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Do you need to decorate or renovate your house? Going to Home Depot during Home Depot hours can be the perfect solution. In this store, you can find various products of home improvement. So, you can purchase any products you need to make your house nicer. You should not worry about the price. It is because Home Depot offers a lower price than its competitors.

It is necessary to check Home Depot hours and Home Depot holiday hours before you visit this store. This way, you can know the time when Home Depot is open and closed. You can shop comfortably when you know Home Depot store hours. Just scroll down this page to find out the Home Depot hours of operation in common days and holidays.

Besides, on this page, you also can find a way to locate Home Depot near me. Also, you can review the tips to save on Home Depot. The tips presented below will really help you to get the best price and save your money when you go shopping at Home Depot. Happy reading.

home depot offers

home depot offers

Home Depot Profile

Everyone must be familiar with Home Depot. It is one of the biggest home improvement retailer companies in the US. Home Depot is headquartered in Cobb Country, Georgia. In the beginning, the first store is located at in Marietta, Georgia. The founder of this store is Ron Bill, Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, and Pat Farah. Established in 1978, Home Depot can develop the business well.

Nowadays, there are more than 2000 Home Depot chains not only in the US but also in Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. In order to run these stores, Home Depot employs more than 40.000 people. The friendly and professional staff of Home Depot will be ready to serve you when you go shopping at this store.

What products can you find at Home Depot? If you want to review all the products offered, you can visit its official website at homedepot.com. Here you can check and review the wide range of home improvement products. For instance, you can find home appliances, gardening equipment, houseware products, cleaning supplies, or decoration.

Home Depot Hours

Before visiting Home Depot store, you need t check Home Depot Hours. So, you will be able to know what time Home Depot is open and closed. It is recommended to visit this store soon after it is open. So, you will have a long time for shopping and choosing the products you want. The list of Home Depot hours can be seen on this following time table.

Day Home Depot Hours
Monday 6 AM – 10 PM
Tuesday 6 AM – 10 PM
Wednesday 6 AM – 10 PM
Thursday 6 AM – 10 PM
Friday 6 AM – 10 PM
Saturday 6 AM – 10 PM
Sunday 7 AM – 8 PM

From the timetable above, we can see that Home Depot hours of operation from Monday to Saturday is 6 AM to 10 PM. Besides, on Sundays, this store is open later and closed earlier. On Sundays, Home Depot is open at 7 AM. Besides, it is closed at 8 PM.

However, you should note that Home Depot hours may vary by locations. It means every Home Depot chain may have a different schedule or operating hours. So, before you decide to visit one of Home Depot store, you have to confirm Home Depot hours by calling the local store’s phone number. You can get the list of Home Depot phone number at its website.

In order to present more info about Home Depot hours, here are some questions related to Home Depot store hours.

  • Is Home Depot open today?

Yes, Home Depot is open every day from Monday to Sunday. So, you can go to this store whenever you want. But, you should remember that Home Depot is closed on several holidays. For instance, this store is closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

  • What time is Home Depot open?

Home Depot is open at 6 AM from Monday to Saturday. Besides, on Sundays, Home Depot is open at 7 AM.

  • What time is Home Depot closed?

From Monday to Saturday, Home Depot is closed at 10 PM. But, on Sundays, this store is closed earlier at 8 PM.

  • Is home depot open on Thanksgiving?

Unfortunately, Home Depot is closed on Thanksgiving.

  • Is Home Depot open on Christmas?

Unfortunately, Home Depot is also closed on Christmas. But, you still can go shopping at Home Depot during the Christmas Eve.

  • Is Home Depot is open on Easter Sunday?

Yes, Home Depot is open on Easter Sunday by using regular Sunday hours.

  • Is Home Depot is open on the Independence Day?
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Yes. Home Depot is open on 4th of July.

home depot hours

home depot hours

Home Depot Holiday Hours

When the holidays come, it is the right time to clean and decorate your house. Perhaps, you need some gardening tools, cleaning supplies, and home decoration stuff. In this situation, you can go to Home Depot to get everything you need. But, before you go there, you have to check Home Depot hours of operation during the holiday.

It is necessary to check Home Depot holiday hours since this store may be closed on several holidays. Besides, on a certain holiday, Home Depot may adjust its operating hours. This store may be open late and closed earlier. The list of Home Depot holiday hours can be seen on this following timetable.

