BWfeedback – Take Best Western Survey & Check Best Western Hours

BWfeedback - Take Best Western Survey & Check Best Western Hours

Take Best Western survey

Do you love to stay in Best Western hotel? If you do, you can start to take BWfeedback. Yes, it is the official Best Western Guest Satisfaction Survey that will give you a free hotel night coupon. Of course, you need to send Best Western Feedback in order to complete the survey. You just need to complete the survey in order to claim Best Western rewards.

For information, all customers can join the program as long as you have the valid receipt. You know, it must be good that you use the receipt before the expired date. Well, there are some steps for you to take to pass Best Western medallia survey login. And, even if it is your first time, you can check the following BW Feedback Survey guides!

What is BWfeedback?

Well, first of all, it must be nice if you learn about the program. As you see, BWfeedback is an official name of Best Western Guest Satisfaction Survey. Indeed, it is a platform where you can share Best Western Feedback about your last visit to the hotel. You can talk about the service, the room, the facility, the staff, cleanliness, and so on.

BWfeedback - Take Best Western Survey & Check Best Western Hours

BWfeedback – Take Best Western Survey & Check Best Western Hours

You know, you just have to visit the official website that is available at And, you can enter the brief details about your name, email, and the hotel. Later, you can complete Best Western survey. For information, there is no survey entry limitation. So, if you can get one coupon for the survey you take, you can get more coupons if you take more surveys.

Well, it is good that you share any feedback you want. Not to mention, you can share positive or even negative comments. You see, Best Western company needs your feedback in order to improve their service. For information, without having a valid receipt, you won’t be able to enter Best Western medallia survey login portal.

Indeed, the goal of the survey is to review whether Best Western resorts have given the best service or not. Of course, taking the survey is like you send complaints or suggestions through email address for Best Western. Well, you just need for about five minutes to complete the survey.

Well, each of you will get Best Western rewards for your participation. Not to mention, Best Western corporate must be glad to receive your feedback. And, for the rewards, you can enjoy one hotel night for free or on discount off. So, are you ready to find out how to take BW Feedback Survey to claim the rewards? Check out the full guides!

How to Take BWfeedback Survey?

  • Grab Best Western Receipt
  • Visit BWfeedback Survey Website
  • Enter Your First Name
  • Enter Your Last Name
  • Enter Your Email Address
  • Enter the Hotel Name
  • Select the Region
  • Select the Country/Province/State
  • Select City/Hotel Name
  • Choose the Checkout Data
  • Click on the Blue Begin Survey
  • Show Your Overall Satisfaction about Your Hotel Visit
  • Answer BWfeedback Survey Questions
  • Type Your Best Western Feedback
  • Submit BWfeedback Survey
  • Receive Best Western Coupon for Free Hotel Night
BWfeedback - Take Best Western Survey & Check Best Western Hours

BWfeedback – Take Best Western Survey & Check Best Western Hours

Step by Step Guides to Take BWfeedback Survey

First thing first, it is good that you know the step guides in taking the survey. If you see, there are some sequenced details you have to take if you want to take the survey and claim the rewards. So, you can enjoy the following guides!

  • Step 1: Grab Best Western Receipt

At first, you have to know that you can grab Best Western receipt. No doubt, your receipt has the expiration date printed on it. If the receipt has expired, you can’t use it to enter the survey. So, you need to find another receipt to enter the survey portal.

  • Step 2: Visit BWfeedback Survey Website

After that, you can visit Best Western survey website. If you see, you can provide a laptop or smartphone. And then, you can also continue to launch the latest version of the browser. Not to mention, you can use Apple Safari, Internet Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, and so on. Later, you can click on the address box and search for

  • Step 3: Enter Your First Name
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And then, you can enter your first name. Yes, you should enter it based on your ID card.

  • Step 4: Enter Your Last Name

After that, you can also enter your last name. You see, your last name is also important and you need to enter it based on your ID card.

  • Step 5: Enter Your Email Address

Later, it is good to enter your email address too. Yes, the email you entered at the survey must be the valid one. You shouldn’t enter the email address while you forget the password. It is because Best Western will send the coupon for one hotel night through the email.

  • Step 6: Enter the Hotel Name

For the next, you can continue to enter the hotel name. You see, the hotel name is available to access on your booking history.

  • Step 7: Select the Region

Besides, you need to also select the region of the hotel. For information, you can choose the region based on the options available. Yes, it must be nice that you see it from the history.

