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Are you passionate about automotive jobs, repairing cars, or modify your personal vehicle? You may hope that it is not just a hobby while you can make money from it. Yes! Working at an automotive company or even build your own dealership station may become your goals, and Ford Company offers a good option for you. You know, you can enroll in Ford Training Courses, learn all about Automotive at Ford Training Center then work at a prestigious Ford Company for the rest.

Indeed, Ford supports you to make your own Ford Dealers and become the Ford Master Technician in a simple way. Are you interested in? Well, you should have a seat, prepare the notes and read our post carefully because we are going to share you all information about Ford Technical Service Training, Ford Dealership as well as Ford Login for Employees that you can access once you have officially worked at Ford. Get ready and enjoy!

About Ford Motor Company

Even you cannot wait to start enrolling on Ford Training Courses, it is better for you to know the Ford Profile at first. Well, all of us know that Ford is the American Multinational Automaker that manufactures and sells automobiles and vehicles under the Ford Brands. Even, it also produces some luxury cars under the Lincoln Brands. Do you know? This company started the operation in 1903 and took place in Dearborn, Michigan, the United States.

The founder is Henry Ford, who is passionate to make some types of vehicles such as Automobiles, Luxury Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Automotive Parts, Pickup Trucks as well as SUVs. In recent 2017, Ford even has made for more than 6.6 million vehicles in all of worldwide operation area and services.

Ford Training Courses

Ford Training Courses Portal at

Right now, Ford is led by William Clay Ford Jr. as the Executive Chairman and Jim Hackett as the President and CEO. Also, it has worked with over than 213,000 employees over the world. To get closer with the customers, Ford also has more than a hundred Ford Dealers with several Ford Training Centers across the United States.

Of course, it is the way to increase the quality of Ford Technician Performances and also give the opportunity to the young candidates to work at Ford through Ford Training Courses. Anyway, you can get a lot of details about Ford Company, Products and Ford Careers at

Ford Training Course Homepage

Ford Training Course Homepage is available at

What is the Ford Training Courses?

Well, we have mentioned before that Ford Training Courses is a special program which is held by Ford Company with its participating colleges which is aimed to give the courses, knowledge as well as experiences about automotive works. This course is available for both of the Ford Official Technician and new students or participants. Through this course, you will be able to get both of the classical or theory materials and even the real-time experiences at Ford.

Inside of the course, you will get several classes and chance to be the parts of Ford Technician or Staffs due to the classified time. Of course, you can get the Ford Training Course Certificate that will be very useful to apply for Ford Careers once you have finished the course. Anyway, there are four types of Ford Courses that you can take, and here they are:

  • Type 1# Ford ASSET Program

The first Ford Course calls as Ford ASSET. This word stands for Automotive Student Service Education Training. So that you know, you will get an Associate’s Degree on ASSET Programs. To complete this course, you must take 24 month period of alternating learning at Lincoln or Ford Dealership and in the classroom. In this type, of course, you will learn about the Automotive Technology and even get 100% Ford’s service technician specialty training. For the details, here the parts that you will learn in the ASSET program, those are:

  1. Gasoline Engine Repair and Performance
  2. Steering and Suspension
  3. Electrical Systems
  4. Climate Control
  5. Manual Transmission
  6. Brake Systems
  7. Diesel Engine Repair and Performance
  8. New Model Training
Ford Training Course Student Login

Ford Training Course Student Login to Check your student’s account

  • Type 2# Ford FACT Program

Then, you will go to the FACT Program. For your information, this word stands for Ford Accelerated Credential Training. Once you have finished this course, you will get An Auto Tech Certificate and up to 70% of Ford’s Service Technician Specialty Training. This course takes 12 month period to gain general automotive knowledge, including 15-week capstone course that is focused on Ford Curriculum. Specifically, here the lists of courses that you will learn FACT Programs, those are:

