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marriott employee portal

Hotel business seems to develop rapidly nowadays. The growth of tourism place affects the development of the hotel. No doubt, there are many hotel groups companies spread around the world. One of the most popular hotels is the Marriott. If you work at this hotel, you should be grateful. It is because you can work in one of the best hotels in the world. As the employee, you have the right to access the Marriott employee portal at the 4MyHR portal.

If you are the newly-hired employee at Marriott, you may still not be familiar with a 4MyHR employee portal. This employee website is accessible at For your information, 4MyHR Marriott portal is also known as Marriott Global Source or MGS.

That is why you also can access Marriott employee website at You have to own the valid login credential to enter this portal. So, if you have just been hired by the Marriott company, you have to complete the registration process first. This way, you will have Marriott employee portal login credentials to access your account.

marriott employee portal

marriott employee portal is accessible at

The Brief Profile of Marriott International

If you are working for Marriott International, you have to recognize the company you are working well. This way, you can work with pleasure. Marriott International is a well-known international hotel. This company has many hotel chains worldwide.

For your information, this hotel company is founded by J Willard Marriott and Alice. Both of them is the founder of A & W restaurant. You must be familiar with A & W root beer. This restaurant business grows very well year by year. They also serve the catering for Hoover Airport passengers. The founder of this restaurant then thought to open the hotel business. As a result, they established the Marriott International Hotel in 1957.

The success of this hotel business cannot be underestimated. Marriott International is successful to develop its business worldwide. This is proved by their achievement in sustaining in hotel competition. Besides, they also can acquire other hotels.

In 2016 Marriott International can acquire Starwood Hotels & Resort. No doubt, nowadays, Marriott International owns more than 5700 chains in the world. It also has 1.1 million bedrooms to serve the visitors. Furthermore, Marriott International has 30 hotel brands in 110 countries.

What are the features of Marriott Employee Portal?

As the new user of the Marriott employee website, you may still not know about the use of the portal. Besides, you may not know the features and the benefits of using this employee portal. But, you should not worry since, in this article, you can find out the complete information about Marriott employee portal. In this section, let’s discuss the features of Marriott Employee Login portal.

  • Communication tool.

Marriott Global Source or Marriott Intranet is the media to communicate among the employees. The employer also can announce any important information through this portal. So, you can search the updated information about Marriott company through the 4MyHR portal. Simply log into Marriott employee portal then you can read any information related to your job.

  • Salary information.

Another feature owned by Marriott employee portal is paystub information. You can access detailed information about your salary. As the example, you can view the total salary you get, the deduction, and the tax you have to pay.

  • Marriott Career.

Noone wants the stuck career in their life. When you work at Marriott, you can access the career opportunity in this company. As an example, if you find a better job position in this hotel, you can apply for it through the Marriott Career feature.

  • Marriott Employee benefits.

Working at Marriott will be advantageous for you. It is because this company offers various benefits to its employees. You just need to access the Marriott employee portal to check the benefits that are eligible for you. Also, you can enroll in this benefit. As the example, you can apply for self-development program, financial benefit, retirement program, and so on.

For your information, the Marriott employee website is not just for the current employee. But, the former employees of Marriott International is also allowed to access this website.

  • Check the Schedule.

In order to serve the visitors of the hotel, most hoteliers have to work in shift. Usually, there is three working shift in a day. Then, to check your work schedule, you can access the Marriott employee schedule on this portal.

  • Marriott employee discount.

Another benefit of working at this hotel is that you can get the Marriott employee room discount. With this program, you can save your budget when you stay at this hotel. In case you have a vacation, you can stay at Marriott. Then, you can get a discount.

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What to Prepare before Log into Marriott Employee Website?

Before you access the Marriott Employee website at MGS Marriott Intranet, you have to make the good preparation. There are several items you have to prepare. If you do not make a good preparation, you may be able to face the login trouble. Here are some items you need before logging into Marriott Employee Portal.

  • Electronic device.

Marriott employee portal is the online HR system. So, to access this portal, you have to use the electronic device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. But, it is suggested to use a laptop or personal computer. This way you can explore the content of Marriott employee website in widescreen.

  • Compatible browser.

Your Login device is nothing if you do not have a compatible browser. So, make sure that you install and use the latest version of the browser on your computer. As an example, you can use Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome.

  • Internet connection.

Another crucial item you have to prepare is the internet connection. Your browser will not be able to work without internet access. So, make sure that you check the internet speed before you access 4MyHR. The stable internet access will make you easier to explore Marriott Employee website.

  • Marriott Global Source Login Details.

