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cicisvisit survey

Hello pizza lovers, You must be familiar with Cici’s Pizza. This restaurant offers pizza buffet concept which is different from other pizza restaurants. After visiting Cici’s pizza, do not forget to take Cicisvisit survey. Simply access to take the survey. Then, you can share your thought about Cici’s. Besides, you can get a Cicis coupon as a reward.

Cicis visit survey is a portal that you need to open to take this program. They want to get help from you to identify problems in the store. It is because improving store quality is a way to survive in this pizza restaurant business. At the survey stage visitors only need to answer a few easy questions about Cici’s.

Then if you want to get a promo menu, get your coupon at the end of the session. Remove your worries. Because now you have easy survey instructions. Here, you can find out the brief steps to complete Cicisviist survey Do not waste your time! let’s review all the information about Cici’s Pizza survey, Cici’s hours, and Cici’s locations. Happy reading.

cicisvisit survey

cicisvisit survey is accessible at

Cici’s Pizza Restaurant Profile

After reading a short explanation of Cicis survey, we want you to get to know Cici’s Pizza. Before visiting this pizza restaurant, find out their profile from the website. Visit to open their website. There you can see some information, history, menus or store locators. After exploring the website, you can visit the restaurant comfortably. Okay, let’s start to find out their history.

Cici’s Pizza is a restaurant business that was founded in 1985. They opened the first pizza shop in Plano, Texas. Not only can you find Cici’s outlets in Texas. But they have more than 450 outlets in 32 countries. This restaurant sells pizza as the main menu. But, you can order chicken wings, salad or dessert here. Check out some facts from Cici’s Pizza.

  1. Cici’s entered into the list of 500 franchises. There they got the title as the most family-friendly restaurant.
  2. They were awarded as Child-Friendly Fast Food Restaurants in 2014.
  3. The founders of Cici’s Pizza are Joe Croce and Mike Cole
  4. They have affordable menus for consumers.
  5. The location of Cici’s Pizza headquarters is in Irving, Texas.

Cicis Pizza Survey Rules

Before entering the survey stage, this section will explain some Cicisvisit rules. If you want to take part in Cicisvisit, reading survey rules is the first step. We have survey eligibility in this section. So, check your position before taking the survey step. If you have questions, they open the help desk service. You can visit it at the Cicisvisit survey portal. After understanding this part, we hope you don’t make mistakes.

If survey takers violate the rules, they can cancel your coupon. So, you won’t get anything even if you have Cicis Coupons. Below are some simple rules to follow the Cicis Survey.

  1. Make sure that you are a legal resident in Columbia and the United States. If you are not a legal resident, don’t take this survey although you want it. Because they will not recognize the coupon you have.
  2. The customer who can take the survey is he who is 18 years of age or older. If you are not old enough, parents need to accompany their child.
  3. Employees and their families do not have the opportunity to take the survey. This rule applies to sponsors or partners of Cici’s Pizza.
  4. Get receipt details for this survey experience. So one receipt is valid for one survey only.
  5. You are entitled to get Cicis Coupons at the end of this survey. Then you can claim the prize at the next visit. You cannot choose or exchange gifts. So, you can get coupons, discounts or free menus.

Cicis Visit Survey Preparations

After knowing the eligibility of the survey, you can prepare for this process. Follow the easy tips below to get a complete survey preparation. Remember, Cicisvisit is an online survey. So you cannot do surveys by telephone or by other means. This section will help you to complete the survey needs.

  1. Get a survey invitation from Cici’s Pizza Near Me.

The nearest location can save time visiting the restaurant. Here you can use MyCicis Apps or store locator. Visit the official website if you want help finding the location of Cici’s Pizza. While MyCicis Apps can be downloaded via Google or Apple stores.

  1. Prepare Cicisvisit Survey Device.

Survey devices are the primary requirement for your survey. Choose a device that is easy for you to use. We want you not to make mistakes because of an uncomfortable device. The width of the device or keyboard screen can be chosen as a consideration. If you are in a mobile condition, a smartphone can be your first choice.

