AMC Movie Theater Hours – Check AMC Hours and AMC Theater Customer Service

AMC Theater Movie Hours

Are you waiting for the launch day of your favorite movie? You may want to spend your time to enjoy the movie with your loved ones. Then, why don’t you check the showtime at AMC Theaters? You will get an accurate schedule about the movie which you are eager to watch there. So, you have to find out AMC Movie Theater Hours soon.

Besides, AMC Theaters is a good choice to watch movies because it has excellent facilities. Just name it! The big screen will make your watching experience feels so fantastic. The audio will add more excitements from the beginning until the end of the movie. What else? Foods, of course! Some snacks like hips or popcorns will complete your movie day.

But, you must visit the place during AMC Movie Theater Hours because all movies at theaters must be playing at specific show time and place. Otherwise, you will not find any services given at the theater locations.

What you know about AMC Hours of operation will not be complete if you do not know the locations of AMC Theaters, especially if you are looking for the nearest theater in your area. So, it will not be too difficult for you to watch movies with your little kids.

But, you do not need to feel confused because all the information you need about AMC Theaters hours and locations is available in this article now. Be sure you read it until the last section as there are more interesting things related to AMC Theaters which can be helpful for you. Happy reading!

AMC Theater Movie Hours

AMC Theater Movie Hours

About AMC Theaters

AMC Theaters is a chain of movie theaters from the United States. The current headquarters is located in Leawood, Kansas. this chain run under the management of AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. the business started in 1920 when Edward, Barney, and Maurice Dubinsky bought the Regent Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri. For some reasons, this Dubinsky family decided to alter their surname as Durwood.

They gave their theater business a name as Durwood Theaters. In 1968, Stanley H. Durwood, Edward’s son, changed the theaters’ name as American Royal Cinema. Not long after the new name had been applied, the company made another name for the theaters. Since then, the business started to go as American Multi-Cinema, Inc. That is how AMC Theaters got its name.

So far, AMC Theaters has been handling more than 1000 screens and theaters in the United States and Europe. over 4.000 people are AMC full-time employees and around 35.000 employees are part-time.

AMC movie theater hours

AMC movie theater hours

AMC Movie Theater Hours

You must not want to miss your favorite movie, right? This is the reason you should check the movie schedule at AMC Theaters very soon. Remember that you can only get information about the movie at the AMC Movie Theater Hours. When the theater is open, you will be able to come earlier to get the movie ticket. At times, there will be a lot of people queuing for tickets when it is close to the movie showtime.

Of course, it will not be nice to miss some parts of the movie, won’t it? Besides, you are able to book a seat during operation hours. This way, you can just show your ticket to the ticket takers next time you visit the theater. To add more information about the hours of operation at AMC Theaters, you can look at the following timetable.

Day AMC Movie Theater Hours
Monday 10 AM – Midnight
Tuesday 10 AM – Midnight
Wednesday 10 AM – Midnight
Thursday 10 AM – Midnight
Friday 10 AM – Midnight
Saturday 10 AM – Midnight
Sunday 10 AM – Midnight

AMC Theaters absolutely will be full of service every day. There will not be days off for 7 days in a week. It means you cannot watch your favorite movies either on weekdays or on weekends. The regular schedule above is applied to most of AMC Theaters locations. Some others may have different schedules due to different seasons and states. Moreover, the duration of movies played at the theaters is not the same. Of course, it will affect the operation hours eventually.

Moreover, AMC Theaters locations are occasionally open for 24 hours to play some most awaited movies. This occurs because there will be so many movie enthusiasts eager to watch the movies earlier. If you need fixed information about AMC Theaters operation hours, you can try to contact the local phone number of AMC Theaters near to your house.

So, you can adjust to the schedule. The following questions and answers will make you understand more about AMC Theaters hours.

  1. Is AMC Theaters open today?
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Absolutely. AMC Theaters will play some quality movies every day. You can just come during the theater hours and get your tickets there.

  1. What time are AMC Theaters open?

The services at most of AMC Theaters locations will start at 10.00 a.m. every single day. From Monday to Sunday, AMC Theaters locations are open at the same time based on the regular schedule. However, several locations may be open later at 11.00 a.m. until 01.00 p.m. it depends on the policy applied at the locations.

  1. What time are AMC Theaters close?

AMC Theaters are mostly close at midnight. The close time may vary based on the duration of the last movies played at the theater location that day. If the last movies start at 11.00 p.m. and they have 2 hours of duration, the theater will be closed at 01.00 a.m.

AMC Movie Theater Holiday Hours

Your holiday will not be memorable if you miss some movie times with your family members and friends. Thus, it is very recommended to watch some great movies on holidays. It can be the solution if you have a hectic schedule at works and need to find some fun with other people. But, you must make sure that AMC Theaters locations are open during public holidays.

In case the locations are open, is it true that AMC Movie Theater Hours are still the same as the regular schedule? The following table will help you find the answers.

