Little Caesars Listens – Little Caesars Survey Steps and Little Caesars Hours


Have you ever thought of having free pizzas for a whole year in your life? It is even so mouthwatering to imagine it, right? Well, it is possible for you now to enjoy pizzas for a year without spending your cash. Just take part in Little Caesars Listens Survey at and responds to some survey questions you read on the survey website.

Little Caesars conducts Little Caesars Listens to find out how satisfied customers are with products and services at Little Caesars restaurant. It means you can share your recent visit experiences to any Little Caesars locations through the survey website. your opinions will help Little Caesars to improve the qualities of its products and services. Your feedbacks for Little Caesars will mean so much that the pizza restaurant will happily grant you pizzas for a year if you can win the sweepstakes of Little Caesars Listens Survey.

If you start wondering about Little Caesars Listens survey and how to win the pizzas sweepstakes, you can just read this article now. Besides, there is more information about the ways to find Little Caesars coupons, locate the nearest Little Caesars restaurants, contact the customer services, etc. Enjoy!

little caesars listens survey

little caesars listens survey for free pizza a year

About Little Caesars

Little Caesars is a pizza restaurant chain managed by Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc. the headquarters of this office is situated in Detroit, Michigan. It is the biggest pizza restaurant with carry-out services and also the 3rd biggest pizza restaurant in the United States. Mike Ilitch and Marian Ilitch began this business in 1959 by opening their first restaurant location in Garden City, Michigan.

This restaurant was known as Little Caesar’s Pizza Treat at the time. A few years afterward, this restaurant started to go as Little Caesars. Currently, there are more than 5000 Little Caesars locations in the United States and other countries, like Latin America, Canada, the Caribbean, Middle East, Australia, and Asian.

Rules of Little Caesars Sweepstakes

Even though you do not have to purchase any products of Little Caesars restaurants for joining the sweepstakes, it is still important for you to know the rules of Little Caesars Listens Survey Sweepstakes. This way, you can understand what you should do or should not do to win the sweepstakes prize. The following explanations will make it clearer for you.

  • Participants

All participants of Little Caesars Listens Survey Sweepstakes will be eligible if they have the conditions below:

  1. 18 years old minimum

Sweepstakes participants must have reached 18 years old at the time they enter Little Caesars Sweepstakes. For those younger than this minimum age, parents and legal guardians may help them to submit their sweepstakes entries.

2. Residents of the United States

Only legal residents of the United States are able to enter the sweepstakes. Participants can be from one of 50 states or the District of Columbia.

3. Not employees of Little Caesars

If you are Little Caesars employees, you are not permissible to enter Little Caesars Listens survey sweepstakes because the targets of the sweepstakes are Little Caesars customers. Besides, employees’ immediate family members and household members are not eligible to participate in Little Caesars Listens survey.

  • Sweepstakes Period

Little Caesars sweepstakes period will start on January 1st, 2019 and finish on December 31st, 2019. There will be 12 monthly entry periods to submit participants’ entries.

  • Entry Methods

There are 2 entry methods each participant can do to take part in Little Caesars sweepstakes. These are the explanations.

  • Online Entry

To join the sweepstakes via online entry, all participants should take Little Caesars Survey. You can do this entry method by visiting the official survey website at Then, you can answer the survey questions given on the website. After you have taken the survey, you may fill in a sweepstakes entry form and provide your contact information, such as your name, home address without P.O. Box, and valid email address.

  • Offline Entry

In case you are in the area without the internet connection, you can still enter Little Caesars sweepstakes by submitting your offline entry. You just need to do this method via mailing post. Winners

Little Caesar’s sweepstakes administrator will select the winners using a random drawing technique. The drawing will be held for every monthly period base on the schedule determined before the sweepstakes start. Each monthly drawing will result in 5 potential winners. Because Little Caesars sweepstakes have 12 monthly entry periods, it means there will be 60 potential winners during the whole sweepstakes period.

