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Michelin Reward Center

Welcome to Michelin Reward Center Official Portal!

Hello, everyone! Are you passionate in Automotive? Then, you should aware of your tire’s performance. Talking about this part of the vehicle, we will agree that Michelin Performance Tires are highly recommended on every track we pass. Even, this brand offers us Michelin Reward Center Portal. Sure, it allows us to claim any points and reward for every transaction with Michelin Tires Brand.

As always, we are going to share you the complete information about Michelin Tires Reward Center Login. Indeed, you will be easy to access your $70 Michelin Rebate through our simple tips. So, please be sure that you stay on this page, get ready with your notes and enjoy reading!

What is Michelin?

Alright, we are going to start this post with the general profile of Michelin. As all we know, Michelin is a French Tires and Wheels Manufacturer. This company started the operation on 28 May 1889. The founders are Edouard and Andre Michelin. They placed the headquarter office in Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Region of France.

Michelin Tires Official Site

Michelin Tires Official Site is available at www.Michelinman.com

Anyway, Michelin Company is number two of the largest tire manufacturer. This position is one stage below Bridgestone and larger than Goodyear and Continental Tire Brand. For your information, this brand also has several subsidiaries. Not to mention, they are Blackcircles, Tigar Tyres, Booktable and many more.

So that you know, Michelin Tires has the international manufacturing and sales area. Indeed, the United States becomes one of the largest. In this country, Michelin has 19 companies in 16 locations. These companies employ for over than 22,000 people. Meanwhile, the basic office is available in North America.

If you want to get more information about Michelin US, you can visit www.Michelinman.com. Even, we suggest you register a membership account. Yes, it will be useful to upgrade your Michelin Performance Tires or access Michelin Reward Center Login Portal as well.

What are Michelin Tire Products?

Well, Michelin Tire creates and sells every type of tire. Each country may produce different types of the tire. But, in the United States, here the lists of Michelin Products that you can buy, those are:

  • Aircraft Tires
  • Agriculture Tires
  • Earthmover
  • Motorcycle Tires
  • Bicycle Tires
  • Heavy Duty Truck Tires
  • Recreational Vehicle Tires
  • Passenger and Light Truck Tires

What is the Michelin Reward Center?

No doubt, you should be grateful because of being the part of Michelin Tires Customers. Besides the high quality of Michelin Performance Tires, it also treats the customers as well as possible. One of them is about Michelin Reward Center.

Michelin Reward Center

Michelin Reward Center is available at www.TireRewardCenter.com

So that you know, this reward center is one of the official portals of Michelin Company. In specific, this site offers some features where they can claim rewards. Not to mention, they can get 70% Michelin Rebates. Yes, you can claim this rebate after purchase Michelin Tire.

To access this Michelin Reward Portal, you can visit www.TireRewardCenter.com. Even, this portal is available for three kinds of tire brand rebate access. The brand includes Michelin Tire, Uniroyal and BFGoodrich Tire Brand. Each brand may offer a different reward but definitely, all of them will make you happy. Cool!

What Need to Prepare to Access Michelin Reward Center Portal?

So well, it is a great time to prepare all tools then access Michelin Reward Portal. Of course, you need to come to the nearest Michelin Dealers Locations. Sure, you must purchase your required tires as well. Once you have purchased it, here the tools that you must prepare:

Michelin Reward Center Guidelines

Michelin Reward Center Guidelines frorm Tire Reward Center Login Experience

  • First of all, to access the site, sure you will need to have a personal electronic device. Then, you can use your personal computer set, laptop, Smartphone or tablet.
  • Second of all, you should make sure that your device has installed the current version of the internet browser. Even, you can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • For the next, you are able to access Tire Reward Center Portal if your device has a stable and strong internet connection
  • For the rest, you need to own the valid Michelin Reward Username and Password. For the new users, you can start it by registering your new account at TireRewardCenter.com Portal.

How to Register Michelin Reward Center New Account?

