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gclistens survey

Have you just visited Golden Corral Locations Near Me? Do you still keep Golden Corral receipt? If so, you should be happy since you have the opportunity to take part in GCListens survey. If you win this Golden Corral survey sweepstakes program, you can win $1000. It is very interesting, isn’t it?

Just by completing this survey, you can give real feedback to the restaurant. You are free to reveal the weakness and the strength of this restaurant. Golden Corral will be glad to hear your honest review. That is why it provides a great reward for the winner of this survey sweepstakes program.

Glistens is the online platform where you can voice up your dining feedback. You can share your complaints, critics, or suggestions honestly to this restaurant. Every guest must have a different experience when they visit the Golden Corral. So, you can give the rating to show your satisfaction level.

Besides, you are allowed to leave any feedback. If you have never taken this survey before, you should be relaxed. It is because here we present the complete information about Golden Corral survey sweepstakes.

gclistens survey

gclistens survey page is accessible at gclistens.com

Golden Corral Restaurant Profile

Before talking further about GC Listens or Golden Corral survey, let’s discuss this restaurant first. This way, you will know this restaurant better. Perhaps, this information will be beneficial for you. Golden Corral is a restaurant serving American cuisine. This restaurant is popular for serving the buffet style. It offers the all-you-can-eat meal.

Dining at this restaurant makes you feel at home. It is because the waiter will not serve you. You can serve yourself by picking the food that you want. The most wanted menu in this restaurant is the grilled food or steak. These grilled menus are made by order. As the example, you can order the sirloin steak, pizza, carrot cake, Rotisserie Chicken, Pot Roast, Yeast Rolls, and Bourbon Street Chicken.

The price of the lunch meal starts at $6.99. if you want to visit the Golden Corral for lunch, you can go there from Monday to Friday at 10 am up to 4 pm. After 4 pm, Golden Corral will serve the dinner menu.

Golden Corral is founded by James Maynard and William F. Carl forty-five years ago. Since this restaurant has a different concept of serving, it can be very popular in the US. Golden Corral can develop its business very well. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Golden Corral can expand its business to 41 states.

Nowadays, there are more than 200 Golden Corral locations in the US. No doubt, this restaurant employs about 6000 people to work in all the chains. If you are interested in visiting Golden Corral locations near me, you should find the closest location on its website. Goldencorral.com will inform you the list of Golden Corral restaurants. Just go to Golden Corral near me to enjoy the delicious buffet menu.

What are the Rules of Gclistens Survey Sweepstakes?

As the official program held by Golden Corral, GClistens survey has several rules to follow. You have to obey these rules if you want to complete the survey successfully. Also, if you follow the rules, your chance to win $1000 will be bigger. Then, what are the rules for this survey? Here are GClistens survey rules you have to obey.

  1. The citizenship of the participants.

Golden Corral survey can be taken by the customers from several countries. This survey is open for the people from the United States, Canada, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Honduras, and the Republic of Korea. If you are the legal residents of those countries, you are allowed to take part in the GCListens survey.

  1. Age of the participants.

GClistens survey participants have to reach the minimum age to take part in this program. The different country also has different rules about the minimum age to follow this sweepstake. If you are the United States residents, you have to be at least 18 years old. But, if you are the residents of Republic Korea, you should be at least 20 years old.

  1. The employment status.

All the participants of this survey sweepstakes must be not the part of Golden Corral. It means, if you are working at Golden Corral, you are not eligible to enter this survey sweepstakes program. Also, if you have a business partnership with this restaurant, you are not allowed to take this survey sweepstake.

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Then, if your family member works in the Golden Corral, you should not take part in this program. The last, you lose your chance to be Gclistens participants if you live at the same household with Golden Corral staff.

  1. Golden Corral survey code.

Have you kept Golden Corral receipt from your recent visit? If so, you should check whether it contains the GClistens survey invitation code. With this code, you can enter the survey sweepstakes. This code is only for once survey entry. So, if you have used this code before, you cannot use it anymore.

  1. Golden Corral rewards.

Golden Corral offers 10 chances to win $1000 daily. Also, it offers the great prize valued at $1500 weekly. Golden Corral will select the winner randomly. So, the winner is not determined by the amount of money they spend at Golden Corral. Your purchase does not increase your chance to win this program. If you want to check the winner of the previous program, you can visit gclistens.com.

golden corral survey page

golden corral survey page

How to Complete GCListens Survey Sweepstakes?

Golden Corral expects the feedback from its guests. So, it invites all the customers to take part in the Golden Corral survey. In order to increase the number of survey takers, Golden Corral offers the great prize worth $1000 for the lucky winner. This way, the customers will be interested in sharing their dining feedback. If you have never taken the GCListens survey before, you can follow this brief guideline.

  • Step 1. Visit Golden Corral survey portal.

