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Have you just started your days at Macy’s, Inc.? Congrats! It means you can begin your career in a good place. Even though your job does not look easy in the beginning, you will get used to it if you can adapt as fast as possible. To make your adaptation phase easier, you should have an account on Macys Insite portal. It is because the portal can be a support for you to get your job done without any significant problems.

Also, you can connect to other users on the Macys Employee Connection Portal. By using this Macy’s employee portal, you will be able to access what you need to finish your job duties. For instance, you can access pay stub information, employee benefits, and Macys My Schedule Plus.

With a lot of advantages of Macy’s Employee Portal, you may start wondering how to join this portal. Besides, you probably need to learn how to reset the password of Macy’s account and what to do if you any troubles happen to the account. You will get the answers in this article. So, happy reading!

macys employee connection

macys employee connection at macys insite login page

About Macy’s

Macy’s is a brand of department store chain in the United States. The company managing this business is Macy’s, Inc. the corporate office is situated in New York. The business began when Rowland Hussey Macy opened the first Macy’s location in 1858. The store went as R. H. Macy & Co. and sold dry goods at that time. However, the company decided to turn this brand into Macy’s in 2007.

Currently, Macy’s stores are available in 600 locations located in the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Some of the stores can be found at shopping malls. With those numbers of locations, Macy’s has hired more than 130.000 employees to work for this company.

When you go to Macy’s store, you will various items to complete your house. You may purchase furniture gallery, furniture clearance, furniture for kids, home furniture, furniture for men, and more things. Besides, there are Macy’s Backstage locations inside Macy’s store. Macy’s Backstage is a store providing off-price items. No wonder, you are able to save your cash and enjoy discounts at Macy’s Backstage.

What is Macys Insite Portal

Macys Insite portal is a platform made by Macy’s Inc. to make the work of its Human Resources Division much easier. Handling thousands of employees at the same time can be stressful for Human Resources Division staffs. This is why; every employee of Macy’s Inc. should have an account on this portal to get access about the company updates. They can access it at

When employees have been users of this Macys HR Login portal, they will be able to explore the portal features. For example, they will be able to access Macys My Schedule Plus to find out their working schedules at the company. Moreover, employees can discuss with one another through the portal in case they find any difficulties at work. If employees need information about their paychecks, the portal has provided a feature to show the information as well.

Well, it is not difficult to register an account on Macys Insite employee portal. You just need to see a staff of the Human Resources Division. Then, the staff will register your employee information to the portal. If the registration process is clear, you will receive your employee account credentials which consist of your User ID (Employee ID) and password. After that, you may use the account credentials to log in and enjoy the features provided by the employee portal. Don’t worry about the portal access as you may visit Macy’s In-site for 24 hours.

macys insite

macys insite login steps

Macys Insite Login Steps

Probably this will be your first time to log in as a new user of Macys Employee Login Portal. But, you do not need to think much as this login process may just need 2 minutes of your time. Before you log in, it will be better if you prepare your device and the internet connection. Also, your account credentials will be the things you must have for Macy’s login steps. If you feel you are ready, you can begin the login process now. the following guideline will help you do the login process very easily.

  1. Visit Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal

Firstly, you must visit when you are eager to log in to your Macy’s Employee account. The website address will take you to Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal. when you have been on the right portal, you will see the website address will turn to It means you may continue to do the next login step.

  1. Click Sign In

Secondly, you can click Sign In button. When you see the portal home page, you will see 2 buttons for the login process. The upper button is for Colleague and the lower one is for Former Colleague. This time, you should click the Colleague button as you are an active employee of Macy’s, Inc. Then, it will help you open the Login page of Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal.

  1. Enter Employee ID
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Thirdly, you will see a login section on the login page. You can see there is a blank field in the login section where you should enter your Employee ID. You can enter the 8 digits of the Employee ID. If you do not remember the correct digits, you can take your Employee ID card.

  1. Fill In Network Password

Fourthly, you can fill in the Network Password now. You should put the password in the blank field under the Employee ID part. Try to recheck your password before you end the login steps.

  1. Click Log In

Lastly, you have to click the login button under the login section. if your account credentials are correct, the button will allow you to access your Macy’s In-Site employee account. then, you are free to explore the portal features.

Procedure for Macys Insite Password Recovery

Did you find any problems with your password? You’d better reset it very soon as you will really need it for work. It is not hard to fix this problem. You just need to spare 3 or 5 minutes to recover your Macy’s password by yourself. If you have never done this recovery procedure, you may look at the following steps.

  1. Go to Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal

First, you can go to Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal at If you are eager to change your password, you must be on the website where you can access your employee account.

  1. Click Sign In

Second, you have to click Sign In button for Colleague. After that, the Login page will show up on your screen. Now, you can skip the login section on the page if you want to recover your password.

  1. Press Forgot / Unlock / Change Password

Third, you must press a link of Forgot / Unlock / Change Password. this link is available before the login button. If you click the link, Password Manager page will appear for you.