  1. Gasoline Engine Repair and Performance
  2. Steering and Suspension
  3. Electrical Systems
  4. Climate Control
  5. Brake System
  6. Diesel Engine Repair and Performance
  7. New Model Training
  8. Quick Lane Certification
  • Type 3# Maintenance and Light Repair

The third Ford Training Course is eligible for only the soon-to-be Ford Technicians. Yes, the maintenance and light repair is a special course for you who are on the entry level to the technician position at Lincoln or Ford Dealership as well as Quick Lane and Ford Auto Center. This course takes 9 to 12 months in Ford Factory Training Center. Once you have completed this course, you will get an Auto Tech Certificate and up to 25% of Ford’s Service Technician Specialty Training. Inside of this course, here several parts that you will learn:

  1. Steering and Suspension
  2. Electrical System
  3. Climate Control
  4. Brake System
  • Type 4# Ford ACE Program
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For the rest, you will get ACE Programs which stands for Automotive Career Exploration. This program is a partnership program between Lincoln and Ford Dealership, Ford Motor Company with the secondary and post-secondary educational institutions.

By completing this course, a student will get a certificate and obtain valuable knowledge of the Ford Vehicle System through the Web-Based Learning at Ford Learning Management System. Of course, it can lead you to one step closer to automotive careers industry. Or, you can begin an entry-level to Automotive Service Technician at Lincoln or Ford Dealership. Inside of this course, you will learn several parts of automotive and here they are:

  1. New Model Training
  2. Electrical Systems
  3. Steering, Suspension, and Brake
  4. The valuable information about Ford Motor Company, the vision, collision repair as well as Ford Specific Services.

About Ford Training Courses Login System

Friends, when you are the part of Ford Training Center Students, you can access the Ford Technical Career Entry Login System and access a lot of features. Yes, this portal is launched to help you easy to learn and get more experience with Ford. Even, this portal is also accessible for Ford Training Courses Instructors, Military Parts, Dealerships as well as Ford User itself. With no talk too much, here the steps that you can do to access this login system and those are:

  • First of all, you have to prepare your electronic device to go online to the Ford Training Courses Login System. And as usual, you have to get ready with your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even a browser. Besides, you must be ready with a current version of the browser with its stable internet connection.
  • Second of all, you can visit the official site of the Ford Training Student Login Portal at When you access the site, you can go to the “Sign Up” menu that is available at the top right corner of the page.
  • For the next, you can choose the category of the login system. It can be Ford Student, Instructor, Military, Dealer, or Ford Users. Of course, you can click at “Student.”
  • It will direct you to the next page where you need to submit your Stars ID or User Identification Number with the proper password. Just make sure that you have submitted the correct codes. For the new students, you can contact your instructor to ask your login credential numbers.
  • Once you have checked the login details, you can click at “Sign In” and get ready to explore the site. Enjoy!

How do I Become a Ford Certified Technician?

As we have mentioned before, you can be a Ford Certified Technician by enrolling Ford Training Courses or even apply for an entry lane and take Maintenance and Light Repair Course. For the students or the fresh graduates, it is better for you to get more experiences at Automotive and specifically at Ford Automotive Systems by joining Ford Training Centers. Anyway, there are several steps that you can follow to be Ford Certified Technician as well as get a job at Ford Dealership, and here they are:

  • Step 1# Do More Research

First thing first, you must make more research about Ford Training Courses that may be suitable for your necessities and condition. As we have explained before, there are four Ford Types of Courses that you can take. You can visit to get more information about the Ford Training Program.

  • Step 2# Choose Ford Training Center

For your information, Lincoln and Ford Dealerships, as well as Ford Motor Company, have cooperated with more than a hundred colleges and educational institute where you can take the courses. Of course, it is the Ford Training Center where you can learn before you get real-experiences by working at any Ford Dealerships Locations. To get the lists of Ford Training Center, you can visit and choose the menu ”Program.” On that list, you can go to “School Locator.”

  • Step 3# Enroll the Course

Once you have accessed Portal, you need to choose the Ford Courses that you are going to take. Despite the course’s details, you are able to choose the menu “School Locator” where it shows you the nearest Ford Training Center from your current positions. When you have chosen the college, then you can visit that location to apply for the course.

