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golds gym member center

Hello, sports lovers! Health is the most valuable treasure. You can get it through nutritious food and exercise. Well, here we have a reference for you to sports. You not only get fitness and health here. But, they will help you to achieve your goals. Yes Right, we came with information from Gold’s Gym. Here you can find the Golds Gym Hours and their closest location.

Golds Gym Open Hours will help you to visit at the right time. You do not need to face difficulties because the gym is closed. Then you can find Golds gym locations near you. You can get both from our instructions. If you have never visited, you should read through our article. Here you can get to know Gold’s Gym’s profile first.

Then, we will help you visit Gold’s Gym comfortably. This information can help you manage your exercise time. How many hours do you need to exercise? If you know Golds gym hours, then you can plan a schedule to go to the gym.

golds gym member center

golds gym member center

Company Profile: Gold’s Gym.

Before visiting, you need to know a few brief profiles of Gold’s Gym. You need to find out some programs that can help you achieve health. Here we will explain the facts of Gold’s Gym as a popular fitness center in Dallas. Well, Gold’s Gym was founded in 1965. They helped people achieve fitness and health since 53 years ago.

The founder of this fitness center is named Joe Gold. Now Gold’s Gym operates under the father company TNT Holdings. So Gold’s Gym International, Inc. is the right solution to achieve your health. Here they offer a variety of training equipment that is quite complete.

At first, they opened a Gym in Venice Beach, California. But, now they have a headquarters in Dallas. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dave Draper are users of this fitness center. Gold’s Gym was named a landmark in the world of bodybuilding. They have several commitments to help Gym users:

  1. They will help you get points to start exercising.
  2. You can make a path to success.
  3. They guarantee your satisfaction as a Gold’s Gym user.
  4. Don’t worry, the trainer will help you to undergo safety training.
  5. You can choose a private or group instructor here.
  6. They have various classes based on your level of experience.
Golds Gym Hours

Golds Gym Hours

Golds Gym Hours

This section will help you get Golds gym open hours. You need to know the hours of operation of the fitness center before visiting. We don’t want you dealing with a fitness center that is still closed. These problems can reduce your sporting enthusiasm. Well, you don’t need to bother looking for references. Here we have Golds gym hours. So before you visit, you can see the closest location first.

We will discuss this section after Golds gym hours. There, you can find out the local gym customer service and operation hours. You can get Golds gym hours information in three ways.

First, you can come to Gold’s Gym first to ask the staff. Second, you can use the Gold’s Gym mobile app to track your location and fitness classes. Third, you can use a search engine through the website. Below are the Golds gym hours you need to know.

You need to know the opening hours of this fitness center. Here you can visit the Golds Gym Near Me website. The visitors can reach the Class Schedule. If you have a class schedule, you can visit the fitness center. Below we have Golds Gym hours. For further information, we suggest you contact the nearest Gold’s Gym.

Day Golds Gym Hours
Monday 4 AM – Midnight
Tuesday 4 AM – Midnight
Wednesday 4 AM – Midnight
Thursday 4 AM – Midnight
Friday 4 AM – Midnight
Saturday 7 AM – 8 PM
Sunday 7 AM – 8 PM

Golds Gym Holiday Hours

Second, you need to know your favorite holiday gym hours. You don’t need to go anywhere. Because we have a complete list of holiday hours in this section. So you only need to remember this information for your next visit. Do not choose the wrong time to visit. See the Golds Gym Holiday Hours list below.

Holiday Open / Close Holiday Open / Close
New Year’s Eve open Martin Luther King Jr. Day open
New Year’s Day closed Columbus Day   open
Good Friday open Memorial Day open
Black Friday   open Veterans Day open
Easter Sunday closed Labor Day open
Easter Monday open Tax Day open
St. Patrick’s Day   open Thanksgiving Day  closed
Valentine’s Day open Independence Day open
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday open Christmas Eve closed
Cinco De Mayo open Christmas Day closed

Finding Out Golds Gym Near Me Preparations

After getting Gold’s Gym operation hours, then you need to find the closest location. Here we have several ways to get Golds Gym Locations. First, you can track your location through Google Maps. Second, you can download the Gold’s Gym Mobile App. Third, visit the official website to get a local fitness center. Before carrying out the search process, you need to take some preparation. If you get into trouble, read the preparation instructions. This section will discuss the preparation and steps to access the nearest location. Prepare yourself. Below are some of the tools you need to search for Golds Gym Locations.

  1. Get a computer or laptop. Select one of the two devices. You can use this tool to make the search process. This tool can help you use Google Map software and store locator. If your screen is wide, then you can easily read location information. If you don’t have both, a tablet or smartphone can be the second choice.
  2. Smartphone to download the application. If you use the second method, then you need a smartphone to get applications from Google Apps or the Apple Store. If you don’t have a smartphone, then you can’t get the Gold’s Gym Mobile App.
  3. Stable internet network. If you use these three methods, then you need the internet. Here you need to choose a stable network to support the location search process.
  4. Search location information. Prepare your city, country or ZIP Code name. All three of you will need in the location search process. They will find locations according to search keywords.
  5. Stationery. Record information that can help you. You can record their operation hours, addresses and telephone numbers. So, you can confirm the fitness class before visiting.
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How to Find Golds Gym Locations

After making your preparations, you can now follow our steps to find the location of Gold’s Gym. We will discuss ways one through three in this section. You just need to follow the steps that we mentioned. Here you can choose one of the three easiest ways.

