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Dominos Feedback

Domino’s Feedback and Sweepstakes Contest

Knowing someone betrays us is such a heartbreak that makes us lose motivation, hopes as well as energy. But, life must go on and a slice of pizza may be helpful. Have you ever found people who ignore a pizza offer? Of course, you will never find them in this planet as everybody loves it very much. If you live in the UK, you are very lucky because you can take Dominos Feedback and win a year Dominos Pizza for free.

But, the United States Residents should not be sad because you can win Domino’s Coupon Discounts as well. Yes, Domino’s Pizza offers a lot of rewards for all its customers. But, you should spend your few times to participate in Domino’s Customer Survey Contest. This year, a lot of wonderful rewards are waiting for you guys. And as usual, we are going to be your nice guide. Fortunately, we have prepared secret tips to be the winners of this contest. Get ready!

What is Domino’s Pizza?

As usual, we choose to share the general information about Domino’s Pizza before we get the complete details about Dominos Feedback Step by Step Guidelines. Anyway, Dominos started the operation on December 9, 2019, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, the United States. At that time, James Monaghan and Dominick DiVarti toke an important part as the founder of Domino’s Pizza Incorporation.

Do you know? Dominos becomes the largest pizza seller in the world in the rest of 2018. To add it, it becomes the number seven of the largest pizza chain based on the number of locations as well. Approximately, Dominos has operated for more than 16,000 locations in the world.

Dominos Pizza

Dominos Pizza Official Page is available at

Right now, Domino’s Pizza Incorporation has a headquarter office at Domino’s Farms Office Park Ann Arbor, Michigan, the United States. Inside of this company and franchising, it works with more than 290,000 people in the rest of 2017. Yes, despite offering a dine-in restaurant, Domino’s Pizza also offers the food delivery services and franchising system. When you come to Domino’s Pizza Outlets, you will get more than a pizza. Yes, you can try the other menu such as Chicken Wings, Dessert, Pasta, and submarine sandwiches.

What is Dominos Feedback?

Alright, you can go to the nearest Domino’s Pizza Locations and don’t forget to pay attention to every part at Dominos. As we have mentioned before, it is better for you to take part in the Dominos Feedback. Yes, it is a great chance to share your personal opinion, complaints, and feedback as well.

To join it, you have to prepare your previous Domino’s Receipt and visit Don’t worry! It is a quick survey which needs five minutes only to complete all questionnaires. For Dominos Pizza US, you are not able to get Domino’s Free Pizza for a year. But, this company offers you a special voucher discount up to 10% off.

Dominos Feedback US

Dominos Feedback US is accessible at

What are the Qualifications to Take Dominos Feedback Survey?

For the next, you should know that to win the Dominos Voucher Discount is not too easy. Basically, you have to match the participant’s qualifications and be eligible to win the reward. Need to get that list? Well, here they are:

  • First of all, you must be the legal Residents of Tampa, Bradenton, Ft Myers and Gainesville Florida who are at least 18 years old.
  • Then, you must be the real customers who don’t have any relation with Domino’s Pizza Employees.
  • Each participant must limit one survey entrance a week only.
  • For the next, you have recently visited Domino’s Pizza Locations and own the valid receipt. It must be not over than 48 hours of the last visit.
  • Also, you have to get ready with helpful tools such as electronic device, a current version of the internet browsers and the stable internet connection as well.

How to Complete Dominos Feedback Survey at

Great! When you have matched with those qualifications, it is really cool to start completing the survey. Yes, you are right to claim your Domino’s Discount Voucher because you are the part of its loyal customers. Well, Guys! You should not waste your time and follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1# Visit the Site

First of all, all of us know that Dominos Feedback is an online survey. So, we need to go online and access the official site of Domino’s Pizza Survey Portal. As usual, you have to get ready with your devices then visit

  • Step 2# Complete the Visit Details

Second of all, you will get a page where it asks some questions related to your previous visit. Sure, you can take your receipt to know the detail of the store survey as well as the date of your last visit. So that you know, you have to type down your full name, email address, active phone numbers as well as the Domino’s Pizza Store details.