Like we have mentioned above, you are better to register your new account and create your personal username and password. To access this process, you should add [email protected] to your contact list. Then, when you have added it, here the steps that you can follow:

  • Step 1# Go to the Site

First of all, you need to prepare all of the helpful tools then get ready to visit www.TireRewardCenter.com Portal. Once you get the site, you can click at “Submitted Online” and tap on “Go” button.

  • Step 2# Submit the Personal Information
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For the next, you can submit the required information to create your new account. In this case, you can submit your complete name, email, mail-in address as well as choose the promotion.

  • Step 3# Give Your Vehicle and Tire Information

And then, you need to submit the detail of your vehicle and Michelin Tires Information in detail. You can get your vehicle document and previous Michelin Tire Receipt to complete the information.

  • Step 4# Submit your Information

For the rest, you need to make sure that you submit the correct information. And, when all is ready, you can click at “Submit”. Sure right now, you can use your registered email and password to access this Michelin Reward Center.

How to Login Michelin Reward Center Official Site?

Alright, here we go! You have been ready with your log in the account then you are able to start accessing Michelin Reward Portal. It is going to be cool if you redeem your points and get your $70 Michelin Rebates. With no talking too much, here the login steps are:

  • Step 1# Get the Site

First thing first, you can prepare all of your devices. And sure, you can go to www.TireRewardCenter.com Portal. Guys, you must remember that this portal is available for three big tire brands. You can click at the “Michelin Rebate” to get Michelin Reward Center.

  • Step 2# Choose the Proper Menu

Of course, you can click at “Submitted Online” and get the Michelin Reward Center Homepage.

  • Step 3# Submit the Login Details

And next, you can type down the correct email and password at the homepage. Like the other login homepage, this section is very sensitive with any additional characters. So, you must be careful as you type the correct codes at the box.

  • Step 4# Log in to Your Account

For the rest, you can check both of your email and password. And yes, you can click at “Log in“, and get ready to check your reward status.

How to Recover the Wrong Michelin Reward Center Login Password?

In some situations, you may lose your login password and cannot check your reward account. Sure, it is easy to recover your password and get the new ones. And, here the steps are:

  • As always, you must prepare all tools then visit TireRewardCenter.com.
  • You can go to “Michelin Rebates” and choose the menu “Submitted Online”.
  • For the next, you will get the login homepage and type down your registered email address.
  • Then, you can click at “Forgot Password”.
  • It will direct you to get a new page where you need to confirm some notifications. Even, you can log in your email account and get your new password.

How to Redeem Michelin $70 Rebates at Michelin Reward Center Portal?

For the next, one of the goals from purchasing Michelin Tires is about to get Michelin Tires Rebate. Even, you can get up to $70 for every tire you purchase. If it is your first time to rebate it, here the simple steps that you can follow and those are:

  • First of all, you can log in your account at Michelin Reward Center Official Page. And as all we know, you can visit TireRewardCenter.com Portal.
  • Once you get your account, you are able to submit your vehicle’s detail as well as the recent receipt from Michelin Company.
  • And then, you can submit your rebate codes at the page. Next, you can submit your complete personal information and wait for the reward.
  • For your information, this process may spend around two up to three weeks until you receive your reward.

How to Get the nearest Michelin Dealership Locations?

Well, when you stay in the United States, it is better for you to shop Michelin Tires at its dealership locations. Sure, it warrants you to get the real Michelin Tires Products. Once you meet the official Michelin Teams, it will be easy for you to ask about your vehicles and the tires indeed.

More than this reason, you are able to get more details about your rewards or get the Michelin Tires Warranties. Even if it is your first time to try Michelin Tires Products, you can use Michelin Dealership Store Locator. Yes, it can help you to get the nearest dealership locations. And, here the ways to access this feature are:

  • Way 1# Access Google Map

All of us know that Google Map is a great app to find out the locations all over the world. Sure, you can visit www.Maps.Google.com or even run the Google Map Application.

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When you get the app, you can type down “Michelin Dealership Locations near me”. Or, you can give the specific states or city where you stay in. Within less than a minute, you will get the list of nearest location. Indeed, the result will show you the detail of Michelin Dealership Hours, mail-in address and the customer service phone numbers.

