DirecTV Hours – Check DirecTV Holiday Hours and Customer Service

DirectTV hours

Do you have a favorite TV channel? If you don’t have time, maybe you will miss the program you like. However, we have a solution to your problem. Here you can playback or record TV shows that you want. Yes right, you can find this feature through DirecTV. Our instructions will help DirecTV users. Because after this you can read DirecTV Hours.

If you encounter a TV problem, then you need staff assistance. Here you cannot fix it yourself. Well, you need to contact DirecTV customer service during office hours. If you are a Direct TV service user, do not leave these instructions.

DirecTV business hours are office hours for staff in the office. Here we will talk about the hours of customer service officers. Because they do not receive visits from consumers to solve the problem. So, you can only contact them via email or telephone. If you want a full review, you need to read these instructions to complete.

If you are a new user, we will help you get to know this DirecTV business. So you will not be curious anymore about the history and growth of their business. Well, follow our journey for an easier experience using DirecTV. Let’s check this out!

direcTV deals

direcTV deals

DirecTV and AT&T Inc Company Profile

Are you a DirecTV service user? If you need a TV and internet channel reference provider, DirecTV is the solution. Here they have TV Channels and internet programs for you. AT&T Inc. is its parent company. AT&T is a company that has modern communication and entertainment media products. They serve the production of TV content, videos, advertisements, etc. They acquired DirecTV in 2015. AT&T has 4 business units that you need to know.

  1. They have AT&T Communications.

Here they produce cellular, video and communication services. In 2018 they have revenues of more than $ 144 billion. DirecTV is under this unit.

  1. WarnerMedia.

Who doesn’t know Warner Bros? Yes right, you will often find this word during the film screening. WarnerMedia received 37 Emmy Awards in 2018. Then they got the predicate as the most recipient of awards for 17 years. So don’t hesitate with this company. The audience and the community have tested their abilities.

  1. Latin American AT&T.

Well, here they have cellular service for residents of Mexico. There the public can use pay-TV services in South America. By 2018 they were able to generate $ 7 billion.

  1. Xandr profile.

Here they can help you create sophisticated ads. They have extensive ad inventory. This network originates from the Warner Media cable network and AT&T pay TV. So they have premium content and high-speed network.

DirectTV hours

DirectTV hours

DirecTV Hours of Operation

After you get service from DirecTV, then you need to know DirecTV Hours. Maybe you can get problems with TV or the internet in the future. Before something bad happens, you should prepare yourself. You need to save the operation time and DirecTV customer service number. First, we will discuss DirecTV working hours. Here we will make a list for DirecTV opening and holiday hours. Before you use customer service, you need to know the staff’s Hours first. If this department cannot serve you, we welcome you to visit the DirecTV locations.

First, you need to know their office hours. Here customer service only serves you during business hours. If you contact them by telephone, you need to pay attention to these hours of operation. Well, you don’t need to be afraid of problems that come outside working hours. They have other ways that you can use to get help. Below is a list of office hours for the customer service department.

Day DirecTV Hours
Monday 8 AM – 1 AM
Tuesday 8 AM – 1 AM
Wednesday 8 AM – 1 AM
Thursday 8 AM – 1 AM
Friday 8 AM – 1 AM
Saturday 8 AM – 1 AM
Sunday 8 AM – 1 AM

DirecTV Holiday Hours

Second, we have a list of DirecTV holiday hours. What national holidays do you know? The company is closed for several major holidays. You cannot get the staffs’ service to get technical assistance. Because they will be off on that day. So, don’t contact customer service on the holidays below.

Holiday Open / Close Holiday Open / Close
New Year’s Eve Closed Labor Day Open
New Year’s Day Closed Martin Luther King Jr. Day Closed
Good Friday Open Columbus Day   Open
Black Friday   Open Memorial Day Closed
Easter Sunday Closed Veterans Day Open
Easter Monday Open Independence Day  Closed
St. Patrick’s Day   Open Tax Day Closed
Halloween Open Thanksgiving Day  Open
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Open President’s Day Open
Cinco De Mayo Open Christmas Day Closed

How to Search For DirecTV locations

After learning DirecTV Hours, let’s find out about DirecTV Locations. Here we will help you find DirecTV Retailer. If you know their location, then you can visit and consult. There, you can ask the officer to get a suitable service. Then you can confirm via the local retailer’s telephone number. Here we will help you to find locations using the DirecTV Retailer locator. You can find this feature on their official website. So, you need a computer, internet and location information. Well, follow the easy steps below to get DirecTV Retailer Near You.

  1. Visit the official website of Direct TV.
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Use the device and data search engine to open the website. The browser on your device will do a website search. But you need to enter first. Then, click enter to land on the main page of their website. If you get into trouble, you can use the DirecTV locations keyword.

