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Hi, guys! Are you preparing yourself to be an athlete? Then, you should not forget to balance both of your exercise and education. In many cases, you may be difficult to divide the time and it is why Apex Learning Courses exist. Yes, it is the part of Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS) which offers you the private online school and individual course as well.

We know that some of you may be not familiar with this type of school. So, it becomes our pleasure to share all information about ALVS. Indeed, you should not worry as you can access Apex Learning Login to manage all of the school tuition, plans or even contact your tutors. So, keep your eyes on us and get ready to promote ALVS to your parents. Enjoy reading!

What is Apex Learning Virtual School?

Great! It is better for us to know about Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS) before we go to Apex Learning Course itself. Then, ALVS is an accredited and legal institution that offers online education services. This institution is ready to offer both of the full and part-time options to the students and parents who need high quality and alternative education system.

Apex Learning Virtual School

Apex Learning Virtual School Official Site is available at www.ApexLearningVS.com

Apex Learning Virtual School offers various Apex Learning Course Options. So, the students will be actively get engaged in learning. No doubt, ALVS Tutors will get ready for 24/7 to accompany you accomplishing your educational goals. Indeed, it also provides the Student-Centered where the students can take control of learning. Meanwhile, the parents and tutors will be easy to check the student’s improvement.

Talking about the curriculum, you should not worry because Apex has been fully certified and accredited. There are some prestigious institutions which claim it. Not to mention, it is Northwest Accreditation Commission, National College Athletic Association, University of California, Junior Hockey and College Board.

Apex Learning Course Catalog

Apex Learning Course Catalog Shows you the Lists of Class Options

Anyway, Apex Learning Virtual School Headquarter Office is available in Seattle, Washington. Right now, this school manages for more than 15.000 students each year across the United States. Indeed, almost 100% of the students have a 90% passing rate which is better than the national average in related courses. For more detail about this school, you can visit its official site at www.ApexLearningvs.com.

Why Should we Choose Apex Learning Virtual School?

And then, there are some reasons why you should choose ALVS instead of the others. Sure, you can keep them in your mind then share to your parents or friends to choose Apex Learning Course for your alternative education. So, here the reasons are:

  • At first, you will get the certified Apex Course and Materials. You can enroll in 12-month learning activities. Don’t worry! It is flexible, fun and quality.
  • Second, students can get private academic counseling. Sure, you should not hesitate to consult about your graduation plans and the college admission process.
  • Third, ALVS has expert and certified teachers. So, they will share the detail instruction and materials with the fun learning strategy.
  • Fourth, Apex Learning Courses provides the help center and online references. You can access ALVS Writing Center, 24/7 Apex Learning Login Access and one-to-one instructional support by phone and video.
  • At last, ALVS also gives support for students and parents. The teams will give the full-orientation, course navigation as well as training for both of the students and parents.

What is Apex Learning Courses?

Once you have been interested to be the part of Apex Learning Virtual School Students, you can start knowing about the courses. Yes, as we have mentioned before, Apex Learning Courses are the part of ALVS. It offers you the various learning plans with the reasonable cost included.

Apex Learning Course Login

Apex Learning Course Login Site is available at www.ApexVS.com

The detail of Apex Learning Courses Option is available at Apex Learning Catalog. As always, you can visit www.ApexLearningvs.com and go to the “Course Catalog” menu. The courses are various starting from the core, honors, and Advanced Placement classes. If you want to download Apex Virtual School Courses Catalog PDF, you can visit https://cdn.apexlearning.com/al/catalog_19-20.pdf.

What is the Apex Learning Courses Options?

Alright! You have made a good decision by enrolling in Apex Private Online School. In spite of the various options, it gives you a chance to focus on and exclusive attention on the subject. Then now, here the list of Apex Learning Courses Options that you can enroll in, and those are:

  • National Course 1# Math

The first option is Math. And, here the lists of Math subjects that you can take:

Apex VS Math Subjects
Math Foundations I
Math Foundations II
Math 6
Math 7
Math 8
Introductory Algebra
Algebra I
Algebra II
Mathematics I
Mathematics II
Mathematics III
AP® Calculus AB
AP® Statistics
Financial Literacy
Mathematics of Personal Finance
Probability and Statistics
Fundamental Math
Algebra I-A
Algebra I-B
Bridge Math
Liberal Arts Mathematics 1
Liberal Arts Mathematics 2

  • National Course 2# Science

For you who loves Science, here the following Apex Learning Science Courses Options that you can take. Those are:

Apex VS Science Subjects
Science Foundations
Science 6
Science 7
Science 8
MS Physical Science
MS Life Science
MS Earth and Space Science
Earth Science
Physical Science
Environmental Science
The Living Earth
Chemistry in the Earth System
Physics of the Universe
AP® Environmental Science
AP® Biology
AP® Chemistry

  • National Course 3# English

The English course starts from the English Foundation and here the detail subject lists are:

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Apex VS English Subject
English Foundations I
English Foundations II
English 6
English 7
English 8
English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12
AP® English Language and Composition
AP® English Literature and Composition
Creative Writing
Media Literacy
Reading Skills and Strategies
Writing Skills and Strategies

  • National Course 4# Social Studies

For the next, the social studies courses have several classes and here the lists are:

Apex VS Social Studies
MS World History
MS U.S History
MS Civics
MS Contemporary World
Geography and World Cultures*
World History
World History to the Renaissance
Modern World History from 1450
Modern World History from 1600
U.S. History
U.S. History to the Civil War
U.S. History since the Civil War
U.S. Government and Politics
The U.S. and Global Economics
AP® U.S. History
AP® U.S. Government and Politics
AP® Macroeconomics
AP® Microeconomics
Multicultural Studies
AP® Psychology

  • National Course 5# World Languages

Guys, you can travel the world and get the opportunity for improving by knowing the world languages. And, here the lists of courses are:

Apex VS World Languages Subject
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
AP® Spanish Language
French I
French II
Mandarin Chinese I
Mandarin Chinese II
German I
German II
Latin I
Latin II
MS Spanish 1
MS Spanish 2
MS French 1
MS French 2
MS Mandarin Chinese 1
MS Mandarin Chinese 2
MS German 1
MS German 2
MS Latin 1
MS Latin 2

  • National Course 6# Electives

And then, when you are preparing to enter the college or business, you can take the Electives courses. So, let’s check the table!

Apex VS Eclectics Subject
College and Career Preparation I
College and Career Preparation II
Art Appreciation
Music Appreciation
Physical Education
Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE)
Multicultural Studies
Creative Writing
Media Literacy
Reading Skills and Strategies
Writing Skills and Strategies
Financial Literacy
Mathematics of Personal Finance
Probability and Statistics
Bridge Math
Liberal Arts Mathematics 1
Liberal Arts Mathematics 2

  • National Course 7# CTE

When you are interested to take Apex Learning Course CTE, you can choose this class and here they are:

Apex VS CTE Subject
Principles of Health Science
Accounting I
Accounting II
Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance
Legal Environment of Business
Human Resources Principles
Introduction to Business and Technology
Principles of Information Technology
Information Technology Applications
Computer Applications
Business Applications

Anyway, the table above shows the lists of Apex VS National Classes. Then, you can try to get the Technology Course Classes. And, here the table is:

Technology Course 
3D Animation
3D Character Animation
3D Game Design
3D Game Development
3D Printing & Modeling
App Design
Fashion Design
Mod Design 1
Mod Design 1: Dimensions Expansion Course
Adventure Maps Expansion Course
Mod Design 2
Server Design

Meanwhile, the other course is about Apex VS Tutorials for Middle and High School Students. This Apex Learning course helps you to raise the exam scores and promotion rates. There are three classes that you can join. And, here they are:

  • At first, the Middle School Tutorials is the first course to prepare for success in high school.
  • The second, the High School Tutorials are available for English, Maths, Biology and U.S History, This course ensures the students passing the exam successfully.
  • And at last, Apex VS College Readiness and High School Equivalency Tutorials help the students to improve the skills and concept that is needed for success on national exams.

How to Access the Apex Learning Courses Login Portal?

So, great! You have enrolled in Apex Learning Virtual School Classes. Anyway, which one do you choose? Whatever the course, you should know that you are lucky. Yes, you can take control of learning by accessing Apex Learning Courses Student-Centered. This student-center is available at www.Apexvs.com.

For the new students, you can contact Apex VS Customer Service and ask for Apex VS Login Account. Through this site, all students can manage the course plans, pay the tuition as well as contact your tutors. And, if you get difficulties when accessing this site, here the steps that you must take:

  • Step 1# Go Online

First of all, you have to prepare the electronic device such as PC, Laptop or Smartphone. Then, you should not forget to make sure that your device has a stable internet connection and the current internet browser. When all is ready, you can visit the Apex VS Portal at www.Apexvs.com.

  • Step 2# Submit the Codes

Second of all, you are able to type down the valid Username and Password. It is the sensitive section so you must make sure that you enter the correct details.

  • Step 3# Enter the Site

At last, you can click at “Sign In” and get ready to enter Apex Learning Courses Student-center portal. Congratulation, guys!

