MyKFCExperience – KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey & KFC Hours Open/Close

MyKFCExperience - KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey & KFC Hours Open/Close

KFC Go Cup Survey

KFC must be the first fried chicken restaurant that goes international. Well, if you agree, you must love enjoying KFC menu. Now, you have to know that the restaurant offers you to take MyKFCExperience that is the official KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey. If you join the program, you can win KFC Go Cup.

Alright! In case you want to enjoy the rewards, first thing first, you have to prepare KFC survey code. Well, you can get the code on a valid KFC receipt. Without the code, you can’t take KFC Survey moreover get free KFC coupons. Yes, it is easy to complete KFC go cup survey as you just have to fill out KFC feedback form with KFC feedback.

What is MyKFCExperience?

You have to know that MyKFCExperience stands for My Kentucky Fried Chicken experience. You can share your dining experience by reviewing KFC menu, service, cleanliness, or even friendliness of the cashiers. No doubt, you just have to prepare a receipt with KFC survey code in order to take the KFC Survey.

MyKFCExperience - KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey & KFC Hours Open/Close

MyKFCExperience – KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey & KFC Hours Open/Close

Yes, KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey will reward you KFC Go Cup. You can visit to take KFC go cup survey. When you pass the survey portal, you can complete KFC feedback form. Just like its name, you can share your opinion about the restaurant at glance or even details.

Well, KFC team will be glad knowing that you take your participation. The goal of the survey itself is to know how good the restaurant works. And, the official team wants to increase the service or even the quality of the products. In other words, the survey goal is to increase your satisfaction level for your next visits to KFC stores.

Don’t worry! All KFC survey takers will get free KFC Coupons. You can write down the coupon on the receipt. And, when you visit KFC restaurant, you can show the coupon to the cashier to get the free KFC Go cup. Well, enjoy the full guides to KFC feedback survey!

How to Take MyKFCExperience Survey?

  • Grab KFC Receipt
  • Visit MyKFCExperience Survey Website
  • Enter KFC Survey Code
  • Enter Time of Purchase
  • Click on the Red “Start” Button
  • Give Your Overall Satisfaction Ratings about Kentucky Fried Chicken Store
  • Answer All Questions about Your Dining Visit
  • Write Kentucky Fried Chicken Feedback
  • Submit KFC Survey
  • Receive KFC Go Cup Coupon
MyKFCExperience - KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey & KFC Hours Open/Close

MyKFCExperience – KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey & KFC Hours Open/Close

Step by Step Guides to Take MyKFCExperience Survey

I bet, you can’t wait to enjoy the free Go cup. Well, if you are ready, you can start following the guides. Here you go!

  • Step 1: Grab KFC Receipt

Of course, in the first place, you know that you need a valid KFC receipt. In this case, you can go to KFC near me and purchase a menu item. Later, the cashier will give you the receipt you need when you pay the bill.

  • Step 2: Visit MyKFCExperience Survey Website

Once you get the receipt, you can visit MyKFCExperience survey website. No doubt, you can grab your smartphone or laptop and launch a browser. There are some browsers you can use like Google Chrome, Internet Edge, Apple Safari, and so on. And, at the address box, you can search for

  • Step 3: Enter KFC Survey Code

If you see the KFC survey homepage, you will be asked to enter your KFC survey code. You see, you can get the survey code on the receipt. Well, KFC survey code has 17-18 digits. You have to enter the code correctly as the wrong one leads you to stay on the same page.

  • Step 4: Enter Time of Purchase

Now, you can enter the time of purchase that you will also get on the same receipt. It is available on the top of the receipt.

  • Step 5: Click on the Red “Start” Button

So, you have completed every single receipt detail requested. You may click on the red “Start” button to continue.

  • Step 6: Give Your Overall Satisfaction Ratings about Kentucky Fried Chicken Store

After that, you can choose the ratings that show your satisfaction level during your visit. For information, the ratings vary from 1 to 5 where 1 is the lowest and 5 for the highest satisfaction.