  1. Google Maps.

First, you can get Gold’s Gym through Google Maps. They only need the search keyword “Gold’s Gym”. The system will immediately find the location you are looking for. However, you cannot see other information about the location you are visiting. They only have maps and directions. If you need local Gold’s Gym information, use the second and third methods.

  1. Gold’s Gym Mobile App.

Second, you can download applications through Google Apps and the Apple Store. Here you can log in via a personal account. They will ask you to enter account information. If you don’t have an account, register through the member center. You can visit their official website at Then open the member center page. Then, you can use the application’s features to help your visit. Below are some of the features of the Gold’s Gym mobile app.

  • Get the fitness class you want. First, they have books and training class schedules for you. Here you can order classes through the calendar on the Gold’s Gym application.
  • You can see program promos from them. If you are a member at Gold’s Gym, then you can access an exclusive pro shop. You can get information about protein bars, supplements, gym clothes, etc.
  • Record your progress here. This application has a feature to get an overview of the results of your training. You can set goals and monitor your growth. Well, who doesn’t want to use this feature?
  • Get a warning for your bill payment. You can get billing information via smartphone. Here you can see your payment history. Then you can change your account or profile information through the application.
  • Get information on the nearest Gold’s Gym location. Finally, you don’t need to open the website. Because this application allows you to get information about the closest location.
  1. Gold’s Gym Official Website.

Third, we will help you use the website to find the nearest location. Below are the steps to get a local fitness center information.

  • Go to the Gold’s Gym Official Website. Visit them through Open your browser to use the site search box.
  • Visit the locations menu. Next, you will land on the official homepage of the Gold’s Gym website. Find the locations menu. Then click on the menu.
  • Choose your country. Click on the country box. Hover your cursor on the country you selected.
  • Complete the state column. This column will be active if you select the United States.
  • Enter your city. If you choose a unitary state, then you do not need to enter a state. Here you can use city as your next search keyword. Click on the city box to select a city based on your country.
  • Enter your location ZIP Code.
  • Select the Gold’s Gym search filter that you want. They have 5, 10, 25, 50 miles search from ZIP Code.
  • Click on the search button.
  • Click on the See Class Schedule link to see the schedule.
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How to Get Gold’s Gym Free Pass

Have you never tried to work out at Gold’s Gym before? We have good news for you. Gold’s Gym offers a free pass for non-members. This way you can try Gold’s Gym equipment and facilities in 7 days. If you are like the fitness equipment as well as the atmosphere of Gold’s Gym, you can sign up Gold’s Gym membership later.

Here are the steps to get Gold’s Gym Free Pass.

  • Visit Gold’s Gym official website.

First of all, you have to access the official portal of Gold’s Gym. Use your browser to visit

  • Click on Free Pass.

When you land on Gold’s Gym homepage, you should focus on the top right corner of the page. On this section, you can find two options. they are Free Pass and Join Now. Click the Free Pass button to register yourself.

  • Enter your name.

There is a simple registration form you have to complete. The first field asks you to enter your first and last name.

  • Provide your email address.

Next, you have to provide your email address. Gold’s Gym will verify your registration process through email.

  • Enter your phone number.

Also, you have to provide the contact information including your phone number. You can enter your home telephone or cell phone number.

  • Enter the zip code.

By entering your zip code, the website can identify your location. Also, it can identify the nearest Gold’s Gym location around you.

  • Press the Sign Up button.

After completing all the fields, you can press the Sign Up button. This is the end of the process to get Gold’s Gym Free Pass.

By completing the step by step above, you will receive an email from Gold’s Gym confirming your registration process. Then, you will be able to get the free pass coupon to enter Gold’s Gym.

How to Sign Up Gold’s Gym Membership

If you want to exercise at Gold’s Gym, you have to sign up Gold’s Gym membership. If you become a member of this fitness center, you can enjoy all the equipment as well as the facilities at Gold’s Gym. There are some levels of membership you can choose. Every level has a different cost and facilities.

To register as Gold’s Gym member, you can sign up in person at the local Gold’s Gym. Besides, you also can register online at Gold’s Gym website. In this section, we will discuss the way to sign up Golds Gym membership online. Check this out.

  • Visit the Golds Gym official portal.

You can sign up Gold’s Gym membership online through its website. So, you have to access This website provides all important information about Gold’s Gym. For instance, you can explore about member and fitness experience, amenities, and class schedule.

  • Click on Member Center.

At the top right corner of Gold’s Gym website, you can find Member center Menu. Just press this menu to land on the Gold’s Gym member center dashboard.

  • Click on Sign Up.