How to Recover “Forgotten Password” Apex Learning Courses Login?

In some situations, you may fail to access the Apex Learning Login Portal. And, it is because of many reasons. And, one of them is because you have submitted the wrong login password. Then, if you forget it, here the steps to create your new password and those are:

  • As always, you can prepare your device then go to Apexvs.com Portal.
  • At the homepage, you can click at the “Forgot Password” menu.
  • Once you click on it, you will get a page where you can type down the Username. And sure, you can click at the “Next” button.
  • The next step is about to confirm some notification and make sure that you have completed the sections.
  • At last, you can check your email account and get your new Apex VS Login Password and your previous username.
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How to Enroll in Apex Learning Courses?

And now, the new Apex Learning Virtual School Students may need to know about the steps to register the course. Simple, you can go to the Apex Headquarter Office and meet customer service. They will guide you to register on your proper class.

Otherwise, you can enroll the course online at Apex Learning Virtual School Official Site. It will be easy to get the classes without coming to the office. Before getting ApexLearningVS.com Site, you must ensure that you have the current internet browser and connected to the strong internet connection. Then, here the online registration steps that you can follow:

  • Step 1# Get the Site

For the new Apex VS Customers, you should not worry because you don’t need to own the Apex Customer Account. So, you can prepare your device then go to www.Apexlearningvs.com Portal.

  • Step 2# Choose the Proper Menu

At the homepage, you will get the lists of Apex VS Portal Features and Options. Then, at the top right corner of the site, you can click at “Enroll now”.

  • Step 3# Choose the Course Subjects

The next step is about to choose Apex Learning Courses. Like we have stated before, the courses are available from the core, honors, and Advanced Placement classes. You can check the lists and click on the link if you have found the proper Apex Online Courses.

  • Step 4# Select the Date

Then, it shows you the box where you can select the date of classes. Here, you only need to tap on the date and click at “Add to Cart”.

  • Step 5# Create an Account

Well, it is time for you to create the account. In this case, you need to complete your complete name, email account, and the mail-in address. Sure, you must make sure that you submit the correct information. When the information is complete, you can click at the “Continue” button.

  • Step 6# Additional Information

After creating the Apex VS Customer Account, you must complete the additional information section. It asks about your educational background, interest as well as the goals that you want to achieve. Again, you need to click at “Continue” and get the next section.

  • Step 7# Review and Complete the Payment

Alright, you have completed the registration form. And now, you can review your cart and complete the payment. In this case, Apex VS accepts some types of payment such as M-banking, Debit or Credit Card.

  • Step 8# Pay the Fees and Get Ready to Learn

For the rest, you should complete the payment before the time is over. Once you have paid it, you will get a notification and get ready to take the class.

What does the Apex Learning Courses cost?

As all we know, the learning cost may be one of the most important factors when we choose a school or institution. And need to know the Apex VS Courses Cost maybe your concern before registering your identity. Don’t worry! Apex Learning Course Costs are definitely reasonable. Indeed, they will be very suitable for the services and benefits that you can get.

Anyway, each course may apply the different cost. For the individual course, the cost is around $350 per semester. Then, you only need to pay $700 for two semesters at once. Otherwise, the full-time tuition is $6,875 per year. In total, Apex will run 12 months learning process as the opposed to a normal 9-month school calendar. Meanwhile, ALVS offers two payment methods and here they are:

  • Method 1# Get the Payment Plans

First thing first, you are able to choose the payment plans. As the initial payment, you need to give $2,855. And for the rest of 11 months, you can pay $380 each month. In total, you will pay is $7,035.

  • Method 2# Pay in Full

The second, you can pay for $6,875 once you register as a new Apex Learning Courses Students.  So that you know, you can save $160 by taking this payment method.

What is included in Apex Learning Courses Tuitions?

For the next, you may be curious with the items and services included in your course tuition. And, you will get surprised by the services that you can get. Here the lists are:

  • At first, you can access Apex Learning Login for 24/7 hours of operation. You are free to access the instructional content including core, honors, and Advanced Placement.
  • Then, a professional teacher will monitor your progress. They also give feedback on any assignments. They will be ready to respond to the email communication which is available during the office hours.
  • And next, you are able to get the Live Tutor Chat which starts from Monday to Friday at 5:00 AM to 6:00 PT.
  • Sure, you will get the interactive, personalized Apex Learning Online Management System. It will tracks you to the complex and detail instructional content.
  • At last, the parents will be easy to access the student’s progress report for 24/7 of operation.

What are the Current Apex Learning Virtual School Offers?