  • Prizes

Each Little Caesars Listens Survey winner will receive 52 gift cards from Little Caesars restaurant. Every gift card is redeemable for a pizza worth $10. The sweepstakes winner may use each gift card every week for a year.

little caesars listens

little caesars listens survey steps

Steps to Take Little Caesars Listens Survey

If you have understood how Little Caesars sweepstakes work, you can now gather some prerequisites to do the customer survey. of course, you will need a device with a browser in it. Do not forget to connect the device to the internet. Then, you may prepare a recent purchase receipt which you get from the Little Caesars store. Then, you are ready to begin the survey steps. If it seems a little confusing for you, you may follow the guideline below.

  • Step 1. Go to Little Caesars Survey Portal.
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First, you should go to Little Caesar’s survey portal at This is the only website where you can take part in Little Caesars Listens survey.

  • Step 2. Choose a Language

Second, you can choose a language on Little Caesar’s survey page. You will find 2 language options, such as English and Español. Just one click on the option will turn the whole survey pages into the language which you have chosen. After that, you can click the Next button.

  • Step 3. Select a store

Third, you will see a page with an instruction to select a store based on 2 options.

  1. The first option is by using a ZIP code. You can use this in case you do not have any recent purchase receipts from the Little Caesars store.
  2. The second option will get you to another page where you should inform a Little Caesars store number. It has 10 digits and you will find it on the survey invitation printed on the receipt.
  • Step 4. Answer Little Caesars Survey Questions

Fourth, the page website will take you to the next page where you can answer Little Caesars Survey Questions. All of the questions will require you to recall your latest visit to the Little Caesars store. Make sure you are honest in responding to each question.

  • Step 5. Submit Sweepstakes Entry

Finally, you will be able to submit your sweepstakes entry if you have answered Little Caesars survey questions. You should fill in an entry form with your name, home address, and email address before you can submit it. You are so lucky if you can win the sweepstakes and get free pizzas for a year.

Make sure you do not leave the survey pages for a long time without any activities on it. Otherwise, the screen will show that the time has run out and you should go back to the first survey steps. Moreover, if you find any troubles with the survey website, you can try to contact the website creator at [email protected] or (800) 467 0047.

How to Enter Little Caesars Sweepstakes by Mail

If you do not want to take Little Caesars Listens survey, there is another way to win Little Caesars free pizza for a year. You can enter Little Caesars Pizza sweepstakes by mail. This sweepstake does not need any purchase to enter. These are the procedure to send your offline sweepstakes entry.

  • Prepare the requirements.

First, you must prepare a piece of paper sized 3×5 inches. Then, you also need the writing tool. Besides, you also need an envelope.

  • Write your personal details.

Second, you can write down your contact details on the paper. The details should be your name, home address, email address without P.O. Box, phone number, and birth date.

  • Put into the envelope.

Third, you may put the paper into an envelope.

  • Submit your mail-in sweepstakes.

Lastly, you have to send it to the following address:

“Little Caesars ListensTM Rewards”

c/o HelloWorld, Inc.,

PO Box 5031, Dept. 839076,

Kalamazoo, Michigan, 49003-5031

The United States

Tips to Get Little Caesars Coupons

Need some coupons from Little Caesars? Then, you can try some simple tips below before you go to Little Caesars locations.

  1. Participate in Little Caesars Listens Survey

If you take part in Little Caesars Free Pizza Survey, you will be automatically directed to enter sweepstakes. if you win it, free pizzas for a year will be yours!

  1. Access Little Caesars website

At, you will find a lot of offers posted on the website pages. Make sure you do not miss them.

  1. Subscribe Little Caesars

For updates about Little Caesar’s promotions and offers, you can simply create an account on Little Caesars. Then, you will get news and privileges from the restaurant regularly.

  1. Download Mobile App

Only by downloading Little Caesars mobile app, you will get rewards automatically. Besides, there will be more rewards if you make a purchase through this app.

  1. Follow Social Pages

Do not forget that Little Caesars has social media pages where you can get updates about the store promotions or coupons.

  1. Find Online Deal Sites

You may take advantage of Online Deal Sites when you need Little Caesars coupons. just make sure the sites are safe for you.

little caesars pizza kit

little caesars pizza kit

What is Little Caesars Pizza Kits?