There are two options on this page. The first option is Sign Up for the new member. Besides, the second option is Sign In for the existing member.

  • Enter your email address.

This email address is used to verifying your account. Also, you will need this email address to sign into Gold’s Gym website.

  • Write down the Display Name.

You also need to provide the display name. It is recommended to use your own name. It is OK to use a nickname.

  • Create a password.

In this step, you have to set up a password. You can use your own password or the suggested password. If you create your own password, make sure that it is strong. You have to use the combination of uppercase and lowercase letter, number, and special characters. Do not forget to re-enter your password in the following box.

  • Click the term of Use.

You have to read the Terms of Use. Then, if you agree with all the statements, you can tick the box.

  • Press the Register button.

The last step of this registration process is pressing the Register button.

After completing the registration steps above, you will be directed to the further stage. You can select the membership level. The next, you can sign the contract and pay the membership fee.

How to Contact Golds Gym Customer Service

After knowing the nearest location, we now have a way to contact Gold’s Gym. Here you need to contact customer service to express opinions, complaints or questions. If you know of a local fitness center, we suggest you contact that location. Below we have several ways to contact Gold’s Gym. You need to record this information. We don’t want you to have difficulties in the future.

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Before you get into trouble, you can prepare yourself with this customer service. Below are some ways to contact Gold’s Gym.

  1. Golds Gym Customer Service Phone Number.

First, you will need a telephone number. Use this number if you have an urgent problem as a Gold’s Gym customer. Don’t forget to contact them at Gold’s Gym Hours. Below this is the Gold’s Gym customer service phone number.


  1. Golds Gym Customer Service Email Address.

Second, you can send an email to get help. You don’t need to spend money to send a letter to the post office. However, you need to have internet and a device to send the email. Here you can attach photographic evidence and write your complaints in the body of the email. They will reply to your email immediately. [email protected]

  1. Golds Gym Customer Service Mailing Address.

Third, if you don’t have internet support, write to them. You only need to send the letter through the post office to the address below.

Gold’s Gym International.

125 E John Carpenter Freeway.

Ste 1300 Irving, TX 75062.

  1. Golds Gym Social Media.

Finally, you can get the latest news from this popular fitness center through social media. You just need to follow their social media to find out about the program and schedule of Gold’s Gym. 1. You can open social media through a smartphone or computer. If you want to be notified, you need to download social media on your smartphone. Get this product from Play Store or Apple Store. You need the internet to use this social media feature. We hope you only use a stable internet.

  • Facebook: @goldsgym.
  • Twitter: @GoldsGym.
  • Instagram: @goldsgym.
  • Youtube: Gold’s Gym.

Golds Gym FAQs

Can you go to any Gold's Gym with a membership?
It depends on your level of membership you purchase. For your information, Gold’s Gym has four gym levels. You can enroll in level 1,2,3, or 4. If you have level 3 membership, you can access level 1,2, and 3 Gold’s Gym level. Besides, you can get more complete facilities if you enroll in level 4. You can have access to Bootcamp, studio, and personal training.
What Does Gold's Gym membership include?
Gold’s Gym Express membership includes a full locker room, Exclusive cardio cinema, circuit training area, cardio, unlimited guest privileges, FREE group fitness, a Travel Pass to Express Gyms, unlimited tanning, and 50% off cooler drinks daily.
Is a gold gym membership worth it?
Definitely Yes. If you become a member of Gold’s Gym, you can use the gym equipment in a cozy environment to achieve your fitness personal goals. There is no better choices but Gold’s Gym. It can be said that Gold’s Gym membership is worth.
How much is a Gold's Gym membership per month?
Gold’s Gym membership costs $29.99 per month. This cost is not expensive al all compared to other gyms.
Is there a cancellation fee for Gold's Gym?
If you still have the original contract period, you have to pay Gold’s Gym cancellation fee in order to end your membership. But, you can end your contract without paying the cancellation fee due to your medical condition. Besides, you also can end the initial contract if you are moving.
How do I quit Gold's Gym?
If you want to quit or end your contract, you have to sign the cancellation form in person. Besides, you are also allowed to send the cancellation letter to Gold’s Gym membership department.
Does Gold's Gym have a sauna?
Yes. Sauna is one of the facilities offered by Gold’s Gym. When you use the sauna, you can fight your stress and relax. Besides, you also can increase the cardiovascular system work. Furthermore, you can help your body to regulate breathing and blood pressure.
How long does Gold's Gym free pass last?
Gold’s Gym offers the free pass program so that you can try the facilities at the local Gold’s Gym. This free pass lasts in 7 days. But, the duration of this free pass may vary by locations. This offer is only valid at the participating gyms.
How much is Gold's Gym Personal Training?
The cost of personal training depends on the number of classes and training you take. Usually, the cost of personal training is ranging from $60 up to $100 per session. One session lasts one hour.

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Summary of Gold's gym Hours

Before you go to Gold’s gym, you have to confirm Golds Gym hours and Golds Gym holiday hours. To confirm this information, you can call Gold’s Gym customer service.

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