With no doubt, Apex VS offers you both of the educational alternatives and easy educational tuition. Yes, there are some deals for you. And, here they are:

  • Tax Savings

The first deal is about the Tax Saving which includes 529 Set Up Plans for your education. This saving comes from $10,000 from your child’s plans. Then, it is useful for the private class on grade K-12. Well, it means that you can get the free fees tax-free as it is a private high school.

  • Sibling Discount
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The next deal is about Apex VS Sibling Discount. You can enjoy 15% discount each student if you enroll Apex Learning Course for your two or even more children. It is interesting, isn’t it?

  • Military Discount

For the rest, this one is for a current or former member of the military. you are able to get a 15% discount by showing your valid Military ID.

How to Contact Apex Learning Virtual School Management?

Guys, you are able to contact the Apex VS Management Teams and share your questions to them. And, here the ways to get them:

  • First, you can call them at 855-550-2547.
  • Or, you can share your questions via email to [email protected]
  • Then, you can write down a letter to Apex Learning Virtual School at Po Box 1215 Fourth Ave. Suite 1500, Seattle, WA 98161.
  • At last, you can follow “Apex Learning Virtual School” on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube as well.

What is Apex Learning Virtual School Open Hours?

Anytime you need to discuss Apex Learning Courses, you should not worry to visit Apex VS Headquarter Office. Or, it is okay to just contact them via phone through the number above. Anyway, you may need to know about Apex VS Open Hours and here they are:

Days Open Hours Close Hours
Monday 6:00 AM 6:00 PM
Tuesday 6:00 AM 6:00 PM
Wednesday 6:00 AM 6:00 PM
Thursday 6:00 AM 6:00 PM
Friday 6:00 AM 6:00 PM
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

Lists of Apex Learning Course Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So, Guys! We are going to the last section of the discussion. And as always, we will share the question lists related to Apex Learning VS and its courses as well. Perhaps you have the inquiry; you may find the answer below. So, let’s check them out:

Is Apex Learning Accredited?
Of course, Yes. It has been accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). Even, Apex Learning Courses Subject also has been approved by the official College Board audit teams.
What is Apex Learning System?
Apex Learning Virtual School is e-learning solutions for K-12 Education. Even, it is the privately held company which is operated by Apex Learning, Inc. This institution offers the online course about Math, Science, English, Technology and many more.
How much does the Apex Learning Course?
Apex Private Course cost $350 per semester and $700 in total for 2 semesters (12 months). If it requires some additional materials, you may need to prepare some fees for it. Then, for the Exam Review is $89 per course with $25 discount if you purchase it with an additional AP Courses.
How long are Apex Courses?
In most conditions, the Apex Summer Course takes nine weeks of learning duration. But in standard, most Apex Learning Courses take 18-week duration. Even, it is based on the request. When you need the intensive classes or maybe the goals have not approached yet, it is okay to enlarge the course duration.
Who has Created Apex Learning?
Paul Allen is the founder of Apex Learning Virtual School.
Is Apex Learning VS Hours Open today?
Yes, you can visit the Apex Headquarter Office in Seattle, Washington. The office hours start at 6:00 AM and will close at 6:00 PT.
What is Apex Credit Recovery?
Apex Credit Recovery is the additional course which is offered by Apex VS for all students who have not yet passed the course’s goals or credit. This additional class aims to help the students catch up the left material and earn their credit. Somehow, this credit recovery class is available during the semester after-school.
How do I Retake a Quiz on Apex?
Simple, you only need to login to your Apex Learning Login at www.ApexVS.com. You can choose the menu “Open Quizzes” and click at the quizzes link. Then, you can choose the quiz that you want to retake. Sure, you can complete it and submit it to your tutors.
What is Apex Class in High School?
In basic, Apex is the alternative learning program which is aimed to help the students obtain and engage their high school diploma. It offers the features and services which brings the students to get the different learning process outside the traditional high school route.
Can you make up High School Credits Online?
Of course, you can. Apex Learning VS offers Credit Recovery. It can help you make up your credit online.

Well, it is all about the Apex Learning Course and all about Apex Learning VS. Later, you can invite your parents to come to Apex VS Headquarter Office. Then, you can enroll the Apex Online Classes based on what you are interested in. Anyway, thanks for reading this post and best luck!

Apex Learning Courses
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Apex Learning Courses

Apex Learning Courses is the online private course which is offered by Apex Learning Virtual School Incorporation. This course takes 12 months learning process which gives you the intensive instruction, materials, test as well as counseling. The course options are various starting from Maths, Science, English, Social Studies and many more.

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