Jewel Osco Survey – Win $100 from Jewel Survey and Check Jewel Osco Hours

jewel osco survey

Who is going to reject a gift card worth $100? We guess nobody would. So, if you have a chance to win a $100 gift card from Jewel Osco store, will you take it for granted? You’d better think twice about it before you answer it because it is very easy to win the prize. You just have to take part in Jewel Osco Survey and share your feedback to the store.

You are free to tell about your recent experience at Jewel Osco store, either it is a good or bad one. Or, you may give your opinions about the qualities of the store services and products. then, the management team of the Jewel Osco store will take your feedback on Jewel Survey as a way to improve the store qualities. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to enter the Jewel Osco survey sweepstakes to win a Jewel gift card worth $100.

If you are interested to be a participant of the Jewel Osco survey, you may read this article. Also, you will find some beneficial information about some tips to find Jewel Osco coupons, Jewel Osco locations, Jewel Osco hours, and some more things about this store. Enjoy!

jewel osco survey

jewel osco survey is accessible at

Jewel Osco Company Profile

Jewel Osco is a supermarket chain in the United States. the corporate office is located in Itasca, Illinois. In 1899, Frank Vemon Skiff started this business by offering coffee door by door in Chicago, Illinois. This delivery service developed really well and Mr. Skiff decided to build Jewel Tea Company with his brother in law named Frank P. Ross. The services run under this company started in 1902.

Only in a year, they could provide 6 routes of delivery services. in 1915, there were 850 routes managed by Jewel Tea Company. After that, the business had expanded into several grocery stores. currently, Jewel Osco has 187 stores in Chicago, Indiana, and Iowa. This company now belongs to Albertsons, Inc.

jewel osco survey

jewel osco survey steps

Steps to Take Part in Jewel Osco Survey

To take the Jewel Osco Survey without any obstacles, you should prepare some things needed for the survey. You can start it from the device. You may use any possible device as long as you have installed a browser in it. then, you must have an internet connection because Jewel Osco customer survey requires you to participate in it online. and do not forget the purchase receipt you got from Jewel Osco store. the receipt is important to allow you to access the website of Jewel Osco survey.

Now, you may begin the steps to take part in Jewel Osco customer survey. You will only need to spare 5 until 10 minutes to finish the survey. the following guideline will help you do it.

  • Step 1. Go to Jewel Osco Survey portal.

First, you should go to the website of Jewel Osco customer survey. You will be able to reach the website at for your information, the Jewel Osco store used to hold its official survey at but, this old website address does not provide a customer survey for Jewel Osco customers now.

Well, the new website address will let you view the Jewel Osco survey website managed by Albertsons store. furthermore, you can access the Jewel Osco survey website at and click a button to Take Online Survey provided on the official store website.

  • Step 2. Select a Language

Second, you can select a language which you prefer the most. this Jewel Osco survey website provides 2 languages, such as English and Espanol (America Latin). You can click a language button and a drop-down field will appear. You may choose one of the languages in the field.

  • Step 3. Fill In Survey Code

Third, you need to fill in the survey code in the upper blank field. this code is only available on Jewel Osco purchase receipt with a survey invitation printed on it. So, if you find survey code on your Jewel receipt, you’d better use it very soon before it gets expired. You may look at the receipt example attached on the survey home page

  • Step 4. Enter Email Address

Fourth, you must enter your email address in the provided field after you have typed in the survey code. Make sure you use your valid email address. This way, Jewel Osco survey administrator will be able to contact you in case you win the Jewel Osco survey reward. if you have done this step, you can click the Next button to go to the question pages.

  • Step 5. Answer Jewel Survey Questions

Fifth, you can answer the questions given by Jewel Osco customer survey. the questions are about your recent visit experience at one of Jewel Osco store locations, such as product qualities at the store, friendliness of the Jewel Osco employees, store arrangement, departments you visited, and several questions about the shopping time. besides, there are more questions for classifications purposes, like age and gender.

