Cracker Barrel Employee Login – All Guides to Portal

Cracker Barrel Employee Login – All Guides to Portal

Cracker Barrel Front Porch

All Cracker Barrel employees must know that there is a login portal where you can login. Yes, your Cracker Barrel HR team must have provided you with valid username and password. In order to start Cracker Barrel employee login, you need to go to As you can see, it is the portal where you can access Cracker Barrel employee payroll, Cracker Barrel employee schedule, complete with Cracker Barrel 401k.

For you who have no clue on Cracker Barrel login, you don’t have to cry. Yes, you can check out the following Cracker Barrel employee schedule login steps. And even, you can check your Cracker Barrel employee payroll right now. Be ready!

What is Cracker Barrel Employee Login?

Some of you may work in Cracker Barrel company. Yes, the company has longer name that is Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. As you all must know, it is an American chain of restaurant and gift stores that applies Southern country. At first, Dan Evins founded the company in 1969 in Lebanon, Tennessee. At the same place, you will find the headquarters.

Cracker Barrel Employee Login – All Guides to Portal

Cracker Barrel Employee Login – All Guides to Portal

Now, we are talking about the online portal. No doubt, Cracker Barrel Employee Login is the process of entering site. Here, not all people can access the site. You must be the employees who have the valid user ID as well as the password. The portal uses self-service system that asks you to self yourself to explore all features and employee benefits.

As it is an online portal, it requires you to provide stable internet connection. And also, you need to access your Cracker Barrel Employee account under security. If it is necessary, you can change your password regularly. Well, this site is going to explore the steps and guides you to log in, change password, and check your schedule, payroll, and so on. Are you ready?

How to Enter Cracker Barrel Employee Login Portal?

  • Visit
  • Complete Cracker Barrel Employee Number
  • Complete Cracker Barrel Employee Login Password
  • Check/Uncheck “Remember Me Every Visit”
  • Click on the “Login” Button
  • Explore Cracker Barrel Employee Login Career Opportunities

Step by Step Guides to Cracker Barrel Employee Login

Well, you have got an insight into the process of login. It must be nice if you try to learn more about every single step. You just need to check the following guides. Get ready!

  • Step 1: Visit

First thing first, each of you needs to start preparing the property. They are like a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even computer. And then, you also need to provide the internet connection that must be secure, stable, and fast. Also, you have to launch your browser whether it is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or other browsers. You can click on the address bar and search

  • Step 2: Complete Cracker Barrel Employee Number

When you see the official front porch, you must be happy. Now, you need to complete your Cracker Barrel employee number. Yes, the human resource must have given the valid number to you in the first place. If you forgot it, it will be in a different case.

As invalid username can’t pass, you have to check twice whether you have completed the correct Cracker Barrel employee number. In case you forgot the number, you have to deal with the process of username recovery steps.

  • Step 3: Complete Cracker Barrel Employee Login Password

As you all can see, the next data to complete is the Cracker Barrel password. You know, you can’t login unless you make sure that you remember the password. If you mistype it, even if a single character wrong, you can’t login. In other words, you have to pay attention to spelling, numbers, symbols, and capslock.

  • Step 4: Check/Uncheck “Remember Me Every Visit”

Under the password field, you can see a small box that you can click on it. If you use your personal device, you can click on the small box. Next time, when you want to log in, you don’t need to complete your username and password again. But, it is best if you don’t click the box if you use a public device or internet. Well, someone may use your Cracker Barrel account irresponsibly. For the sake of security, you may not check the box.

  • Step 5: Click on the “Login” Button

So, you have completed all Cracker Barrel login credentials. Now, what to do? You can click on the “Login” button. You know, you will be able to explore all features and Cracker Barrel employee login career opportunities. Have fun!

Cracker Barrel Employee Login forgot username

Cracker Barrel Employee Login forgot username

Step by Step to Recover Cracker Barrel Employee Username

So, you must be happy as you can log in to your account. No doubt, there are some Cracker Barrel employee career opportunities available for you. Anyway, how if you can’t log in because you forgot your username? Of course, you have to fix the problem so that you can access your account. Let’s check the following guides!

  • Step 1: Visit
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Well, the very first point will be the same as the way to log in. You see, you just need to prepare your property. They start from internet connection to internet browser. After that, it is good that you visit the official page. Google may provide you with a bunch of websites that look similar. For the best result, you can click on the address bar and search

  • Step 2: Click on the “Reset Achievers Password? Click Here”

You will reach out the Cracker Barrel front porch self-service homepage. Now, you must click on the “Reset Achievers Password? Click Here” link. You can only find out the link under the “Login” button. The reason why you need to click on the link is because it will redirect you to the username recovery page.

  • Step 3: Click on the “Forgot Your User Name?”

The next step asks you to click on the “Forgot Your User Name?” link. You know, you will see the link directs you to a new page. Yes, you may call it the Cracker Barrel username recovery page.