There are two ways to reach the official Golden Corral survey portal. First, you can reach the survey portal straight away by accessing www.gclistens.com. Besides, you also can reach the survey website by accessing www.goldencorral.com/customer-satisfaction-survey/.

  • Step 2. Choose the language.

On the Golden Corral survey homepage, there will appear two language options. If you want to continue to the survey page. You have to select one of the language options. This survey website offers English and Spanish. So, select the language that you master more. If you prefer Spanish since you use it in your daily life, the website will change the entire language to Spanish.

  • Step 3. Enter Golden Corral survey code.

After selecting the language, you will be directed to the new page containing the receipt sample and the blank field. You have to fill in this field with the valid Golden Corral survey invitation code. You can see the Golden Corral receipt sample to check where you can find the survey code.

Usually, this code is available at the top section of the receipt. This survey invitation code consists of 14 digits. Make sure that you enter every digit correctly.

  • Step 4. Answer the survey questions.

If the survey code you entered is valid, you will be able to start the survey. now, you have to rate your satisfaction level after dining in Golden Corral. There are some scales points you can select to show your satisfaction. The survey questions include these topics.

  1. The frequency of visiting the Golden Corral.
  2. The satisfaction level in general.
  3. The taste of the food.
  4. Recommendation to others.
  • Step 5. Save the validation code.

Golden Corral survey sweepstakes are different from other sweepstakes. Other sweepstakes may ask you to wait for the winner announced after the survey period over. But, Golden Corral sweepstakes informs the winner instantly. So, after completing the survey, you will know whether you win this program or not.

If you become the winner, you will get a code. You have to save this code well. Then, you can redeem this code for $1000. The more often you take this survey, your chance to win $1000 is bigger.

How to Search Golden Corral Locations Near Me?

When you are hungry, you may wonder Where is Golden Corral Near Me? No doubt, visiting Golden Corral is the best option when you are craving. It is because this restaurant offers a buffet menu where you can eat all the food you want.

Golden Corral price is also affordable. So, you must be satisfied after visiting this restaurant. This restaurant has many chains in the United States. So, it is not difficult at all to find Golden Corral locations. Here some methods you can try to find the closest Golden Corral locations.

  • Visit its website.
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First of all, you can visit the official website of Golden Corral at www.goldencorral.com. In this portal, you can check all Golden Corral locations. You just need to click on the Find Locations menu. Then, this portal will display the list of restaurant locations by states. This portal also helps you to find the closest location. You just need to enter your city or zip code into the search bar.

Besides, you can let this website to identify your location automatically by clicking on Use My Location button. Once you press the Search button, this portal will display the address of the Golden Corral restaurant along with the maps. So, you can find the direction to the nearest Golden Corral.

  • Golden Corral App.

You can download and install the Golden Corral App in your smartphone. This way, you can explore the Golden Corral menu easily. Besides, you also can use this application to search for the nearest Golden Corral locations.

  • Search engine.

Last, you can use the search engine or the online maps to find the Golden Corral location near you. You just need to type the keyword Golden Corral near me or Golden Corral locations near me. Then, Google Maps will show the locations of this restaurant. it also informs you about Golden Corral reviews.

How to Contact Golden Corral Customer Service

In case you have any questions about Golden Corral, you should not doubt to contact Golden Corral Customer Support. besides, you also can tell them whether you experience any problem when you visit their restaurant. By contacting Golden Corral, you can voice up your dining feedback directly.

As an example, you can voice up your suggestions, critics, or complaints towards the restaurant menu and service. Golden Corral will be glad hearing your feedback. It is because the customers’ feedback can be their consideration to improve the quality of the service. Here is the list of Golden Corral contacts.

  • Golden Corral phone number.

If you want to ask any questions or tell them about your urgent issue, you can call them by phone. You will get quick responses from them. You can dial (800)284-5673. besides, you can call another phone number at (919)782-4880.

  • Golden Corral website.

You can submit your feedback through the Golden Corral website. You can access it at goldencorral.com. Here is the brief step by step to submit your feedback online at Golden Corral website.

  1. Visit goldencorral.com
  2. Click on the menu Contact Us.
  3. Select the topic or subject you want to comment. You can select Restaurant Visit/Experience, Gift Cards, Gold Email Club, Advertising and Promotions, Employee Relations, Tour Groups, General Questions/Comments, and Technical Questions.
  4. Submit your personal information. It includes your first and last name, email address, phone number, ZIP Code, State, and City.
  5. Write down your feedback in the comment section.
  6. Submit your feedback. Verify that you are not a robot before clicking on the Submit button.
  • Golden Corral mailing address.

You can send your business letter or other inquiry issues to Golden Corral. Just send your letter to this following address.

Golden Corral Corporation,

5151 Glenwood Avenue,

Raleigh, North Carolina, 27612

United States

  • Golden Corral Social media account.

