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Dollar General Customer First

Welcome to DG Customer First Survey!

Friends! Winning $1000 Dollar General Gift Card in a minute may be such as a wonderful moment for all of us who love shopping at DG store. Then this year, Dollar General Sweepstakes Contest is legally opened in Dollar General Canada, United States as well as Puerto Rico and District of Columbia.

Like the previous year, you only need to prepare your previous Dollar General Receipt then take Dollar General Customer First Survey at When you need a guide, then you come to the perfect place. Yes, we are here ready to give you the tricky steps to win $1000 Dollar General Gift Card and successfully shopping at Dollar General Store with its lowest price. Are you ready for this pleasure?

About Dollar General Corporate Profile

Well, it is time to start knowing the detail of Dollar General Corporate Office before we take part in Dollar General Customer First Survey. According to Wikipedia, Dollar General is the American Chain of groceries and household products. It is one of the largest retail markets in the United States because it operates for over than 15.000 Stores in 44 States with 129,000 employees involved.

To support its performances, Dollar General even builds 16 distribution centers in Alabama, California, Florida, and 11 state others. Right now, the headquarter office is located in 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, the United States and led by Michael M. Calbert as the Chairman and Todd Vasos as the CEO.

Dollar General Official Site

Dollar General Official Site is available at

For your information, Dollar General started the operation as JL Turner and Son in 1939. It was a family-owned business which is created by James Luther Turner and his son, Cal Turner. It ran a really hard-business era until they changed the name in 1968 into Dollar General Corporation. Indeed, it was the starting point to go public by enrolling in the New York Stock Exchange.

More to say, it is not just a simple retail store but even claimed as the most profitable stores in the United States based on Fortune 500 research. To add, it becomes the public-owned company under Dollar General Corporation’s responsibility. It even has several Dollar General Subsidiaries such as Dolgencorp, LLC., Dollar General Financial, Dollar General Global, Dollar General Literacy and Foundation.

What do They Sell at Dollar General Store?

As all we know, Dollar General Stores exist in only the United States and it is popular as a low-cost market. For you who have just arrived at the United States then need to know about Dollar General Products, then here they are:

  1. Cleaning Supplies
  2. Household
  3. Family Apparels
  4. Home décor Items
  5. Health and Beauty Aids
  6. Pet Supplies
  7. Toys and Baby Stuff
  8. Food and Beverages
  9. Groceries
  10. Snacks and Dessert
  11. Outdoor Living
  12. Party and Occasions
  13. Automotive
  14. Hardware and Electronic

Despite those products, it also launches several inexpensive DG Brands on some kinds of household items. Once you come to one of DG Store, you will be easy to find some products are printed out with “DG” as the title of the product. Not to mention, this brand goes to DG Home, DG Health, DG Body and many more DG Brands.

What is Dollar General Customer First?

Alright, the loyal Dollar General Customer may experience a lot with DG Stores and Brands. Even this company has given its best services but we all know that nobody is perfect in this planet. Yes, you may meet some mistakes or disappointing moment at Dollar General Stores. Then, don’t you think that sharing Dollar General Complaints is a good choice?

Friends! This life becomes more modern and your point of view should be the same. To share any complaints or opinion must be smarter instead of updating many curse words on social media. Then, to make it smarter, you are better to take part in the Dollar General Customer First Survey. Yes, it is the legal Guest Satisfaction Feedback which is held by the Dollar General Corporate Office. Not only sharing your idea, but you are also able to get a chance to win $1000 Dollar General Gift Card within less than a minute.

Dollar General Customer First

Dollar General Customer First Homepage is available at

If you are familiar with McDonald’s Survey or Giant Eagle Survey, Dollar General Customer First Survey is the same as them. This event asks several questions to the participants about the previous Dollar General Performances. Sure, the participants have a free privilege to share the opinion, give complaints or even state their brilliant ideas to support Dollar General Corporate. And in the rest of the section, you can choose whether to take Dollar General Sweepstakes Contest and get a chance to be the winners of $1000 Dollar General Gift Card.

How to Take Dollar General Customer First Survey?

To be the part of Dollar General Survey and Sweepstakes Contest, you have a free chance to choose the ways of enrolling the program. There are two ways to take the survey and here those are:

  • Way 1# Online Survey
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First of all, you are able to take the online survey which is accessible at Portal. Because it is an online survey portal, so you need to prepare some digital items that will ease you. As usual, you need to prepare an electronic device such as mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Also, you must ensure whether that device has a current version of the internet browser (Ex: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer). To go online to DG Customer First Survey Portal, you must place on a side where you can access the strong and stable internet connection.

Dollar General Customer First Phone Phone Number Conformation

Dollar General Customer First Phone Phone Number Conformation

  • Way 2# Offline Survey

Second of all, you are able to take the offline DG Customer First Survey by sending a letter to Dollar General Corporate Office Teams. To run this offline survey process, here the steps that you can do:

  1. Prepare your plain paper, writing tools and a business 3,5×5 inch card
  2. Type down your personal information details including date of birth, city, state, zip codes, valid email address, and the active phone numbers
  3. Send your letter to “Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes” at PO Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325, the United States.