  • Step 4: Complete Your Email Address Associated with Your Account

You see, you just need to complete your email address. Of course, this one must be the email associated with your Cracker Barrel account. You need to be sure whether you don’t forget it.

  • Step 5: Click on the “Submit” Button

Now, you can click on the “Submit” button at the page. It is to process the recovery so that you can get the chance to get your username back.

  • Step 6: Open Your Email Associated with Your Account

As you have done, you can open your email. Of course, you can go to or based on your email type. You must log in to your email by providing your username and password.

  • Step 7: Read Inbox from Cracker Barrel Support Team

Once you logged in to your email account, you can go to the inbox. Yes, Cracker Barrel technical support team may have sent you the valid username. Enjoy using the username for Cracker Barrel Employee Login!

Step by Step to Reset Cracker Barrel Employee Login Password

Step by Step to Reset Cracker Barrel Employee Login Password

Step by Step to Reset Cracker Barrel Employee Login Password

You have fixed the trouble and you can continue to log in and access your benefits. But, somehow, you are too forgetful that you don’t remember your password. Of course, it is going to be a long story. Now, you will have to deal with password recovery steps. Nicely, you can give a try to follow the guides. Here you go!

  • Step 1: Visit

Yes, you all must visit the official site that is the site where you log in. As there is a bunch of non-official sites, you must be careful. In this case, the official one is only accessible at

  • Step 2: Click on the “Reset Front Porch Service Password? Click Here”

Now, you visit the homepage that is Cracker Barrel front porch self-service. Indeed, you go to the right site if you find the link that says “Reset Front Porch Service Password? Click Here”. No doubt, you can click on the “click here” button to continue.

  • Step 3: Complete Your Employee ID

And now, you can start to complete your employee ID. You know, you need to make sure that the ID is all correct.

  • Step 4: Click on the “Submit”

Now, you can continue to click on the “Submit” button to go to the next page. as you all can see, it is the password recovery page that you need to visit to get your password back.

  • Step 5: Get Your Cracker Barrel Login Password

Of course, you will be able to get your password. Indeed, your password consist of 00 plus last four digits of your SSN on your initial login. If you have a trouble with it, you can start to approach the human resource team.

List of Cracker Barrel Employee Login FAQs and Answers

Do you have any questions related to Cracker Barrel employment? Or, you may have a bunch of questions about the login portal. Well, somehow, you may also have some questions related to the salary, tips, and other employee benefits. You can check out the following Cracker Barrel FAQs related to those problems. Check this out!