  • Step 7: Answer All Questions about Your Dining Visit

For the next, you have to answer specific questions about KFC store you visited. You may need to mention the total amount you spent, the menu you choose, and other questions. Well, it is good that you be honest when you answer the questions. There will be some answer options that you can choose to respond the questions.

  • Step 8: Write Kentucky Fried Chicken Feedback

Now, you can write your KFC feedback. In the first place, you know that the goal of the survey is to collect feedback from the customers. In other words, you can freely share critics, suggestions, or complaints. But, you have to pay attention to the limitation as you can only write up to 1,200 characters.

  • Step 9: Submit KFC Survey
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If you think you have done, you can submit KFC survey. For information, if you submit it, you can’t go back to edit your answer.

  • Step 10: Receive KFC Go Cup Coupon

Now, you can receive KFC GO Cup coupon code that appears on the screen. You can use your pen and the receipt. Now, you have the KFC coupon on your hand that is ready to redeem to get a free Go cup. Hurray!

What are My KFC Experience Rewards?

Well, you know that KFC survey rewards are free Go Cup coupons. Here, you can get one coupon for each KFC survey you take. Don’t worry! There is no limit to join the program as long as you are eligible and own the receipt.

For information, KFC Go Cup is one of the best KFC menu on the go. You will get Chicken Littles, Wings pieces, and Extra Crispy tenders. No doubt, you can enjoy the complete snacks as well as fried chicken in one cup. What a nice offer!

How to Take MyKFCExperience Survey if You don’t Have a Survey Code?

Your receipt may be different. You can’t find any survey code on it. Well, you don’t have to be sad. There must be a way to take the survey even if you don’t have the survey code. Here the alternative way you may take:

  • Step 1: Visit My KFC Experience Website

First of all, you can visit the same website that provides the official Kentucky Fried Chicken survey.

  • Step 2: Click on the Blue “Click Here” Link

And then, you can click on the link that says “Click Here” in the middle of the page. It is above the survey code field.

  • Step 3: Enter KFC Store Number

So, you can enter KFC store number that is at the top of your receipt. Usually, the KFC store number has seven digits. You can take a look at the KFC receipt sample on the page.

  • Step 4: Enter the Date on the Receipt

For the next, you can enter the date on the receipt. Well, it is at the left side of the store number.

  • Step 5: Enter the Time of Purchase

Now, you can enter the time of purchase that is also at the top side of the receipt.

  • Step 6: Enter the KFC Ticket Number

And, the last receipt detail is going to be KFC ticket number. You know, you can’t continue to the take the survey if you don’t enter the ticket number correctly. It can be the order number or the four digits ticket number.

  • Step 7: Click on the Red “Start” Button

Before you go to the next page, you have to ensure that you enter the receipt details correctly. If you do, you can click on the “Start” button.

  • Step 8: Complete the KFC Survey Form

Alright! It is good that you complete the survey form. It is the same as the survey in the first place. You have to give your ratings whether you are satisfied or not with KFC service and menu. And, you need also share your feedback like writing less than 1,200 characters complaints, suggestions, critics, and other comments.

  • Step 9: Get KFC Coupon for Free Go Cup

Finally! You get the KFC free go cup coupon code and you can write it on the receipt. If you visit KFC restaurant next time, you can redeem the coupon to enjoy the go cup for free.

Brief Points of MyKFCExperience Rules

So, you can check the rules applied on all KFC survey takers. You can pay attention to certain points before you join the survey. Here you go!

  • Eligible My KFC Experience Survey Participants

Yes, all KFC survey takers need to be 18 years old and also US residents. Indeed, other countries may hold the same KFC survey but they offer different rewards. You can check the Kentucky Fried Chicken survey on your country.

  • Valid KFC Receipt with the 17-18 Digit Survey Code

You know that having the KFC receipt is a must to take the survey and get the free Go cup. As long as you have the valid receipt, you can always join the program. But, you need also know that the receipt has the validation date. You can’t take the survey if the receipt is no longer valid.

