupon. Here we have some suggestions for an easy Michaels Survey process.

  1. Get Mymichaelsvisit survey instructions.

If this is the first survey, we hope you don’t go it alone. You can ask for help from the people closest to you or get survey instructions. Both can help you make decisions in the survey process. So, keep reading our instructions until the survey process is complete.

  1. Go to the nearest Michaels.
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Next you need a code to complete the first page. You need to go to the nearest store to shop or make a transaction. Save your energy by finding the nearest shopping location. Proof of transaction you can get after making payment.

  1. Get to know the Michaels Survey portal.

Here we will review a little about the survey portal. Visit them through Then you can visit the Privacy policy to see the complete rules. The survey portal has 3 language options. You can use French or Spanish. While the default settings are in English.

  1. Prepare the survey requirements.

Online surveys require an internet connection and a device. The ideal survey device is a laptop, computer or tablet. you can choose a smartphone as an alternative survey device. The survey tool will work with the internet connection you have. If you want an easy survey, you need a smooth internet.

  1. You need a pen or pencil.

At the end of the survey session, you need stationery. Because you can make coupons by noting the validation code. Write the code on the Michaels store receipt.


mymichalesvisit survey steps

What are MyMichaelsVisit Survey Steps

After you finish with the survey preparation tips, read the survey steps section. Here you cannot learn it from the website. Survey steps don’t take long. After you read this section, the process will run smoothly. Because you don’t hesitate to make a decision. Then we will help you with simple instructions.

Remarkably, you can read a list of questions that will appear in the survey portal. So, don’t hesitate to try the new process. Because a 25% discount is waiting for you at the end of the survey. We hope you don’t forget the last shopping moment. You will need this memory to answer a few questions on the survey portal.

  • Step 1. Go to the Mymichaelsvisit portal.

If you want to visit the survey portal, use the Mymichaelsvisit keyword. Another way to open a survey portal is to use the official portal address. Here you can use The browser and the internet are two devices that can complete this stage. A stable internet makes a website ready faster.

  • Step 2. Choose a language to help your survey process.

They have 3 languages to choose from. They are English, French, and Spanish. If you don’t find a problem, skip this step to keep using English. however, you can make changes by choosing French or Spanish.

  • Step 3. Enter the 22 Digit Michaels Survey Code.

On the first page, you cannot only make language changes. However, you need to complete the survey code column from Michaels. Look again at the store receipt sheet to get the 22 digit survey code. You need to read the code correctly because one mistake can cancel your survey. Then click the start button.

  • Step 4. Read the short instructions for completing the survey.

Then click the next button to move to the survey questions page.

  • Step 5. Answer the question Mymichaelsvisit.

Here you need to provide answers to survey questions. You can remember the shopping experience at the store that gave you a survey invitation. Below we have a list of Michaels survey questions.

  1. Rate your satisfaction. Choose one of 5 choices of satisfaction level.
  2. Give a sign for the department you visited at the last shopping moment.
  3. Rate your satisfaction for product knowledge from the staff.
  4. Rate some questions about the merchandise.
  5. Rate your satisfaction with the cleanliness of the store.
  6. Rate your satisfaction with the price of the products they sell.
  7. Did you get into trouble during your shopping visit?
  8. Do you want to recommend and return to Michaels?
  9. Give your comments for the improvement of Michaels Department Store.
  10. A number of visits in the past 30 days.
  • Step 6. Answer the classification questions.

Here they want to know the classification of survey portal users.

  1. Indicate your gender.
  2. Choose your age.
  3. Enter household income in one month.
  4. Enter your educational background.
  • Step 7. Write the Mymichaelsvisit validation code.

Finally, you only need to record a few digits of your coupon validation code. Write down this code on your receipt. This validation code will serve as Michaels coupon which is redeemable with the 25% off at Michaels.

  • Step 8. Redeem your coupon on the next visit.

When you go to Michaels, you should not forget to bring your coupon. Then get a 25% discount from the store. This way, you can save your shopping budget.

How to Find Michaels Near Me

In case you want to go shopping, visiting Michaels store can be an option. You can visit Michaels store near me to get the stuff you want. If you want to find Michaels locations, there are some possible ways you can choose. Check this out.