  • Step 3# Type down the Feedback
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And then, the last box you will be able to type down your general Domino’s Feedback, comments and suggestions. Guys, you should remember that you must share your honest reviews based on your personal shopping experiences.

  • Step 4# “Submit” your Feedback

At last, you can click at “Submit”. Sure, you will get a series of reward codes appearing on your screen. At that time, you should take your writing tools then write it down on your Domino’s Receipt.

How to Use Dominos Feedback Reward Code?

Finally, you have owned your Domino’s Voucher Discount Codes and it means that you should redeem it as quick as possible. Yes, it limits on the time of redemption so you have to pay attention to it. Besides the time limitation, there are some important things that you should know to use that reward code and here they are:

  • At first, that reward code will get expired after seven days of the last survey entrance.
  • The second, you can use that code at the same Domino’s Pizza Locations like your previous visit.
  • For the next, the redemption process is valid for one redemption per each customer only.
  • If you have two or more voucher discounts, you must use it on different days.

What is Dominos Feedback for a Year Free Pizza?

For your information, Domino’s Pizza Corporate Office also offers a year free pizza for you who are lucky. Yes, by participating at Dominos Guest Satisfaction Survey, you will get a chance to win Domino’s Pizza for a year free. But, this program is limited for some participants only and here the details are:

  • First thing first, this contest is available in only the United Kingdom including the Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • The participants must over than 18 years old and not the Dominos Pizza Employee’s family members or household.
  • Each participant must limit the entrance once a week in the same household.
  • This Dominos Free Pizza Survey Contest is valid within a certain period only. So, you are better to regularly check Dominos Feedback UK Official Site and make sure that you still have a chance.
Dominos Feedback

Dominos Feedback UK Site is available at

How to Complete Dominos Feedback for a Year Free Pizza?

If you are the UK Residence, you should not ignore this survey invitation because you can enjoy your favorite pizza every month for free. Yes, it is really cool because the survey process will not take your couple of times. And, here the steps are:

  • Step 1# Visit the Site

In the beginning, you all know that it is an online survey where you have to get the proper Domino’s Feedback UK Survey Site. And yes, you can prepare your electronic device, current internet browser as well as the stable internet connection. Then, you can go to

  • Step 2# Get the Survey Homepage

Once you access the page, you will get a few lines of Domino’s Feedback. Sure, you must read them carefully and click at “Continue” to get the survey page.

  • Step 3# Complete the Login Details

For the next, you will get the login detail pages and it asks about your previous visit details. Of course, you must complete them correctly. At first, you must submit the previous Domino’s Pizza Store Number, the date and time of that visit, total amount of order and your previous order number. Don’t worry! All of the details are available on your receipt. You can click at “Start” when everything is ready.

  • Step 4# Complete the Survey

And then, you will get a chance to show how high you are satisfied with the previous Domino’s Pizza Services. In this case, you can complete the survey questionnaires. Sure, you are free to give some complaints, opinion, feedback or suggestion.

  • Step 5# Take the Sweepstakes

Once you have completed the questionnaires, you can take Dominos Sweepstakes Contest. In this section, you should not hesitate to submit your complete personal information. As usual, you have to submit your complete name, mail-in address, email account, and your active phone numbers. Just make sure that you give the correct information.

  • Step 6# Set up the Phone

For the rest, it is the last section of Domino’s Feedback for a Year Free Pizza. Right now, you only need to wait for the current information about Dominos Sweepstakes Winners. Anyway, when you win this contest, you will receive acknowledged receipt of winning Dominos Pizza UK. Then, you have to confirm it within 14 days of being first notified. If you miss this notification, you may lose the chance to get a year free pizza coupon.

