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doosan passport

Any of you are the part of Doosan Group? This well-known company from Korea now becomes a global company. It has many subsidiaries and brands. In order to manage a large number of employees, this company creates Doosan Passport and Doosan Connect portal. If you have no idea about this employee portal, you need to review our guideline below.

Doosan login is the process of logging into the Doosan staff’s personal account. Here not all residents have free access to the Doosan Passport portal. Because this portal is only open to Doosan staff and partners. If you are a new staff member, the HRD office will ask you to join a Doosan Login portal. Well, if you want to do it easily, you need our instructions. Here you will find several programs that are suitable for your life and family. You can access the login passport with a few short preparations. If you are ready for the login process, let’s do it with our easy guide.

doosan passport

doosan passport login page is available at

What is Doosan Passport?

Doosan Passport and Doosan Connect are the official website of Doosan Group which contains the employment information. All the employees of Doosan Group, as well as the subsidiaries employees, can access this portal. This website is accessible at

Although you are working at Doosan Bobcat, Doosan Portable Power, Doosan Fuel Cell America, or Doosan Corporate Office, you have the right to access Doosan Passport and Doosan Connect. As long as you have Doosan Passport login credentials, you can log into this platform. Then, you can explore this Doosan employee portal and try all the menus on this site.

How to get Doosan Passport login details? The first thing you have to do is contacting Doosan HR Department. It is because you cannot sign up at this employee portal by yourself. HR Department staff will help you to create an account at

Once you have Doosan passport username and password, you can sign into this portal anytime. For your information, Doosanpassport employee portal is not only accessible by Doosan employees. But, Doosan associates, as well as the Authorized Dealers, also can explore this website. Having no idea how to access this portal? Just scroll down this page to find an easy guideline of Doosan Passport login.

What is Doosan Connect?

Doosan Connect is a telematics management system owned by Doosan Company. This portal is accessible at By accessing Doosanconnect, you can collect the information and data from Doosan Machine or asset which are equipped with the telematics device.

This way, Doosan employees can track how and where the machine work. No doubt, Doosan Connect can increase productivity and asset management. When you access Doosan Connect, you can do some tasks below.

  • Manage the maintenance schedule for the assets.
  • Manage the asset group and application.
  • Monitor how the assets work.
  • Monitor the assets abnormality.
  • Create an email as well as the push alarm to manage the assets remotely.

Doosan Corporation Profile

Are you a new staff member at Doosan Trading? If you are new staff, the first step to entering the office is to read their profile. You need to read this information to complete the orientation period from the office. Here you can find out the history and products of their business. Well, we will start with Doosan Trading’s history first.

Doosan was founded in 1951. They pioneered this business until it grew as a popular heavy equipment company in Korea. Before using the name Doosan, the business was engaged in selling Oriental Beer. This brewery was popular during the Korean war. Then Doosan Engineering & Construction was born in 1960 in Korea.

The Korean government itself uses Doosan as a partner for infrastructure development there. The founder of the Doosan business named Park Seung Jik. Year after year they grow by acquiring other businesses. So, don’t hesitate to work at Doosan Trading Company. Because you can get Doosan Employee Benefits from them.

What are the Features of Doosan Passport?

In this section, readers can find out some of the features in their Doosan Passport account. Staff can use this portal login to get programs from Doosan. If you are new staff, it’s good if you consult with HRD. There they will help you to go through the registration process. Then you can log into this portal by using the valid username and password.

Then, you are free to explore and use all features in Doosan Passport and Doosan Connect employee portal. Below are some features that you need to know about Doosan passports.

  1. Source of Information and Announcement

If your office uses a bulletin board, then you need to stand in line with other colleagues. But, Doosan Passport has features that can deliver news and announcements from your office. If you access the Doosan login page, you will not miss new information from the office. Look for information from your personal account.

  1. Doosan Employee Benefits at Doosan My Benefits.
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On this portal, the employees can view and enroll the benefit programs. There you can register online. Save your time to come to the office through this Doosan Login. The HR office will take care of your online application. Below are some programs that you need to try.

  • Life and Accident Insurance.

If you work in a construction company, then you need to have insurance. Here you can register first, or Doosan has registered their staff. This insurance will help you get a replacement fee for an accident. You need to read the insurance fund claim rules. Because they have several conditions that you need to fulfill.

  • Pension plan program.

Staff needs to consider this planning program. If you want to have a comfortable old age, the key is this program. The office will help staff make retirement plans from the salary they receive. In retirement you can receive the funds you save here.

  • Health care reimbursement.

If you want to see a doctor, you can get a replacement fee.

  • Leave and vacation.

Staff needs to get leave and vacation. You have several days a year to take leave. But, you need to confirm first with the administration office.

  • Gifts and incentives.

If you are a model staff, they will appreciate your hard work. Here the staff is entitled to reward or incentives. If you work overtime, then they will pay your overtime.