  • Step 6. Submit Jewel Osco Survey
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Finally, you are able to submit the survey. this can be your chance to enter Jewel Osco survey sweepstakes. if you can win the drawing, you will get a free gift card which the value of $100.

Tips to Get Jewel Osco Coupons

Are you looking for quality products at affordable prices? Do not worry. You will find those things at Jewel Osco store locations. Moreover, you can still save your cash if you have coupons from Jewel Osco. So, how can you find the coupons?  Just check the tips below.

  1. Participate in Jewel Osco Survey

If you take part in Jewel Osco customer survey, you will have a chance to participate in its drawing. The rewards for this drawing is a Jewel Osco gift card worth $100.

  1. Access Jewel Official Website

You may access the website of Jewel Osco at this website is a good source if you want fresh promotions and updates given by Jewel Osco for customers.

  1. Check Jewel Osco Weekly Add

Jewel Osco has a weekly ad which will share products prices and discounts during the weeks. Every Jewel Osco store location may have different weekly ads. So, make sure you get updates about the weekly ad in the nearest Jewel Osco store location.

  1. Sign Up J4U eClub

Jewel Osco has an eClub named J4U (Just For U). This program will help you find savings with Coupons & Deals. the total savings that you may get here is $300 each week. Besides, you are able to earn points. Then, you may redeem the rewards to get discounts on groceries or gas. You may register for J4U eClub through Jewel Osco official website.

  1. Download Jewel Osco App

The mobile app owned by Jewel Osco will also give you ease in finding coupons. of course, you must register if you are eager to use this app. After the registration has been successful, you will be able to add J4U digital coupons in the app. After that, you can redeem the coupons using this app when you shop at Jewel Osco store locations. Moreover, this app has a feature that will enable you to personalize your coupons and sort offers from Jewel Osco.

  1. Follow Social Media

When you follow social media pages of Jewel Osco, you may find promotions and updates from the store. if you are lucky, you will find posts which will inform you about the newest coupons of Jewel Osco.

  1. Find Online Deal Sites

The internet will help you find a lot of online deal sites which offer you special coupons Jewel Osco. But, you have to be careful when you decide to use this method as some sites are not safe at times.

What is Jewel Osco MyMixx?

Jewel Osco MyMixx is a customer loyalty program held by Jewel Osco. If you sign up this program, you can earn Jewel Osco coupons and rewards. The more frequent you make transactions at Jewel Osco, the more reward you can earn. But now, MyMixx is turned to Jewel Osco Just 4 You. The concept of these programs is the same. Here are the benefits of joining Jewel Osco Just For U.

  • Earn Jewel Osco Coupons.

You can save more at Jewel Osco since you can find more than 300 coupons each week. You can browse the online coupons at Jewel Osco App. Besides, you also can get the coupons at Jewel Osco website.

  • Get special deals.

You will be able to get special deals that othet customers can’t. Jewel Osco usually provides the weekly deals for the members of Just for U program.  This way, you can save your shopping budget.

  • Earn points.

Every time you make transactions at Jewel Osco, you will be able to earn the reward points. You have to collect these points. Then, you can redeem the discount at Jewel Osco groceries. Besides, you also can earn a gas reward. This way, you can get the discount at Shell or other participating gas stations. Every reward point you have is redeemable with 10 cents off per gallon.

Jewel Osco Just For U

Jewel Osco Just For U

How to Sign Up Jewel Osco Just 4 You?

If you are interested to join the Just 4 You program, you have to access the Jewel Osco website. It is because Jewel Osco only provides the online registration method. The sign-up process is very easy to complete, in less than 5 minutes, you will be able to be a member of Jewel Osco Just For U program. Just follow the step by step below.

  • Visit Jewel Osco official website.

First of all, you have to access the official site of Jewel Osco. This website is accessible at

  • Click on Just For U option.