  1. Click the Find a Retailer link.

Then you will see the main page of the website. Slide the device’s screen to the bottom of the official website. See the customer service line. There you can get the Find a Retailer link. Visit the page.

  1. Enter the ZIP Code first.

On the next page you can see the locator retailer. They only need your ZIP Code. Fill in the ZIP Code column first. 1. Here they don’t need the name of your city or country. This system only asks for your location’s ZIP Code.

  1. Enter the search filter.

Click the down arrow to set the search filter. They have a distance search filter. Choose one of the options 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50 miles as your filter.

  1. Click on the submit button to get search results.

Here you need to record the address and telephone number of the local store. If you get a local office address and telephone, you can confirm easily. Then the technician will reach your location faster. So, we suggest that you have their telephone number for easy access in the future.

How to Create a DirecTV Account

If you are a DirecTV service user, the first step you need to take is to create an account. Here you can get support from DirecTV easily. You can make a payment or confirmation through your personal account. Now, after choosing their products, make sure you join this line. Here you can create an account through a link on the official DirecTV website. Follow the steps below to create a personal DirecTV account.

  1. Go to the official TV Live website.

Here you need tools and search data. Open your browser to search the website. Then you need to enter Click enter to land on the main page of their website.

  1. Click on the create account button.

On the first page, you will see the My Account menu. Hover your cursor to the My Account menu. Then you will see a pop up menu. Well, click on the create account button to create your personal account.

  1. Complete the registration form.

Here you can register in two ways.

  • First, you can use the account number.
  • Second, you need to use a telephone number and a 4 digit credit card number. If you use the second method, then you need a telephone number. Here you may not enter parentheses or dashes in your telephone number.
  • When finished with the column, they ask you to enter your last name.
  1. Click on the continue button.

After completing the form, click the continue button to open the next page.

  1. Create a User ID or enter your email.

Both of which you can use for the login process.

  1. Create a password for your DirecTV account.
  2. Explore your account.

If you find a problem, just contact their Customer service. Here you can find DirecTV hours easily.

The Usage of DirecTV Account

Have you created DirecTV account successfully? If so, you can try to sign into DirecTV account for the first time. Then, you can manage your profile. If you use DirecTV service, you must create DirecTV account. This account will help you to pay DirecTV billing as well as watch the TV show through DirecTV App.

So, what else are the usages of having DirecTV account? Check the explanation below.

  • Manage your account at myAT&T App and website.

Have you known that DirecTV is acquired by AT&T. This way, you can use your DirecTV account to sign into Your direcTV email ID serves as your AT&T User ID.

  • Check your monthly bill.

By signing into DirecTV account, you can check your DirecTV bill. You can find out the monthly service bill as well as the additional fees.

  • Pay your bill.
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Your account also can help you to pay the bill online. Just sign into your account. Then, you can select Make a Payment menu. Then, you can select the bill you want to pay in case you have more than one bills. After that, you can complete the payment process by using credit or debit card.

  • Watch the TV Shows through DirecTV App.

What if you do if you want to watch your favorite shows but you are not at home? You should not worry since you can watch the show by using DirecTV App.

Get to know DirecTV Mobile Apps

Once you have an account, you now need to join the DirecTV application user network. Here you can reach DirecTV wherever you are. You need to download the DirecTV application first through Google Play. Then log in using your personal account. Here they need your email or user ID and password for your account.

After you enter the application, you can set the profile first. Then use the application features to get better DirecTV services. Below are some features that you can get from the DirecTV application.

  1. Watch the movies and TV shows you want. First, you can manage the list of movies and shows you want to watch. Here you can use free data TV. So you can stream without using your data.
  2. You can download DVR recordings to your device.
  3. Get the latest information from the premium channels that you use.
  4. You can send TV shows to the device or vice versa.
  5. You can record shows or movies from this application. So you can watch later.
  6. Use your mobile device to operate the TV. You don’t need to go anywhere after this.

DirecTV as the Best Satellite TV Service

There are many reasons why you have to choose DirecTV as your TV provider. This Satellite TV service offers various features that other providers do not. What are the strengths of this company? The explanation below will make you sure to subscribe DirecTV.

  • Enjoy TV Shows anytime.

If you are bored with the common TV shows, you have to subscribe DirecTV service soon. This company offers instant access to more than 50.000 TV shows as well as the movies. You can enjoy this service in HD and 4K Ultra HD.

  • Enjoy Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, Epix, and Starz.

You can enjoy this TV service within 3 months if you take 24 months agreement. But, the price of this package may be higher in the second year. After 3 months, you will be charged for this service. If you do not want to pay the additional fee, you can cancel this service.

  • Play the Live Game.

Every Sunday, you can play the Live Game on DirecTV.

  • Record your favorite shows.

