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Hello shopping lovers! If you live in the United Kingdom, you will be familiar with Morrisons. Here we have good news for you. After shopping at Morrisons, you can take part in Morrisons Survey. This survey is also known as Morrisons is Listening. Then, you can access it at As the reward for giving your feedback, you can win £1000 Morrisons voucher.

What is Morrisons Is Listening?

Morrisonsislistening is a survey for shopping lovers at the Morrisons store. Here you can get rewards from them. What’s special here? Well, you are entitled to take part in the sweepstakes with a prize of £ 1000. On this portal, you need to give values for several aspects of the store. They want you to help the store get improved. Because surveys are the right solution to understand the wishes of buyers.

By taking this survey, you will help the store to find out the flaws and tell the problem. If you successfully pass all the survey questions, you can enter the sweepstakes. Well, you don’t need to be afraid of your first survey. Because we want to make sure you finish Talk to Morrison Survey comfortably. If you are ready, let’s start now!

morrisons is listening

morrisons is listening survey is accessible at

Morrisons Store Profile

After you go through the introduction, you now arrive at the profile review section. Now we are back with the best reviews for popular groceries shopping places. Yes Right, we will discuss Morrisons Store. This popular business is developing positively in the UK Bradford Market. If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, you will be familiar with this shop.

Morrisons doesn’t only sell Groceries. If you don’t want to make food, order a menu from them. If you enter their online store, there you can see various household products. You can open the groceries menu first. In this group, you can shop from the needs of your family to their pets. If you like shopping at Morrisons, don’t miss the benefits of Talk To Morrisons Survey.

Here you need to know your favorite store. Morrisons Store has a long history to survive at this point. This review will make it easier for you to get to know the Morrisons system. Not only visitors but new staff also need to read our reviews for their orientation period. Let’s start with the story of Morrisons Store’s business development.

  1. Morrisons in general.

Morrisons is synonymous with freshness, service, and value. They are Yorkshire food retailers for all customers in the UK. Now they still survive by having more than 500 stores. Then they are popular with online home delivery services. Yes Right, customers do not need to come to the store just to choose items. However, customers can use official websites and applications to shop online. In one week they can serve 11 million customers.

  1. Morrisons Store Products.

Here you can find fresh food and ingredients. Then you can buy household needs such as medicines, pet food, children’s toys, etc. They sell Morrisons’ own products. Then they set standards for the quality of these products.

Here you don’t need to hesitate to get your needs. Because they have professional staff to prepare your food. Well, don’t worry about your spending money, because the prices of their products are permanently low. Save your money by shopping at this store.

  1. Their History: Morrisons Business.

So this shop was established in 1988 at the British Bradford Market. The owner of this business idea is William Morrison. He operated this shop until 1952. That year Sir Ken Morrisons controlled several of his father’s kiosks. After 1952, this business experienced positive growth and change.

  • In 1958 they opened a downtown shop. This shop has a price on the product. Then customers can serve themselves.
  • Then the first supermarket was opened in 1961. Here Sir Ken chose Bradford as the location of the supermarket. They sell fresh fruit, meat vegetables, etc.
  • In 1971 they made a new headquarters in Bradford.
  • They sell fresh vegetable products. Then they built a vegetable packaging center in 1976. The name of this vegetable packaging center is Cutler Heights in Bradford.
  • Then in 1980, they opened a fresh food production business. Sir Ken opened this fresh food factory as a subsidiary. This factory has the name Farmers Boy.
  • Their 100th store was established in 1999.
  • In 2011 they opened a business of making fresh flowers. Morrisons Flowerworld stood in the Derby.
  • In 2012 Morrisons made a meat and seafood processing site. Meat processing sites are in Cheshire and seafood production is in Grimsby.
  • 2014 was the year of the birth of the online food shopping system. They can send food to your house.
  • In 2016 Morrisons partnered with Amazon. Both of them make innovative delivery services on the same day.
  • Finally, Morrisons opened a potato packaging Carnoustie factory in Scotland in 2017.
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What are Morrisons Survey and Sweepstakes Rules?

Before you take a survey, read the Morrisons Prize Sweepstakes terms and conditions. In this section, you need to understand sweepstakes rules. They have 17 rule points that you need to read. If you want to read the rules sheet, visit Morrisons Survey portal. Enter in the website search box. Then click on the Prize Sweepstakes Rules link. Here we will review the survey rules simply for you.