  1. Use Michaels Store Locator
  • Go to
  • Click on the store locator on the website page.
  • Enter location keywords. You can use country, city or ZIP Code.
  • Select a search category. They have US and Canada search categories.
  • Select the search radius for the location you want.
  • Click on the search button.
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Once you press the search button, Michaels website will show you the maps as well as the direction to the closest Michaels. Besides, you also can find out the store information. For instance, you can check Michaels phone number and Michaels open hours.

  1. Download the Michaels App.

Here you not only get information about the closest location. But, you can find various informative details about Michaels. Besides, Michaels App has many features you can try. Below are some application features that you can use.

  • See products and get weekly or monthly promos from the application.
  • Find the nearest location easier.
  • Get digital coupons from your application.
  • Follow Michaels rewards program and get special offers.

How to Get Michaels Coupons and Discounts

You will be very glad if you can get Michaels Coupons. It means you can save more money when you go shopping at Michaels. In fact, there are many ways to earn Michaels coupons and discount. If you are interested in earning Michaels framing coupons with ease, you should check the tips below.

  • Take part in MyMichaelsVisit survey.

To participate in MyMichaelsvisit customer survey, you need a valid receipt which contains the survey code. Then, after completing this survey, you will get a validation code which is redeemable with 25% off on your next purchase.

  • Download Michaels App.

Michaels offers 40% coupon discount for the first time user of Michaels mobile app. You should not miss this offer. You have to download and install Michaels App on your smartphone.

  • Join Michaels Rewards program.

There are many benefits of signing up in this rewards program. You not only can get Michaels coupons. But, you can get other exclusive offers from Michaels. Besides, you can enjoy the receipt-free return. It means you can return any items you purchase at Michaels without showing the purchase receipt.

  • Use Michaels online coupons.

If you want to get Michaels online coupons, you have to access Michaels official website. You can even get 40% off by using the Michaels promo code. Besides, Michaels website also offers BOGO or Buy One Get One Free coupons.

  • Sign Up Michaels email.

Then, you can subscribe to Michaels email promotion. This way, you will be able to get the Michaels coupons as well as the exclusive offers from Michaels.

  • Purchase Kids art and creative stuff.

When you purchase The Kids Art items at Least $40, you will get a $10 discount. This promotion is only for a limited time. So, you should not miss this special offer.

  • Use the discount program.

Michaels offers various discount programs. For instance, you can enjoy Michaels teacher’s discount, Michaels Military discount, and Michaels Senior Discount.

  • Get Bulk Buys.

You can get Bulk Buys offer when you order online or purchase the items in-store. Then, you can get a discount of up to 50%.

michaels rewards sign up

michaels rewards sign up

What is Michaels Rewards Program?

Michaels Rewards is the customer loyalty program launched by Michaels. If you are loyal customers of Michaels, you have to sign up in this program. Michaels Rewards program offers some benefits such as:

  • Buy online and pick up at the store.

You do not need to walk around the store to find the items you need. Just sit down in front of your computer. Then, select the items you want to buy. Finish the process of payment and pick up the products at Michaels store.

  • Get the lowest price.

As Michaels rewards members, you will get a guarantee of the lowest product price. So, you will get a different price from other customers. This way, you can save more.

  • Earn exclusive offers and perks.

You can get special offers from Michaels. For instance, you can get a coupon discount, special price, and other perks.

  • Get Michaels deals and coupons.

You will always get the best price from Michaels. Various Michaels deals are waiting for you.

  • Get Bulk Buys.

If you want to purchase the Michaels products in a large number of items, you can get the bulk buys. No matter you purchase at store or online, you can save up to 50%.

If you want to get the benefits above, you have to sign up online to register as Michaels Rewards member. Simply visit Then, you can click on Rewards Menu. There will appear a simple registration form. Then, you can enter your name, email address, and zip code. The last, you can set up a password to access Michaels Rewards account.

Michaels Hours of Operation

Before visiting Michaels, you have to check Michaels operation hours first. This way, you can know what time Michaels opens and closes. You can check the timetable below to find out Michaels store hours.

