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Kohls Customer Survey

Welcome to Kohl’s Feedback Contest!

How many times do you spend at Kohl’s Store? Sure you are excited to explore all sides of the store because all Kohl’s Sales are always eye-catching. If you have finished your shopping experiences then you feel amazed, happy or even mad, please share your experiences at Kohls Customer Survey.

For that participation, you can get the instant Kohl’s Reward of Kohl’s 10% Coupon discount. We know that you may be not familiar with this kind of survey, but you are in the right place where we are ready to be your guide. Indeed, we will also share the detail of Kohl’s Rewards that you can claim to get an affordable price at Kohls Department Store. Just be sure that you stay on this page and let’s started it!

What is Kohl’s Department Store?

Kohl’s Loyal Customer will need to know the Kohl’s Profile before taking part in Kohls Customer Survey Program. Yes, you should know that Kohl’s is the American Department Store Retail Chain which is held by Kohl’s Corporation. At the first time, Kohl’s was founded by Maxwell Kohl in 1972. The first store is located in the Wisconsin United States.

This day, when you want to visit it headquarters office; Kohl’s still places it in Wisconsin exactly at Menomonee Falls. Do you know? Kohl’s even ever claimed as the largest department store in the United States based on its number of locations in 2003. Since the last 2018, it manages for more than 1,158 Kohl’s Locations across the United States and worked with about 85,000 employees. You can get complete information about Kohls by visiting its official website at www.Kohls.com.

Kohls Official Page

Kohls Official Page is available at www.Kohls.com

What does Kohl’s Sell?

Want to look stylish? Then, Kohl’s is the best place to find out the items that help you out. Indeed, you don’t need to worry about the price because it has everyday Kohl’s Sale. It may surprise you because you can get 20% up to 50% off for some branded products. In general, here the items list that you can shop at Kohls and those are:

  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Footwear
  • Jewelry and Accessories
  • Furniture
  • Beauty Aids
  • Housewares
  • And, Electronics.

What is Kohls Customer Survey?

Then, to improve the performance, Kohl’s creates special Kohls Customer Survey Program which is accessible for all its employees. By taking this program, you will not only support Kohl’s Company but also be able to share your personal suggestions, opinion, feedback, and the Complaints as well.

Of course, all of those are your real experience of shopping at Kohl’s Company. This customer survey program is available online at www.KohlsFeedback.com. Anyway, the basic need to be eligible in this survey is about to visit one of the nearest Kohl’s near me Locations and purchase a product to get a valid Kohls Receipt. Yes, you should aware whether your receipt has two important codes to log in at Kohls Feedback Portal.

Kohls Customer Survey

Kohls Customer Survey Homepage is taken from www.KohlsSurvey.com

What Have to Prepare to Join Kohls Customer Survey Online?

Anyway, there are several items that will support your survey process. Indeed, some of them even become the main requirement to be eligible in winning 10% Kohl’s Coupon Off. So, Guys! Here the things that you need to prepare are:

  • Devices:

First of all, you have to get ready with the devices that will support your survey process. In this case, you will need a computer set, tablet, laptop or a Smartphone is okay. Then, to support its performances, you have to check whether it has installed the current internet version and connected to the strong and stable internet connection.

Kohls Customer Survey Final Questions

Kohls Customer Survey Final Questions from KohlsFeedback.com

  • Participant’s Qualifications:

Once you are interested to take part in Kohl’s Survey, you must ensure that you are legal residents of the United States, 18 years old and more, do not a part of Kohl’s Company or even being their family’s members.

  • Kohl’s Receipt

For the next, the basic need to take Kohls Feedback Survey is about to own the valid Kohl’s Receipt. For your information, this receipt will contain Kohl’s Store Number as well as Kohl’s Store Survey Codes as the key to access Kohls Customer Survey Questionnaires.