  1. If you take part in a sweepstakes program, you agree to comply with their rules.
  2. This survey and sweepstakes are open to residents of the United Kingdom and Gibraltar. Residents who take part in the sweepstakes are those who are 18 years or older. Then Morrisons staff and business partners cannot participate in this program. This rule number two applies to Morrisons staff families who live in one household.
  3. They only have one method for sweepstakes entry. Yes Right, you need to go through the survey stage to take part in the sweepstakes. Here you need to have a unique code from the store to enter the survey page. On the last page, users can enter their identity.
  4. You can only win one prize for one household every year.
  5. You can only enter one entry for one household per period.
  6. They will choose one winner in the last 2 weeks of each month.
  7. Prepare your telephone number and email. Because they will contact the winners through both media. If you cannot answer the notification within 4 weeks, then your victory is canceled. They will choose other potential winners.
  8. They will display the names of winners and counties in the store.
  9. If you win, you have the right to bring Morrisons Vouchers home for £ 1000.
  10. If you are a sweepstakes winner, then you must receive this prize. Then you may not transfer ownership to others. Finally, you cannot exchange vouchers with cash.
Morrisons survey page

Morrisons survey page can be accessed at

What are Morrisons Survey Preparations?

If this is not your first survey, then you will know what we mean. At this stage, you need to have the Morrisons Survey Device. Almost all surveys have the same preparation process. Because they use an online survey system. So you can imagine the device you need to have. After this process, you will arrive at the survey stage. So, this preparation will determine the Morrisons Survey process

you. Read our review for easy survey preparation.

  1. Check your eligibility on the Morrisons Survey.

First, make sure you are eligible for this survey. So you need to look at the rules sheet to see your eligibility.

  1. Prepare the device.

What do you need for an online survey? Yes Right, you need to have a computer device. If you don’t have it, a smartphone can be the right solution. This process does not take long. So make your survey process comfortable by choosing the right device.

  1. You need a browser.

Here the browser is a search engine for the Morrisons survey portal. If the device does not have this software, then you cannot access the survey portal. Well, choose one of the various popular site search software. Google Chrome and Mozilla are two popular browsers that we can recommend.

  1. Stable internet.

Access the Morrisons survey website by using stable internet. If your connection is stable, the website will be ready quickly. Then all your actions in completing the survey will run smoothly. So, this internet connection is the key to a successful survey.

morrisons survey

morrisons survey guideline

What are Morrisons Survey Steps?

Hello reader! thank you for being faithful with our survey instructions. Here we will convey the steps to complete the survey. If you are done with preparations, you can start the survey soon.

You can start the survey keeping in mind your last shopping experience. Morrisons has a variety of products, give your opinion on their products. Then don’t miss to remember the conditions of the place, staff, and other aspects. Here you will need this memory to complete the survey.

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Step 1. Visit the Morrisons Survey official portal.

Access this survey portal using your site search software. The system will work if you enter the site address in the search box. You can find survey portals through keywords and site addresses. Well, you can use morrisonsislistening as a search keyword. Or visit their survey portal at

Step 2. Complete the survey login details.

Congratulations, now you land on the first page of Talk To Morrisons. You can see the receipt to see your visit information. It is because the portal asks you to fill in the blank column.

  1. Enter the Morrisons Entry Code. You need to find a unique code on the receipt sheet. They have a 14 digit entry number. If you want to get help, look at the example receipt.
  2. Enter the date you visited Morrisons Store. Click on the arrow to set the date.
  3. Enter the time of your visit to Morrisons Store. Here they use the hour/minute/ second format. Look at the receipt sheet.

Step 3. Click on the start button.

Once you press this button, you will be able to enter the question page.

Step 4. Answer Morrisons Survey questions.

Here you can move the page using the next button. If you have passed the page, you cannot check it again. So, give an honest answer so you don’t have to regret it.

Step 5. Complete the sweepstakes form.

If you want to participate in Morrison’s sweepstakes, you need to complete the form. Here the portal requires you to enter personal information. They need your name, address, email and telephone number. Make sure that you enter the correct contact information so that Morrisons can contact you when you win this program,

Step 6. Tick the box.

Mark the two revelation boxes to accept the offer and participate in Morrisons’ research. If you do not want to receive any promotional email, you can skip this step.

Step 7. Click on the next button to end the survey process.

Now, you have completed Morrisons Is Listening survey sweepstakes. You just need to wait for the winner announcement. If you win this program, Morrisons will contact you by phone or email.

What are Morrisons Survey Questions?

Below are some of the questions you need to answer on the talk to Morrisons Survey portal.

  • Your overall satisfaction rate with your shopping experience. Choose one of your 5 levels of satisfaction.
  • Rate your satisfaction in some parts of the service in the store.
  • You can remember the availability of an assistant.
  • Ease of shopping at the store.
  • Ease of moving shopping locations.
  • Knowledge of staff who help you.
  • When queuing at the checkout.
  • Quality of fresh groceries and food.
  • The product you need.
  • Price of products in the store.
  • your checkout experience.
  • Service staff for you.
  • Hospitality of staff
  • Cleanliness of shopping places.
  • Product appearance.
  • Did you get a problem during the shopping process?
  • Will you return to the store within 30 days?
  • Fill in the comments field if you have suggestions for repairing the store.
  • Enter the percentage of your shopping budget.
  • Enter 10 reasons for choosing the Morrisons Store as a shopping place.
  • Answer the classification question. Their questions consist of gender, age, and a number of members of your household.
  • Do you want to take part in the sweepstakes?