To reach your account, you have to possess the Marriott Enterprise ID and password. If you do not have these login credentials, you can register yourself at MGS portal.

mgs marriott login

mgs marriott login at

How to Log into Marriott Extranet Portal?

When you have prepared the items above, it means you are ready to access your account at 4MyHR portal. The login process is very simple. You will be able to access your account in less than a minute. Here is the step by step to log into Marriott Employee Portal.

  • Step 1. Visit the official Marriott employee website.

There are several ways to access the Marriott employee website. First, you can type the web address on your browser. This way, you will be directed to the new web address at Besides, you also can reach the Marriott employee portal at then, you can press the Sign In button to access the login portal.

  • Step 2. Provide your Marriott Enterprise ID.

The next, there will appear two login fields you have to fill in. First of all, you need to enter the EID number or Enterprise ID number. If you do not know your Enterprise ID number, you have to ask your manager.

  • Step 3. Enter your password.

The next, you have to enter the correct password on the second field. If you forget your Marriott extranet password, you can press the link under the login section. This way, you can recover your password easily.

  • Press the Sign In button.

The last, after checking your EID number and password, you can press the Sign In button. Then, you can start exploring the features of the Marriott employee website.

That’s all the brief guideline about how to log into The guideline above is the way to access your account by using the EID number and password. Besides, there is another way to sign into Marriott employee website. You can enter this portal by using the security key. But make sure that your security key is associated with your Enterprise ID.

Why Are You Failed to Login by Using Security Keys?

There are several reasons which cause the login failure when you use the security key. First, your security key may not be associated with EID. Also, your security key may be associated with the Admin account. Besides, your certificate is revoked and expired.

This way, you need to renew your security key and the certificate. Furthermore, Marriott employee website may block your security key PIN. This may occur because of the invalid login process. The last, Marriott may disable your security key

marriott password recovery

marriott password recovery

How to Recover 4MyHR password?

Many Marriott employees cannot sign into their account since they forget their password. If this bad thing occurs to you, you can do the simple guideline below to reset your password.

  • Visit Marriott extranet portal.

First, you have to access Marriott MGS login page. You can type or Both web addresses display Marriott employee login page.

  • Click on the link Forgot Your ID or Password?
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The next, you can select the link under the login field. This link is entitled Forgot Your ID and password? Then, you will be directed to the page containing the instruction to reset the password.

  • Click on Marriott Password Management System.

In this page, you can do several activities. First, you can set the new password since you forget the old one. Then, you also can change your password. Last, you can change the security questions.

  • Answer the security questions.

Since you forgot your password, you have to answer the security questions. If your answers are correct, you will be able to set the new password.

What if I Forget Marriott Enterprise ID?

Another problem that usually occurs during 4MyHR login is forgetting your enterprise ID. But, if you do not have EID number yet, you have to contact Marriott HR Department to get it. Here is the way to retrieve your Enterprise ID.

  • Visit Marriott Employee website.

You can access the official website at or Besides, you also can access Then, you can press the Sign In button to reach Marriott login page.

  • Press Forgot Your EID and Password link.

This link will bring you to the EID and Password Help page. This page contains some information about changing the password or look up your EID.

  • Search Your EID.

Since you have registered in MGS Marriott login page, you can look up your EID. You just need to click on EID Look Up password. If you work as a managed employee, you can ask for EID from the Local HR. Besides, if you are the franchise associate, you should contact Marriott administrator.

Then, if you are the owner of the franchise, you should refer to the company approver. The last, if you are the vendors, contractors, or consultant, you should contact Marriott sponsor.

That’s all the way to sign into Marriott extranet portal. If you experience any troubles during the login process, you have to contact Marriott Service Desk soon. You can call them at +1 (240) 632-6000.

What are the Benefits of Accessing Marriott Employee Portal?

Who doesn’t know the popular Marriott hotel? Here J.W Marriott is a popular hotel business in the world. If you work there, then you have the right to get some benefits. Before you use these benefits, you need to access the 4MyHR Login.

This portal is only open to Marriott International Company staff. Staff can find out about the program and the benefits of working from one portal. He is a 4MyHR Login. Well, why do you need to access the Marriott Employee Portal?