  • Step 4# Learn and Gain Valuable Experiences

Once you have completed the registration and payment transactions, you are obviously the students on Ford Training Center. Of course, you must use this time as good as possible to learn and gain a lot of valuable experiences. You don’t need to worry about contacting Ford Master Technicians to ask, discuss, or even share everything you need to know about automotive or even Ford Motor Products. Don’t forget to complete every single course without leaving any classes.

  • Step 5# Get a Job at Ford
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When you have completed the courses, it is time for you to show who you are. Yes, you can consult your career’s plans with your program coordinators or even Ford’s Technician Talent Network. We assure you that you will be easy to apply for the job at Ford Motor Company or even Lincoln and Ford Dealership when you own the Ford Training Courses Certificate.

Somehow, if you are lucky (because of your talent, skills, knowledge, or competence), Ford Company will look for you to be the parts of its team. So, just try to give your best performance on the course and stay active to get information about Ford Careers.

  • Step 6# Become Certified

We know that a human will never be satisfied with anything that they have reached, including in the case of careers. If you have experienced for more than two years of working at Ford Motor Company or dealership stations, you can apply for the certification to the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). To get this prestigious certificate, of course, you need to meet the requirements and pass the certification exam. However, this certificate will demonstrate how well your knowledge and automotive experience.

How do I Become a Ford Senior Master Technician?

All of us will agree that hard work will never worthless. Once you have given all of your best performances, loyalties, and passion at Ford Motor Company, Lincoln or Ford Dealerships, every each of you is right to become Ford Senior Master Technician. Of course, this position demonstrates your skills, competencies as well as experiences of Ford Automotive System. To become a Ford Senior Master Technician, you have several requirements, and here they are:

  • At first, you must complete 550 hours of working and training. It contains all of your Ford Training Courses Period plus the work time schedules that you have passed as Ford Technician.
  • The second, you have passed the multiple certificate examinations. On the other words, you have been a certificate Ford Technicians before.
  • You have worked at least 5 years experience at any Lincoln or Ford Dealership Locations, Ford Motor Company, or even any Ford Subsidiaries.
  • At last, you have to own a strong commitment with Ford Motor Company.

How to Find Ford Dealers?

Next, you may need to contact Ford Dealers to purchase Ford Cars that you are looking for. However, we have suggested you several best Ford Cars that you should have. So, Friends! Here the simple steps that you can do to find the nearest Ford Dealers:

  • In the beginning, you can prepare your Smartphone then visit On the homepage, you need to choose the menu, “Find a Dealer.”
  • Then, you can choose the filter to get the nearest Ford Dealer. In this case, you can choose whether looking for by the locations or by the dealer’s name.
  • When you choose the locations, you can type down the distance that you want and choose the services that you are looking for.
  • You can click at “Reset” and get ready to get the lists of Ford Dealers near your current position.

About Ford Login for Employees

The next benefits for being Ford Consultant or employees are about to get free access to get into Ford Login for employees portal. Yes, it is the official Ford Employee and Dealership Portal. Same with the other employee portal, Ford Motor Employee Portal has some features that can ease your work and business as Ford Dealership.

To access this site, you have to prepare some tools such as electronic device and your employee id codes to log in to If you are a new Ford Employee or dealer, then here several login steps that you can follow:

  • Step 1# Go Online

Because it is the online login portal, then you have to go to Portal. Once you get the homepage, you need to read the following statements appeared on the screen. Then, you can click at “Additional Important Terms and Condition” to get more details about the FMC Dealer Portal.

  • Step 2# Submit the Login Details

For the next, you need to submit the correct User ID and Password at the proper sides. Of course, you must make sure that you have submitted the correct User ID and Password.

  • Step 3# Get into the Features

For the rest, you have submitted the correct login details then you can click at “Login” and get ready to explore the features at FMC Dealer Employee and Dealership Portal.