  • Finish KFC Feedback Form

If you don’t complete the survey, you won’t be able to receive the KFC coupon. You just have to spend for about five minutes to complete the survey.

  • Don’t lose KFC Coupon

Well, you may have received the coupon and you can redeem it at any KFC stores. But, if you lost the coupon, you will get nothing. For this reason, you would better save it well until you finally redeem it and get the free KFC go cup on your next transaction. Enjoy!

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List of KFC Hours Open/Close and KFC Holiday Hours

Most of you may have no idea when your favorite KFC store open or close. You don’t have to visit the restaurant and take a note the hours. Simply, you can search KFC near me hours online. Here is the important information about KFC hours to know.

KFC Stores Hours of Operation

KFC Hours Today Open/Close Hours
Monday 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

If you see, every single Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants are open every day starting from Monday through Sunday. Yes, KFC opening hours will be at 10:00 AM and KFC closing hours will be 11:00 PM.

KFC Holiday Hours Open/Close

KFC Holiday Hours Open/Close
New Year’s Day open
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day) open
Valentine’s Day open
Presidents Day open
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday open
St. Patrick’s Day open
Good Friday open
Easter Monday open
Cinco de Mayo open
Mother’s Day open
Memorial Day open
Father’s Day open
Independence Day (4th of July) open
Labor Day open
Columbus Day open
Halloween open
Veterans Day open
Black Friday open
Cyber Monday open
Christmas Eve open
New Year’s Eve open
Easter Sunday closed
Thanksgiving Day closed
Christmas Day closed

Now, you can also check KFC holiday hours just in case you want to visit the restaurant. For information, KFC restaurants are open on most holidays. But, on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, most KFC stores are closed. Well, you would better check KFC holiday hours before you visit the restaurant.

Is KFC open today?

Alright! You need to know that KFC is open today. Now, you can visit KFC near me restaurant and enjoy your favorite menu. Are you ready to enjoy the best meals?

What time does KFC open?

Yes, it is clear that most KFC opens at 10:00 AM. Alright, some Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant may open in different hours. You can search KFC hours on maps or call the store number to confirm the KFC opening hours.

What time does KFC close?

Meanwhile, most KFC closes at 11:00 PM. But, it doesn’t close the possibility that KFC stores are closet sooner or even later. You can check KFC closing hours on maps or through KFC store phone number.

KFC Near Me Hours

Well, you can check the latest information about KFC hours by the feature of KFC near me hours. Simply, you can search and search KFC near me hours. Later, you will see the opening and closing KFC hours today. Besides, you can also visit and use the locator to check the information about the location and hours.

List of MyKFCExperience FAQs and Answers

Well, you have got all information you need when it comes to My KFC Experience survey and KFC restaurant. Anyway, if you still have some questions, before contacting the official l team, you can check KFC survey FAQs. You may find your question is the same with most people asked questions. Here you go!