  1. Choose a popular browser to easily explore websites.
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Surveying devices require a browser to search. The browser needs to follow the capabilities of the survey device. If the browser capacity is too large, the device will work heavy. So the survey process will run slowly. This fact will harm your survey.

  1. Prepare a Stable internet to complete Cicisvisit.

The website will be able to be accessed faster with stable internet support. You can get it from a smartphone, wifi or modem hotspot. All three can give stable internet signal. But, keep the position of the hotspot with your device. A considerable distance can make the signal unstable. So you can complete the survey for longer.


cicisvisit survey steps

Cicisvisit Survey Steps

After making preparations, you can start taking Cicisvisit survey. Here you need a memory from your last visit to Cici’s Pizza. Your comments will help Cicis find their weaknesses. Then Cici’s can make improvements for a better eating experience. So, don’t hesitate to help Cici’s with honest answers. Below are a few steps to complete the Cicis Survey.

  • Step 1. Visit the Cicicvisit survey portal.

Open with a browser on your survey device. Then click enter to open the survey page. If you use keywords, then you need to land on the browser’s search homepage. The keyword you can use is Cicisvisit or Cici’s survey.

  • Step 2. Select the language.

At the homepage of Cicisvisit survey portal, you have to select the language first. Two language options are available. Click the English button to complete the survey in English. Or click on the Espanol button to use Spanish in the survey process.

  • Step 3. Enter the location number.

The location number refers to Cici’s pizza restaurant number. You can find this information in the top section of your receipt. By entering the Cici’s pizza store number, Cicisvisit website can identify which restaurant chain you have just visited.

  • Step 4. Indicate the date of visit.

Now, you have to tell when you visit Cici’s Pizza. The date information is also available on your Cici’s receipt. So, you can look up this information in case you forget the day you went to Cici’s Pizza.

  • Step 5. Enter the time of the visit.

The next, you also need to indicate the time when you came to Cici’s. There are four options of time you can choose. They are before 2 PM, 2 PM – 5 PM, 5 PM – 8 PM, and after 8 PM.

  • Step 6. Complete the Cicis Pizza Survey Questions.

This is the main section of Cicisvisit survey. here, you need to give the response for every survey question. Make sure that you give an honest answer based on your experience at Cici’s pizza restaurant. Besides, you are allowed to express Cici’s pizza feedback, complaints, or suggestion as well.

  • Step 7. Write Cici’s validation code.

After answering the question, you need to write the validation code that appears. This code is redeemable with a reward that you can get on the next visit. The reward can vary based on the survey period. Sometimes, you can get the free menu item as a survey reward.

  • Step 8. Redeem your Cici’s coupon.

Do not forget to bring this receipt on your next visit to redeem the survey reward. Please notice that this Cici’s pizza survey validation code can expire. So, you have to redeem it as soon as possible.

List of Cicisvisit Survey Questions

If you need survey assistance, at this stage we have a list of survey questions. You can make preparations to answer Cicisvisit questions. They have several types of questions. You can answer it carefully. Well guys, read some of the reference questions below.

  1. Enter the rating for your satisfaction visiting Cici’s Pizza. Answer the question by choosing 5 categories. They have a Very Satisfied to Very Dissatisfied category.
  2. Choose the order method that you use at Cici’s Pizza. You can choose between the Buffet or Carry Out.
  3. Select the menu you bought at Cici’s Pizza restaurant. Check the box you selected.
  4. Answer yes or no questions. Did you make a special request for the pizza you ordered?
  5. Give ratings for the speed of their service and staff.
  6. Rate the pizza you ordered (Temperature, taste, availability, price).
  7. Enter your comment for Cici’s Pizza.
mycicis app

mycicis app

What is MyCicis App?

Do you want to get the unlimited pizza reward from Cici’s? No one can refuse this offer. If you want to get the free pizza from Cici’s, you have to download MyCicis App. This mobile application is available for android and iOS users. So, you just need to access App Store or Google Play to download Mycicis mobile app.