At the top menu bar of the Jewel Osco website, you will find several menus. For instance, you will see Just for U, Shop, Your Store, Recipe, Pharmacy, and Weekly Ad. Simply click on Just for U to access the registration page.

  • Press the Sign Up button.
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Since you do not have Just For U account yet, you have to click on the Sign-Up button to create an account.

  • Fill In the registration form.

You have to fill in the registration form by entering your personal information. Here are the details you have to provide.

  1. Full name.
  2. Telephone number.
  3. Email address.
  4. Postal Code.
  5. Jewel Osco local store.
  • Create a password.

Then, you need to set up a password. You will use this password to access your Jewel Osco Just For U account.

  • Read the privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions.

Then, you need to review the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy. After that, you can tick the box to show your agreement.

  • Press the Create Account button.

You can submit this registration form by clicking on the Create Account button. Then, you have to verify your account by checking your email. Jewel Osco will send you a link via email. Click on this link to verify your account. Then, you can try to log into Jewel Osco Just For U account by click on Sign In button at Jewel Osco website.

Now, you have Jewel Osco Just For U account. Then, you are free to explore and use any online coupons available at Jewel Osco website. Besides, you also can start earning the reward points on your next shopping time.

How to Locate Jewel Osco Near Me

Jewel Osco always has something interesting to offer. So, if you need to go for grocery shopping at the nearest Jewel Osco location right now, you can try to find the nearest one using these simple ways.

  1. Jewel Osco Store Locator

It is not difficult to use Jewel Osco Store Locator. The procedure will be helpful for you.

  • Go to

First, you must go to Jewel Osco official website at

  • Click Location Icon

Second, you may click Location Icon provided on the upper right part of the website home page. Or, you can click the Change button to find the nearest store only by changing the ZIP code. The Location Icon will help you open the page of Jewel Osco Store Locator.

  • Enter Location Detail

Third, you can enter the location detail in the search field. You may use the city or state.

  • Select Filters

Fourth, you may select some filters to make find stores with certain facilities, such as grocery stores and fuel stations.

  • Click Search

Lastly, you can click the Search button to let the store locator work.

Jewel Osco Store Locator is a tool provided on Jewel Oscoo website to locate the nearest store location. with this locator, you will find some information, such as Jewel Osco store location address, phone number, store hours, and store features. You can also get details about the Pharmacy stores and phone numbers.

  1. Jewel Osco Mobile App

The mobile app launched by Jewel Osco is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. if you have installed it, you will be able to find Jewel Osco store location near to you. Moreover, this app will help you to find saving ways, create a shopping list, get rewards, etc.

  1. Search Engine

The search engine in your browser will be able to find the closest Jewel Osco stores easily. You only need to type in some keywords in the search field. then, the results will come out after some seconds.

 Jewel Osco Hours of Operations

Now, you should know about the store hours at Jewel Osco store as well. this way, you will know when you can come for shopping at the store location near to you. the timetable below can make you understand more about Jewel Osco store hours.

Day Open Hour
Monday 6 AM – 12 AM
Tuesday 6 AM – 12 AM
Wednesday 6 AM – 12 AM
Thursday 6 AM – 12 AM
Friday 6 AM – 12 AM
Saturday 6 AM – 12 AM
Sunday 7 AM – 9 PM

You can see from the timetable that Jewel Osco Store will be open every day. The store hours will start at 6.00 a.m. until 12.00 a.m. from Monday to Saturday. It will be different on Sunday because the store will be open in a shorter duration at 7.00 a.m. up to 09.00 p.m. But, you have to notice that Jewel Osco store hours may vary by locations. So, you should check the operation hour of the local store by accessing the Jewel Osco website.

Here are some questions related to Jewel Osco open hour.

  • Is Jewel Osco open today?

Yes. Jewel Osco is open every day. This store is also open in major public holidays.

  • What time does Jewel Osco open?
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From Monday to Saturday, Jewel Osco is open at 6 AM. But, on Sundays, Jewel Osco is open later at 7 AM.