Little Caesars Pizza Kits is a fundraising program to raise the funds for the school or other social organization. It is easy to start this fundraising program. To get started, you can review some important points below.

  • How to register.
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If you want to join the Little Caesars Pizza Kits Fundraising Program, you can register online at Besides, you also can register by phone. Just call Little Caesars Customer Service from Monday to Friday from 8.30 AM – 8 PM. Then, you will get informed about how this program runs.

  • Selling period.

You can start selling Little Caesars Pizza Kits for 2 or 3 weeks. During this time, the sellers can collect the order and the payment. For the more convenient selling, you can use online selling tools.

  • Profit.

You can earn a big profit for your organization. You can earn $6 for every pizza kit sold. This way, you can add up your profit if you sell more pizza dough.

  • Payment method.

You can pay the order by the time the delivery comes. You can pay for the delivery driver. But, you should note that the driver does not accept cash payment. So, you should by using a money order or cashier’s checks. The driver also does not accept the credit card payment.

  • Delivery.

Pizza kits will be delivered to your locations by using a refrigerated truck. So, make sure that your location is accessible easily.

That’s all the brief information about Little Caesars Pizza Kits. If you are interested in joining this program, you have to visit This way, you can explore more information about this program. Besides, you can sign up online at this portal. Furthermore, if you want to ask any questions about Little Caesars Pizza Kit, you can call 1-888-452-5487.

How to Locate Little Caesars Near Me

You may wonder how you can reach the nearest Little Caesars locations in your area. The following information will help you find out the nearest one easily.

  1. Little Caesar Restaurant Locator

Here are some easy steps to use the Restaurant Locator of Little Caesar.

  • Go to

First, you must go to to visit Little Caesars website.

  • Find Your Nearest Location

Second, you can click Find Your Nearest Location button on the website. It will take you to the locator page.

  • Enter Location Information

Third, you have to enter information about your preferred Little Caesar location in the search field. It can be ZIP code, city, or state.

  • Click Search

Lastly, click Search to start the searching process. The results will appear after a few seconds.

Little Caesars Restaurant Locator is helpful to get you information about the store address, phone number, store hours, and directions to go there.

  1. Little Caesar Mobile App

If you have installed the Little Caesar Mobile App in your device, you will be able to locate the nearest store easily. Besides, the app will help you to browse menu, place order online, customize favorite pizzas, and pay for Little Caesar purchases in no time.

  1. Search Engine

It is very easy to use a Search Engine when you need to find Little Caesar near to you. Just type in some keyword related to Little Caesar locations in the search field. Then, you will have the result in some seconds.

Little Caesars Hours of Operation

If you have got the nearest Little Caesars location, you must collect information about the operation hours at the Little Caesars store now. So, you can plan what time you can visit the store. You will understand more about Little Caesars operation hours after you check the timetable below.

Day Open Hour
Sunday 12 PM – 10 PM
Monday 11 AM – 10 PM
Tuesday 11 AM – 10 PM
Wednesday 11 AM – 10 PM
Thursday 11 AM – 10 PM
Friday 11 AM – 12 AM
Saturday 11 AM – 12 AM

As you may see, the timetable above shows the time when Little Caesars store is open and close. Basically, Little Caesars is open 7 days a week. it means you can visit the Little Caesars store every day. But, the operation hours can be different on certain days.

For example, Little Caesars is open at 11.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday. While on Friday to Saturday, the store will start their services at 11.00 a.m. up to 12.00 a.m. the open duration will be a bit shorter on Sunday as the store will be open at 12.00 p.m. until 10.00 p.m.

However, not all Little Caesars store uses the timetable above. Some others have their own operating hours due to some reasons. You’d better check to the local Little Caesars store before you go to the location. Here are some questions related to Little Caesars Pizza Open hours.

  • Is Little Caesars Pizza open today?

Yes. Little Caesars Pizza is open every day. So, you can visit this pizza house whenever you want. Little Caesars Pizza is also open in major Public holidays.