  1. Complete Account Information

Fourth, you will see that there is a form on the Password Manager page. You can complete the form with some information needed, such as:

  • Employee ID

The Employee ID is a must here because this is a part of your employee account credentials which have been registered on Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal. Enter the 8 digits of this ID on the blank field.

  • PIN

The PIN here means your last 4 digits of Social Security Number. Besides, you may enter the last 4 digits of your Macy’s hire number.

  • Validation

You still need to validate that you are not a robot by clicking to pictures based on the instructions given on reCaptcha section.

Now, you must click the Next button if you have completed the Password Manager form.

  1. Create a New Password

Finally, you must create a new password for your employee account. to make it more secure, you can combine letters, numbers, and symbols as your new password. and it will be a good idea if you save this new password in your note. So, you can check it again next time you forget it. do not forget to try to log in to your Macy’s employee account with your new password. this way, you may confirm if the password has been active or not.

What Can You Access at Macys Insite Portal?

Every Macy’s employee must have a Macys Insite account. Why? Because this employee portal provides various information about your job. This way, you do not need to go to Macy’s HR office to ask about your employment issues. All important information about your job can be accessed through Macy’s employee connection portal. Listed below is some information you can explore at Macys My Insite.

  • Macy’s employee benefits.

One of the reasons you work at Macy’s is because of the employee benefits. This company offers various benefits for its employees. By accessing the Macys Insite login portal, you can view and enroll in the benefits you are eligible for. As an example, you can check health benefits, retirement plans, employee assistance program, career development, and many more.

  • Macys My Schedule Plus.

When you access Macys Insite, you can access Macys Schedule. This way, you are not only allowed to check the upcoming work schedule. But, you also can set your availability to work. Besides, you can apply for the day off.

  • Paycheck information.

Macy’s uses payroll services to distribute the employees’ salary. This way, you may not receive the paper pay stub. In order to see the details of your salary, you can check it at Macys Insite. Then, you can view your hourly payment, bonus, tax, etc.

  • Company’s news.

You will stay updated with Macys company’s news when you log in to Macys Insite employee connection. You can know all the events which will be held by Macy’s.

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Why Should You Work at Macy’s?

Macy’s, Inc. can be a great place to start your career. The working environment of this company is very supportive to explore and develop your skills. It is not surprising that there are a lot of people want positions in this department company. Besides, employees at Macy’s, Inc. may have attractive benefits when they work here. For example:

  1. Flexible schedules

At Macy’s, you can work with flexible schedules. This way, you are able to keep your balance between career and life. Also, Macy’s provides advanced working schedules for its employees. the advanced schedules will let you know when or where you should stand by for the next several weeks. It means you can plan your activities outside of Macy’s without disturbing your working time.

  1. Employee discounts

Everyone likes discounts, right? So, do employees at Macy’s. This is why this company provides discounts for its employees when they need to make some purchases at Macy’s stores. You can pick anything you want at the store and pay for them at less prices. Moreover, Macy’s employees can get coupons at times. This way, you can always save your money while doing your job duties at Macy’s.

  1. Training

Building your capabilities at work will be an awesome experience. Thus, Macy’s, Inc. facilitates training schedules for its employees. So, each employee can upgrade their skills related to their job duties at Macy’s, Inc. the training classes will also improve employee’s leadership skills. With great human resources, the Macy’s, Inc. may improve its qualities to be a better company.

  1. Career Development

Don’t worry about your career development at Macy’s, Inc. The company is ready to let you grow your professional capabilities. It means you will always have chances to improve your career at this department store company. Of course, only eligible and committed employees can be lucky to get these opportunities. So, make sure you have a remarkable contribution to this company.

  1. Involvement

Employees are always involved in every event held by Macy’s, especially on Thanksgiving Parade. At the event, you are able to show your abilities to march in the parade or being a team behind the event.

  1. Other benefits

There will be more benefits that you may receive from this Macy,’ Inc. For example, you will get an opportunity to work at a Fortune 500 company. Besides, health benefits are things which cannot be separated from employees’ working performance. And if you expect good days on your old days, Macy’s, Inc. has programs of retirement benefits for its employees.

What is Macys Employee Benefits?

Many people are interested in working at Macy’s because it offers various benefits. If you are working at Macy’s, you can check all employee benefits at Macy’s employee connection portal or Macys My Insite. Here are some Macys benefits you can get.

  • Health benefits.

Health is the main concern at Macy’s. It is because the company believes that healthy employees can be more productive. That’s why Macy’s provides the health benefits for its employees. To get the details of Health benefits you can get, you have to visit My Benefits section at Macys Insite.

  • Retirement Plan.

If you want to prepare your future life after you are retired from Macy’s, you have to enroll in Macy’s retirement plan. Here, Macy’s offers some programs such as 401 K, Social Security program, and AARP.

  • Employee Assistance Program

Macy’s provides some programs to solve your life issue at work and at home. For instance, it offers counseling and self-improvement program. Macy’s also offers My Total Rewards program.

  • Macys Scholarship program.