Following Golden Corral account in social media platforms is the easiest way to get in touch with this restaurant administrator. You can get the newest info about Golden Corral specials and promo. Here are Golden Corral social media account links.

  1. Google+: https://plus.google.com/103566291286384476593
  2. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goldencorral/?hl=en
  3. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/golden-corral/
  4. Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/goldencorral/?_rdc=1&_rdr
  5. Twitter: https://twitter.com/goldencorral
  6. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/goldencorral

Golden Corral FAQs

How many Golden Corral locations are there?
In 2019, Golden Corral has 489 restaurant chains spread around the United States. If you want to find out Golden Corral locations near me, you can visit Golden Corral website at www.goldencorral.com. Then, you can click on the menu Find Location which is available at the top section of the homepage.
How much does it cost to eat at Golden Corral restaurant?
If you want to dine in the Golden Corral, it is better to find the information about Golden Corral menu and price. Golden Corral menu prices may vary by location. But, usually, the cost for Golden Corral breakfast is $8.69. Then, if you want to have lunch buffet at Golden Corral, you have to spend $9.95 per person. For the beverage, you need to spend at least $2.19.
How much is the senior discount at Golden Corral?
Golden Corral offers a special price for senior. It means the people whose age is more than 60 years old, they can get the discount when they dine in Golden Corral. They can order Golden Corral Senior’s Buffet. To enjoy the lunch buffet, you just need to spend around $8. Besides, for the dinner buffet, you need to spend around $12. Then, the price of the beverage is $2.
Does Golden Corral take credit cards?
Yes, all of Golden Corral locations accept the payment through the credit card. But, the cards which are accepted may vary by locations. This restaurant accepts the payment through Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, etc. To make sure that you can pay the meal by using a credit card, it is better to ask the waiter. This way, you can know which card is accepted by the restaurant you visit.
Does Golden Corral serve alcohol?
Unfortunately, this restaurant does not serve any alcoholic drink. Perhaps, you usually enjoy the steak with the wine. But, you can do this in Golden Corral.this restaurant only serves the fountain drink, coffee, and tea.
Is Golden Corral only a buffet?
Golden Corral is a restaurant with the concept of American Family Style. You can enjoy the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu here. It provides the large all-you can eat buffet. There is also grill menu along with other hot and cold dishes. Golden Corral also provides the carving station and Brass Bell Bakery.
Do mothers eat free at Golden Corral on Mother's Day?
It is good news for all mothers. It is because Golden Corral gives the special treat for them on Mother’s Day. If you a mother, you can eat free at Golden Corral on Mother’s Day start from 11 am till close. You just need to purchase a beverage to enjoy this promo.
What time does dinner start at Golden Corral?
The dinner starts from 4 pm. Besides, Golden Corral serves the lunch from 9.30 till 4 pm from Monday to Saturday. Then, On Sundays, Golden Corral serves the brunch from 10.45 till 12.00. Most locations of Golden Corral only serve the breakfast on weekends.
Does Golden Corral have crab legs?
It is a good news for the seafood lovers. Golen Corral introduces the new menu on TV Commercials. In this advertisement, Golden Corral has All You Can Eat Crab Legs menu. You can enjoy this menu every Wednesday at 3 pm. During this time, you can enjoy the delicious feast of crab legs and claw. Besides, other buffet menus are also available. You just need to spend $21.99 to enjoy the crab legs.
Does Golden Corral have prime rib?
Prime Rib is the new menu offered by Golden Corral. But, this menu is only available in a limited time. If you want to enjoy this menu, you have to visit Golden Corral during dinner time at Friday and Saturday. Besides, on Sunday, this menu is available after 11 am. You not only can enjoy the Carved slow roasted prime rib. But, you also can try the premium butterfly shrimp and honey teriyaki glazed salmon. The price for this meal is only $13.99.
Does Golden Corral have steak for lunch?
Unfortunately No. Golden Corral only serves the steak during dinner. And it is made by order. So, if you want to enjoy Golden Corral steak, you have to visit this restaurant at 4 pm on Monday to Friday. But, on Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy the enhanced buffet started from 11 am.


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GCListens Survey
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  • Atmosphere

Summary of GClistens Survey Guideline

GClistens is a customer satisfaction survey held by Golden Corral Restaurant. You need a valid receipt from Golden Corral if you want to take part in this survey sweepstakes. Just by entering Golden Corral survey code at GClistens.com, you can start the survey. After completing the survey, you will be entered into the sweepstakes program. If you are lucky, you can win the great prize valued at $1000 instantly. You also have the chance to win the weekly prize valued at $1500.

User Review
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  • Various menu
  • Affordable price
  • Cozy venue


  • The limited time of the menu
  • No breakfast menu on weekdays
  • Low quality of Service

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