  • What time does Jewel Osco close?

From Monday to Saturday, Jewel Osco is closed at 12 AM. But, on Sundays, Jewel Osco is closed earlier at 9 PM.

  • What is Jewel Osco holiday hours?

If you want to visit Jewel Osco on holidays, you have to check Jewel Osco holiday hours. Besides, during holidays, Jewel Osco may have different open hours. Please note that Jewel Osco is closed on Christmas Day. Besides, on other holidays, this store may be open later and closed earlier than the normal hours. Here are the examples of Jewel Osco holiday hours.

Christmas Eve: 7 AM – 6 PM

New Years Eve: 7 AM – 9 PM

New Years Day: 7 AM – 10 PM

Ways to Contact Jewel Osco Customer Service

When you have bad shopping experiences at Jewel Osco store, you may share about it all to Jewel Osco customer service. This way, you may find better visit experience next time you go to the Jewel Osco store. here are some ways to contact el Osco customer service.

  1. website

the website address of  Jewel Osco store is You will be able to contact the customer service by visiting the Customer Support page. then, you can just complete a feedback form provided on the page.

  1. phone

for fast responses, you’d better call Jewel Osco customer service via phone. these are the numbers that you may contact.

  • Retail Store or Corporate: 877 276 9637
  • Non-Media Inquiries: 630 948 6000
  • Jewel Accessibility Support: 1 877 635 4833
  • Media or Press: 630-948-6068 Or (877) 276 9637
  1. mailing

you may get help from Jewel Osco customer service via mailing post. You can simply write down your feedback and send the letters to this address.

Customer Support Center

S. 10501, PO Box 29093

Phoenix, Arizona, 85038

The United States

In case you are eager to contact Press and Media via mailing post, you may send your letters to the address below.

Public Affairs Department

150 E Pierce Rd

Itasca, Illinois, 60143

The United States

  1. social media

why don’t you use your social media account? You may leave your comments on Jewel Osco social media pages. the links below will help you reach  Jewel Osco pages.






Jewel Osco FAQs

What is MyMixx at Jewel?
MyMixx is a reward program held by Jewel. You can register this program online at Jewel Osco website. Then, every time you check out, you can enter MyMixx account number. This way, you can earn the discount and reward from Jewel Osco.
How do I use jewel gas rewards?
First, you need to visit Shell or other selected gas station. Then, select Reward and Fuel Reward when you are prompted at the pump. Enter your Alt ID before paying the transaction. The last, you can insert your debit or credit card to complete the payment.
How do I use MyMixx coupons?
When you checkout, you should enter your phone number on the keypad. This way, you can earn $5 off every $50 transaction. Do not forget to load the My Mixx online coupon through the mobile app before using it.
What are jewel gas rewards?
Every time you make a purchase any items at Jewel Osco, you can earn the gas reward. You can redeem this reward at Shell. You can redeem two gas rewards to save 20 cents per gallon instantly.
Is Jewel Osco owned by Kroger?
No, Jewel Osco is the competitor of Kroger.
Are Safeway and Jewel the same?
These two stores are different. But they are under the same management. Albertsons is the parent company of Safeway and Jewel Osco.
How many Jewel Osco stores are there?
There are more than 180 Jewel Osco stores.
How many employees does Jewel Osco have?
Jewel Osco operates more than 180 stores. This way, this company employs more than 265.000 people nationwide.
Who founded Jewel Osco?
This company is founded by Frank Vernon Skiff.
How old do you have to be to work at Jewel Osco?
To be able to work at Jewel Osco, you should be at least 16 years old.
What is the starting pay at Jewel?
The average salary of Jewel Osco associates is for about $10.74 – $11.56 per hour.

Jewel Osco Review
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  • Price
  • Service
  • Store condition

Summary of Jewel Osco Survey

Jewel Osco Survey offers $100 reward for you. You can take Jewel Survey to share your shopping feedback nd experience. This way, you can help Jewel Osco to be better.

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