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Welcome to Home Depot Employee Self Service Portal

How many of you are working at Home Depot Company? Then, how long have you been working over there? It should be fun because your company has prepared many things to treat its employees as well as possible. Do you know? Home Depot Incorporation even guaranteed all of its employee’s welfare through the whole-life incentives.

You can ask your coworkers who have planned for retirement. Even, they don’t need to worry because they are still eligible to access Home Depot Employee Login Portal and claim the various retirement benefits. Therefore, you are definitely lucky as you can access Home Depot Employee Self Services Portal and ease your work as well. Anyway, we are here to guide you accessing this employee portal successfully. Get ready!

What is Home Depot?

So, before starting the Home Depot Employee Login Guidelines, it is glad for us to share the general Home Depot’s Profile at first. Yes, most of you may know that Home Depot Incorporation is the American Home Improvement Suppliers.

This company operates some stores which sell the construction products, tools, home supplies, and home improvement services as well. In 1978, Bernard Marcus and some of his friends opened the first Home Depot Store in Marietta, Georgia. Then, it became the largest home improvement store surpassing Lowe’s Company in 1989.

the Home Depot

the Home Depot Portal is available at www.HomeDepot.com

Right now, Home Depot operates more than 2,286 stores across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Even, it has moved the headquarter office to Atlanta Store Support Center, Cobb Country, Georgia, the United States.

Indeed, it becomes the number #23 of the Fortune 55 Ranking of the largest United States Corporation because of the total revenue. More than it, Home Depot also becomes the number five of the largest private company in the United States which has employed over than 413,000 employees.

What do Home Depot Sells?

Alright, Home Depot Company operates more than two hundred stores which are available in the US and some other countries. Then, each of the stores sells all of the home improvement products likewise:

  • Tools
  • Builder Hardware and materials
  • Home Appliances
  • Lumber and paint
  • Plumbing and Flooring
  • Garden supplies and plants.

What is Home Depot Employee Login?

Alright, you have known what your company’s profile is and it is fun to be the part of one of the largest American company. Sure, a great company means a great benefit for you as well. Yes, Home Depot even launched Home Depot Employee Self Services Portal to ease the employee’s work.

Sure, this portal has some helpful features such as Home Depot Pay Stub, schedule, Kronos Time and Attendance and many more. To access this portal, each employee must access the Home Depot Employee Login System. Of course, this login process aims to verify whether they are the authorized users or not.

Home Depot Employee Login

Home Depot Employee Login Homepage is accessible at www.MyTHDR.com

Anyway, Home Depot Employee Self Services Login Portal is accessible at www.MyTHDR.com Portal. Once you get this site, you need to submit your valid User ID, Password as well as verifies Home Depot Store Number where you are working at.

Meanwhile, the new Home Depot Employees can contact the manager or even the HR Department to ask about this ESS Login Credential numbers. Beside of the current employees, MyTHDR.com Portal is also accessible for the Former Home Depot Employees. Sure, they can claim MyTHDR Benefits as the incentives of their loyalties at Home Depot Company. Cool!

Home Depot Emplployee Login

Home Depot Emplployee Login Self Service Portal at MyTHDR.com

What Need to Prepare to Access Home Depot Employee Login?

Cannot you wait for accessing Home Depot Employee Self Service Login Site? Wait, Guys! There are several important tools that you must prepare. Even if you miss them, we cannot assure that you can pass the login process peacefully. So, with no wasting too many times, here the tools are:

  • At first, it is important to use your personal electronic device. Then, to perform the best ESS Portal Features and Displays, we suggest you use a set of computer, laptop or tablet instead of a mobile phone.
  • The second, before accessing MyTHDR Login Portal, it is better for you to check your internet browser. In this case, you must ensure that your device has a current version of Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or even the Internet Explorer.
  • After making sure about the browser, you also need to check the internet connectivity. To make it great, you have to connect to the strong and stable internet connection.
  • For the rest, it is important because it is the key to access the Home Depot Employee Self Services Login Portal. Yes, you must own the valid User ID and password.