Macy’s not only offered the scholarship and education financial aid for its employees. But, It also offers a scholarship for employees’ children.

macys insite login

macys insite login to check My Schedule plus

How to Access Macys My Schedule Plus?

One of the reasons Macy’s employees access Macys Insite portal is to look up their work schedule. Through My Schedule Plus, you can check your daily schedule or working shift. Besides, you also can set your availability to work. Furthermore, you can request the day off in case you have an urgent issue. Here is the step by step to access Macys Schedule.

  • Visit the Macys Insite portal.

Macy’s employee connection portal is one-stop-solution for Macy’s employees. From this portal, you can check and manage your schedule. To access this portal, you have to visit Besides, you also can access this site from then, you can click on My In-site menu.

  • Click on Colleague Sign In.

Since you are the current employee of Macy’s, you have to select Colleague Sign In. It is because Macy’s employee login portal is also accessible for the former employees.

  • Enter Macy’s employee ID.

This employee ID consists of 8 digits in length. Make sure that you enter the correct employee ID number.

  • Provide Macys Network password.
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Enter the correct password to the field provided. If you do not remember your password, you can click on the link under the login section to reset your password.

  • Click on My Day.

Once you can log into Macys In-site successfully, you can use all the features in this portal. In order to access My Schedule Plus page, you have to select My Day menu.

  • View your current and upcoming schedule.

Through My Day menu, you can check your schedule. You are allowed to set your availability for the upcoming schedule. Besides, you can choose the shift as well. If you want to manage your schedule, you can follow this following steps.

  • Manage your schedule.

To start managing your upcoming schedule, you should click on the Availability Menu. Then, you can edit your availability on the desired date. You can select the range of hours you are ready to work. For instance, you can select whether you can work at the opening shift or closing shift. After setting your schedule, you should not forget to save it.

Macys Hours of Operations

Macy’s is open every day. That’s why this company has some working shift. If you are working as the part-time staff at Macy’s, you can choose whether you want to work in the morning or afternoon shift. Just visit My Day menu at Macy’s My Schedule Plus page. In general, here are Macys store hours.

Day Open Hour
Monday 10 AM – 10 PM
Tuesday 10 AM – 10 PM
Wednesday 10 AM – 10 PM
Thursday 10 AM – 10 PM
Friday 10 AM – 10 PM
Saturday 10 AM – 11 PM
Sunday 10 AM – 9 PM

But, you should note that Macys operation hours may vary by locations. So, every Macy’s store may have different open hours. Some stores may open earlier than the normal schedule above. Besides, other stores may close earlier than the normal open hours. Then, you should also know about Macys Holiday hours. Macy’s store is closed on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

Howto Reach Macys Insite Support Center

Do you have inquiries about your employee account on Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal? Or, your employee account got a problem which you are not able to solve? Do not worry!  Macy’s In-Site has provided a support center where you can contact anytime you need helps. These are the ways to reach Macy’s In-Site Support Center representatives.

  1. Phone

If you need fast responses from Macy’s Support Center, you’d better contact the representatives via phone. This way, you can explain the problems directly and get solutions as soon as possible. You just need to dial 1-800-234-6229 when you are eager to reach Macy’s HR Services. Besides, if you have any login issue at Macys Insite, you can call 678-474-2300.

  1. Macy’s In-Site portal

It is possible to find help through Macy’s In-Site portal. There is a feature named AskHR where you can ask some questions about Macy’s employee account. Just send your message to AskHR after you log in to your account.

  1. Mailing

When you prefer to contact Macy’s, Inc. via mailing post, you can send your letters to this corporate office address.

9111 Duke Boulevard

Mason, Ohio, 45040-8999

The United States.

Macy’s FAQs

Does Macy's have medical benefits?
Yes, Macy’s medical benefits include Health, Dental, and vision insurance.
How much discount do Macy's employees get?
Usually, Macy’s employees can get a 20% discount. But, sometimes they only can get a 10% discount for certain products.
Does Macy pay weekly?
Hourly employees of Macy’s will be paid weekly. They will get their salary on Friday.
Does Macy's offer part-time benefits?
Yes. Macy’s offers some benefits for part-time employees. For instance, they can get health benefits, vacation, and store discount.
Does Macy's pay well?
Yes. It can be said that Macy’s offers a competitive salary. For instance, the part-time store associate can receive $11.52 per hour.
How much does a sales associate at Macy's make?
Sales Associate at Macy’s can receive the salary for about $8.61 – $11.52 per hour.
Do Macy's employees get discounts at Bloomingdales?
Yes, the Macy’s employees can get a 20% discount at Bloomingdales.
Does Macy pay overtime?
Yes. Macy’s will pay the overtime for the employees who work more than 40 hours a week.
How Does Macy's card work?
Macy’s card can be used at, Macy’s store, and Macy’s backstage. For the member of Silver or Gold Star Reward, they can earn points only on Star Money Days.

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Summary of Macys Insite

Macys Insite is the employee portal owned by Macy’s, inc. This portal is also known as Macy’s Employee Connection Portal. Here, you can check your salary, schedule, and employee benefits.

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