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How to Use Dominos Feedback for a Year Free Pizza Coupons?

Well, it is glad to know that you can win Domino’s Survey Sweepstakes Contest. Then, you can enjoy your free Domino’s Pizza without any hesitation. But, you should know that there are several items that you should aware of when using it. And, here they are:

  • At first, this free pizza coupon is usable in all Domino’s Pizza Locations across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.
  • You will receive 12 free pizza coupons that you can use once a month.
  • Then, you cannot use 12 free pizza coupons all together.
  • You can create your favorite topping maximum 4 topping for UK Residents and 9 toppings for Republic of Ireland Residents. If you want to add more toppings, you have to pay for it as your extra taxes.
  • For the rest, you cannot copy, transfer or even redeem this coupon with cash or the other Domino’s Pizza Menu.

How to Locate Dominos near me?

Great! You have known the detail steps on Dominos Feedback and Sweepstakes Contest. Right now, it is cool to visit one of the nearest Dominos Locations and get your own eatery experiences as well. It is easy! You can locate “Dominos near me” and get the lists of locations including with Dominos Hours, mail-in address as well as the local Domino’s Contact Numbers. So, here the details are:

  • Use Google Map

First thing first, you are able to use your Google Map Application or even visit if your devices are not supported with map app. Then, you can type down “Dominos near me” or even state your current positions. Within less than a minute, this map will locate the nearest Domino’s Locations and get ready to direct you to get that place.

  • Install the Dominos App

For the next, you can install the Dominos Mobile Application. Even, your Android, PC or Apple Device will support this type of app. Sure, you can download it from Google Play Store, App Store or even Portal. Once the app is ready, you can locate “Dominos near me” then don’t need to visit the store. Yes, you can access Dominos Pizza Online Order and get ready to enjoy the pizza at home.

  • Access Dominos Store Locator

And then, you can use the store locator feature that is available at Portal. On that page, you can choose the menu “Find a Local Dominos”. Then, you need to type down your current state or city. Instead, when you find out some notifications to locate your locations, you can tap on “Allow” then this feature will get your position. Well, it is really simple because you will not only get the address but also the details Dominos Hours and customer service phone numbers.

What is Dominos Number?

Guys, when you want to share any complaints, feedback or suggestions to Domino’s Pizza Corporate Office, you should not hesitate to contact Dominos Number. Yes, this company has prepared Dominos Customer Support to answer or help any problems related to its services. So, here the numbers that you can call:

  • At first, you can call the customer support at 734-930-3030. This Dominos Number serves any general questions about the company, franchising system and services.
  • Or, you can send an email to them at [email protected]
  • If you have complaints or feedback to Domino’s Pizza, you can call customer care number at 1-860-210-0000.
  • For the rest, you are better to visit Dominos Official Site at

Lists of Dominos Feedback Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Alright, we have provided several popular questions related to Domino’s Pizza and its survey sweepstakes contest. Some of you may have the same question and here the lists are:

Is Dominos open on Easter Sunday?
Yes, Domino’s Pizza opens the operation on Sunday. You should know that Holidays becomes the busiest time for Domino’s Pizza Store. It still opens the operation because the customers may need them to give the best pizza for gathering with families or friends. But, all of the stores may close the store earlier. Even it will be various in each location but most of them will close the store at 10:00 PM local time.
Does Dominos deliver on Easter?
Of course yes, you are able to order Domino’s Delivery Order or Easter, New Years Day, Super Bowl Sunday and the other United State’s Holiday season.
Is Dominos Open on Public Holidays?
Don’t worry! Dominos open all of its stores on Public Holidays except at Christmas Day. But in some types of holidays, it may start the operation at 11:00 AM and close it at 10:00 PM local time. So, have a great day everyone!
What time does Domino's stop delivering?
Are you a type of people who feel starving in the middle of the night? Well, Domino’s Pizza can be a great place for you. Even though it does not offer 24 hours of food delivery operation, but it has the extended hours of delivery services. Yes, you can get the delivery and carry out services until midnight every day.
Does Dominos have a Delivery Time Limit?
In general, Dominos tries to give all of its best to serve the customers as well as possible. In the case of delivery services, it has committed to deliver your order within less than 30 minutes. Indeed, you may get a free pizza when the drivers are late on delivery. But, this condition may apply for some kinds of situation including your address and total of the order. For more details, you can visit
Is Dominos Free after 30 Minutes?
Dominos 30 Minutes or Free Offer will not apply when you order 4 or more Domino’s Pizzas. Even, it is not applicable when the store operating conditions are not possible to deliver or order less than 30 minutes. Anyway, you should not worry as Domino’s team will inform this condition before you order your pizza. And then, this offer is not applicable to some kinds of holidays such as New Year’s Eve and some other public holidays.
Can You Pay Cash for Dominos Delivery?
Don’t worry! You are able to pay cash for your Dominos Pizza Delivery Services. When you call the hotline service teams, you can say that you will pay cash to the drivers. But, when you don’t have any cash, it is okay for you to pay using a Debit Card.
Does Dominos do Student Discount?
Guys, you should not worry to treat your friends because Dominos offers a Student discount as well. You only need to show your Student ID Card then get 35% off by ordering Dominos Pizza Online.
How do you Order Dominos Online?
Simply, you can install the Dominos App or visit Portal to access Domino’s Online Order.
What is Minimum Order Amount for Dominos Delivery?
Anyway, Maximum liability of Domino’s Pizza is Rb.300. Instead, the minimum order is at least one pizza. Or, the value must be at least 300/-. It is including the taxes.

What is Domino’s Carryout Insurance?

One of the best things at Domino’s is about Domino’s Carryout Insurance. It is a special insurance service for all customers who take a carryout service. Through this service, you can exchange your previous orders with the new ones because of some accidents happen on your way back home. This insurance covers some kinds of accidents such as:

  • You slipped on something slippery
  • You get so much rain outside
  • Your pizza is getting cold while your car is stuck in gridlock
  • You don’t have a great balance when you try to keep your pizza on your head
  • Your dog licked your pizza
  • A stranger sneezed on it
  • You have tripped on a sprinkler and your pizza fell down
  • Your kids sat on it
  • Birds though it was a bird feeder
  • Your pizza was run over by a bicycle gang
  • Your car hits a pothole and your pizza are messy
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How to Use Domino’s Carryout Insurance?

Well, you should not worry to enjoy the best Domino’s Pizza although you have got some accidents that make your pizza messy. Once you felt one of those accidents above, here the steps that you can do to exchange your pizza and enjoy the new ones. And, those are:

  • At first, you need to bring all of your order back to the store. Don’t forget to include the receipt.
  • Then, you must ensure that none of the orders are missing.
  • You can tell your accident to Domino’s Customer Services.
  • Finally, you can get a replacement order with a free charge. Then, enjoy your pizza!

And, Guys! It is all about Dominos Pizza, Dominos Easter Hours and a few details of Domino’s Pizza Services. We know that you cannot wait to visit the store and enjoy a slice pizza with your lovely friends and families. Thanks for reading our post and see you at Dominos!

Dominos Feedback
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  • Menu Quality
  • Staff's Friendliness
  • Delivery and Carryout Services

Dominos Feedback

Dominos Feedback is a customer survey and sweepstakes contest which is held by Domino’s Pizza Corporate Office. To join it, you must visit Domino’s Locations, purchase any meals and share your eatery experiences at You know, you can win various interesting prizes. And if you are lucky, you can win Domino’s Pizza for a Year Free. Get ready!

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  • Carryout insurance
  • Convenient Locations
  • Delivery guarantee


  • Slow in services
  • Less of healthy meal options
  • Fatty Foods

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