But, you have to remember that this survey code will get expired after 48 hours of the last shopping. Even, each receipt is valid for one entrance per participant only. If you have two or even more receipts, it is better to use that coupon on different days.

How to Take Kohls Customer Survey?

Alright, you have completed all of the requirements and it is time for you to start taking Kohls Customer Survey. Yes, you need to switch on your phone then following these simple survey steps:

  • Step 1# Get the Official Site
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Once you have been ready with your device and it is better to go online to the official site of Kohls Feedback Survey Portal. And as all we know, you can go to www.KohlsListens.com or even KohlsFeedback.com. To enhance your information about Kohls Customer Survey, you can read the terms of policies by tapping on the “Privacy Policy” menu.

  • Step 2# Select the Language (Optional)

If you are not confidence using English survey version, you are able to change it into Spanish. And as usual, you can click at “Espanol” button.

  • Step 3# Submit the Survey Codes

For the next, it is the crucial section where you need to submit Kohl’s Store Number and 12-digit of Kohls Customer Survey Access Code. But don’t worry! You will be easy to find those codes printed out on the bottom side of your receipt paper.

  • Step 4# Take the Survey

Well, you can start taking Kohls Customer Survey. In this section, you will get two parts of the survey questionnaires. You know, you will get the close-ended and open-ended questionnaires as well. Of course, you need to complete both of them with your honest shopping experiences.

  • Step 5# Write down the reward codes

And then, you must be happy because you will get a chance to enjoy 10% Kohl’s Coupon Discount. You will get a reward code appearing at the screen once you have completed the survey questionnaires. At this time, you must take your writing utensil then write the codes on your receipt.

  • Step 6# Redeem your Reward

For the rest, now you have Kohl’s Reward Codes and it means that you can redeem it with 10% Kohl’s Coupon Discount. But, you should know that there are several rules to redeem your reward and here they are:

  1. You can use your coupon codes at the same Kohl’s Locations like your previous visit.
  2. That coupon discount will get expired after 14 days of the last survey entrance.
  3. You cannot redeem that code with cash or even with the other Kohl’s Products.
  4. The redemption process is valid for one coupon per participant only. So if you have more than a coupon, you are obligated to redeem it in the separate days.

How do I Complain about Kohls?

Just in case you are not interested to take Kohls Customer Survey, there are several ways to share your complaint to Kohl’s Corporate Office. Sure, Kohl’s will appreciate it because you have supported them by sharing your complaints. Then, of course, Kohl’s team will respond to it and revise its performance as quickly as possible. Well, Guys! Here the ways to complain Kohls:

  • First of all, you are able to call Kohl’s Customer Care Phone Number at 855-564-5705. They are available within Kohl’s Business Hours of Operation.
  • Second of all, you can visit Kohl’s Customer Care Portal at Kohls.com. On the “Contact Us” menu, you can find a page where you can type down your complaint, suggestion or even personal opinion about the previous Kohl’s Performance.
  • For the next, you are able to call Kohl’s Headquarter Phone Number. In this case, you can prepare your phone devices including the balances. And, they are available at 262-703-7000. Same with the customer care hotline service; you can get them within Kohl’s Business Hours of operation.
  • In many cases, the customers get problems on their local Kohl’s Locations. If you want to get a fast response and see the improvement as well, it is better to meet the manager on that local Kohl’s Locations and share your problems on them. If it is difficult to get them, you can call Kohl’s Customer Service on your local states. To get their phone numbers, you can locate “Kohl’s near me” and submit your previous Kohl’s Locations.
  • For the rest, it is the most interesting way to share your complaint with Kohls. And, it is about to take part in Kohls Customer Survey Contest at KohlsListens.com. Through this survey entrance, you will get a chance to win 10% Kohl’s Coupon Discount.

