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logan roadhouse coupons

Loganslistens is Survey owned by Logans’ Roadhouse restaurants. This restaurant creates this survey to increase its service as well as the qualities of the menu. By creating this Logan’s survey, Logans also hears what customers want. It also measures how satisfied the customers towards the menu and service.

Logan’s survey allows all of the participants of Loganslistens survey to get Logans Roadhouse Coupons. To appreciate the survey takers, this coupon is redeemable with a special offer from Logans. The survey is easy and you do not need to allocate a lot of time to complete it. In a few minutes, you can finish the survey and get Logan’s validation code.

The Brief Profile of Logan’s Roadhouse

Logan’s Roadhouse is a well-known restaurant chain that is popular for its steak menus. This restaurant is founded in 1991 in Lexington, the US by Charles McWhorter and Dave Wachtel. This restaurant is also popular with the name Logans Steakhouse. No doubt, it is because the special menu from its restaurant is steak.

This restaurant can run its business very well. As a result, it owns 230 restaurant chains in 23 states. Logans Roadhouse has special decoration at its restaurant. The theme of the restaurant is retro and use the local culture. When you visit it, you will find the free peanut on the table. If you try to enjoy the menu on this restaurant, you should order the grilled steak or other American foods.

logan roadhouse coupons

logan roadhouse

What are the Requirements and Rules of LogansListens Survey?

Before taking part in Logans Roadhouse survey, you have to understand the rules of the survey. This way, you can complete Logan’s survey without any difficulties. As a result, you can earn Logans Roadhouse Coupons easily. Also, you need to prepare the requirements to take this survey. Here is the brief explanation about Logans Listens survey rules and requirements.

  1. The Rules of Logans Survey
  • Logan’s Roadhouse does not ask you to purchase its food or drink if you want to join the loganslistens survey. It means as long as you have Logan’s receipt with a Loganslistens invitation code, you can join this survey easily.
  • Use the Logans Survey invitation code when you have the Although there is no expired date to participate in the survey, it is better to use the survey code as soon as possible.
  • The Logans survey coupons cannot be redeemable for cash. So, You only can claim the special offers from Logan’s Roadhouse. The Logans Listens survey reward may vary. Usually, Logan’s gives free entree as the reward.
  • The Logans Roadhouse coupons are redeemable on the next purchase. It is only valid once. Then, you can get the reward from Logan’s if you buy any item on your next visit.

The rules above are very simple, aren’t they? Make sure that you understand Logan’s survey rules. So, you will be able to complete the Logans survey easily. Then, you can grab Logan’s coupon with ease. Many people outside there expect to have Logan coupons. Hence, you should not miss this easy chance to win Logan coupons.

  1. Requirements of LogansListens Survey

After checking the rules of Logan’s survey, you have to prepare several requirements. If the requirements below are ready, you can start accessing Logan’s survey wherever and whenever you want.

  • Electronic Devices

First of all, you need to prepare your devices. As mentioned before, this survey is available online, so it is important to prepare your devices before you start completing the survey. It is suggested to use a personal computer or laptop to do this. But, using smartphones or tablets is not suggested since both devices cannot display the surveys page better.

Make sure your computer is connected to the internet. This way you can access the survey page easily. Remember that you cannot participate in loganslistens survey offline. So, the internet connection is very crucial in joining Logans Listens survey.

  • Logan’s Roadhouse receipt

When you have got Logan’s Roadhouse receipt the invitation code, you can easily take part in Logan’s survey. It means you do not have to buy Logan’s menu to take part in the Logans survey. For example, you get a Logan’s receipt with the survey code from your family members or your friends, so you can enter the Logans Listens survey.

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The requirement to starting Loganlistens survey is the code. This survey code usually consists of 16 digits of number to enter on the Logans survey page.

  • Understanding Spanish or English

It is a must to have a basic understanding of English or Spanish. Nevertheless, it is not compulsory for you to have a very well ability in English or Spanish because you will have to respond to several simple questions for a few minutes.

loganslistens survey

loganslistens survey can be accessed at loganslistens.com

How to Take Part in Loganslistens Survey

After visiting Logan’s Roadhouse, you can express your feedback through the Logans Survey. Logans Listens survey has simple steps to complete. You will be able to finish it in less than five minutes. So, you do not need to spend much time. Logan’s survey portal does not need many receipt details or information.

