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Need information about Haband Hours? You are in the correct place. Are you looking for some quality products to complete your house? But, you think it is impossible because you do not have much time for shopping. You are always busy with your hectic schedule at work. Do not worry! You do not need to be sad as Haband is ready to bring quality products to your home. Besides, you can order clothing products and shoes and ask Haband to send it to your office or anywhere you want.

This way, you can still be fashionable even though you do not go out for shopping. You only need to contact Haband to place your order. After you pay for the products which you have selected, the products will be delivered to your preferred locations. You can wait for some days for this delivery service. However, you should place your order during Haband Hours. This way, your orders will be handled soon.

Besides, you also need to know Haband locations are. So, you can visit the locations for shopping at Haband Hours. Now, you do not have to go to other places as this article has fresh information about Haband operation hours and the nearest locations in your area. Moreover, you may need some more details about the Haband company. Happy reading!



About Haband

Haband is a retail brand managed by Haband Company. This business began when Habernickel Jr. and also John Anderson tried to sell quality ties in 1925. They offered their handmade ties to some local banks in Paterson, New Jersey. One day, Habernickel had an idea to make an advertisement via mailing post. The advertisement consisted of pictures of the ties he was selling at the time.

Then, he sent the advertisement to some more banks located which Habernickel could not reach by his bike. The idea brought more success to the business. These men started to send ties to the banks via U.S. Mail. The popular slogan owned by Haband is “You’ll never get a better deal!”

Now, Haband Company has expanded its business by adding more quality products, such as men’s clothing, men’s shoes, women’s clothing, women’s shoes, electronics, home and living products, clearance, and Dr. Scholl’s shoes. Besides, Haband Company has been a part of Bluestem Brands, Inc., a company based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Bluestem Brands, Inc. also owns other eCommerce retail brands, such as Blair, Fingerhut, Gettington, Old Pueblo Traders, Draper’s & Damon’s, and Appleseed’s. This is why; Haband Company do not operate the business via mailing post only right now. But also, customers can get their advertisements online by visiting the Haband official website.

haband Hours

haband Hours

Haband Hours

Before you can place your order, you need to consider Haband Business Hours. When you have enough information about Haband store hours, you will know what time Haband will begin and finish its services during the day. Besides, you can use Haband hours when you are eager to visit the Haband store.

This way, you will not get upset if no one accepts your order via phone calls. Or, you, unfortunately, find the store is closed when you have reached the location. For more details, you can look at the following timetable to see the regular Haband Hours.

Day Haband Hours
Monday 9 AM – 5 PM
Tuesday 9 AM – 5 PM
Wednesday 9 AM – 5 PM
Thursday 9 AM – 5 PM
Friday 9 AM – 5 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM
Sunday Closed

The operation schedule above is used by Haband regularly. It means the schedule will be the same every week. You can see that Haband operate its business for 6 days in a week. It means you cannot visit the Haband location every day. Besides, you should make sure that the nearest Haband locations use the schedule above. Otherwise, you may come there when Haband is out of services.

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However, you may contact the local phone number of Haband locations. Or, you may call the customer service of Haband. To make it clearer, you can read the following questions and answers about Haband hours.

  1. Is Haband open today?

Sure! Haband is open on Monday up to Friday. It means you can go to Haband location today. Moreover, it is possible for you to place your order at Haband today. So, do not waste your time and just dial Haband phone number if you are serious about the order.

  1. What time is Haband open?

On Monday, Haband always starts its services at 09.00 a.m. This open hour will be the same on other days up to Friday. You can try to contact the nearest Haband location if you need fixed information about the open hour.

  1. What time is Haband close?

Haband is close at 09.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The store will not give services on Saturday and Sunday. It means you can only go there on weekends because Haband is closed on weekends. This schedule may alter when Haband holds special events.

Haband Holiday Hours

You have got the information about Haband Hours for daily operation schedule at Haband. Now, what if there are public holidays at Haband operation hours? Well, Haband has some regulations which will allow its employees to celebrate particular public holidays. It means they will not give any services to Haband customers during those days.

Moreover, you cannot contact its phone number to place your order at Haband Holiday Hours. You can see which holidays Haband will be close in the timetable below.

Holiday Open / Closed Holiday Open / Closed
New Year’s Eve Open Martin Luther King Jr. Day Closed
New Year’s Day Closed Columbus Day   Closed
Good Friday Open Memorial Day Closed
Black Friday   Open Veterans Day Closed
Easter Sunday Closed Labor Day Closed
Easter Monday Open Thanksgiving Day  Closed
St. Patrick’s Day   Open President’s Day Open
Valentine’s Day Open Independence Day Closed
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Open Christmas Eve Open
Cinco De Mayo Open Christmas Day Closed

The services at Haband will be off during some holidays shown in the timetable above. By this mean, you will not be able to place your order on those holidays. Before you shop for Haband products, you must check the holiday hours above. This way, you can change the days to place your order. You may order before and after the holidays where Haband is close. Haband is not ready for your orders on:

  • New Year’s Day,
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day,
  • Memorial Day,
  • Labor Day,
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day,
  • President’s Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Independence Day,
  • and Christmas Day.

On some special events, Haband may issue different decisions. They probably will provide services in a shorter duration. Besides, they may offer big discounts during special events. You’d better check information about Haband special events on its official website.

Tips to Find Haband Near Me

It is not difficult to shop at Haband because you are able to find Haband advertisements online. You can just visit its official website at haband.com and select your favorite products. However, not all customers love online shopping. Some of them prefer buying any products directly at its official store. So, they can check the quality of the products, material, price, etc. by themselves.

If you need to go to Haband Locations but you never know where their stores are situated, you can try to look for the locations online. You only need a device connected to the internet before you can do the task. Then, you may follow the simple ways below.