  • Step 8: Select the Country/Province/State

Later, you will need to select the country/province/state. Again, you have to choose the one that is available from the booking history. Yes, you can choose one whether you want to select the country, province, or the state.

  • Step 9: Select City/Hotel Name

You know, you need to also select the city or the hotel name. It must be nice that you choose one of the data.

  • Step 10: Choose the Checkout Data

So, the last data to input is the check out data. For information, you can check it on your booking history too.

  • Step 11: Click on the Blue Begin Survey Button

For you who have completed the receipt details, you can click on the Begin survey button.

  • Step 12: Show Your Overall Satisfaction about Your Hotel Visit

If you have done, you can show your overall satisfaction about your visit to the hotel.

  • Step 13: Answer BWfeedback Survey Questions

Alright! Now, it must be nice that you start to answer Best Western survey questions. In this case, the survey questions can be about your last visit. Here, you just need to choose the best answer for each question. Yes, there will be some options you can choose based on your visit experience.

  • Step 14: Type Your Best Western Feedback

And then, you can continue to type your Best Western feedback. If you see, there are some feedback you can send. For instance, you can send complaints, suggestions, critics, and so on.

  • Step 15: Submit BWfeedback Survey

Later, you can submit the Best Western survey once you have done. You need to make sure that you don’t need to edit anything as once you submit it, you cannot edit the previous page.

  • Step 16: Receive Best Western Coupon for Free Hotel Night

Now, you can receive Best Western coupon that you can redeem it for one free hotel night. Isn’t it nice?

List of Best Western Hours & Best Western Holiday Hours

Well, do you want to know the list of Best Western hours? Here, it must be nice that you check the following hours. As you see, Best Western is open 24 hours. But, somehow, you may need to know whether it is available on holidays or not.

If you see, you are going to learn more about Best Western hours, Best Western holiday hours, Best Western opening hours, and Best Western closing hours. Of course, you can also find the easiest way to search for Best Western near me hours. Aren’t you curious to get the information?

Best Western Hours of Operation

Best Western Hours Today Open/Close
Monday 24 Hours
Tuesday 24 Hours
Wednesday 24 Hours
Thursday 24 Hours
Friday 24 Hours
Saturday 24 Hours
Sunday 24 Hours

Best Western Holiday Hours

Holiday Status
Best Western Holiday Hours
– New Year’s Day open 24 Hours
– Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day) open 24 Hours
– Valentine’s Day open 24 Hours
– Presidents Day open 24 Hours
– Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday open 24 Hours
– St. Patrick’s Day open 24 Hours
– Good Friday open 24 Hours
– Easter Sunday Brunch 10:00AM-3:00PM open 24 Hours
– Easter Monday open 24 Hours
– Cinco de Mayo open 24 Hours
– Mother’s Day Brunch 10:00AM-3:00PM open 24 Hours
– Memorial Day open 24 Hours
– Father’s Day Brunch 10:00AM-3:00PM open 24 Hours
– Independence Day (4th of July) open 24 Hours
– Labor Day open 24 Hours
– Columbus Day open 24 Hours
– Halloween open 24 Hours
– Veterans Day open 24 Hours
– Thanksgiving Day: Opens open 24 Hours
– Black Friday open 24 Hours
– Christmas Eve open 24 Hours
– Day After Christmas (Dec. 26) open 24 Hours
– New Year’s Eve open 24 Hours
– Christmas Day open 24 Hours
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Alright! Now, you can continue to check out the Best Western holiday hours. You see, on major holidays, Best Western hotels are open. But, they may have different hours than usual. You can check on Google Maps for the holiday hours of each Best Western hotel. Meanwhile, the regular Hertz holiday hours are available for 24 hours.

Is Best Western Open Today?

You know, Best Western is open today and you can visit your favorite hotel to inn. For information, you can find the opening and closing hours before you visit the hotel or book it. It will help you to find out whether the store is still open or not.

What Time Does Best Western Open?

You know, the Best Western opening hours will be 24 hours on Monday through Sunday.

What Time does Best Western Close?

Meanwhile, you have to know that Best Western closing hours is 24 hours from Monday through Sunday. So, there is no weekdays or weekends hours.

Is Best Western Open on Sunday?

As you see, Best Western is open on Sunday. Well, you need to know that the opening hours, and the closing hours will be the same as on general days.

Is Best Western Open on Christmas Day?

Well, you need to know that most Hertz stores are closed on Christmas Day. If you need to visit the hotel, you can visit it previous

List of BWFeedback FAQs and Best Western FAQs

Do you have a bunch of questions related to Best Western? In this case, you just need to find the answers. Nicely, you can check frequently asked questions by customers. Somehow, your questions may be the same or similar to theirs. So, here you go!