What is Morrisons Pharmacy?

Morrisons Pharmacy is one of the subsidiaries of Morrisons Company. This retailer focuses on providing free advice about healthy eating and stops smoking issues. So, you can talk to their friendly pharmacists in case you need professional healthcare support. Also, you can purchase any kinds of medicines in this store,

Morrisons Pharmacy also distributes both private and NHS prescriptions. The benefit of visiting Morrisons Pharmacy is that this store can transfer your prescription electronically from the surgery when you have a repeat prescription.

Besides, you also can sign up the program called Free Repeat Prescription Collection. This way, you can ensure that Morrisons always has the medicine that you need. Furthermore, you can collect this prescription at weekends and evenings.

Here are some programs owned by Morrisons Pharmacy.

  • Stop Smoking program.

If you want to consult the way to stop smoking, you can go to Morrisons Pharmacy. Their Pharmacists will be glad to give you the advice to stop the smoking habit. This store also directs you to other helpful services.

  • Weight Loss program.

Morrisons Pharmacy offers the support and the products to support your weight loss program. As the example, you can purchase the slimming supplements as well as dietary drink and food.

  • Healthy Diet Advice.
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No matter your reasons, you need to eat healthily and smartly. People are aware of their diet for lifestyle and medical reasons. This way, you can go to Morrisons to find any right food and other ingredients to support your diet program.

  • Other helpful programs.

This Pharmacy also provides advice to use the counter medications. Then, it gives general advice based on your health condition. Also, it provides detailed information about health support and treatment.

How to Contact Morrisons Customer Service?

If you want to express your feedback or ask some questions, you should contact Morrisons Customer Service. Here they have 4 ways to receive feedback from you. If you have a problem with a shopping visit, contact them this way.

  • Survey

You only need to make a transaction and use your receipt. Then you can answer questions and fill in the comments field. This way you can express your shopping feedback. As a reward, you can win £1000.

  • By email

Here you need to do it through the website page. Visit them at Then click on the letter icon. Select the topic you want to comment on. Enter more card number or complete your identity. Finally, click on the send message button.

  • By phone.

You can contact them on 0345 611 6111. Make sure that you make a call during Morrisons hours.

  • By mail

Send a letter to Morrisons Mailing Address. Enter the subject of your “Customer Service Department” letter. Send a letter to WM Morrison Supermarket PLC. Hilmore House. Gain Lane, Bradford BD3 7DL.

  • Social media

Send direct messages to their social media.

  1. Facebook:
  2. Instagram:
  3. Twitter:

Morrisons FAQs

Can you click and collect at Morrisons?
of course, here you only need to choose a product from the website. Then the system will enter the product into your shopping basket. Well, you can get these items without visiting the store. Amazon partnered with Morrisons to deliver the same day.
How do I complain to Morrisons?
Morrisons has a help desk for you. Contact Morrisons Customer Service by telephone. You can contact them on 0345 611 6111.
Is Amazon taking over Morrisons?
No, it is not. Amazon is not taking over Morissons. They collaborated for home delivery on the same day. They use the Prime Now application to make it easier for customers.
Does Morrisons do home delivery?
Yes, they do home delivery. Here consumers can make orders through their application or website. Then you need to check the zip code to see the Morrisons shipping slot. They can do home delivery in the shipping slot only. Or you can make a pre-order.
What is a Morrisons more card?
Morrisons more card is a card to collect shopping points from customers. Here they need to follow the registration process first. Then card users can get some benefits.
Can you return items to Morrisons?
Yes, you can. But the return of this item has several conditions. First, you can return the item in less than 30 days. Second, you need to make sure the product is in its full packaging condition. Third, you do not lose your shopping receipt. Fourth, you cannot return fresh, frozen, baby food, etc.
Can you use Morrisons more card online?
No, you can’t. You cannot deposit online for Morrisons more card. So, you need to exchange coupons and points at the nearest store.
How do I spend my Morrisons more points?
After you make a transaction, you can collect points through Morrissons more. Here you can use it after collecting 5000 points. Because they will exchange your points for a £ 5 coupon.
What is the minimum spend for Morrisons home delivery?
If you want to use Morrisons home delivery services, then you need to spend £ 40 first.
Are Morrisons online prices the same as in store?
Basically, they sell products online and shop at the same price.

Morrisons Survey Review
4 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Price
  • Product availability
  • Service
  • Cleanliness

Summary of Morrisons Survey

Morrisons Survey is also known as Morrisons Is Listening program. This survey is available at Through this survey, you can share your shopping feedback. Also, you get a chance to win £1000.

User Review
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  • Reasonable Price
  • Provides free health consultations
  • Offers the great prize for survey


  • Unfriendly store attendants
  • Untidy Shelf
  • Need purchase to enter the sweepstakes

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