  1. Work Schedule Access.

The employees can view the work schedules easily from home. If you want to make a schedule change, you can exchange work hours with other partners. Do this process in your personal account. Besides, you also can apply for the leave online. The system will connect your application with the administration office. They will arrange your leave online.

  1. Get salary details.

Do you still come to the bank to see salary payments? Well, now you can save energy with Doosan Login. Your account will display details of the pay stub. You can compare the amount of salary to working hours in the office. So you can see salary payments wherever you are.

  1. MyHR Doosan.

By using Doosan Passport, you do not need to meet your HR manager in person. It is because you can contact HR Department through this employee portal. As an example, you can contact them to ask about the employee benefits or other employment issues.

Why Must You Have Doosan Passport Account?

In spite of the portal features above, there are some reasons you have to create an account at Doosan Connect and Doosan Passport. This employee portal really can help you to solve your employment issues. Besides, here are the benefits of using this portal.

  • Secure.

As the Doosan Passport users, you do not need to worry about your data in this portal. Doosan protects all data and information contained in this portal. Besides, it is only accessible by authorized users. No doubt, there is no self-registration process in this portal. If you want to sign up, you need to contact your HRD.

  • Updates.

Being the users of Doosan Employee portal will make you updated about all information about Doosan Group. As an example, you can read the latest news and announcement about this company. So, even you are not at the office, you still can monitor and manage your work.

  • 24-hour access.

The third benefits of accessing Doosan Passport is that this portal is accessible 24/7. So, whenever you want to check your employee benefits, pay stubs, or schedule, you can access this portal. No doubt, DoosanPassport can make your job more efficient.

Doosan Passport Login Preparations

You need to do login set up for an easy login process. Here you will complete the online login process. The device can support your login process running smoothly. Social media has an almost identical login system. If you are able to enter your account, we hope you can understand the instructions. Staff can access this portal if they have prepared the items below. If you are curious about the login process, let’s make preparations first.

  1. Users need to have a computer or other device.

Here staff needs to have a login device. The login tool that we recommend is a computer or laptop. Staff can log in the office to get device support. But, you can use a smartphone to open an account at home. Choose an easy device and you can operate it.

  1. Browsers and the internet.

The popular browser that you need to know is Google Chrome, internet explorer, Mozilla etc. Browsers need internet to search for login portals. Here you can use wifi in your office. If you use a smartphone, you don’t need to make arrangements. Because you can load the website directly. We advise you to choose a stable internet provider.

  1. Doosan Passport Login Credentials.
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After you have a login device, you can take the first step of logging in. Here you need to fill in the account information column. They need your Doosan Connect account username and password. Get both from Doosan Passport Administrator or HR office. Ask for help to prepare your access.

doosan passport login steps

doosan passport login steps

Doosan Passport Employee Login Steps

In this section, we will invite staff to start the login process. Doosan Passport has useful features for easy working hours. They connect you with Doosan and coworkers. This portal helps staff contact HR to complete the administration. Doosan created this portal to help staff and partners get service from them. Get benefits for your work after using your account features. Check out the login instructions below.

  1. Go to Doosan Passport Portal login.

Users of the login portal can open a website on a computer. A browser on a computer can load pages faster when using a stable internet. Then use the address box to load the login portal page. If the website takes a long time to be ready, you can check the connection. So, complete your login process in a short time. Use the address

  1. Complete the username field.

Well, new staff need to get an explanation from HRD. There you can ask to get your Doosan Login account username. Do this process without errors. Because this step you need to do carefully to avoid mistakes.

  1. Enter the Doosan Login Password.

In this section, the staff needs to fill in the password field correctly. Because if the staff enter one character incorrectly, the account cannot be opened. So after writing the password, it’s good if you check it again.

  1. Click on the login button to enter your personal account.

Finally, the staff can open an account by pressing the login button. Click on the button to enter and explore the Doosan Connect account.

  1. Browse your new account.

First, staff can complete personal and family information. This stage can affect the benefits you receive. If you have changed, make changes to the data from your personal account.

Procedure for Doosan Passport Password Recovery

Here we will help you resolve the password forgetting problem. If you forget your account credentials, the system does not allow you to enter your personal account. So you need to solve this problem first. Then you can create a new password through the repair link. Below is how to fix Doosan Passport passwords.

  1. Open the Doosan Login Official Portal.

If you want to open this portal, you need a search keyword. Because the browser will search for websites using keywords or web addresses. Here we want you to use the login portal address. So you can land directly on the login portal.

  1. Enter Doosan Connect Username.

In order to reset your password, you need to enter Doosan Username. Please make sure that you input the correct username. This way, you can continue to the next step.

  1. Repair the password on the “Reset Password” page.

After completing the username column, users need to wait for the account search results. Because the system will find your account through that username. The system will find an account if your username is correct.

  1. Create a new password.

On this page, you only need to follow the next instructions from the login portal. They will help you make a new password.

If you encounter difficulties in this procedure, we hope you contact the administrator. Here you will get help repairing your account. Congratulations you can use a new password in the login process. Try your password through the Doosan Passport Portal main page.