How to Access Home Depot Employee Login Portal?

And now, it is a great time to start accessing Home Depot Self Services Login Portal. You have prepared all of the helpful tools then here the simple steps that you can follow:

  • Step 1# Go to the Proper Site
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First of all, you can switch on your electronic device then get ready to visit www.MyTHDR.com Portal. Once you get the homepage, you will see the complete features and benefits of Home Depot Employee Portal. Before entering to your account, it is better to read these details carefully.

  • Step 2# Get the Login Menu

You will see two orange links as both of them are the login menu that you must enter. As the current Home Depot Employees, you can click at the first link. Meanwhile, the second link is accessible for Home Depot Former Associates.

  • Step 3# Complete the Login Details

For the next, you are able to submit your Home Depot Store Numbers. Or, you may click at “Other Location” if you work at Home Depot Corporate Office. And sure, you must type down your User ID and Password. Remember, this step is very sensitive with some different codes or characters. Just make sure that you submit the correct codes.

  • Step 4# Get Ready to Explore the Features

At last, you can click at “Login” and get ready to explore the features at Home Depot Employee Self Service Login Portal.

Anyway, to secure your personal Home Depot Employee Account, we suggest you run some activities when login. And, here they are:

  • At first, you need to access and run any changes on your account in a secure way. And one of the ways is about to always use your personal computer.
  • The second, you can add some cautions when logging at MyTHDR.com Portal.
  • And then, you are better to print out the important documents to secure the printer location.
  • For the rest, you must make sure that you log out when you have completely finished the process.

What are the Features and Benefits of Home Depot Employee Login Portal?

For the next, it is important to give you the detail features that you can do once you access the MyTHDR Login Portal. Basically, you don’t need to worry about any management cases as your Employee Self Service Login Account has managed it properly. Meanwhile, you only need to stay focused on your work and give you the best performance indeed. Well, Guys! Here the several features that you can run at Home Depot Employee Login Portal:

  • First thing first, you are able to check, review and print your Leave of Absence (LOA) information.
  • Then, you will be easy to activate your Home Depot Payroll Card. Also, you can enroll in Home Fund Deduction in an easy way.
  • For the next, you can change your personal information in a secure way. It includes your mailing address detail.
  • You should not worry to change or activate your Direct Deposit Information and Home Depot Tax withholdings.
  • As the employees, it is important for you to check and review your job summary information. And, MyTHDR.com Portal is a perfect place for it.
  • For the rest, you are able to check and print out your Historical and Pay Statement.

How to Access Home Depot Employee Login for the Former Associates?

Like we have mentioned before, the Home Depot Employee Self Service Login system is accessible for both the active and inactive employees. Then, as the inactive employees, you are right to get any incentives and benefits because of your previous hard works and loyalties. Sure, you are able to access MyTHDR.com and claim your Home Depot Employee Benefits as well. If you experience difficulties when accessing this site, here the steps that you can follow:

  • Step 1# Go to the Official Site

As usual, you have to get ready with all of the helpful tools such as a computer, a current browser and a stable internet connection. Then, you need to visit www.MyTHDR.com Portal.

  • Step 2# Get the Login Menu

You can scroll down your mouse to the bottom side of the page. And, you will find two links of the login menu that you can enter. As the former Home Depot Employees, you can choose the second link.

  • Step 3# Identify Yourself as an Inactive Associate

Well, you need to identify yourself to ensure that you are the authorized inactive Home Depot Employees. In this case, you can give your last name, select the date of birth, 6-digits of SSN or Social Insurance number and re-type the appeared Security Words. You can click at “Continue to Security Validation”.

  • Step 4# Login to your Account

For the next, you have to submit your previous Login Details when you have been as Home Depot Active Employees. Like before, you must indicate where Home Depot Store of your latest work, the User ID and the valid password. And of course, you must ensure that you submit the correct details.