Day Operation Hours
Monday 9.00 AM – 9.00 PM
Tuesday 9.00 AM – 9.00 PM
Wednesday 9.00 AM – 9.00 PM
Thursday 9.00 AM – 9.00 PM
Friday 9.00 AM – 9.00 PM
Saturday 9.00 AM – 9.00 PM
Sunday 10.00 AM – 7.00 PM

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However, Michaels store may vary by locations. So, it means every Michaels store has a different open hour and close hour. That’s why you need to check the local Michaels store hour by using Michaels store locator. Here are some questions related to Michaels hours.

  • Is Michaels open today?

You should not worry since Michaels opens every day. This store even is open in the major public holiday.

  • What time does Michaels open?

This store opens at 9 AM from Monday to Saturday. Besides, on Sundays, this store opens later at 10 AM.

  • What time does Michaels close?

From Monday to Saturday, Michaels is close at 9 PM. But, on Sunday, Michaels is close at 7 PM.

  • What is Michaels Holiday Hours?

Michaels is open in most public holidays. Usually, in holidays, Michaels is open later and close earlier than the normal store hours. Michaels is only closed in Thanksgiving day, Christmas, and Easter Sunday.

How to Contact Michaels Customer Service

After completing the survey instructions, you can record this information. Finally, these instructions have several ways to contact Michaels Department Store. If your house is close to a store, you can go to the store. What if your home is far? Don’t worry, we have telephone numbers, social media and more. Let’s check this out !.

  1. Michaels Customer Service Phone Number.

Contact them during store hours. You can see the table in the above exposure. They cannot help you outside office hours. 800 642 4235.

  1. Michaels Store HR Number.

Are you a Michaels staff? If true, then you need this number. The HR office is an important part of the staffing world. There you can get an ID card and office resource information. 1-415-844-2500.

  1. Michaels Store Social Media.

Get promos and new products from their social media. You can see the latest offers this way. Choose one social media that you have. Then follow me Michaels Department Store.

  • Facebook: @GreatPlacetoWork.
  • Twitter: @GPTW_US.
  • Instagram: @gptw_us.
  • Youtube: Great Place to Work.
  • Linkedin: Great Place to Work US.
  1. Michaels Mailing Address.

If you are not successful with the survey process, submit your complaint here. They can receive the letter you sent. Below is the address of Michaels headquarters.

6023, 8000 Bent Branch Dr., Irving, TX 75063, United States.

Michaels FAQs

Can Michaels look up receipts?
Yes. You can look up Michaels receipt if you are the member of Michaels Rewards program. Michaels will offer you the receipt look-up for the online purchase or in-store transaction. Just provide Michaels Rewards number to start looking up the receipt.
Can you use multiple coupons at Michaels?
Unfortunately, you cannot use multiple coupons. Michaels has some rules of redeeming the coupons. For instance, you cannot use more than one coupon in one order or transaction. Besides, each day, you are only allowed to use one coupon.
Can I return to Michaels without a receipt?
Yes. You can return the item which is in the original package without a receipt. Then, you can get the refund at the lowest price within the last three months.
Can you use teacher discount on Cricut at Michaels?
Yes. In order to enjoy the teacher discount, you have to show your educator ID as well as the paystub.
Does Michaels accept expired coupons?
No, Michaels does not accept the expired coupons. So, you have to use your coupons as soon as possible before it expires.
Does Michaels price adjust?
Yes. Michaels offers the price adjustment for the customers. This adjustment applies for the online or in-store transaction. To get the price adjustment, you have to visit Michaels store in which you made a purchase. Besides, you also can call Michaels customer service to assist you.
Are there any Michaels coupons?
Yes. Michaels offers various coupons. As an example, you can get $40 off coupon if you use Michaels App.
How do I cancel a Michaels online order?
If you want to cancel your online order, you have to call Michaels customer service at 1-800-642-4235.
Does Michaels ever have free shipping?
Yes. Michaels offers free shipping for more than 1000 products. But, you have to spend at least $49.
Can I buy a Michaels gift card online?
Yes, you can purchase Michals gift cards at Michaels official site at

Michaels Review
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Summary of MyMichaelsvisit

Mymichaelsvisit is a customer satisfaction survey held by Michaels. You can access it at As a reward, you can earn Michaels coupon worth 25% off.

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