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With this application, you can get many benefits. First, you can explore Cici’s pizza menu. Besides, you can order online so you do not need to visit Cici’s store. Furthermore, you can earn an unlimited reward. Do you want to know how you can get this pizza reward? Check the step by step below.

  • Download Mycicis App.

First of all, you have to download and install Mycicis app on your smartphone. This application is free of charge. You can get it on the Play Store or Apps Store.

  • Sign Up Mycicis.

After installing this application, you have to register yourself. Just follow the sign-up procedure on this application.

  • Make a transaction at Cici’s.

Every time you dine in Cici’s, you have to bring your smartphone. Then, you also need to keep Cici’s pizza receipt. This receipt can help you to earn Cici’s reward.

  • Scan your receipt.

After a transaction, you should scan the barcode on Cici’s receipt. But, if there is no barcode on your receipt, you can enter the code manually.

  • Visit Cici’s Pizza 5 times or more.

In order to earn Cici’s pizza reward, you have to make at least 5 transactions at Cici’s. Besides, you must spend at least $7.

  • Redeem the pizza reward.

After collecting 5 transactions, you will be able to get the loyalty slice. You can redeem this reward at any participating location.

How to Search Cici’s Pizza Near Me

After completing making Cicis Coupons, we want to help you with instructions for Cicis Near Me. Here we will explain 3 easy ways to get the nearest Cici’s Pizza location. This information you need to exchange rewards from Cicis Coupons. It is not difficult to get the location of Cicis Near Me. You only need a survey device, internet connection and search keywords. Well, we see some ways to find out their closest location.

  1. Google Maps.

A popular application that you can use is Google Maps. If you have a smartphone, you can find the application easily. Follow the steps below to use the Google Maps application.

  • Open your application on a smartphone.
  • Enter the name of the restaurant you are looking for. You can use Cici’s Pizza as a search keyword.
  • Enlarge the location map that appears on the smartphone screen.
  • Click directions, to visit the location of the search results.
  1. MyCicis Apps.

Second, download the MyCicis application for easy order. If Cici’s Pizza is the restaurant you like, MyCicis is the right solution for you. This application has features that will benefit you as a lover of Cici’s Pizza. You can find the location of the nearest restaurant easily. So you will automatically be connected to your MyCicis account. Then they can find the nearest Cici’s location. Below are some features that you can find in MyCicis Apps.

  • Latest product promotions every week.
  • After making 5 transactions using MyCicis, your 6 transactions are free.
  • Collect rewards and redeem your digital coupons.
  • Find a Cicis Near You.
  • Place orders online easily from the application.
  1. Cici’s Pizza Official Website.
  • Visit with your device.
  • Find the location search box.
  • Enter the name of the city, or zip the location code.
  • Click the right arrow.
  • Click the website button to get complete information from local restaurants.

Cicis Hours of Operation

Cicis Hours is an important part of your visit to the restaurant. On local restaurant information, you can get a list of Cicis Hours there. So, you can visit them during Cici’s store hours. We don’t want you to go home disappointed. So finding out Cici’s hours of operation of a restaurant is the right step before visiting.

Day Cicis hours
Sunday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Monday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

However, Cici’s open hours may vary by location. So, every Cici’s Pizza store may have a different open hour. In order to make sure what time Cici’s pizza in your location open and close, you should call them. Besides, you can check Cici’s operation hours by using the store locator feature at Cici’s website. Here are some questions related to Cici’s Pizza hours.

  • Is CiCi’s pizza open today?

Yes. Cici’s pizza is open every day. So, you can enjoy the pizza here whenever you want. Cici’s Pizza is also open in major holidays.

  • What time does Cici’s pizza open?

Every day, Cici’s pizza is open at 11 AM.

  • What time does Cici’s pizza close?

Cici’s pizza is closed at 9 PM from Sunday to Friday. Besides, on Saturday and Friday, this store is closed later at 10 PM

  • What is Cici’s Pizza holiday hours?
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Cici’s Pizza is open in most of the public holidays. But, this pizza restaurant is closed on Chrismas day, Thanksgiving Day, and Easter Sunday. Besides, on other holidays, this restaurant may be open later and close earlier than the normal days.