  • Step 5# Get Ready to Explore the Site
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Finally, you can click at “Login” and enjoy the features at Home Depot Employee Self Services Login Portal.

How to Contact Home Depot Employee Login Support Teams?

Even if you get some troubles when accessing My THDR com Login Portal, you should not worry because Home Depot offers the supporting teams. Yes, these teams are ready to help any problems related with Home Depot Employee Benefits, Employee Self Service Portal and many more. Then, here the ways to get them:

  • For the MyTHDR Benefits and Choice Center, you call them at 1-800-555-4954. They are ready from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM EST. Anyway, you also can access Home Depot Live the Orange Life to access your Benefits Information. In this case, you are able to visit LivetheOrangeLife.com and get the live chat. The teams will be ready from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM until 11:00 PM EST.
  • Then, for any questions about MyTHDR portal, you can call it Support Teams at 1-866-698-4347. They are available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM EST.
  • Or, you can send your email to [email protected]
  • For the rest, if you need to get a lot of information about Home Depot Careers and Current Sale, you are better to visit HomeDepot.com. Meanwhile, you are able to visit SolutionsforLife.com to get any useful information for all of your personal problems.

What are Home Depot Career’s Opportunities?

And yes, it is fun to invite you for being a part of Home Depot Company. More than Home Depot Employee Login Portal, this company offers you valuable time, friendship and wonderful experiences. Every day, this company even opens the large opportunity for young leaders to be the parts of its team. Of course, you are right on it. Anyway, Home Depot Careers has some job positions that you can apply and here they are:

  • Retail Careers
  • Merchandising
  • Supply Chain
  • Home Service Careers
  • Corporate Office
  • Contact Center
  • And, Information Technology Careers.

How to Apply for Home Depot Careers?

Do you want to be the part of Home Depot Company? Well, it is great! You are able to find out the current Home Depot Careers at LinkedIn, Home Depot Social Media, any mass media or even careers.HomeDepot.com Portal. In this section, we will share you the simple steps to apply for Home Depot Careers from HomeDepot.com. And, here they are:

  • Step 1# Look for the Job

First thing first, you can prepare your electronic device and visit www.HomeDepot.com Portal. Sure, you can scroll down and click at “Career” menu. On that site, you must click at “Find a Job” at the bottom side of the page.

  • Step 2# Filters the Job’s Area

To ease your work, it is better to work at Home Depot Stores which is close to your house. Sure, you can filter the job’s area by typing down your city and state. Indeed, you can choose the miles of your preferred job area. It is better to turn on your “Location” notification on your device. So, Home Depot Portal can locate your positions.

  • Step 3# Choose the Job

You will get the lists of Home Depot Available Job Positions. You can pick one of the best that suit your capabilities. Once you get it, you can read the detail of qualification, job description as well as the benefits that you can get.

  • Step 4# Apply for the Job

And then, you can click at “Apply” and login to your account. For the new applicants, you can click at “Create a new account” and complete the form correctly. Anyway, the returning applicants can complete the required information to apply for your preferred jobs. Just be sure that you give the honest and correct information.

  • Step 5# Go to the Next Step

Guys, you should remember that Home Depot will never run the Interview Process via Skype or the other online process. Once you have completed the online application form, you have to wait for the next calls or messages from Home Depot HR to get the interview process in person. The HR will inform you of the detail address and time of this interview process.