Lists of Kohls Customer Survey Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of you may have a question related to Kohl’s Department Store or even Kohls Customer Survey Contest. Then, you are very lucky because we resume all of the questions of the lists below:

Can I Email Kohls Customer Service?
Unfortunately, Kohl’s Department Store does not provide customer service by email. But more than this way, you are able to contact Kohl’s Customer Care Phone Numbers via phone by calling them at 855-564-5705.
Does Kohls Live Chat?
When you cannot email Kohl’s Department Store, you should not be sad because you are able to get Kohls Live Chat and share what your hopes to Kohls. To get their live chat portal, you need to visit Kohl’s Official Website at www.Kohls.com, choose the menu “Contact-us” and go to “Chat Now” then be free to type down your questions. Even, this Live Chat feature is available from Monday to Saturday at 6:00 AM until 11:00 PM and On Sunday at 9:00 AM until 10:00 PM CST.
How Long does Kohls Refund?
Basically, Kohl’s accepts the refund for both of the online and offline ways. Even, each location may have various return policies. To get the detail rules, you are better to visit www.Kohls.com and go to “Customer Service” menu and choose the “Return Policies”. Anyway, Kohl’s Department Store will post your refund to the credit card you used for the purchase. Then, you will get the refund on your account within seven days. Even, this timeframe may be different in the sake of banking processing times.
Does Kohl’s Give Cash Refunds?
Yes! You are able to get a cash refund or even exchange Kohl’s Item that you have purchased because of the wrong size or colors. But, the main qualification to get this cash refund is about to own the original Kohl’s Receipt. Even, that receipt must be not over than 48 hours of the last purchasing. Anyway, if you have paid with check, then Kohl’s may give you a Merchandise Credit, Cash or even a Corporate Refund. Even, you can get this Kohl’s Merchandise Credit based on the discounted lowest of the 13-week sale price of the item that you have recently purchased.
How Many Times Can You Return to Kohls without a Receipt?
To experience the best shopping experience, you are better to purchase Kohl’s Credit Card and get a lot of benefits as well. One of them is about to get a flexible time to return your previous purchasing. Indeed, there is no time restriction on it with no receipt required if you purchase with your Kohl’s Card within the past 12 months. Otherwise, when you lose your receipts then you need to make a return; it is very risky because not all Kohl’s Locations accept it. Even, you can try to go to the previous Kohls Locations and settle for store credit or even make an exchange on your previous purchasing.
How to Return Kohl’s Online Order to a Kohl’s Store?
Anyway, taking the in-store return is the quickest way to receive your refund or credit. Simply, you only need to bring the item and your purchase invoice to any Kohl’s Locations near you. Just in case you lose your receipt, you don’t need to panic because you only need to login to your Kohls.com Account and print out your previous Kohl’s Purchase invoice.
Can Kohl’s Store Credit be Used Online?
No, you are not able to use that credit online but you have to use it at any Kohl’s Locations. Otherwise, you are better to use your Kohl’s Merchandise Credit because it is usable for both in-store and online store order.
Does Kohl’s Merchandise Credit Expire?
Yes, you have to remember that each Kohl’s Merchandise Credit has several limits time on the redemption. Somehow, it will get expired after a week, 14 days and up to a year period.

How to Return Kohl’s Online Order via Mail?

Don’t have time to get Kohl’s Department Store Locations? Well, you should not worry because you can send them via mail. But, you have to know that Kohl’s does not pay for that return shipping. Then, to return your previous items via mail, here the steps that you must follow:

  • First of all, you have to log in to your Kohl’s Shopping Account at Kohls.com.
  • The second, you can check your previous purchase invoice details. Of course, you need to print out that paper.
  • And then, you need to pack your items included with your order invoice as well as with a return form that you have filled out before. Put all of that stuff inside of a sturdy box.
  • For the next, you can ship your package to Kohl’s Locations where you have purchased your items. Even, you can ask about the tracking number to Kohl’s Customer Care.
  • For the rest, you can check your return status on your Kohl’s Shopping Account. And get ready to get your refund. Anyway, you should remember that Kohl’s does not accept the mail-in exchange. In other words, you need to visit one of Kohl’s Locations and get an exchange.
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How to Access “Kohl’s near me” Locations?