  1. Staff can use the communication feature on this portal. So they don’t need to get into trouble to create a discussion group. Here Marriott Email Login will help you contact colleagues.
  2. Get a clear career path. What are you looking for at work? Here you need to find a job with a career path. So they have a good system to improve your welfare. Get job vacancy announcements through Marriott Employee Portal.
  3. Get salary payment details on this portal. So the staff doesn’t need to double check their bank account. Because staff only need to log in to the 4MyHR Login account. There 4MyHR Login displays details of salary and deductions for staff.
  4. Set your daily schedule on this portal. Here you can change or exchange schedules with your team. If you can change the schedule, your work will be more comfortable. Then you can apply for leave through the same portal. Can this feature help you?
  5. Manage your work from home. If you have an online job, then you can open it from home. You only need to remember the account credentials and Dalla !. You can open and continue your worksheet.
  6. You can save data safely. What do you need for the login process? Well, 4MyHR Login has a password and username as a login requirement. So, don’t worry about the security of the data you entered.

Marriott FAQs

Which hotels are owned by Marriott?
• EDITION Hotels • JW Marriott Hotels • The Ritz-Carlton • St. Regis Hotels & Resorts • Distinctive • Bulgari Hotels & Resorts • The Luxury Collection • Ritz-Carlton Reserve • W Hotels • Delta Hotels • Marriott Hotels & Resorts • Marriott Vacation Club • Sheraton Hotels and Resorts • Gaylord Hotels • Le Méridien • Renaissance Hotels • Westin Hotels & Resorts • Courtyard by Marriott • Fairfield Inn by Marriott • Four Points by Sheraton • Protea Hotels by Marriott • SpringHill Suites by Marriott • AC Hotels by Marriott • Aloft Hotels • Moxy Hotels • Marriott Executive Apartments • Residence Inn by Marriott • TownePlace Suites • Element by Westin • Homes & Villas by Marriott International
What is Marriott Bonvoy?
Mariot Bonvoy is a loyalty program for visitors from Marriott International. Before this program, they used the Marriott Rewards name, Starwood Preferred Guest, etc. So in August 2018, they have 3 loyalty programs. But in 2019 they want to create a fresh new identity. Bonvoy comes from the word Bon Voyage. This name means good travel.
Is Marriott Bonvoy free ?
Of Course. Here users only need to do online enrollment. You need to complete the registration form. You need to prepare some information to fill in the form column. 1. Your first name. 2. Your last name. 3. Country / Region. 4. Postal Code or ZIP Code. 5. Valid Email. 6. Make your account password. 7. Read the statement and put a checklist.
Do Marriott employees get discounts?
Yes, you are right. Here they have benefits for Marriott staff. If you use spa services, then you can save 20%. Then you can reduce the discount for merchandise. Here you get a 30% discount. So staff can accept discounts based on position and length of time.
How much does the Marriott hold on your credit card?
Once you check in Marriott Hotels, this hotel will hold on your credit card for the total amount of the room you book as well as the tax. Also, it holds on $50 per day in case of the potential incidental charge.
Do hotel workers get free rooms?
Well, some hotels have a policy of free rooms for their staff. But, not all hotels have them. So if you work at a hotel, you can ask HRD for this benefit program.
Can you live in a hotel if you work there?
If the hotel has many empty rooms, then you can live in a hotel. But, some hotels do not allow living staff in hotels. You need to keep this service only for the guests.
Do Hilton employees get hotel discounts?
Yes, you are right. Do you work at Hilton Hotels? If you work within 10-20 years, then you can use the Go Hilton Family and Friend Tariff.
What is a corner room in a hotel ?
Corner Room is the room that is the earliest or the end. So this room is called a corner room. Some people believe that corner rooms are wider than other rooms. If you want to stay at a hotel, you can choose a corner room. Because accidentally the corner room is the most spacious room than the room in the middle.
What is Marriott member rate ?
Well, if you join Marriott Bonvoy members, then you have several guarantees. First, you will get a minimum discount of 2% on weekdays. Second, you will get a discount of up to 5% on weekends. This price applies only to nonpremium rooms at the lowest public rates. Third, you have the right to get free Wi-Fi. Fourth, members can collect points to get more prizes.
Can Marriott employees use Marriott Rewards?
Yes, you can use this opportunity. If you read the Terms & Conditions sheet, then you will find this rule. There they did not mention that employees may not join this program.
Do teachers qualify for government hotel rates?
No, teachers do not qualify for this program. Here Marriott has a government hotel rates program. On their FAQs page, it states that this guarantee is only open to the government and the military.

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Summary of Marriott Employee Portal

Marriott employee portal is accessible at 4MyHR portal or MGS Marriott Extranet. If you work at one of the hotels owned by Marriott, you have to register on this portal. Then, you will have the right to access any information in Marriott employee Website. After registration, you will get the password to enter this site. You need the EID or enterprise ID and password for login. But, you are also allowed to log into this site by using the security key.

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