Cheddars Survey – Win $1000 Cash by Completing Cheddars Survey and Sweepstakes Contest

Cheddars Survey

Welcome to Cheddars Survey and Sweepstakes Contest 2019!

Guys, do you wish to get $1000 cash in a minute? Now, it is not just a dream as you can participate in Cheddars Survey and Sweepstakes Contest 2019. Yes, you can grab $1000 cash in a minute. Even though you fail to win it, there are a hundred $50 cash rewards that you can grab instead.

As always, this page will be ready to be your guide and assure that every single of you have completed the survey steps correctly. Guys, it becomes our pleasure to make you a winner of $1000 cash. So, are you ready for this pleasure?

What is Cheddars?

Before we share the complete Cheddars Survey and Sweepstakes Steps, it is better to talk about Cheddars Company Profile at first. Yes, Cheddars or commonly known as Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is the American Casual Restaurant. It is the subsidiary of Darden Restaurants and Cheddar’s Restaurant Holding Corporation.

Cheddars Official Site

Cheddars Official Site is available at

For your information, Cheddars started the operation in 1979 in Arlington Texas by Aubrey Good and Doug Rogers. This restaurant serves various American casual restaurants. In special, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen offers a variety of made-from-scratch dishes.

Right now, this restaurant operates for more than 171 companies and franchises locations. All of them exist in 28 states. Even, Cheddar’s main operation is in Irving, Texas, the United States. But, if you want to visit the headquarter office; you can get the place in Orlando, Florida.

Anyway, Guys! You can visit Cheddar’s Official Website at And, to stay up to date with its promotions and deals, you can follow Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What are Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Menu Options?

For the next, you may be curious with the lists of Cheddars Menu Options. And then, you should not hesitate about the taste because all of them are important. So, here the lists are:

Soups and Salads
Lunch Combination
Baby Back Ribs
Comfort Food
Lighter Side
Made-from-Scratch Sides
Gluten Friendly
Drinks and Beverages

What is Cheddars Survey?

Alright, you have known the general profile of Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. And anyway, what was your previous eatery experience? Did you get any troubles? Well, Cheddars Survey is the best place to share your previous experience. You know, you are able to share complaints and feedback while you can win $1000 or $50 cash as the reward.

Cheddars Survey

Cheddars Survey Site is available at

And yes, Cheddars Survey is the special program which is held by Cheddar’s Scratches Company. Sure, you should not worry as you can share all the things you face on your previous visit. Anyway, there are two valid entrances that you can take. In this case, you can take the online survey by accessing And the second, you can share the offline survey as well.

Before accessing one of those entrances, it is better for you to come to the nearest Cheddars Locations. However, you have to be experienced with Cheddar’s Menu and Prices and its general experiences. Then, you will get a valid receipt which has a secret code included. Yes, you can use it to access the Cheddars Feedback Portal.

Cheddars Survey Guidelines

Cheddars Survey Guidelines

What are the Qualifications to Participate in Cheddars Survey?

And now, it is good to know the qualification to make sure that you are eligible in this survey. As always, the valid Cheddars Sweepstakes needs some qualifications for all its participant. And, here the details are:

  • First of all, you must be the legal residents of the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Guatemala. It excludes the Province of Quebec.
  • Second of all, the age restriction of this Cheddar’s Survey and Sweepstakes must be 18 years old. You must make sure that you are more than 18 when entering
  • Then, you are not part of Cheddar’s Employees. This rule includes Cheddars Employee relatives and household members.
  • For the next, you can participant in Cheddars Survey within its valid entry period. To ensure the date, you can visit and click at “Sweepstakes Rules”.
  • When you want to take the online survey, you must have Cheddar’s Survey Validation Codes. And yes, you can get this code printed on your Cheddars Receipt.

What Need to Prepare to Take Cheddars Survey at

Are you eligible to participate in Cheddars Survey? So, Great! It is the best time to prepare some tools before accessing Portal. We have stated that we will assure that you are going to win Cheddar’s Sweepstakes. And, here the details are:

  • About the Tools

First of all, you can prepare the helpful tools to access the Cheddars Feedback Portal. And here, you have to prepare your personal PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone. Of course, you must make sure that your device has installed the current version of the internet browser. At last, it is important to check whether your device has a strong and stable internet connection.

  • About the Rules

Second of all, you also need to pay attention to the rules in Cheddars Survey Contest. Once you are interested, it means that you agree to obey them as well. Well, in this case, you must limit the entrance once a month (for both of the online and offline survey) entrance per each household. When you take the online survey, you must complete all the questionnaires.