What is a go cup at KFC?
You may be asking the KFC menu items inside the Go Cup. Well, you have to know that each KFC Go Cup has potato wedges and other menu. It can be Cicken Littles® sandwiches, Original Recipe® Bites, or even Hot Wings™, as well as Original Recipe® Boneless.</p> <p>Besides, you may also get Extra Crispy™ Tenders. Yes, you can say that KFC is calling the Go Cup as the meaning is “the perfect on the go snack.” For information, the Extra Crispy™ Tenders Go Cup has 540 calories and 1440 mg of sodium. I bet, you can’t find any better menu than Go Cup to enjoy right now.
How much is the KFC go cup?
Do you know? KFC go cup costs $2.49 and you can get it for free if you take KFC customer survey. For information, KFC has four more Go Cup blueprints. They are 4 Original Recipe Bites, 1 Chicken Littles Sandwich, as well as3 Hot Wings and 1 Original Recipe Boneless Filet. No doubt, you can enjoy all of them with potato wedges. Yummy!
Does KFC have boneless buffalo wings?
You may prefer to enjoy buffalo wings. In this case, you can also get the buffalo wings menu at KFC restaurant. Yes, you will get the one with tangy, not sweet like KFC’s sticky Honey BBQ wings.</p> <p>Here the Boneless Blazin’ Buffalo Wings’ breading is KFC-unique, neither Original Recipe nor Extra Crispy. It is because KFC uses real chicken breasts. And, each piece is shaped differently.
Does KFC still have Chicken Littles?
Of course, you can enjoy this KFC signature flavors. No doubt, KFC Chicken Littles pack a craveable and unmistakable taste. The good news, you can enjoy the menu item at an even better price.</p> <p>You can say that Chicken Littles pack is a KFC menu best seller. Yes, the taste of the menu is impactful, unmistakably crispy, and of course, fresh-from-the fryer. It is also a golden brown crunch that only KFC can provide. Fantastic!
Does KFC sell chicken wings?
Do you know? KFC is selling winglets‚ and not chicken wings. Well, some of you may ever complain about the size of the KFC chicken wings. For information, KFC would not change the advertisement as the chicken wings menu consists of four wing pieces made from two full chicken wings.
How much do you get paid at KFC?
Are you curious about KFC employee salary? Well, Kentucky Fried Chicken hourly pay is going to be AU$11.76 to AU$23.36.
Does KFC still have zinger?
Yes, you can enjoy one of the best KFC menus that are zinger. You can visit KFC near me and order Zinger spicy chicken sandwich. But, in the United States, you have to pay attention to the hours. It is because KFC zinger is not available all the time.
Will KFC bring back the twister?
You know, you can enjoy KFC twister if you like it. Yes, you can find the KFC menu item at all KFC restaurants in the United States.
Can you still get a Double Down at KFC?
KFC Double Down is making a comeback to the U.K. For more information about this unique KFC menu, you can check the official website.

Smart Ways to Search KFC Near Me Locations

Yes, you can search KFC locations in some online ways. Not to mention, they are:

  • KFC Near Me on Google Map
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First, you can visit Google Map and search for KFC Near Me. After that, you can click on a certain store you want. And, the feature will show you the information about KFC hours today, KFC store phone number, as well as direction feature.

  • KFC Near Me on KFC Store Locator

You can also visit if you live in the United States. Or, you can also visit the official KFC websites in your country. And then, there will be a feature of store locator. You can use it by entering your current location like the city and state. Now, you will see the list of KFC locations in your area.

  • KFC Store Locator on KFC App

And, the last, you can use the store locator on KFC Application. For information, you just have to download it for free at Apple Store or GooglePlay. And, you will find a store locator menu that you can use after you log in or sign up.

List of Kentucky Fried Chicken Customer Service Contact Information

If you think you still have something to ask or say to the official team, you can contact KFC customer service. Well, here is the following KFC contact list you can check:

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Head Office Address

1900 Colonel Lane, Louisville, Iowa, United States – 40213

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Customer Support Phone Number

+1 800 225 5532

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Website

So, you know that MyKFCExperience is the official name of KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey that will reward all survey takers free KFC Coupons. As the rewards are KFC Go Cups, you can also call the program KFC go cup survey.

Now, when you visit KFC restaurant, you can keep the receipt. Yes, it doesn’t matter whether the receipt has the KFC survey code or not. You can always use it to take KFC Survey as long as it is still valid.

You can also ask your friends or family to join the program. No doubt, completing KFC feedback form only takes for about five minutes. You can share your opinion about KFC menu, service, and cleanliness of the area. You can take KFC feedback survey more than once in order to get more coupons. Ready to try?

4 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Menu, Price, Taste
  • Cleanlines
  • Staff Friendliness


MyKFCExperience is the official KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey. You can get free go cup if you take the survey. Before you start, you can check brief review of the restaurant and KFC Hours Open/Close.

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  • No limit
  • You can share opinion through the survey
  • The survey is easy to complete
  • You can enjy free KFC Go Cup


  • One receipt is for one survev entry
  • You cant join the sweepstakes if you dont take the survey
  • Store hours may be different in certain location

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