Holiday Open/Close Holiday Open/Close
New Year’s Day Open Labor Day Open
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day) Open Columbus Day Open
Valentine’s Day Open Halloween Open
Presidents Day Open Veterans Day Open
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Open Thanksgiving Day Closed
St. Patrick’s Day Open Black Friday Open
Good Friday Open Christmas Day Closed
Easter Sunday Open Christmas Eve Open
Easter Monday Open Day After Christmas (Dec. 26) Open
Cinco de Mayo Open New Year’s Eve Open
Mother’s Day Open Father’s Day Open
Memorial Day Open Independence Day (4th of July) Open

From the timetable above, we can see that Home Depot is still open on major holidays. Home Depot is only closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Besides, on other holidays, this store may adjust the hours of operation. Sometimes, Home Depot is open late and closed earlier.

You need to contact the local store to check Home Depot operating hours on holidays. It is because every store may have different policy about the operating hours on holidays. It is recommended to visit Home Depot during Labor Day and Black Friday. On these holidays, Home Depot offers great sales. So, you can get the products you want at a lower price.

How to Search for Home Depot Near Me

In case you need to shop for home improvement goods, you can go to Home Depot near me. It is easy to find Home Depot locations near me. It is because this store has a large number of chains in the US. You can even find this store in other countries such as Canada and Mexico.

If you want to go to the nearest Home Depot store, you can follow the tips below. Here are three possible ways to locate Home Depot store near me.

  1. Home Depot Store Finder.

First, you can use the Store Finder feature at Home Depot website. Just enter your location, the website will locate the closest Home Depot location around you. Home Depot website does not only present the maps and direction. But, it also shows the store details such as store features, Home Depot hours, and phone number.

Here are the steps to use Home Depot Store finder.

  • Visit the official website of Home Depot at homedepot.com.
  • Click on the Store Finder menu.
  • Enter your current location including the zip code, city, and state.
  • Apply the filter to specify the store location.
  • Press the Search button.
  1. Home Depot App.

The second method to locate Home Depot near me is by using Home Depot App. You can download it from Play Store or App Store. having Home Depot Mobile App will make your shopping easier. You can search for the Home Depot location easily. Besides, you can review the products and shop online.

  1. Google Maps.

The last method you can try is by using Google Maps. Just enter the keyword Home Depot near me. Then, the maps will show the direction to the nearest Home Depot store. Besides, you also check the Home Depot review and Home Depot hours.

home depot app

home depot app

What are the Features of Home Depot App?

As stated before, you can shop easier when you have Home Depot Mobile App. This application has many features that make your shopping faster and easier. What can this application do? You can review the Home Depot App features on this following explanation.

  • Voice Search.

You can find the product just by saying the name of the product. You do not need to type the name of the items you search for. This way, you can save your time.

  • Image Search.

In case you do not know the name of the products you need, you can search by image. Just take the picture of the product. Then, Home Depot App will help you to find this product.

  • Barcode Scan.
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When you are at Home Depot store, you do not need to ask the store attendant about the details of the products. Just scan the barcode, then you can review the product’s details.

  • 3D Visual.

Before you decide to purchase a certain product, you can review the product using augmented reality feature. So, you can see the detail of the products from many angles.

  • Shopping list.

You can start listing the products you need. This shopping list can help you to purchase the right products for your project.

What is Home Depot Pro Xtra?

Home Depot Pro Xtra is a membership program for the contractor or professional. You can register your company to become Pro Xtra member. Then, you can save and get a discount when you make a bulk order. This offer is only for professionals. You cannot register as the individual.

There are many benefits when you become the member of Home Depot Pro Xtra. These are some advantages you can get.

  • Saving time and money.

You can order online or by phone. Then, you can pick it up within two hours in-store.

  • Applying commercial credit easily.

You can expand your business by equipping yourself with the credit option.

  • You can get the bulk pricing.

You can get the bulk price when you order in large quantity. You can save more when you order plywood, drywall, insulation, concrete, and many other products.

  • Renting some products.

You can save more since you do not need to purchase the certain products. You can rent the items you need from Home Depot.

  • Earning Home Depot coupons.

You can get Home Depot coupons to save your budget.

How to Save Your Money at Home Depot?

Who does not want to save money when go shopping? Everyone will try to find a way of saving when they are shopping. If you want to visit Hoem Depot, you need to review the saving hacks below. This way, you can save your budget. Are you ready to save more at Home Depot? Check this out.

  • Sign Up Home Depot Email.

You can sign up promotional email from Home Depot. Then, you will get $5 off coupon. You can register your email at the Home Depot website.

  • Search for Home Depot Coupons.

You can find Home Depot coupons at its official website or the third-party websites. You can save up to 40% when you use Home Depot coupons.

  • Join the Home Depot Garden Club.

When you sign up the Garden Club, you can get $5 off for your next purchase. But, you should spend at least $50 to get this discount.

  • Use Home Depot Military Discount.

Are you a veteran or active-duty military member? You should be glad since Home Depot offers a 10% military discount. Just present your military ID card when you checkout to get the discount.