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How to Complete Cheddars Survey?

And for the next, it is time for taking Cheddars Survey. Well, Guys! If it is your first survey experience, you should not worry to follow because we have prepared the simple survey steps for you. And, here they are:

  • Step 1# Go Online

First of all, you must be ready with your phone then go to Portal. And yes, you will get the Cheddars Survey Homepage. If you want to read the survey sweepstakes rules, you can click at the blue link which says, “Sweepstakes Rules”.

  • Step 2# Set the Language (Optional)

As so you know, Portal shows you the full English survey instruction. So, if you are not confident using this language, you can use the Spanish version by tapping on the proper menu.

  • Step 3# Submit the Survey Codes

At the homepage, you can type down the 13-digit of Cheddar’s Survey Codes on the separated boxes. To avoid the mistakes, you can take your previous receipt and retype the codes on the box. Guys, it is a crucial section and makes sure that you submit the correct codes.

  • Step 4# Take the Survey

Well, you can click at “Start” and get ready to complete the survey. At the first section, you will get the close-ended questionnaires and complete the like-scale statements. In this case, you only need to read the statements then choose the scores based on your satisfaction level.

Meanwhile, the second section will show you the open-ended questionnaires. Here, you will find some questions appearing on the screen. Sure, you can answer them with a descriptive explanation. It will be very open-minded with your personal opinion, feedback or complaints.

  • Step 5# Enter the Sweepstakes

Once you have completed Cheddars Survey Questionnaires, you can take the chance to join the sweepstakes. In this section, you should hesitate to enter it and complete the required form. And as always, you can submit your personal information such as name, mail-in address, active phone number, and email account.

  • Step 6# Set up the Phone

For the rest, you have completed all the questions and it is time to “Submit” the survey. For your information, Cheddars Customer Service will inform Cheddars Sweepstakes Winners through phone or email. So, it is better to keep your phone handy and nearby.

What are the Steps to Take Cheddars Survey Offline?

And sure, you have taken the online survey at Portal. Right now, you can take a chance to take the Cheddars Offline Survey. To take this way of entrance, there are some simple steps that you must follow and here they are:

  • Step 1# Prepare the device

The first thing you need to do is about to prepare the tools. Here, you must prepare an electronic device such as a laptop or a PC and a printer. Then, you need to hand print your letter on a piece of 3×5 paper and a business-sized #10 envelopes.

  • Step 2# Type down the Sweepstakes

One of the benefits of taking this survey entrance is you are not obligated to submit the valid survey id. Yes, you are free to take the sweepstakes without completing a short survey about your last eatery experiences.

So, on that bright paper, you can type down your complete name, mail-in address, and date of birth, email and active phone numbers. You don’t need to add some comments or reviews on it. But, you should make sure that you have typed down the correct personal information details.

  • Step 3# Post your Letter

For the rest, you can put your letter on the envelopes then go to the nearest post office. Yes, you can post your letter to Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes, PMI Station, at PO Box 3536, Southbury, CT 06488-3536 USA. When you post this letter, you must postmark it by the day following the last entry period. Then, the sweepstakes sponsor (PMI Station) must receive it within 8 days of the close entry period.

How do Cheddars Survey Teams Inform the Cheddar’s Sweepstakes Winners?

Alright, when you win Cheddar’s Survey and Sweepstakes Contest 2019, Cheddar’s Customer Service will inform it through phone or email. Even, there is only one winner of $1000 cash and 100 winners of $50 cash. You will receive this reward via post mail in the form of a check. But, there are some odds of winning that you should do and here they are:

  • At first, you must respond to the message, calls or email within seven days of the last sent announcement.
  • Then, you must complete the Eligibility, Liability and Publicity Release to make sure that you are eligible to win this reward.
  • Even if you miss the date, Cheddar’s Survey Teams have a full authority to choose the other potential winners. It means that you are disqualified from this winner’s list.
  • You should know that Cheddars Teams use the random drawing selection to get the winners. Then, the results are final and no one can protest it.
  • You must be responsible with any telecommunication and technical problems along with the survey and winner’s confirmation processes.
  • Anyway, you should be careful about some kinds of frauds. Cheddars Teams will never ask about your banking details, driving license and your other sensitive information.
  • At last, you will receive the reward in the form of a check via mail. It may take 3 to 4 weeks. If you get some problems, you can contact the official site of Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen.
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How to Request Cheddars Survey and Sweepstakes Winner List?