Doosan connect login

Doosan connect login

Doosan Connect Login Steps

Another employee portal owned by Doosan Corporation is Doosan Connect. If you want to log into this platform, you can do the simple steps below.

  • Step 1. Visit the Doosan Connect portal.

First of all, you have to access the Doosan Connect login page at It is recommended to use a device which has the screen revolution minimum 1280 X 800.

  • Step 2. Select the language.

Since Doosan is a global company, it provides several languages to make the users of this portal easy to access all information. 12 language options are available in this portal.

  • Step 3. Enter the Doosan Connect User ID.

Provide the correct Doosan Connect User ID to access your account.

  • Step 4. Write down your password.

Then, you need to provide a Doosan Connect password. Make sure you write the password correctly to avoid the login trouble.

  • Step 5. Press the login button.
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Finally, you can access your account by pressing the Login button.

What is Doosan My Benefits?

You will not regret when you become part of Doosan Corporation. It is because this company offers various employee benefits. This way, you can get health benefits, financial benefits as well as life support.

Listed below are the examples of employee benefits offered by Doosan Corporation. For more detailed employee benefits, you can access Doosan My Benefits at Doosan Passport.

  1. Life Support benefits.

When you work at Doosan Corporation, you can enroll in several benefits below.

  • Leisure Support program.

Doosan only operates five-day work in a week. So, you can enjoy your weekend with your family. Besides, you can apply for the long term vacation program in winter or summer.

  • Backpacking trip.

To improve the employees’ experience and mindset, Doosan supports its employees to make a trip to Europe and America. If you like adventure, you should try this program.

  1. Self Development program.

Doosan also supports its employees to develop its skill and knowledge. So, it offers some benefits below.

  • Training centers.

Doosan has a technology education center and training center. These facilities can help the employees to improve their skills.

  • Culture and Liberal art program.

In some occasions, Doosan conducts a cultural program for its employees and their family members. Sometimes Doosan has some lecturers for their daily life such as retirement planning, investment, and child education.

  • Doosan Festival.

In Autumn and Spring, Doosan creates a festival to create a pleasant working atmosphere. In this festival, there are some interesting programs such as children event, cultural activity, silver party, cheer up event, and many more.

  • Scholarship.

If you want to continue your study while working at Doosan, you can apply for Doosan scholarship. This way, you can get free tuition fee for your education.

  1. Family Support Benefits.

Doosan not only considers the employees’ life but also the employees’ family members. Here are some benefits that your family members can enjoy.

  • Childcare Support.

Doosan offers a dormitory for the employees’ children who are attending college in Seoul.

  • Childcare facilities.
  • Funeral service.
  1. Health benefits.

Health is the main concern of this company. It is because a healthy employee can be more productive.

  • Company clinic.

This clinic offers physical therapy for Doosan employees.

  • Vaccinations.

In order to prevent a certain disease, Doosan offers vaccination to the employees.

  • Healthcare program.

Doosan also has some programs to campaign a healthy life. As an example, this company holds accident prevention, aquarobic classes, dietary management, anti-smoking campaign, and medication-assisted treatment.

  1. Financial benefits.
  • Retirement plan.

To plan the employees’ future, Doosan offers a retirement plan. This way, the employees can save for their future’s financial condition.

  • Housing and Loan.

Doosan offers a dormitory for the employees who do not have a house. Also, this company offers low-rate housing loan. The employees can apply for Community Credit Cooperative program.

  • Transportation Support Program.

How to Contact Doosan Passport Administrator

In this section, you can ask for help from the officer to solve the login issue. If you find a problem for the login process, here you can ask for the solution. Some problems you can experience are forgetting your password and username. Besides, the browsers and computers load website portals for longer. Here you can check the connection first. If you do not get a solution, below we will discuss some Doosan Passport Administrator telephone numbers.

  1. Doosan Login Customer Service. Here they are available in two phone numbers. They are United State and International.

Doosan United States and Canada: (866) 473-7050.

Doosan International: +1 (701) 476-4240

  1. Get a solution for Doosan Portable Power

Doosan Portable Power: 1-800-633-5206.

  1. Get international email customer service.

[email protected]

Doosan Corporation FAQs

Where is Doosan manufactured?
Most of Doosan products are manufactured in Yandong, China.
What companies does Doosan own?
Doosan Mobility Innovation, Doosan Infracore, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, Doosan Engineering & Construction, Doosan Bobcat, Doosan Robotics, Doosan Mecatec, Doosan Mobility Innovation.
Did Doosan buy Daewoo?
Yes, Doosan has purchased Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery.
Does Doosan own bobcat?
Yes. This company has a subsidiary named Doosan Bobcat.
Is Doosan a Korean company?
In the beginning, Doosan is a Korean Company. But, now, Doosan has become a global company.
What company owns Bobcat?
Bobcat is owned by Doosan Group.


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Summary of Doosan Passport

Doosan Passport and Doosan Connect are the employee portals owned by Doosan Corporation. You can access Doosan passport login page at Besides, Doosan Connect login is accessible at

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