  • Purchase Home Depot gift cards.

You can purchase the discounted Home Depot gift card online. Then, you can use this gift card to shop at Home Depot.

  • Visit Home Depot Saving Center.

You can review the discounted products at Home Depot Saving Center page. You can access it at https://www.homedepot.com/c/Savings_Center. There are some categories of saving you can review. For instance, you can check Home Depot Special Buy, Hoem Depot Today’s Saving, Home Depot OverStock, Home Depot Bulk Price, and many more.

  • Visit Home Depot Rebate Center.

Here, you can search for and apply for the manufacturer rebates. Usually, you can use the rebate after you purchase certain products. But, you can try to search for the rebates before you buy the products.

  • Go shopping during the Labor Day and Black Friday.

During the Labor Day, Home Depot usually offers a big discount for home appliances products. You can save up to 40% and get a free delivery service.

  • Use Home Depot Price match.

Before you go to Home Depot, it will be better if you learn the Home Depot price match policy. This way, you can match the price of the products at Home Depot with other competitors. Usually, you can save up to 10%.

How to Contact Home Depot Customer Service

In case you need some information related to Home Depot, you should contact Home Depot Customer Care soon. Besides, you also can express your feedback after shopping at this store. Here are some possible ways to get in touch with Home Depot Customer Service.

  • By phone.
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If you want to talk directly to Home Depot Customer representative staff, you can contact them by phone. You can dial 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337). Make sure to reach them during Hoem Depot hours. This way, you will get an instant response.

  • Live Chat.

The second way to contact Home Depot is by using the live chat feature at Home Depot website. Just visit Home Depot official website at www.homedepot.com. Then, you will be able to find the Live Chat menu at the right section of the page. In order to start chatting, you need to provide your name and email address.

  • Feedback form.

Do you want to voice up your feedback, complaint, or suggestion to Home Depot? You can use Home Depot feedback form. To submit this form, you need to access the Home Depot website. Then, you can click on the Feedback menu available in the right section of the homepage.

  • Social Media

If you want to keep updated about Home Depot, you should follow its social media account. This way, you will be the first person to know about any offers from Home Depot. Here are the lists of Home Depot Social media accounts.

Twitter: @HomeDepot.

Youtube: The Home Depot.

Instagram: @homedepot.

Facebook: @homedepot.

  • Home Depot Email Address.

Besides, you also can send your inquiry via email. Just send your message to [email protected]

Home Depot FAQs

What time is Home Depot closing?
From Monday to Saturday, Home Depot is closing at 10 PM. Besides, on Sunday, this store is closed earlier at 8 PM. Furthermore, you should note that Home Depot is also closed in some holidays such as Christmas, New Year Day, Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day, and Easter Sunday.
Is Home Depot open on Labor Day?
Yes, Home Depot is open both offline and online store on labor Day. In order to check Home Depot Hours during the Labor Day, you should contact the local store.
Can you order online from Home Depot?
Yes, You can order any products online at the Home Depot website. Then, you have two options of getting the products. First, you can pick it up at the local Home Depot. Besides, you also can use the Home Depot delivery service. This way, you just need to wait for the goods sent to your home.
Will Home Depot honor online pricing?
Home Depot is one of the stores which allow the price match. This way, you can compare the price of Home Depot products to its competitors. If you can find the lower price, you can get 10% off. But, this offer is only for in-store purchase. You cannot match online pricing.
Will Home Depot refund if price drops?
Yes, you can bring the product you purchase or get the refund within 14 days of your purchase. But, you have to present your receipt. This way, you can re-purchase the product at the lower price as the price drops.
Can I use a Home Depot store credit online?
In order to process the payment, you can use Home Depot credit card or gift card for online or in-store purchase. But, you cannot use Home Depot store credit card online. It is because the cashier needs to verify your store credit. It is linked to your driver license.
Can you negotiate at Home Depot?
Yes, you can negotiating at 20% off the products’ price offered. Then, you should be prepared to meet the price in the middle. To negotiate the price well, you have to understand Home Depot price match policy. You can match the price of products to other competitors. This way, you can get the product you want at a lower price.
What discounts does Home Depot offer?
One of the discounts offered by Home Depot is the military discount. The veterans and active-duty military members can get 10% off. Just present your military ID card when you make a transaction at Home Depot. Besides, you also can place your order online and get the discount by calling Home Depot Customer Care at 1-800-430-3376.

Home Depot review
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Summary of Home Depot Hours

Before you visit Home Depot, you should check Home Depot Hours. This store is open from Monday to Saturday from 6 Am to 10 PM. Besides, on Sundays, Home Depot operates from 7 AM to 8 PM.

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