Cicis Pizza Customer Service

Well, we come to the last part of the Cicis Survey guide. Here, we want you to be able to contact Cici’s Pizza in various ways. Not all visitors have good experiences in restaurants. Maybe you have a problem with the menu, staff or other aspects. Customer service can help you to solve problems in the restaurant. If you don’t have a receipt, don’t be disappointed with this situation. You can express suggestions and opinions in other ways. Below are just a few ways to contact Cici’s Pizza.

  1. Cici’s Pizza Customer Service Phone Number.

Making calls is the easiest way to get help. The clerk will answer your problem or question during restaurant operating hours. Here you can talk directly to solve problems in the restaurant.

+1 972 745 4200

  1. Cici’s Pizza Mailing Address.

Second, submit your complaints and suggestions in a letter. Write your complaint letter in full. Here you can write details of the problems you get from restaurants. However, you cannot expect a reply from them. Then, you need to have the time and money to send a letter to Cici’s Pizza. Below is the address of Cici’s Pizza headquarters.

1080 W. Bethel Rd.

Coppell, Texas

United States – 75019

  1. Cici’s Pizza Social Media.

Follow the promo menu through social media. They will upload photos or advertisements on social media accounts. An easy way to get the latest news is through social media. If you have one of these 4 social media, you need to follow their account. So, in this globalization era, social media is popular as an information provider. Below is some Cici’s Pizza social media accounts.

  • Facebook: https: // _Rdc = 1 & _rdr
  • Instagram: https: //
  • Twitter: https: //
  • Youtube: https: //
  1. Cici’s Pizza Official Site.

Here you need a feedback page. You can open the website to find the “Contact Us” page. There you can enter feedback from the website form. Before writing a problem, you need to complete the details of your visit and your identity. Then choose the service you are using. Finally, you can fill in the comments column.

Cici’s Pizza FAQs

Does Cici's Pizza have a senior discount?
Yes, Cici’s Pizza offers 10% off discount for Senior. So, if you are at the age of 55 years old or older, you can save more when you dine in Cici’s Pizza.
Does Cici's Pizza have a military discount?
Cici’s Pizza also offers a military discount. All the veterans, as well as the active-duty person in the military, can get 10% off. To get this offer, you have to present your military ID card.
How much is the buffet at CC pizza?
Cici’s pizza buffet price for an adult is $5.49. Besides, the price of the fountain drink is %1.89. Furthermore, the price of a pizza buffet for the children under 10 years old is $3.49.
How much is a birthday party at CiCi's Pizza?
If you want to hold a birthday party, you can rent the Cici’s Pizza party room. The price for this room is $25. But, you have to decor the room for yourself. Furthermore, the price of the pizza buffet for the guests is $4.79 per kid.
How much are large pizzas at Cicis?
15” pizza at Cici’s costs $6.99. But, the price can vary depending on the topping you choose.
Do toddlers eat free at Cicis?
Yes, the children under 3 years old can eat free at Cici’s pizza. But, you have to purchase an adult combo meal to get this offer.
Is CiCi all you can eat?
Yes, you can purchase Cici’s pizza buffet to eat all kinds of pizza.
Does CiCi's have wings on the buffet?
Yes. Cici’s does not only serve pizza. You also can enjoy the bone-in wings with many kinds of sauce choices. You can enjoy the wings with BBQ sauce.

Cici's Pizza Review
4.1 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Menu
  • Price
  • Service
  • Restaurant's atmosphere

Summary of Cicisvisit Survey

Cicisvisit is the name of a geust satisfaction survey held by Cici’s Pizza. you can access Cicis survey at After completing this survey, you can earn Cici’s coupon.

User Review
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  • Buffet menu available
  • Kids-friendly
  • Free meal for toddler


  • Unfriendly staff in some locations.
  • Expensive birthday party packs.

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