You can record your favorite TV shows for up to 200 hours. If you do not want to miss watching the TV shows which are shown at the same time, you can record it. You are allowed to record up to five channels at the same time. Then, you can download the DCR Recording to your device. You can watch this record offline through the DirecTV App.

  • Free Activation Fee.

When you subscribe DirecTV for the first time, you will not be charged the activation fee. Your monthly DirecTV billing also includes HD DVR equipment fee.

How to Contact DirecTV Customer Service

Do you have a problem with DirecTV service? If you don’t want to visit a retailer, you can ask for help from Customer service. DirecTV has several ways to help you. They use telephone, email or letter. So you can choose an easy way to get support from them. You can give them praise, complaints or opinions.

If you have a problem, you can convey it to the clerk. They can answer questions or give your solutions. Well, if you are curious, see our explanation below.

  1. DirecTV Customer Service Phone Number.

Do you want to talk to the officer? Well, you chose the right way. If you use the telephone, you can talk to the staff directly. You can convey problems and get answers from them. However, you have limited time to use this service. If you use a telephone number, they will be active all 7 days a week. However, the staff only serves you from 8.00 am to 1.00 am. 1-800-531-5000.

  1. Technical Support.

If you need help from an officer to repair the system, they are active 24 hours. You can contact technical assistance via 1-800-531-5000. Whenever you need repairs, they are ready to help you.

  1. Email.

You can use this service through the website. Open the contact us page to see the list of customer services. Here they have an email link in English or Spanish. Choose an option that is easier for you. Here they will send a quick response to frequently asked questions. If you need an explanation, they will respond to your email within 24 hours.

  1. Join the DirecTV community.
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If you want to have a discussion, then you need to choose this option. Here you can throw questions to get responses from forum members. So they will help you solve the problem. Visit the contact us page to get a link to the forum.

  1. DirecTV headquarters.

If you want to know their headquarters, see our review below. they have a head office in El Segundo, California United States.

  1. DirecTV Social Media.

Now, you can use social media to find the latest DirecTV news. They will make product announcements and promos here. Follow their social media so you will not miss the latest information. Below is DirecTV social media.

  • Facebook: @directv.
  • Twitter: @DIRECTV.
  • Youtube: DIRECTV.
  • Instagram: @directv.

DirecTV FAQs

Is directv customer service 24 hours?
DirecTV will reply to your complaints within 24 hours. When you face any technical issue related to DirecTV, you have to call DirecTV Customer Support at 1 800 531 5000 from your home. Make sure that you have the remote control in your hand. Besides, you have to be in front of the receiver which requires attention.
How do I talk to a real person at DirecTV?
If you want to talk to DirecTV staff directly, you have to contact DirecTV Customer Service. Just dial 1 800 288 2020. Please note that DirecTV Customer Service Representative staff is available from 8 AM up to midnight. Besides, if you want to call them due to the technical issue, you have to dial 1 800 288 2020 then, select Technical Support option.
How do I view my directv bill?
You can view DirecTV bills through myAT&T account. Just log into your account. Then, you can select click on View Paper Bill. If you want to make a payment, just click on Make a Payment. Besides, you also can check the payment history.
How do you reboot directv?
Reboot DirecTV is also known as Hard Reset. To reboot your DirecTV, you have to pull the TV Power Cord from the back. Then, you have to wait ten seconds. After that, you can plug it back. The next, you have to press the DirecTV power button in the receiver. Just hold on until twenty seconds.
How do I contact DirecTV retention department?
If you want to contact DirecTV retention department, you can call the customer service at 1 800 531 5000. Select the option Cancel Service when you hear the menu options. Make sure that you state that you do not move during this call. Then, your call will be directed to the DirecTV Retention Department. This way, you can state that you want to cancel the service.
How do I reactivate my DirecTV?
If you want to reactivate your DirecTV account, you have to sign in to DirecTV Now. You can use the email address and the password that you used before you cancel your account. If you cannot remember your password, you can retrieve it from the DirecTV sign-in page. Then, click the Gear Icon, then select the Account details. The next, you can restart your account.
How do I pay my DirecTV bill online?
You need to sign into DirecTV account. then, choose to Make a Payment menu. Then, select the bill you want to pay. Review the amount the payment and finish this process by paying your bill using the credit card or debit card.
Can I pay my DirecTV bill at AT&T?
Yes. You can visit AT&T store near you. Then, go to pay station at AT&T. This way, you can your DirecTV bill by using check, cash, debit or credit card.
How do I complain to DirecTV?
If you want to complain about DirecTV service, you should call 1 800 531 5000. Customer service staff is available every day from 8 AM up to 1 AM.



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Summary of DirecTV Hours

D you want to use TV Satellite? You can subscribe DirecTV. You need to check DirecTV hours before you go to its office. Confirm it through DirecTV Customer Service.

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