How Much Is Best Western per night?
First thing first, you need to know that Best Western charges guests nearly $200 a night. Yes, the price is before tax. No doubt, you will get the rooms are comfortable with nice beds.
How many Best Westerns are there?
And then, you need to know that there are more than 4,500 hotels in more than 100 countries in the whole world.
What is a Best Western Plus?
Anyway, you may need to know that the company provides you Best Western Plus, In this case, it is the best option for you as it is stylish, well-appointed rooms and modern amenities. If you see, the room is designed to meet your needs.</p> <p>In other words, the company provides a nice room for both business and leisure travelers. Here, Best Western Plus offers many meaningful extras to provide you with enhanced style and comfort. So, when it comes to hotel, Best Western plus can be the best option to take.
What is Best Western flexible rate?
You see, you can also get your Best Western Rewards Member! Of course, you will get some benefits. Not to mention, it is like you can save up to 20%. Yes, you can also claim Flexible Rate benefits that allows you to claim 1,000 Bonus points for the same price.
How many points does it take to get a free room at Best Western?
Well, you need to also know that free nights range from 8,000 to 36,000 points, Of course, it is all depending on the property type complete with the location.</p> <p>In this case, Best Western Rewards members must have the necessary points number to complete a free night. Again, you must check the hotel’s individual point tier level.
What hotel chain owns Best Western?
The owner of the company is Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc. Here, the company also has some brands. They are like InterContinental, Candlewood Suites, Staybridge Suites, EVEN, HUALUXE, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and Kimpton as well.
What are Best Western rewards?
Indeed, the system of earning reward is simple. In this case, you just have to reward yourself, you have earned it. It means that you can pack your bags and start planning your next trips.</p> <p>Here, Best Western Rewards loyalty program helps you to earn points in a faster way. Simply, you just need to use your points for free hotel nights. Or, you can also claim ot for merchandise and much more.
How many Best Western points do you earn per stay?
Alright! Now, you may start to question whether you get points per stay. For information, Blue and Gold members earn 15% bonus points per stay. Of course, it is on top of the base 10 points per $1.</p> <p>In case you reach the level of Best Western Rewards Diamond, you will get more. Yes, you can get it after staying at least 30 nights or 20 qualifying stays. Or, you just need to complete the qualification of earning 30,000 points from eligible stays.
What time is breakfast at Best Western?
It can be your first time staying at Best Western hotel. Well, you need to know the breakfast hours that start at 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM. It is available start from Monday through Friday. Meanwhile, the breakfast hours start from 6:30 AM to 11:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday.</p> <p>Here, the hotel serves hit eggs, meat, and potatoes complete with cereals, oat meal, muffins, bagels. Besides, you can also get hard boiled eggs, waffle station and toast with jams. If you want to get cream cheese and a variety of juices and coffee and tea, you can also get it on your breakfast.
Can I pay cash at Best Western?
Indeed, it is okay if you want to pay cash at the hotel. But, most guest pay the bill  by credit card. Or maybe, you can also pay it by travelers’ checks or even Best Western Travel Card upon departure. For information, the hotel will authorize the credit card the day of your arrival.

Brief of Best Western Inc. Profile

Well, you know that Best Western International, Inc. is also famous with the name of Best Western Hotels & Resorts brand. You see, the company operates over 4,100 hotels and motels in the whole world. Yes, you can find the Best Western headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

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If you see, there are more than 2,000 hotels in North America. In the first place, M.K. Guertin opened the company in 1946. Today, the key people are M. K. Guertin and David Kong.

List of Best Western Customer Service Contact Information

Well, in case you want to contact the customer service, you just need to talk to the customer service. As you see, there will be some contacts available for you. Not to mention, they are:

  • Best Western Office Address

Consort House, Amy Johnson Way, York YO30 4GP, UK

  • Best Western Office Phone Number

+44 1904 695400

  • Best Western Website

So, it is all you need to know BWfeedback that is the official Best Western survey. If you see, you just have to send Best Western feedback. You see, there will be some questions you have to answer in order to complete Best Western Guest Satisfaction Survey.

By providing the latest bill of your last visit, you can enter Best Western medallia survey login. And, you can complete the survey in order to get rewards from Best Western resorts. Enjoy your free one night stay at the hotel!

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BWfeedback is the official Best Western Survey. You can send your feedback about the hotel to get the rewards. Before you start, you can check Best Western Hours and brief review of the company here!

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