  • Way 2# Use Michelin Store Locator

The next step is about to visit Michelin Official Website at www.Michelinman.com Portal. At the homepage, you will find a store locator on the left side of the page. At that page, you can type down your state and city or give the zip code. As always, you can click at “Go” and get the detail of locations in a minute.

  • Way 3# Install Michelin Tires App

For the rest, you are able to install this app from Google Play Store and App Store. Once you install the app, you can run the app and get the store locator device. In line with Michelinman.com Portal, you can submit the city and state as well as with a valid zip code.

Despite accessing the store locator feature, this app also helps you to access Michelin Online Order, get the delivery services and many more. As usual, this map is suitable for the Android and Apple Device.

What are the Best Michelin Performance Tires?

Great! No doubt, you will be really satisfied with Michelin Tires Performance. Sure, it will impact on your vehicle’s performance as well. Yet, if it is your first purchasing, you may choose one of these best Michelin Tires Products. And here the lists are:

Michelin Tires Warranty Miles Handling/Braking
Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus 6 Years 45 Miles 7H/7B
Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 6 Years 45 Miles 8H/8B
Michelin Pilot Sport 3 6 Years 20 Miles 8H/8B
Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 6 Years 20 Miles 8H/8B
Michelin Pilot Sport 6 Years 30 Miles 9H/9B
Michelin Sport A/S 3+ 6 Years 45 Miles 8H/8B
Michelin Sport Cup 2 6 Years 10H/10B
Michelin Pilot Exalto 2 6 Years 25 Miles 8H/7B
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 6 Years 30 Miles 9H/10B

About Michelin Tires Prices

If talking about Michelin Tires Prices, you are able to get the detail of price at Michelinman.com Portal. Or, you can contact Michelin Tires Dealership Phone Number to ask about this case. Well, here we resume some few Michelin Tires Prices from several popular dealership locations and those are:

Products Price
Michelin Tires Defender $37.13
Michelin Tires Pilot Sport A/S 3 $58.35
Michelin Tires Energy E3A $70.00
Michelin Tires Primacy MXM4 $72.33
Michelin Tires X-Ice Xi3 $83.84
Michelin Tires Pilot Sport 4S $85.67
Michelin Tires Premier A/S $88.25
Michelin Tires Pilot Super Sport $95.96
Michelin Tires LTX A/S $99.82
Michelin Tires Latitude Tour HP $99.82
Michelin Tires Pilot Sport 3 $101.75
Michelin Tires Energy Saver $103.68
Michelin Tires Primacy XC $201.31
Michelin Tires LTX M/S2 $201.52
Michelin Tires Pilot Sport Cup 2 $206.34
Michelin Tires Latitude Sport $221.61

About Michelin Dealership Hours of Operation

After we know about Michelin Menu Prices, you may be curious with the hours of operation. But still, you are better to locate “Michelin Dealership near me” Location and get the specific hours.

Yes, each of them may apply the different hours of operation. Anyway, here the lists of Michelin Hours from some popular dealership locations in the United States, and here the lists are:

Days Store Open Store Close
Monday 7:30 AM 5:30 PM
Tuesday 7:30 AM 5:30 PM
Wednesday 7:30 AM 5:30 PM
Thursday 7:30 AM 5:30 PM
Friday 7:30 AM 4:30 PM
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

How to Access Michelin Tires Online Purchasing at Michelinman.com?

There are some reasons why you should purchase the Michelin Tire Brand. Not to mention, it offers the free delivery cost, Michelin Tires Warranties and Plans, service partner and online tire customer service portal. So, with no hesitation, here the steps that you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1# Go to the Site

As always, you can visit the official site of Michelin Tire United States. In this case, you can visit www.Michelinman.com.

  • Step 2# Choose the Proper Menu

For the next, you will get the menu “Buy a Tire” and you should choose the kind of vehicle that you are looking for.

  • Step 3# Locate the nearest locations

And then, you can submit your current city and state or even the valid zip codes. Sure, it will show the lists of location and you are able to choose one of the nearest places.