Lists of Ford Training Courses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When you are a part of Ford Course Students or even a current Ford Technician, you may have several questions related to this course. Basically, you have chosen the best training center because it leads you to get the best job at Lincoln, Ford Motor Company as well as Ford Dealership Stations!

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How large is Ford?
Surprisingly, Ford is the number twenty-second of the largest company in the world based on its revenue. Upper of Ford, it comes to Walmart, Sinopec, State Grid, China National Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, Toyota, Volkswagen, BP, Exxon Mobil, Berkshire Hathaway.
How much do Ford Dealership Mechanics Make?
Do you know why Ford Mechanic Jobs becomes an idol for most people? Yes, of course, it is because of the salary that they can earn in a single month. For your information, Ford Dealership Mechanics even can collect an average of $49,848 to $68,215 in every month. Besides, they will get a chance to get a cash bonus, stock bonus, Ford Profit Sharing, Commission Sharing, the various health insurance, family allowances as well as somehow any tips from the customers.
How Long does it Take to become Certified Mechanics?
Generally, for the formal Ford Training Courses or Formal Schooling at Ford Training Center and community colleges and school will take two years. This course will lead you to get an Associate’s Degree in Automotive Technology or Automotive Repair. Sure, you will get a chance to work at Lincoln, Ford Motor Company, or even any dealership stations.
What is Ford Certification?
Ford Certification is a special warranty for Ford Pre-owned and Certified Vehicles. Through this certification, you will get a comprehensive limited warranty from Ford Motor Company. It covers more than a hundred components for a year per 12,000 miles. In addition, you can get seven-year per 100,000-mile power train limited warranty coverage.
How much does a Ford master technician make?
Many of you may be questioning about the benefits of being a Ford Master Technician. Well, you should remember that you have passed a long journey at Ford starting from enrolling Ford Training Courses, take the entry level of Ford Technician, and complete the various difficult certificate exams and tests. Then, it may be a little aspect to represents your commitment to support Ford Motor Company. Therefore, the company appreciates it with several awesome benefits likewise the average pay at $83,052 to $101,708 every month, Cash bonus and rewards, the various life insurance, pride and prestige, stock bonus, Ford Profit and Commission Sharing, and any family allowances.
How much does Electrician Make at Ford?
When you have known about Ford Mechanics can earn, it is time to know the other positions. And now, it is about the Electrician at Ford can earn every month. Surprisingly, the Ford Electrician can get salary in average $74,041 to $88,692 every month. Besides of this monthly salary, they also have an opportunity to claim any rewards, bonuses as well as the various health insurances.
How to Contact Ford Headquarter Office Phone Numbers?
Just in case you get some problems related your Ford Dealership Business, you should not hesitate to contact Ford Headquarter Phone Numbers at 1-800-392-3673. This phone number will answer the various general questions about Ford Motor Company. Specifically, when you need to get any roadside assistance, you can call the teams at 1-800-241-3673.
What is the Best Ford Car to Buy?
And then, you may be curious to purchase Ford Car, but you feel confused about the best types that will suit you. Anyway, to choose the best car, you should understand what the car purpose to as well as the budget that you have. Even the car’s condition and details are also important to support your necessities. Don’t worry! You can visit and get the details of Ford Cars. Or, you can contact Ford Customer Service where they are always ready to help you. In our opinion, here several best Ford cars that you may choose such as 2019 Escape, Fusion Hybrid, 2018 Focus, 2019 Mustang, Expedition, Eco Sport, and many more. 

And, that’s all about Ford Training Courses and a few details about Ford Motor Company. Right now, you can discuss with your families about the courses that may suit you and your necessities as well. And then, you can visit the nearest Ford Training Center then get ready to work at Ford. Enjoy!

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Ford Training Courses

Do you want to take Ford Training Courses? You need to visit one of the nearest Ford Training Center and you can choose one of three courses based on your necessities. This page will give you the detail information about this course enrollment, program’s details as well as the ways to apply for Ford Motor Careers. Let’s check them out!

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