EatontheMove – Win $500 from SSP Customer Feedback Survey


Do you travel a lot? Then, you must have heard about SSP America outlets many times, right? Or, probably you have been a loyal customer of this food provider. If so, there’s good news for you! You can now win an Amazon Gift Card worth $500 from SSP America. This is how it works. You can win the prize if you take part in Eatonthemove Customer Survey.

Of course, you will need a purchase receipt from SSP America outlets to join the customer survey. Then, you may respond to the questions given by the SSP Customer Feedback Survey. You may answer based on your true experience. You can also give your positive or negative feedback about the services and products at SSP America outlets. After that, you will get a chance to enter the survey sweepstakes. Then, you will receive the gift card if you can win it.

You can understand more about Eatonthemove Customer Survey after you have read this article. So, make sure you do not skip any information you find here because there are more helpful things you need to know about Eatonthemove Survey and SSP America. So, happy reading!


eatonthemove survey offers $500 Amazon Gift Card

About SSP America

SSP America, Inc. is a company holding Eat on the Move Customer Satisfaction Survey. The headquarters of SSP America, Inc. is situated in Ashburn, Virginia. This company is founded in 1986 and a subsidiary of SSP Group plc, a multinational company which is also well-known as The Food Travel Experts based in the United Kingdom.

So far, SSP America has been managing some food and beverages outlets at international airports and railway stations in the United States. At SSP America outlets, customers may enjoy tasty foods, drinks, and also cocktails in comfortable lounges. It can be a good place to relax while you are waiting for your boarding time before traveling.

eat on the move survey

eat on the move survey

Rules of Eatonthemove Survey Sweepstakes

You may start what you need to know from the sweepstakes rules. This sweepstakes is a part of Eatonthemove Survey where you may win an attractive prize from SSP America. Here are a few things about the sweepstakes rules.

  1. Participants

You can be a participant of Eat on the Move sweepstakes if you have the following conditions.

  • At least 18 years old

If you have been 18 years old or older, you have a right to enter Eat on the Move sweepstakes. Otherwise, your parent or legal guardian may help you join the drawing.

  • The United States residents

SSP America only requires legal residents of the United States to enter Eat on the Move sweepstakes. Also, there are not strict rules about which states you are residing now.

  • Not SSP America employees

Employees of SSP America are not eligible to join Eat on the Move sweepstakes. So, if you are working for SSP America, you will not be able to take part in this survey sweepstakes. in addition, your household members and immediate family members are not permissible to be participants of the sweepstakes.

  1. Methods

The only possible method to participate in Eat on the Move sweepstakes is by submitting your entries online. it means you should take Eat on the Move customer survey at before you can join the sweepstakes. Make sure you have got a survey invitation printed on your SSP America purchase receipt if you are eager to take the customer survey.

Then, you can submit your sweepstakes entry if you have answered the survey questions.  Limited for one entry per month for every sweepstakes participant.

  1. Winners

Eat on the Move sweepstakes administrator will decide the winners through random drawings. There will be one drawing for one qualifying sweepstakes period. After that, the administrator will contact the potential winners via email.

  1. Prize

A sweepstakes winner will get an Amazon Gift Card with a value of $500. This gift card does not have any substitution. It means the winner will not be able to request cash or any other things as the sweepstakes prize.


eatonthemove survey steps

Steps to Participate in Eatonthemove Feedback Survey

If you have understood the rules of SSP Survey sweepstakes, it is the time for you to start the survey steps. But, you still need some things to prepare before you take the survey. first, you must have a device. even though you may use a tab or a smartphone, a computer or a laptop is more preferable, though.

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Then, you must have an internet connection as you should go to the survey website to take the survey. then, you may prepare your SSP America purchase receipt as well. it is because you will really need some information printed on the purchase receipt when the survey has begun.

When you have got all of you to need for the survey, you may take your steps. if you do not have any ideas on how the customer survey will run, you can simply follow the guideline below.

  • Step 1. Go to eatonthemove survey page

First, you should go to the official website of Eat on the Move customer satisfaction survey. You will be able to reach it at

  • Step 2. Select Country

Second, you can select the country where you are residing now. The website will appear for UK and Eire residents. Thus, you can click a link when you can see a question if you visited somewhere else. Then, a drop-down field will appear and you can select the United States.

  • Step 3. Change Language

Third, you may look at the top left corner. That’s where you can change the language setting. This website uses English as the default language. But, you may use your preferred language, such as English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Danish, etc.

  • Step 4. Click Survey Link

Fourth, you must click the survey link now. it is on the lower part other website home page. There is a link where you “Click here to give us your feedback.” this link will let you open the next survey page.