To start this survey, you only need to enter the Logans survey code. This survey code serves as the key to enter the survey portal. So, accessing Loganslistens survey without having the survey code number is impossible. Here are the steps you have to take if you want to participate in loganslistens Survey. So, keep on reading this.

  • Step 1. Visit Logan’s survey portal

Before you access Loganslistens survey portal, make sure all the requirements you need are ready. It includes your device completed with internet access. If everything is well prepared, you can open your browser. Then, you can go to www.loganslistens.com.

  • Step 2. Choose the preferred language

On the Loganslistens survey page, the default language is English. But, If you think Spanish is more familiar and easier to you, you can change the language setting by clicking on Español. This link is on the right section of the survey page. When you click it, the website’s language turns to Spanish.

  • Step 3. Enter the Logans Survey Code

On the homepage of Logans Survey website, you will find the blank field on the middle of the page. In this section, you can enter LogansListens Survey invitation code. If you do not know where to find this serial number, you have to look it up at Logan’s valid receipt. Usually, this Logan Survey serial numbers consist of 16 digits. After entering the valid survey code, you should press the Start button.

  • Step 4. Agree to Start the survey.

Once you click on the Start button, you will be directed to a new page asking for your agreement to continue the survey. If you are sure to begin this survey, you have to select the Next button.

  • Step 5. Answer the survey questions.

In a survey section, there will be around 25 questions you have to answer. To give the response for the survey questions, you can give the points to rate the satisfaction level. Besides, in another survey section, you are allowed to explain your feedback clearly in 1200 characters. You have to use this section well. You can express your feedback by giving the complaint or suggestions.

  • Step 6. Record Logans Roadhouse Coupons code.

To thank for your participation in the survey, Logans will reward you a validation code. This code will appear soon after you submit the survey. Make sure that you write down this Logan’s coupon code on your receipt. Then, you have to bring it to your next purchase. This way, you can claim the survey reward from Logans Roadhouse.