How to Complete Dollar General Customer First Online Survey?

Well, it is a great time to start the online DG Customer First Survey online. So that you know, it is the most popular survey access among the DG Customers because of its simplicities and easiness. Within less than ten minutes, you will be easy to complete the survey, take Dollar General Sweepstakes Contest then win $1000 Dollar General Gift Card. With no talk too much, here the steps are:

  • Step 1# Launch the Official Site

In the beginning, you need to get ready with all of the devices and launch the official site of DG Customer First Survey. Yes, you must go to Portal and get the homepage of DG Survey Site.

  • Step 2# Submit the Survey Codes

And then, you will get some blank spaces at the DG Customer First Survey Homepage. Here, you can select the time of your previous visit, type down Dollar General Store Number as well as submit 15-digit survey invitation codes. Just be sure that you submit the codes correctly.

  • Step 3# Take the Survey

For the next, you can click at “Start” when you have checked all of your login details. And sure, you will get the whole Dollar General Customer First Survey Questionnaires. You know, there are two parts of survey questions which both of them measure your satisfaction level.

The first survey section gives you the like-scale statements while the second one shows you some open-ended questions where you can give the Dollar General Complaints, Feedback or opinion. Take it slow, DG Stores needs you to answer the questions truthfully.

  • Step 4# Take the Sweepstakes

Before taking Dollar General Sweepstakes Contest, you must ensure that you have completed every single survey questionnaires. Remember, you are not allowed to leave any voids at the site. Once you have finished all questions, you are able to take Dollar General Customer First Survey Sweepstakes. If you are not interested to take this section, you can finish it without any rewards involved.

  • Step 5# Complete the Required Information

On the sweepstakes section, you must pay attention to the blanks spaces where it asks about your personal information. Like usual, you need to submit your complete name, active email account and phone numbers, mail-in address, date of birth and many more. Of course, you must check those details because it is a way to confirm your survey reward.

  • Step 6# Set your Phone

For the rest, you need to wait for a couple of days to get the announcement about $1000 Gift Card Survey Winners. For information, Dollar General HR Teams will inform the winners via phone, letter or even email.

Sure, you need to immediately respond them before seven days after the information sent. Once you have responded the message, you need to complete the Affidavit and Eligibility Release to confirm that you are the required winners. Well, to avoid any missed calls or messages, you are better to set your phone nearby and handy.

What are the Rules to Take Dollar General Customer First Online and Offline Survey?

You have made a simple survey step but you don’t know whether you are qualified or not. Then, you should know that Dollar General Survey has several rules for all of its participants. And, here the rules are:

  • At first, you must be the legal residence of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and District of Columbia.
  • Once you take DG Customer First Survey, you have to be more than 18 years old.
  • And then, you must be the real customers who don’t have any blood relation or even stay at the same household with Dollar General Employees.
  • You take the survey within the valid Dollar General Survey Period. To get the detail of Dollar General Survey and Prize Draws, you can visit Portal.
  • At last, you must obey the reward’s confirmation policies and follow the steps completely.
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How Can I Contact Dollar General?

Just in case you need to contact Dollar General Corporate Office Team, you can prepare your phone device and call them at 1-615-855-4000. Or, you can visit the Dollar General Official Website at On that page, you can go to “Customer Support” menu then choose between “Store Support” and “Online Shopping Support”.

How do I Email Dollar General?

Great! By submitting your email address to Dollar General Corporate Office, you are able to receive the latest Dollar General Special Offers and News. To deal with it, here the steps that you can do:

  • At first, you can prepare your device then visit Portal.
  • On that page, you can scroll down the site then you can find out the Dollar General Sign Up boxes.
  • Once you get them, you can submit your active email address including your Zip Codes.
  • When you have completed the required information, you can click at “Sign Up” button and get ready with the latest information about DG Stores.

Lists of Dollar General Customer First FAQs

Once you visit Dollar General Store, we know that you will forget many things as it is a great place to shop. Yes, you will love to shop all things because it offers you the affordable prices and the coupon offers as well. Anyway, we have resumed some popular questions from DG Loyal Customers about some cases. Generally, it talks about DG Services and DG Customer First Survey Contest. And, here the FAQs are:

Can You Return Things to Dollar General?
For your information, Dollar General Store accepts a return. Even, it is valid for both in-store and online purchasing. Yet, you should pay attention to the returning purchases policies. The most important policy is the products must be in good condition, original boxes (whenever possible) with the complete paperwork, parts, and accessories. For the online Dollar General Shopping, some Dollar General Stores limit this return within less than 30 days of delivery. But, the in-store purchasing may have a different maximum time limitation of the return. It can be within three days, seven days and many more. Despite returning the items with the original payment, you are able to exchange your previous products with the others of the same price.
Can You Return Items at Dollar General without a Receipt?
If you have taken an online Dollar General Shopping, you cannot return the items without a receipt. It is important to prove that you have just recently shopped at Dollar General Stores. Meanwhile, some states such as California, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Indiana are confirmed that they do not accept any returns. On the other side, you are able to return the items without a receipt as long as it is still in good condition with a complete package. You only have several limited time to return without a receipt and it is varied in some Dollar General Locations. If you local DG Stores accept the return without receipt, it is possible for you to exchange it with the other same price item or even choose the same price gift card. For the detail return policy, you can contact your Dollar General Customer Service Phone Numbers.
Can I Use a Dollar General Digital Coupon More than Once?
Yes! Friends, you are able to use Dollar General Digital Coupons for more than once. But, it is not acceptable to apply the coupons on the same items at the same transactions. Also, you cannot multiple items using a DG Digital Coupon. To get the detail information of DG Digital Coupons, you must create DG Coupon Account at and click at “DG Digital Coupons”. Once you have owned an account, you will be easy to load the items, and the coupons will be automatically applied to your purchasing.
Is Dollar General Deliver?
Yes, you are able to purchase Dollar General Items at or even come to the nearest DG Stores and request for the delivery services. FedEx, USPS OR UPS are the carriers which handle your package and deliver to your house. Anyway, these delivery services are available from Monday to Friday excluding the federal holidays within the United States. So that you know, this service will vary based on the items that you have purchased as well as the shipping options that you have chosen.
Can We Track the Delivery Status?
Of course, you can. But, you need to remember that the tracking information will not available up to 48 hours of the last purchasing. Even you have FedEx, USPS or UPS Account, it is better to track your order through your DG Login Account. Yes, you can log in your username and password at and go to the menu “Order Status”.
Does Dollar General have Free Shipping?
Yes. Dollar General Offers free shipping if you have made at least $50 purchasing.
Does Dollar General Give Senior Discount?
Unfortunately, Dollar General does not offer a senior discount at this current time. Even, it may update the new policies about any senior discounts. You can visit Dollar General Homepage and go to “Customer Service Page or FAQs” at Portal to get the latest update about this offer.
Can I Still Use a Paper Coupon for my Purchase?
Yes, you can. But, you are not able to use it with the multiple manufacturers or coupons for the same Dollar General items. This rule is valid for each customer per each transaction in all Dollar General Locations. You can visit the DG Official Website for more details.
How Many Coupons Can I Save to my Account?
You must be glad because there is no limit on the numbers of coupons that you can save on your account at one time. But, each of those coupons may have limits on the time of redemption.
How will I Know an Offer has been Redeemed?
You will get a DG Digital Receipt or printed cash register receipt once you redeem your Paper or Dollar General Digital Coupons. Just in case you lose that paper, you should not worry because you can check it at DG Official Page. Yes, you can log in to your DG Account and go to the menu “Receipt” to see your previous transaction’s details.

How do I Make a Complaint to Dollar General?

Anyway, when you need to share your complaint to Dollar General, there are several ways that you can do. And, here the lists are:

  1. Take Dollar General Customer First Survey
  2. Call Dollar General Customer Care Phone Number at 877-463-1553
  3. Visit Customer Care Contact Form at Portal.
  4. Get the Customer Support Site
  5. Follow Dollar General Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the other social media accounts
  6. Send the email to Dollar General Corporate Office
  7. And, Send a letter to a local Dollar General Store in your local city.
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How to Get the Nearest Dollar General near me?

Well, you are able to locate DG Stores near me and get a simple and quick way to get them. Even, there are three ways to access it and those are:

  • Way 1# Go to Google Map

In the beginning, you are able to run Google Map Application or even access Portal. On the map, you can type down “Dollar General near me” at the search bar. Within less than a minute, this map will direct you to get the nearest Dollar General Stores and allows you to take Dollar General Customer First Survey at the rest.

  • Way 2# Use Store Locator

The second, you can visit the DG Official Site at and go to “Find a Location” menu. On this page, you are able to type down your valid state and city or even the zip codes at the required boxes. Yes, Friends! It is a DG Store Locator where you can get the nearest DG Stores on your city. Indeed, the result shows you the detail Dollar General Hours, Dollar General Ads as well as the complete mail-in address.

  • Way 3# Install Dollar General App

For the rest, you can install the Dollar General App and go to “Find a Location”. In this case, you need to submit your current position about city and state or even the zip codes. Once you tap on “Search”, you will get the lists of Dollar General Stores within less than a minute.

And, that’s all about Dollar General Customer First Survey. We hope that you can win Dollar General Sweepstakes Contest and be happy with your $1000 DG Gift Card reward. Don’t forget to shop at DG Stores because its prices will never disappoint you. Thanks for reading this page and enjoy the survey!

Dollar General Customer First
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Dollar General Customer First

Dollar General Customer First is a special program from the Dollar General Store for all its current employees. The company invites them to share their honest reviews about the previous services. Sure, they will be free to share any complaints and feedback. In the end, they can take Dollar General Sweepstakes Contest and get a chance to win $1000 DG Gift Card.

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