  • Step 5. Provide Receipt Details

Fifth, you are able to provide the details of your latest visit to SSP America outlets. You can use your receipt now. These are what you should inform:

  1. Store Location

The first detail is for the location of SSP America outlet which you have visited.

  1. Feedback Type

This survey will ask you to classify your feedback type. You can choose one of the types. Those are Experience or Complaint.

  1. Visit date and visit time

It is also necessary to inform the date and time of your visit to SSP America store.

  • Step 6. Answer Survey Questions

Sixth, you can answer the questions from Eat on the Move survey. The questions are about your visit experience at SSP America outlet, such as:

  1. General satisfaction at SSP America location,
  2. A positive experience at the outlet,
  3. Store cleanliness,
  4. Outlet staffs’ behaviors,
  5. Product prices,
  6. Speed service,

Besides, you will have to answer some additional questions about foods, beverages, and products sold at SSP America Outlet. Then, there are classification questions about your gender, age, and the country as well.

  • Step 7. Submit Sweepstakes Entry

Finally, you can submit your sweepstakes entry by providing your name and email address. If you are lucky, an Amazon Gift Card worth $500 will belong to you.

How to Find the Nearest SSP America Locations?

Are you looking for the nearest locations of Eat on the Move? Well, you can simply go to any international airports or railway stations with SSP America outlets. So far, there have been 34 locations providing SSP America outlets, such as:

SSP Location

SSP Location

SSP Location

SSP Location

JFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport) LGA (LaGuardia Airport) LWR (Lakewood Ranch Airport ) MSN (Dane County Regional Airport (Truax Field))
MSP (Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport  MKE (Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport) PDX (Portland International Airport) YUL (Montréal-Trudeau International Airport )
YVR (Vancouver International Airport)

SEA (Seattle–Tacoma International Airport)

COS (City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport)

IAH (George Bush Intercontinental Airport)

RNO (Reno/Tahoe International Airport) CID ( The Eastern Iowa Airport)

BOS (Gen. Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport)

SFO ( San Francisco International Airport) YTZ (Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport )
IND (Indianapolis International Airport) OAX (Oaxaca Xoxocotlan International Airport ) YYZ (Toronto Pearson International Airport)

PIE (St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport)

LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) YWG (Winnipeg International Airport )
TPA (Tampa International Airport) SAN (San Diego International Airport (Lindbergh Field)) RDU (Raleigh-Durham International Airport)
MCO (Orlando International Airport) PHX (Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport)

ROC (Greater Rochester International Airport)

SFB (Orlando Sanford International Airport)

YOW (Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport)

MDW (Chicago Midway International Airport)
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However, you can try to search for the closest one in your area if you’d like to. There are 2 ways possible to find out if the airport near to you providing SSP America outlets or not. Here is the information for you.

  1. Website

If you need to look for SSP America outlets via the official website, you can use the following steps.

First, you should visit the SSP America website at

  • Click Locations

Second, you can click the Locations button. You will find this on the top menu bar. After you have clicked the button, you will be able to see the Location page of SSP America outlets.

If you use the SSP America Locations page, you will find a map of the United States with some airport codes. It means you should understand which airports have the codes informed on the website. or, you may determine the location based on the place where you are looking for right now.

  1. Search Engine

You may prefer using a search engine through your browser. Then, you can just type a keyword related to the nearest location of SSP America outlets. Or, you can use Food Travel Experts Near Me, Eatonthemove Near Me, or SSP America Near Me as the keywords. In a few seconds, the search engine will show the results for you. besides, you can try to look for information about Eatonthemove Hours. Even though airports will be open 24 hours every day, it will be better if you get fixed information about the open hours of SSP America outlets.

How to Submit Feedback at SSP America Website?

If you do not want to share your feedback through Eatonthemove survey, you can submit your feedback through the SSP America website. This process is simpler than taking the survey. It is because you do not need to answer a series of questions related to your visit. By submitting feedback via the website, you just need to write down your feedback based on your concern.

Here is the step by step to give SSP America feedback.

  • Visit the SSP America website.

First of all, you have to access the official website of SSP America. You can use your browser to visit This website contains any important information about this company. As the example, you can explore about SSP America locations, careers, and brands.

  • Click on Contact Us.

At the top menu bar, you will find several options. Just focus on the Contact Us menu. Once you click on this menu, you will be directed to the new page containing SSP America Feedback form.

  • Select the topic of your inquiry.

In general, this contact form is not only for submitting feedback. You also can submit other inquiries. For instance, you want to ask any questions, contact SSP Humean Resources, or want to be SSP partner. That’s why you need to specify your intention of filling in this form. You can select I Want to Submit Feedback.