  1. Blair Store Locator
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For your information, Haband does not have a store locator. However, you can still use a store locator on the Blair official website because Haband and Blair operate together under the same parent company. Besides, you will be able to find Haband products at Blair store locations. Here are the steps to use Blair Store Locator.

  • Go to blair.com

First, you should go to blair.com. it is the address of Blair official website.

  • Click Retail Store

Second, you can click the Retail Store link. You will find the link after you scroll down the website home page. Then, you can click it to view the page of Blair retail store.

On that page, you will get information about Warren Factory Store. It is the place where you can purchase Blair and Haband products directly. Besides, this page has details about Warren Factory Store address, local phone number, and store hours. The store hours can be different from the online service hours.

  1. Search Engine

If you are not sure about using Blair Store Locator, you may use your search engine. You will find it after you launch a browser installed in your device. In the search field, you can just enter Haband location information near to your current place. Or, you can type in Haband Store Near Me in the field. Then, you can click the Search button and you will get the search results within a few seconds.

haband customer service

haband customer service

How to Contact Haband Customer Service

Do you find any troubles with the online order on Haband website or, do you receive Haband products in a broken condition? You need to report it very soon to Haband customer service if those things happen to you. This way, the customer service representatives will help you out of the problems. If you need some simple ways to reach Haband customer service, you can pay attention to the following explanation.

  1. Website

If you are able to go online, you may contact Haband customer service via the website. You can reach this website at haband.com. Then, you can complete the form to send your email to Haband customer service. These are the steps to use the email feature on Haband official website.

  • Visit haband.com

Firstly, you need to visit the Haband official website at haband.com.

  • Click Customer Service

Secondly, you can click the Customer Service button. It is on the upper part of the home page. This button will give you 4 options, such as Track My Order, Contact Us, Customer Service/FAQs, and Returns.

  • Select Contact Us

Thirdly, you may select Contact Us among other options. If you click it, you will get directed to Haband contact page.

  • Choose Email

Fourthly, there are 3 options provided on Haband contact page. The options are email, phone, and mail. You can choose the email now. It will take you to Haband Email page.

  • Fill in Email Form

Then, you can fill in a blank form on Haband Email page. The details you may inform here are email topic & sub-topic, first name, last name, email address, customer number, order number, and your message for Haband customer service.

  • Submit

Lastly, you may click Submit button if the form is complete. You can wait for the responses from Haband customer service now.

  1. Phone

Haband will respond to you quickly if you contact the customer service via phone. You can call the phone number based on the problems you are facing now. Haband has 2 phone numbers currently, such as:

  • Customer Service: 1 800 213 1220

available from Monday to Friday from 09.00 a.m. until 09.00 p.m. ET

  • Order: 1 800 742 2263

available every day at 08.00 a.m. to 01.00 a.m. ET

  1. Mailing

When you do not use the internet, you can contact Haband customer service by mailing post. You may prepare some paper sheets and tell about Haband products and services which have made you feel disappointed. The letters you have written for Haband can be sent to the following address.

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Haband Customer Service

PO Box 8

Warren, Pennsylvania, 16366

The United States.

  1. Social Media

In case you have social media accounts, you can use them to contact Haband customer service. You may leave your messages on Haband social media pages. You can also send your message privately to Haband pages. You can go to Haband pages using the links below.

  • Facebook: web.facebook.com/haband
  • Twitter: twitter.com/Best_Web_Deals
  • Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/HabandOfficial/

Haband FAQs

How do I contact Haband?
There are several ways to contact haband. For instance, you can contact them by phone, email or website. If you want to talk to Haband customer service, you can call 1 800 213 1220. But, if you want to make an order or ask about your order, you can dial 1 800 742 2263.
What is Haband VIP Plus?
Haband VIP Plus is a loyalty program for Haband Customers. By joining this program, you will be able to get a special offer from Haband. If you want to be a member of Haband VIP Plus, you can sign up online at Haband website.
Who owns Haband?
Haband is owned by Catalog Holdings. This company purchases Haband and add its portfolio of catalog brands including Spiegel and Norm Thomson. In the past, Haband is a family-owned clothing retailer which sells the products via online and direct mail.
Are Blair and Haband the same company?
No, Haband and Blain are a different company. But both companies run the same clothing retailer business.
How to cancel Haband VIP Plus?
If you want to cancel Haband VIP Plus, you can contact Haband customer service at 1 800 213 1220. Then, you can state that you want to cancel your VIP Plus. Haband Customer Service will help you gladly to cancel your account.
How to order a Haband catalog?
You can order Haband Catalog via online. Just visit Haband official website at Haband.com. Then, you can add Haband catalog to your cart and complete the payment. Besides, you also can order by phone. You can dial 1 800 742 2263 to order Haband Catalog.
How do I get a Haband catalog?
Haband catalog is available in two forms. You can review Haband online catalog and print catalog. If you want to check the online catalog, you can review it at www.haband.com. But, if you want to get the print catalog, you can order it via the website or contact Haband customer service at 1 800 213 1220 or 1 800 742 2263.
What is Haband catalog phone number?
If you want to ask about Haband catalog, you can call the toll free number at 1 800 213 1220.
Does Haband offer free returns?
Haband offers the full refund or exchange for the product you buy within 90 days after the receipt date. But, the item you want to refund must be on the original condition and package.
How to save money at Haband?
If you want to save your budget when you are shopping at Haband, you can use Haband coupons. You can search these coupons at Haband website. Besides, Haband also has a program called Haband money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Haband products, you can make a refund and get your money back.

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Summary of Haband Hours

If you want to purchase the products from Haband, you should review Haband Hours. Besides, you can contact Haband Customer Service during Habnd business hours.

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