Logans Roadhouse Menu and Prices

Menu Price
Shareable Appetizers
Made-From-Scratch Loaded Potato Skins $7.99
Bone-In Wings $9.99
Roadhouse ‘Shrooms $6.99
Fried Pickles $5.99
Nashville Trio (Pick 3) $10.99
Nashville Trio (Pick 4) $13.99
Mozzarella Sticks $6.99
Chips & Queso $4.99
Brisket Nachos $9.99
Salads & Soups
Anything & Everything Salad $11.49
Logan’s Kickin’ Chickin’ Salad $11.49
Roadhouse Salad $13.49
Loaded Potato Soup (Cup) $2.99
Loaded Potato Soup (Bowl) $3.99
Chili (Cup) $2.99
Chili (Bowl) $3.99
Logan’s Famous Baby Back Ribs
Baby Back Ribs (Half Rack) $14.49
Baby Back Ribs (Full Rack) $19.49
American Favorites
Chopped Steak (10 oz.) $11.99
Chopped Steak with Brewski Onions and Sautéed Mushrooms (10 oz.) $13.98
Mesquite Wood-Grilled Pork Chop $13.99
Moonshine Glazed Chicken $12.49
Logan’s Wood-Grilled Chicken $11.99
Country Style Buttermilk Chicken $12.49
Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders $10.99
Country Fried Steak $12.49
Grilled Meatloaf $13.49
Vegetable Plate $8.99
Flavorful Wood-Grilled Steaks
Ribeye (12 oz.) $18.49
Ribeye (16 oz.) $20.99
USDA Choice Sirloin (6 oz.) $10.99
USDA Choice Sirloin (8 oz.) $12.99
USDA Choice Sirloin (11 oz.) $15.49
Filet Mignon (6 oz.) $18.49
Filet Mignon (9 oz.) $22.49
Bone-In Ribeye (20 oz.) $24.99
Grilled Steak Skewers (10 oz.) $15.49
Onion Brewski Sirloin (8 oz.) $14.49
Top Your Steak with Blue Cheese Crumbles, Sautéed Mushrooms, Brewski Onions, or Onion Brewski Style $1.99
Roadhouse Combos
Slow & Smoked Platter (Pick 2) $16.99
Slow & Smoked Platter (Pick 3) $21.99
Filet 6 oz. & Grilled Lobster Tail $24.99
Ribeye 12 oz. & Shrimp $20.99
USDA Choice Sirloin 6 oz. & BBQ Ribs $17.99
From The Dock
Mesquite Wood-Grilled Salmon $15.49
Coastal Carolina Shrimp $14.99
Mesquite Wood-Grilled Shrimp Skewers $14.99
Entree Sides
Rice Pilaf $2.49
Sweet Potato $2.99
Baked Potato $2.99
Fries $2.49
Mashed Potatoes $2.99
Cinnamon Apples $2.99
Sautéed Mushrooms $2.99
Steamed Broccoli $2.99
Grilled Mushroom Skewer $2.99
Grilled Vegetable Skewer $2.99
Premium Sides
3 Cheese Mac & Cheese $3.49
Loaded Mashed Potatoes $3.49
Loaded Sweet Potato $3.49
Loaded Baked Potato $3.49
Loaded Fries $3.49
Garden or Caesar Salad $3.99
Burgers & Sandwiches
Original Roadhouse Burger $10.49
Fried Cheese & Bacon Burger $10.99
All American Cheeseburger $9.99
Spicy Brisket Burger $10.99
Original Roadies $9.99
Peppercorn Bacon Chicken Sandwich $9.49
Lunch Specials
Served Monday-Friday, 11am – 4pm
Roadhouse Salad (Lunch Special) $13.49
Logan’s Kickin’ Chickin’ Salad (Lunch Special) $11.49
Anything & Everything Salad (Lunch Special) $11.49
Choose 2 of Soup, Salad or Potato $6.99
Loaded Potato Soup (Cup) – (Lunch Special) $2.99
Loaded Potato Soup (Bowl) – (Lunch Special) $3.99
Chili (Cup) – (Lunch Special) $2.99
Chili (Bowl) – (Lunch Special) $3.99
Grilled Meatloaf (Lunch Special) $10.99
Mesquite Wood-Grilled Pork Chop (Lunch Special) $9.99
Mesquite Wood-Grilled Salmon (Lunch Special) $12.99
Original Roadhouse Burger (Lunch Special) $9.99
Fried Cheese & Bacon Burger (Lunch Special) $10.49
All American Cheeseburger (Lunch Special) $9.49
Spicy Brisket Burger (Lunch Special) $10.49
Original Roadies (Lunch Special) $8.99
Peppercorn Bacon Chicken Sandwich (Lunch Special) $8.99
Signature Beverages
Hand-Shaken Iced Teas & Lemonades (Full Mason Jar) $3.99
Hand-Shaken Iced Teas & Lemonades (Refill) $0.99
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How to Reach Logans Roadhouse Customer Service?

Taking part in Logans Roadhouse survey is the best way to express your feedback after dining in this restaurant. You can tell the dining experience you have after visiting Logans Roadhouse. It is because, through this survey, you can rate the satisfaction level.

In addition, you also can submit your critics, suggestions, and complain. But, if taking the survey is not enough to express your feedback, you are allowed to contact Logans Customer service. This way, you can voice up your feedback directly.

You also can ask any questions related to Logans Roadhouse. Whenever you want the valid information about Logans Roadhouse restaurant, you can get in touch with Logan Customer Care through the contact below.

  • By phone.

When you have something urgent to ask, you can contact Logans Roadhouse customer care by phone. Simply dial 844 6LOGANS. Besides, if you want to reach Logans employee relations, you can call 877 644 6905. Contacting Logans Customer Service representative staff is the fastest way to get the response. Just make sure that you call them during Logans hours.

  • By mail.

If you like correspondences, you can send your business letter to Logans Roadhouse. Here is the address.