  • Complete personal information info.

In this step, you have to provide your personal and contact details. First, you need to write down your name. Then, provide your email address and telephone number.

  • Write down your comment.

Now, you are free to write everything about SSP America. You can express any suggestions, complaints, comments, etc.

  • Submit your feedback.

Last, you can send this feedback form to SSP America by pressing the Submit button.

What is SSP International Brands?

No doubt, SSP International operates many well-known restaurant brands. Sometimes you do not know that the outlet you visit is the part of SSP International. But, here, we try to breakdown some brands operated by SSP Group. Check this out.

  1. International Brands.

SSP Group is partnered with some international restaurant brands. For instance, this company runs these following brands.

  • Ajisen Ramen.

This restaurant is originally from Japan. But, because of its partnership with SSP Group, this restaurant is well-known worldwide. Then, you can find this restaurant brand on any travel sites.

  • Burger King.

Who does not know this famous burger restaurant? SSP also operates this brand in many air and rail travel locations. For instance, you can find it in the UK, Germany, Belgium, China, Hongkong, Switzerland, UEA, and Thailand.

  • Jamie Oliver.
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Jamie Oliver is an Italian restaurant brand. It serves the breakfast menu such as a sandwich, pastry, pizza, salads, etc.

  • Starbucks.

SSP and Starbucks have a partnership since 2008. SSP runs Starbucks outlets in many travel sites in Europe.

  1. Local Hero Brands.

Since it is a local brand, so each country has different restaurants run by SSP Group. Here are some examples of local brands in America.

  • Matt’s Big Breakfast.

It is a casual dining restaurant. This outlet serves burger and homemade fries.

  • Osteria.

This restaurant lets the guests sit in front of its open kitchen to see how the chef serves the food. It serves pizza and other Italian modern cuisines.

  • Lolo American Kitchen and Craft Bar.

This restaurant serves the seasonal platter, craft beer, and cocktail.

How to Reach SSP America Customer Service

Do you find any difficulties when you are taking Eat on the Move survey? You can try to contact SSP America Customer Service, then. This way, the customer service representatives will help you to solve the difficulties. Also, you may give your honest feedback about the survey to them. There are some ways you can do to reach SSP America Customer Service.

  1. Email

If you have the internet connection to your device, you can use your email to contact Eat on the Move Customer Service. You may tell the problems you’ve found on Eat on the Move survey website. After you have composed your message, you can send your email to [email protected]

  1. Phone

You may want fast responses from SSP America Customer Service. This is why; you’d better contact the representatives via phone. You will be able to talk about the difficulties clearly. By speaking directly, it will reduce any misunderstandings between you and the customer service representatives. Anytime you need help from SSP America Customer Service via phone, you can just dial the phone number below.

  • Eatonthemove Customer Service: 877 325 8777.
  • General question and comment: 703 729 2333
  • Career and Human Resources: 703 723 7283
  • Business development: 202 321 7028
  • Brand partnership: 703 595 8673
  1. Website.

You are allowed to leave your feedback via the website. You just need to visit Then, you can go to the Contact menu to fill out the feedback form.

  1. Mailing

When you are far from the internet connection and phone signal, you can tell the difficulties via mailing post. Eat on the Move Customer Service has prepared a department that will enable you to share issues related to Eat on the Move customer satisfaction survey via mailing post. You may handprint any feedback, complaints, or suggestions about the survey on some paper sheets. After that, you can send your letters to the following address.

Care of SSP America, Inc,

CT Corporation, 4701 Cox Road, Suite 301,

Glen Allen, Virginia, 23060-6802

The United States

SSP Restaurants FAQs

What Country is SSP located?
SSP restaurant can be found in 33 countries. For instance, you can find SSP restaurants in North America, UK, India, Ireland, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.
What are the SSP restaurant brands?
This company has some restaurant brands. For instance, it has Haven, Upper Crust, Camden Food, Co, and Cabin.
Where is SSP headquartered?
SSP International is headquartered in 169 Euston Road, London, NW1 2AE.
What is the SSP America Customer Service phone number?
If you want to share any feedback or ask any questions to SSP America, you can call 877 325 8777.
When was SSP International found?
This company is founded in 1961.
Is Burger King run by SSP?
Yes, some Burger King outlets in the airport are managed by SSP.
Does SSP serve catering?
SSP provides outsourced catering on a train. This service is operated under the brand Rail Gourmet.

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Summary of Eatonthemove survey

Eatonthemove is a customer feedback survey held by SSP Group. Eat on the Move survey can be accessed at This survey sweepstakes offers a reward worth $500 Amazon gift card.

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