  • Step 4# Complete the Vehicle Information

Of course, you need to give detail information about your vehicle. It is about the brand, types, year as well as your locations. Sure, you will get some lists of the suitable vehicle including the prices. Guys, you should pay attention to the Tire’s details as it is definitely suitable for your vehicle. Once you find them, you can read the information in details and make sure that you understand it as well as possible.

  • Step 5# Check your Cart
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Well, you can click the item and go to the cart. Sure, you are able to get the lists of your order and complete the payment. Even, you are able to use your Michelin Tires Card, Debit/Credit Card or even m-banking.

  • Step 6# Submit the Delivery Address

For the rest, you can “Submit” the order and get ready to enjoy your new tires. It will take several hours or minute. And of course, it depends on the distance as well as the store’s situation.

How to Contact Michelin Reward Center Customer Service Teams?

And for the last, there several ways to get in touch with Michelin Tire Customer Service Teams. As always, you are free to share any questions, complaints or questions about Michelin Reward Program, the gift card options or even Michelin Careers Opportunities. Well, here the ways to contact them are:

  • At first, you can prepare your phone device then call them at 1-866-866-6605.
  • Or, you can visit Michelinman.com. At the homepage, you can scroll down below the side and fond out “Contact Customer Care”. You can click at “Contact us”.
  • Meanwhile, you can write down your letter to Michelin Customer Care Department at PO Box 19001, Greenville, S.C 29602-9001, and the United States.

Anyway, when you want to contact the customer service teams, they are ready from Monday to Friday. Yes, they are available at 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM EST for all channels. Even, you can get the chat and text services at 8:00 PM until 11:00 PM EST only.

Lists of Michelin Reward Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sure, we know that you may have some questions related with Michelin Reward Program. And you are very lucky because we will show you the lists of popular questions about this company. And, here they are:

What is a Michelin Reward Card?
So that you know, Michelin Reward Card is the card that you will receive once you purchase Michelin Tires. You will receive $70 after purchasing new Michelin Brand. It is valid for Passenger and Light Truck Vehicle Type. To check your status, you can visit the Michelin Reward Center at TireRewardCenter.com.
Does Michelin Have any Rebates?
Of course, Yes! You can get $70 Rebate after purchasing 4 new Michelin Passenger or Light Trucks.
How long does it take to get Michelin Rebate?
For the next, you will get your mail-in rebate within 6-8 weeks.
How to Locate Michelin Reward Status via Mail?
When you want to check your Michelin Reward Status via mail, you can access TireRewardCenter.com. You can choose the “Michelin” menu and choose the “Submitted via-mail”. Sure, you need to complete your mail-in details and click at “Continue”.
Is Michelin the Best Tires?
Guys, you should not worry as we can say that Michelin is one of the best tires brands. Indeed, most researches show 71.5 ratings for Michelin Tire qualities.
How much are Michelin Tires at Costco?
Alright, you can check the detail Michelin Tires Price at Michelinman.com Portal. Even, all of Costco Members can get $70 off for four Michelin Tires that they have recently purchased.
What is Michelin Warranties?
You should not worry as Michelin offers the warranties for each tire they sell. Most of them have six years warranties from the date of purchasing.

And, Guys! It is all about Michelin Reward Center that we can share to you. More to say, Michelin is one of the best tire brands in the world. So, you should not worry to purchase Michelin Tires and drive more to explore your more experiences. And, you should not forget to visit Tire Reward Center Portal to check your reward status. Enjoy!

Michelin Reward Center
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  • Price Lists
  • Warranties and Plans
  • Staff Services and Maintenance
  • Rebate and Reward Program

Michelin Reward Center

Michelin Reward Center is the special site from Michelin Tires United States for all the US Customers. You can go to www.TireRewardCenter.com which also accommodates the Uniroyal and BFGoodrich Tire Rebates. Anyway, this site allows them to check their Michelin Reward Status and redeem it as well. One of the best offers is about to claim your Michelin $70 Rebate for any Michelin Tires that you have recently purchased.

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