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How much does Cracker Barrel pay?
So, does anyone of you wants to know about Cracker Barrel payroll? You know, the company pays the employees an average of $9.15 an hour. But, it doesn’t close possibilities if your wage may be bigger or even smaller. It is all based on your career movement. Mostly, the minimum wage for Cracker Barrel employees is $5.05. Meanwhile, the highest wage is $13.45 and it doesn’t include tips. So, you get interested in registering yourself to be a part of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store?
Does Cracker Barrel have benefits?
Anyway, you have to understand that Cracker Barrel Old Country Store provides retirement benefits for all employees. Besides, if you are one of the employees, you will also get some welfare benefits. Yes, the company is going to cover your health, dental, complete with vision benefits. In case you want to enjoy life insurance, this company also provides you with the facility. And even more, you will also get long term disability insurance. Isn’t it nice being Cracker Barrel employees?
Do Cracker Barrel employees get discounts?
Happily, all Cracker Barrel employees get discount of. Yes, when you go to the restaurant, you will have to pay 50% of the total amount. No doubt, being the employees must bring you a bunch of happiness. And, you will also get other welfare benefits once you become the employees.
Does Cracker Barrel have call ahead seating?
Yes, it does! For information, Cracker Barrel has a bunch of tables and even if you visit immediately in a large group, you won’t have to worry about it. But, in case you want to prepare every single thing, you may take the reservations. No doubt, the company will offer you the best facilities.
Do you make good money at Cracker Barrel?
You know, wherever you work, the salary is all based on your hard work. Of course, you need to be sure that you maximize the potentials and opportunities to improve your career and finance. Nicely, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has a bunch of welfare opportunities. If you see, you will also get some tips from the customers as the bonus.
Does Cracker Barrel do a background check?
How many of you want to be a part of the company? You know, you will have to deal with some background checks. As you all can see, all workplace need to accept compatible applicants. And, most of applicants are not disappointed as they find no hopeless pursuit.
Does Cracker Barrel have 401k?
So, you must know that Cracker Barrel Old Country Store also provides retirement program. Yes, you may call it Cracker Barrel 401k plan. If you see, either full time or part time, you can enjoy 401k employee savings plan. Yes, it is 25% employer match up to the first 6%. Nicely, you can check this benefit online at
What age does Cracker Barrel hire?
Most of you may get interested in being the employees. Well, you just have to know that the minimum age requested by the human resource is 16 years old. In case you want to register to be a part, you have to be old enough. For the best tips, you can emphasize your age on your resume and job application.
Does Cracker Barrel own Cracker Barrel cheese?
Yes, it does have. You know, Kraft has been selling this kind of cheese for 60 years. No doubt, you can enjoy the tasty Cracker Barrel cheese at the restaurants. There are more than 620 Cracker Barrel restaurants that you can visit now. Get ready to have the best meals!
Does Cracker Barrel take checks?
Of course, all Cracker Barrel stores accept checks. In case you don’t bring cash, it is okay for you to use your checks. But, you have to make sure that it is in a good condition. As the regulations set, cashiers have no authority to accept or decline checks. The company has a special team to handle it.
Does Cracker Barrel take reservations for Thanksgiving?
Fellas! Some of you may have an occasion on Thanksgiving Day. And now, you may have no idea where to enjoy your special day. Indeed, you can go to Cracker Barrel restaurants as they are open. You know, the restaurant will serve special menus from 11:00 AM to close pumpkin pies.
How do I view my online wage statements?
For all employees, you can check your Cracker Barrel payroll online. Simply, you just have to go to After you log in to your account using password and username, you can check the wage statements. For the fastest way, you can go to
Does Cracker Barrel do employment or wage verification?
Yes, it does! But, you have to pay attention to the note that the company has a third party vendor. It is Thomas and Thorngren verification information.
I’m no longer with the company, what do I do with my 401K?
Some of you may need to solve your problem faster when it comes to 401k. Indeed, you just have to go to Or maybe, it is also good for you to call Merrill Lynch which is available at 1-855-444-6305.
How do I sign up for Cobra?
If you think you have no account yet, it must be good of you approach Cracker Barrel COBRA administrator. You know, you can sign up after getting an election notice within 14 days.
How do I find out if I’m eligible for rehire?
Anyway, you may wonder whether you are eligible for rehire or not. In this case, you just need to go to the nearest Cracker Barrel location. As you know, you will find out whether the store location is hiring or not. If yes, the manager will consider whether you are eligible or not and you just have to show the approval.
How do I get a separation Notice?
For information, Cracker Barrel is not obligated by law. But, it doesn’t work in the store location in Georgia and Louisiana. Yes, you will have to call the store you worked in order to ask the manager to complete notice.
Can I receive my W-2 electronically?
Most of you may guess that receiving W-2 electronically must be good. Of course, it is good if you know how to do it. As you all can see, you need to go to Later, you must complete your employee number. Besides, you must also complete the last four digits of SSN. If you logged in to your account, you will also have to change the password and answer five Cracker Barrel security questions. If you fail, you won’t be able to receive your W-2 electronically. Meanwhile, if you are Cracker Barrel former employees, you can go to
How do I change my address, so I will receive my W2?
Now, you may face another problem related to your profile updates. Indeed, you just have to send your request by sending an email to [email protected]
What is Cracker Barrel's ADR Policy?
Well, how many of you want to check alternative dispute resolution policy? If you want to get it, you just have to download it at Cracker Barrel FAQs page. It is at
How do I request conciliation?
Besides, you can also ask a request for conciliation. If you want to get it, you just have to download it at Cracker Barrel FAQs page. It is at
How do I report a complaint of Harassment, Discrimination or Retaliation?
Do you have a complaint of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation? You shouldn’t be afraid to speak up. Simple, you just have to complete the employee complaint form. For the next, you can send it to Cracker Barrel employee relations department. Yes, you can email it to [email protected] Here, you will also get the form by visiting Cracker Barrel FAQs page.

List of Cracker Barrel Support Team & Headquarters Contacts

Do you think you need to get in touch with the support team? You know, there are some contacts available for customers and employees. Here you go!

  • Cracker Barrel Headquarters Postal Mailing Address
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P.O. Box 787 Lebanon, TN 37088

  • Cracker Barrel Headquarters Address

305 Hartmann Dr. Lebanon, TN 37087

  • Cracker Barrel Phone Number

Call 1-888-333-9566

  • Cracker Barrel Fax Number


  • Cracker Barrel Website

  • Cracker Barrel Business Hours

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5 PM CST

So, it is good that you have the full guides for Cracker Barrel login. You know, there is a bunch of features and career opportunities. Not to mention, they are like Cracker Barrel employee payroll, Cracker Barrel employee schedule, and Cracker Barrel 401k. You can also complete Cracker Barrel employee schedule login to check your shift. Of course, hard work is another name of miracle. Keep doing your best and enjoy your beautiful life!

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Cracker Barrel Employee Login

Cracker Barrel Employee Login for employees to access welfare benefits, 401k, check the schedule, view payroll, and so on.

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