Lists of Home Depot Employee Login Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anyway, we have several questions about the Home Depot Company or even its employment system. Even, you may have the same question since the first time you worked at this company. So, Guys! Here the questions including the answers are:

What does Home Depot pay its employees?
Home Depot pays its employees on average of $11.90. Even, the hourly pay average is range from $9.77 to $17.96 per hour.
How do I contact Home Depot human resources?
For any business with Home Depot HR Departments, you can call them at 1-866-698-4347. Or, you can call Home Depot Headquarter Office at 770-384-4646 for the US Residences. Meanwhile, the Home Depot Customer Service is available at 1-800-466-3337.
What day is payday at Home Depot?
Basically, the payday will vary based on the Home Depot Job Position. But in general, the payday is on Friday every 14 days.
Does Home Depot Offer Employee Discount?
Unfortunately, Home Depot Employees will not receive discount vouchers. But, all employees who have the average work hours up to 20 hours a week are eligible to claim Home Depot Employee Benefits. It includes the life insurance, dental and drug plans, stock shares and bonus.
Does Home Depot do direct deposit?
Of course, Yes! Home Depot offers two ways to receive your payment through electronic access. At first, it is about to access Home Depot Direct Deposit which it is the safest, fastest and most simple way. And the second, it is about to use the Home Depot Payroll Card. Even, it is also a great solution for all Home Depot Employees who don’t have any bank account.
How much does Home Depot pay cashiers?
Home Depot gives the hourly pay for all its cashiers. And, the salary is range from $9 to $15 every single hour.
How much do head cashiers make at Home Depot?
Otherwise, the Head Home Depot Cashiers get the hourly pay as well. Their salary is range from $12 up to $16 per hour.
Does Home Depot Use the Work Number?
Yes, Home Depot also offers the Work Number at 1-800-367-2884 with the codes is 87843. Through this number, you can ask about Equifax Workforce Solutions, Wage and Employment Verifications and many more.
Does Home Depot have a repair service?
Of course, Yes! Besides selling any home improvements and tolls at the stores, Home Depot also comes to its customers directly. This company even offers home improvement services. Once you get a problem on your home tools, you can call Home Depot teams and our technician will come to you. You don’t need to worry because Home Depot Technician is experienced and can work with all brands.
Can you pay Home Depot bill Online?
Yes, you can run the Electronic Payment through your Home Depot Customer Login Account. Simply, you need to visit www.HomeDepot.com, signing to your account, choose the “Payment” menu then click at “Make a Payment”. On that page, you can give the details of your Home Depot Credit Card Payment Online as well as your total of bills.
How do I Check the Status of My Home Depot Application?
Anyway, you can call Home Depot Application Hotline Number at 866-698-4347 and meet Home Depot Careers Teams. Even, you are able to sign in your account at www.careers.homedepot.com and choose the “Home Depot Application Status” menu.
Does Home Depot Give the Christmas Bonus?
Of course, yes! Home Depot Company will give all of its hourly employees the annual bonus. They will give it at Christmas. For your information, the total bonus is up to $1000 after the passage of the new tax legislation. This benefit is available in all Home Depot Locations across the United States.

How to Locate the Nearest Home Depot Locations?

Sure, you should not hesitate to visit one of the nearest Home Depot Locations because it offers you a lot of sale and discounts. If you don’t have any ideas about its locations, here the steps that you can do:

  • At first, you can locate Home Depot Locations through its store locator device. To run this feature, you can visit HomeDepot.com or even install Home Depot App on your Smartphone. You need to click at “Location”, type down your current position and get the detail of Home Depot Hours, mail-in address as well as the local Home Depot Customer Service Phone Numbers.
  • The second, you are able to locate “Home Depot near me” at Google Map. Once you get the homepage, you can type down “Home Depot Locations in Florida” or even your current position. Within less than a minute, this map will direct you to the nearest Home Depot Locations.
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And, it is all about Home Depot Employee Login Guidelines and a few details of Home Depot Employee Self Service. Once you are interested in Home Depot Careers, you can apply for it and get your better life at Home Depot. Thanks for reading this page and see you soon!

Home Depot Employee Login
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Home Depot Employee Login

Home Depot Employee Login is Home Depot Employee Self Service Portal which is available at www.MyTHDR.com. You need to submit your User ID and Password to log in this employment portal. This login system gives you a lot of benefits such as accessing MyTHDR Benefits, review the job summary, access the Home Depot Employee LOA and many more.

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