  • What time does Little Caesars Pizza open?
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Little Caesars is open at 11 PM. But, on Sundays, this store opens earlier at 10 AM.

  • What time does Little Caesars Pizza close?

This store is closed at 10 PM. But, on Friday and Saturday, it is usually closed at 12 AM.

  • What is Little Caesars holiday hours?

Little Caesars Pizza is closed at Christmas Day. Besides, this restaurant may be closed earlier in the Christmas Eve. Then, in Black Friday, Little Caesars is closed later than the normal day.

How to Reach Little Caesars Customer Service

Were there any problems you have got at the Little Caesars store? Then, it will be better if you talk about the problems to Little Caesars Customer Service representatives. So, the problems will get resolved very soon. If you feel the urge to contact the customer service, you can try the following ways.

  1. Phone

You may get fast responses if you talk to Caesars Customer Service representatives about the problems you’ve found at the store. To call the representatives, you just need to dial 1-800-553-5776.

  1. Website

Little Caesars has a website where customers may share their feedbacks without making any calls. If you prefer this way, you can visit the official website of Little Caesars at Then, you are able to fill in Little Caesars feedback form with your opinions and experiences.

  1. mailing

for reaching Little Caesar’s customer service via mailing post is also possible You just have to share your feedback on some pieces of papers and send them to address of Little Caesar’s corporate office at:

2211 Woodward Avenue

Detroit, Michigan, 48201

The United States

  1. social media

To contact social pages of Little Caesars, you should have an account on the same platform. This way, you may visit Little Caesars social media pages and leave your comments there. If you need to visit the pages, you can use the links below.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • YouTube:
  • LinkedIn:

Little Caesars FAQs

How long are Little Caesars Pizza Kits good for?
Little Caesars Piza Kit must be refrigerated or frozen. In the refrigerator, it can be stored up to 7 days. But, if you keep this pizza kit on the freezer, it can be stored up to 95 days.
How Long Can Little Caesars Pizza sit out?
Little Caesars Pizza only can sit out within two hours. It is because according to the United States Department of Agriculture, after two hours, the cooked food is dangerous to consume. This food may contain the bacteria which can harm your body. So, it will be better to eat the pizza while it is still warm.
How Much Does a Little Caesars deep dish pizza cost?
Little Caesars Pizza Deep dish pizza costs $8.
How do you make Little Caesar's personal pizza?
Open the resealable pizza bag. Then, place the pizza directly on the oven. You can bake 1-3 personal pizza at the same time. you need to bake it for about 7-9 minutes. Wait until the cheese is melted and the pizza crust is golden brown.
Why is Little Caesars pizza so cheap?
Little Caesar’s pizza is very affordable because this restaurant uses a cheap pizza ingredient. That is why Little caesars can sell the pizza only for $5. Other restaurants may use the premium ingredients for their pizza. No doubt, other pizza restaurants sell the more expensive pizza.
Is Little Caesars Pizza still $5?
Yes. Little Caesars Pizza has a menu called Hot n Ready Classic Pizza. This pizza only costs $5. Besides, you also can try other $5 menu such as Little Caesars Lunch Combo, Classic large Cheese or pepperoni or the sausage pizza.
What is Little Caesars pizza dough made of?
Little Caesars pizza dough is made from the simple ingredients. It is made of the flour, water, sugar, salt, yeast, and oil.
What is Little Caesars extra most bestest pizza?
Extra Most Bestest is the new menu introduced by Little Caesars Pizza. It is a large round standard pizza with cheese and pepperoni topping.
Does Little Caesars make their pizza?
Yes. Little Caesars makes its own pizza dough in-store every day. So, the pizza is always fresh. The pizza sauce is also made from the fresh California tomatoes.

Little Caesars Review
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  • Price
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  • Restaurant's Atmosphere

Summary of Little Caesars Listens Survey

Little Caesars Listens is a guest satisfaction survey held by little Caesars Pizza. You can access this survey at As a reward, you can enter the sweepstakes which offer free pizza for a year.

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