If you are curious whether your relatives win this sweepstake or not, you can request for the Cheddar’s Winner Lists. You can post your letter to Guest Satisfaction Survey GMRI Sweepstakes – FY20 Q1, Winner List, PMI Station. They are available at PO Box 750-W, Southbury, CT 06488-0750, the United States.

How to Locate “Cheddars near me” Stores?

So, you have got the complete lists of Cheddars Survey and Sweepstakes Steps. It is now your turn to visit one of the nearest Cheddar’s Restaurants. Indeed, you can make Cheddars Reservations and enjoy the seats later. Anyway, finding out Cheddar’s Locations maybe not too easy for its new customers. But, there is “Cheddars near me” feature that you can use to get them in a minute. Are you curious? So, here we go!

  • Way 1# Install Cheddars Application

First thing first, you can install Cheddar’s App from Google Play Store or App Store. Anyway, this app supports for Android and Apple device only. You can install this app on your phone then click at “Location” to access “Cheddars near me” stores. On that page, you can type down the city and state that you are looking for.

Then, you can click at “Search” and get the lists of nearest Cheddar’s Restaurants. For your surprise, this app also allows you to access Cheddars Online Order, delivery services and Cheddars to go as well.

  • Way 2# Use Google Map

As always, our Google Map App is the best app to find out all locations on this earth. And of course, you can use this app to locate “Cheddars near me” stores. To access it, you can run the app or visit And on the search bar, you can type down “Cheddars near me” or “Cheddar’s Locations in Texas”.

Less than a minute, this map can show you the lists of Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Locations. Indeed, you can get the detail Cheddar’s Hours, local customer service phone numbers and the mail-in address.

  • Way 3# Access Cheddar’s Store Locator

For the rest, you can use the Cheddars Store Locator to get “Cheddars near me” locations. This feature is available at at the menu “Location”. In line with the process on app, you need to type down your current city and state. Or, you can use your postal codes as well.

Then, it will show you the detail of address, hours, customer service phone numbers and the services. Here a few lists of Cheddar’s Restaurant that you can visit:

Locations Hours of Operation Phone Number
3120 E. John Q. Hammons Blvd, Joplin, MO 64804 10:30 AM–9:30 PM (417) 624-6000
10708 E 71st St, Tulsa, OK 74133 10:30 AM–11 PM (918) 307-2013
11711 E 13th St N, Wichita, KS 67206 10:30 AM–10 PM (316) 688-0401
1950 E Primrose St, Springfield, MO 65804 10:30 AM–10 PM (417) 889-8998
11865 W 95th St, Overland Park, KS 66214 11 AM–10 PM (913) 599-3111
3907 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903 10:30 AM–10 PM (479) 649-5959
12152 L St, Omaha, NE 68137 10:30 AM–11 PM (402) 330-4140
2147 N Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN 38016 11 AM–10 PM (901) 380-1119
161 Collins Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 11 AM–10 PM (319) 393-4557
1340 Hickory Point Dr, Forsyth, IL 62535 10:30 AM–10 PM (217) 877-3100

What is Cheddars to Go?

Anyway, Cheddar’s Restaurant offers various ways of orders. In this case, you can enjoy the dine-in services, carry out, and Cheddars to Go as well. Then, Cheddar’s to Go is the special services where you can place the order and take it one hour later. So, you should not stand in line to take your order as you have placed it first. There are some simple ways to take this service and here they are:

  • At first, you can access “Cheddars near me” and find the nearest locations from your current positions. In a fortune, Cheddars to go is available in all Cheddars Locations.
  • Once you find the location, you can call the customer service phone numbers and place the order via phone. Meanwhile, it is okay to make it online by tapping on “Cheddars to Go”.
  • Then, you can choose the menu and beverages. It includes the quantity of you are going to take. Here, you must ensure that you have made a deal with Cheddar’s Menu Prices or even the meal’s nutrition.
  • For the next, you can choose the payment method and make sure that you complete them before the time is over. But, when you choose to pay it with cash, you can prepare your money then pay it at the store.
  • At last, you can submit or claim the order and get ready to pick your order. Guys, we suggest you take Cheddars to go services one hour before your desired pick-up time.
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For your information, Cheddars to Go Services also offers you the special Cheddar’s Menu Price. It is Family Bundles and Bulk Order. Sure, it will be very suitable for a weeknight family dinner or a large gathering with friends and extended family. You know, there is a special price offer that you can get from this service and here the examples are:

Family Bundles
Menu Serves Price
House-Smoked Baby Back Ribs Dinner 2 Person $29.99
4 Person $59.99
6 Person $84.99
Dijon Chicken & Mushrooms Dinner 2 Person $24.99
4 Person $49.99
6 Person $75.99
Bulk Orders
Menu Serves Price
Grilled Caesar Pasta Salad 6-8 person $39.99
Cheddar’s Club 6-8 person $49.99
Chicken Caesar Pasta Wrap 6-8 person $49.99
Cheddar’s Legendary Monster Cookie 6-8 person $6.99
Seasoned Rice 6-8 person $9.99
Mac & Cheese 6-8 person $9.99
Homemade Black Beans 6-8 person $9.99
Grilled Chicken Alfredo 6-8 person $54.99
Lemon Pepper Chicken 6-8 person $54.99

How to Contact Cheddars Scratch Kitchen Corporate Office?

Later, when you are interested to be the part of Cheddar’s Franchise, you should not hesitate to contact Cheddars headquarter office teams. Even, the teams are ready to answer all questions related to the company and services. Here the ways to get them:

  • At first, you can call them at 407-245-4000.
  • Second, you are able to visit or send a letter to Cheddar’s Incorporation at PO Box 1000 Darden Center Drive Orlando, Florida 32837.
  • Or, you can visit and click at “Contact-us” menu. On that page, you can submit your personal information with the detail questions, comments or even complaints.

Lists of Cheddars Survey Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As always, in the last section of the page, we are going to share the popular questions about Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Restaurant. Somehow, the questions also ask about Cheddars Survey and Sweepstakes Contest. If you have the same inquiry, so let’s find them out:

Does Cheddars have a private room?
No, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Restaurant does not offer the private dining room.
Can I Make Reservation at Cheddars?
In some participating location, Cheddars allows you to make a reservation. But, some other places may not offer it. To make it clear, you can locate “Cheddars near me” and get the detail Cheddars Restaurant Services on your local area.
What time is Happy Hour at Cheddars?
Cheddars Happy Hours is available from Monday to Friday. It is from 4:00 PM till 7:00 PM. On that hour, you can grab the menu with the special price offers.
How much does Cheddars Pay an Hour?
Cheddars pay its employee in around $8.21 per hour. Even, it may be different based on the positions, job types and the location as well.
Can Olive Garden Gift Card be used at Cheddars?
Of course, yes! You can use your Olive Garden Gift Card in all Darden Restaurant Subsidiaries. Like all we know, it includes Cheddars Restaurant, LongHorn Steakhouse, Yard House, Bahama Freeze, the Capital Grille, Seasons 52 and many more.
How many carbs are in a Cheddars Croissant?
Cheddar’s Croissant contains 114 calories. It is about 47% fat, 46% carbs, and 7% protein.
How many carbs in Cheddars Lemon Pepper Chicken?
Cheddar’s Lemon Pepper Chicken contains 347 calories. It is about 11% fat, 21% carbs, and 68% protein. You will get 2 breasts when ordering this kind of menu. Anyway, for more details about Cheddar’s Menu Nutrition, you are better to visit and click at “Menu”.
Do Cheddars Offer Free Chips and Homemade Queso?
Yes, you can get a free Cheddars Chips and Homemade Queso at your first-time accessing Cheddar’s eClub Member. To join it, you can visit and register your identity at “Join EClub” menu. But, you must be more than 13 to be part of this club.
How much are Cheddars Franchises?
If you are interested to cooperate as Cheddars Franchise, you can prepare $30,000 as the franchises fees. Even, it may be various in each state and locations.

And, that’s all about Cheddars Survey and Sweepstakes Contest. We hope that you are lucky and win $1000 or $50 cash. Then, you should not forget to treat your lovely people at any Cheddars Restaurants near you. Don’t worry! The price and taste are worth. Thanks for reading this page and enjoy your visit!

Cheddars Survey
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  • The quality of Menu
  • Staff's Attitude and Services
  • Store Appearances
  • Offers, Gift Card and Deals

Cheddars Survey

Cheddars Survey is the special program from Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Restaurant. You are able to share your reviews and enter the sweepstake contest as well. It is available at Portal and offers a short survey questionnaire. Sure, you can complete them and win $1000 or $50 cash instantly!

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  • A lot of food options
  • Reasonable prices
  • Vegan Menu available
  • Friendly staff


  • Take 45 minutes to wait for the food


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