Logan’s Roadhouse, Inc.

3011 Armory Dr., Suite 300



United States – 37204

  • Website

If you want to explore more about Logans Roadhouse restaurant, you can visit its official website at logansroadhouse.com. This portal contains any information related to this restaurant. As the example, you can browser Logans Roadhouse menu, Logans Career, and Logans Roadhouse locations. If you need to contact Logans, you can go to the Contact Us section.

  • Social media.

Nowadays, who doesn’t have social media? Everyone has a social media account. So, you can get the updated information from Logans if you follow Logans roadhouse social media account. You can be informed about Logan’s specials, Logans coupons, Logans promo, and other interesting information. Here is the list of Logans Social Media accounts.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/LogansRoadhouse

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Logans.Roadhouse

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/logansroadhouse/

Logans Roadhouse FAQs

Does Logan's Roadhouse have specials?
Yes, It Does. They have this program on the Offers menu. Well, what do I need to do to get this offer? Here you need to read some information from the Logans Roadhouse website. Visit their official website at logans roadhouse. On the first page, you can see the 4 main menus, click on the Offers menu to get special offers, where they have several special menus.
Does Logan's Roadhouse have a happy hour?
Yes It Does. They have a happy hour. First, this menu is valid for a certain period of time. Second, you cannot use coupons to buy the Happy Hour menu. Third, you can only buy the happy hour menu for the dine-in system. Fourth, you cannot combine happy hour menu purchases with other promos.
Does Logan's Roadhouse have senior discounts?
No, they don’t have discounts for seniors. If you want to get valid information, you can visit the Logan website. logansroadhouse.com. Get special offers via the offers menu. Or you can visit the contact us menu. There you need to contact 844-6LOGANS. Don’t listen to invalid news. Because the information that you can trust comes from their official website.
Does Logan's Roadhouse have birthday specials?
No, they don’t have a Birthday Specials program. But, they invite you to Join the Road Crew program.
How much is Logan's Roadhouse ?
Do you want to visit this restaurant? Alright, we will give you some menu prices at this restaurant. This information will help you manage your budget meal at Logan’s Roadhouse. Let’s see how expensive the menu is in this restaurant? The appetizer starts at $7.99. besides, the main course costs started from $14.49. Then, the dessert costs $2.99. the beverage starts from $3.99.
Does Logan's Roadhouse take reservations?
No, you cannot book a place in this restaurant. Because they don’t offer a reservation system. So, you can come directly to the outlet to order the menu you want. Or you can order online. Visit their website to make orders online.
Does Logan's Roadhouse have rolls?
Of Course, you can order this menu at Logan’s Road House. According to visitor reviews, this restaurant has a delicious taste of rolls. They will serve it at the dinner table, you are hot with butter. So, don’t forget to try the rolls menu here.
Does Logan's Roadhouse have a gluten-free menu?
No, they don’t have a gluten-free menu. But you can still eat at this restaurant. So, you can see the nutritional and allergen menu before making an order.
How many calories are in a Logan's roll?
Do you like ordering Logan’s Rolls ?. Well, maybe you are curious about this menu’s total calories. Here you can get 227 calories in one roll. Then this food contains 11 grams of fat, 28 grams of carbohydrates and 5.2 grams of protein.
Does Logan's Roadhouse offer military discount?
Yes they have. You can see this program on the Offers menu. If you are an official veteran or active military member, this discount is special for you. Here you have the right to get 10% for your order at all times. Before you make an order, show your military ID first.



Logans Roadhouse Review
4.4 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Food
  • Service
  • Atmosphere
  • Price

Summary of Loganslistens Survey

Loganslistens is a customer satisfaction survey held by Logans Roadhouse. So, if you just visited Logan’s, you should keep Logans receipt which contains Logans survey code. With this code, you can take part in Logans Roadhouse Survey. Through this Logans Listens survey, you can share your feedback. As the reward, you will be able to earn Logans Roadhouse Coupons.

User Review
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  • Various menu
  • Affordable price
  • Coupons available
  • Cozy venue


  • Low service
  • No gluten free menu

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