For the next, it is going to be cool if you guys visit one of the nearest Kohl’s Locations and enjoy your shopping experiences. But, it may be difficult if you have ever visited Kohl’s Locations before. Anyway, it is not a big problem because you can access “Kohl’s near me” features that will help you finding out Kohl’s nearest locations. Anyway, you have three simple ways to locate these nearest Kohl’s Department Store and here the details are:

  • Way 1# Access Google Map

First of all, you are able to visit www.Maps.Google.com or even run Google Map App. Then, you need to type down your nearest positions including the city and state. To make it specific, it is better for you to submit your postal codes. Like usual, this map will give you the lists of Kohl’s Locations with the detail of Kohl’s Mail in Address, the local customer service phone numbers, as well as Kohl’s Hours of Operation.

  • Way 2# Use Kohl’s Store Locator

Second of all, you are able to use Kohl’s Store Locator that is accessible at www.Kohls.cm Portal. On this page, you can choose the menu “Find Location”. Same with Google Map instruction, you have to type down your city and state.

Of course, you can give the valid postal codes as well. You can tap on “Search” and the lists of Kohl’s Locations will appear on your screen. Sure, you will get the details of mail-in address, hours of operation as well as the local customer service phone numbers that you can call.

  • Way 3# Install Kohl’s App
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When you need to get the simple way to shop or even get in touch with Kohl’s Locations. And, it is about to install Kohl’s App from Google Play Store or even the App Store for the App users. Once you have installed this app, you can locate Kohl’s near me locations, access Kohl’s Online Order as well as get the refund on your previous purchasing.

What are Kohl’s Careers?

So, Friends! Are you interested in fashion? Then you are better to work at Kohl’s Corporate Office and be a part of Kohls Team. Kohl’s Careers Opportunity is available for Stores, Corporate, Distribution, and Internship Job Position. Sure, working at Kohls is a great idea where you can get a lot of benefits. And, here the lists are:

  • Medical and Dental Coverage
  • Merchandise Discount
  • Paid time off
  • 401 (k) Plans
  • Fitness Centers and Gym Discount
  • Associate Groups
  • Adoption Assistance

How to Access Kohl’s Employee Portal?

Anyway, to ease the employee’s job, Kohl’s Corporate Office offers Kohl’s Employee Portal which is available at www.Kohls.Okta.com. Inside of this employee portal, you can access the various features that can support your work. For example, you can manage your online work document, access the Kohl’s Employee Benefits as well as contact Kohl’s HR Teams. Then, to get into the site, here the steps that you can follow:

  • Step 1# Get the Site

First of all, you need to prepare your electronic device, the current version of the internet browser as well as the current version of the internet connection. And when all is ready, you can go to www.Kohls.Okta.com Portal.

  • Step 2# Submit the Login Details

The second, you are able to submit your Kohl’s Okta Employee Username and the valid password. Just make sure that you submit the characters carefully. If you fail to get the site, you need to check your login details and somehow, it can be from your incorrect username or password.

  • Step 3# Get ready to Explore the Site

At last, you can click at “Login” then enjoy exploring Kohl’s Employee Portal features. Even if you have some problems related to Kohl’s Corporate Office, you can call them via phone at 262-703-1515.

So, Friends! It is all about Kohls Customer Survey step by step processes, a few details of Kohl’s Corporate Office and the simple steps to access Kohl’s Employee Portal. Thanks for reading our post and see you at Kohls!

Kohls Customer Survey
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Kohls Customer Survey

Kohls Customer Survey is the digital survey contest which is held by Kohl’s Department Store. This survey contains several questionnaires about Kohl’s Staff Services, product’s quality, and the overall customer’s shopping experiences. You can visit www.KohlsListens.com and win 10% Kohl’s Coupon Discount instantly.

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