Holiday Open / Close Holiday Open / Close
New Year’s Eve Open Martin Luther King Jr. Day Open
New Year’s Day Open Columbus Day   Open
Good Friday Open Memorial Day Open
Black Friday   Open Veterans Day Open
Easter Sunday Open Labor Day Open
Easter Monday Open Thanksgiving Day  Open
St. Patrick’s Day   Open President’s Day Open
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Open Independence Day Open
Cinco De Mayo Open Christmas Eve Open
Valentine’s Day Open Christmas Day Open

Now, you can see that AMC Theaters locations are open on all holidays. But, the AMC Holiday Hours can be various at different locations, especially on some big holidays, such as Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. The theater locations probably will be open later than its regular schedule on the holidays mentioned previously.

Besides, it is possible that the locations will have shorter durations on those holidays. this way, employees of AMC Theaters will still have chances to celebrate the holidays with their loved ones. So, do not waste your time and grab your tickets! Your holiday will be unforgettable with some movie experiences at AMC Theaters.

How to Locate AMC Theater Near Me

If you have got the information about your favorite movie showtime, you can be ready to go to the nearest AMC Theaters locations right now. It is not difficult to find Amc Locations Near Me because you will be able to locate the theaters online. Just be sure you have prepared a device with an internet connection. Then, you may try to find AMC Theaters locations using some simple tips below.

  1. AMC Theatres Locator

There are some steps you need to do if you prefer using AMC Theater’s locator to find the nearest locations of AMC Theaters.

Firstly, you must go to the website of AMC Theaters. You will reach the website at This website will be your top source of movie information and showtimes.

  • Click Theaters

Secondly, you can scroll down the website home page and find some columns, such as Our Company, Movies, Programming, More. On Movies column, there is some options including Theaters. You can click this option to reach AMC Theaters Locator. Then, another page will come out.

  • Enter Location Information

Thirdly, you may simply enter the information of AMC Theaters locations you need to find in the search fields. You may use a ZIP Code, state, or city.

  • Click Search

Then, you can click the Search button next to the search field. The results will appear for you within some seconds.

  • All Theaters

There is also another way to locate AMC Theaters without using the search field. You just need to click States on All Theaters section. Then, a list of states will show up. You may click on a state to view the list of AMC Theaters locations available in the state.

AMC Theaters Locator provides information about theater address, facilities, and movie showtimes at the locations. Besides, you are able to get directions to reach the locations from this website.

  1. AMC Theatres Mobile App

When you use the AMC Theatres Mobile App, you will be able to find the nearest AMC Theaters in your area. Further, you may buy tickets through the app, book seats, get information about your preferred movies, and access rewards from AMC Stubs. This mobile app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  1. Search Engine
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Have you just launched the browser in your device? Then, you can use the search engine on the browser to locate AMC Theaters locations near to your place. Jut enter keywords related to MAC Theaters locations or use Amc Near Me in the search field. You will not need to wait for a long time to get the search results.

What is AMC Stubs?

AMC Stubs is a customer loyalty program held by AMC Theater. Through this program, AMC offers exclusive benefits for the members. You can join this program online by signing up through the AMC website. But, before you decide to register in this program, you have to review the three types of AMC Stubs. This way, you can decide to join which level you have to join.

  1. AMC Stubs A-List.

This level allows you to watch up to three movies a week with free online reservation. You can choose any format of the movies. For instance, you can select Dolby Cinema or IMAX. You have to notice that there is no blackout date. You can have triple movies in one day. You can watch your favorite movie anytime.

  1. AMC Stubs Premiere.

If you want to get the premium perks from AMC, you have to join AMC Stubs Premiere. The cost to join this AMC Stubs Premiere is only $15 plus tax for a year. The benefits of joining this program are as follows.

  • Upsize the popcorn and fountain drink.
  • Purchase the movie ticket online for free reservation.
  • Earn points every time you scan your virtual card at AMC Theater concession. When you have collected $5 rewards, you will be able to get free large popcorn refill.
  1. AMC Stubs Insider.

If you join AMC Stubs Insider, you can get more perks from AMC Theater. For instance, you can get Discount Tuesday and earn reward points. Here are the benefits of becoming AMC Stubs Insider members.

  • Enjoy free refill popcorn. Also, when you are at AMC Classic, you also can get annual popcorn refill for free.
  • Earn the reward points five times fasters. It is because, for every $1 you spend at AMC Theater or Concession, you will get 20 points. When you reach 5000 points, you ill get $5 rewards. This reward is redeemable for the discount when you purchase food, drink, or upgrade your membership.
  • Save more budget for ticket and snack. You also can save more money when you purchase the ticket on Tuesday.
AMC Stubs

AMC Stubs

How to Join AMS Stubs Membership?

If you do not want to miss any perks and special offers from AMC, you should join AMC Stubs soon. You can do this following steps to be the member of AMC Stubs.

  • Visit AMC website.

First of all, you have to access the AMC website at through this website, you can check the movie showtimes and purchase the ticket.

  • Click on Join AMC Stubs.

When you are at the AMC homepage, you should focus on the top left bottom of the page. In this section, you can find the menu to join AMC Stubs.

  • Select the type of AMC Stubs.

There are three levels of AMC Stubs. You can select AMC A-list, AMC Premiere, or AMC Insider. Every level has its own perks. After selecting the AMC stubs, you can click on the Join Now button.

  • Complete the registration form.

In this form, you have to provide some personal information. First, you can provide your email address. Then, write down your first and last name. The next, enter your date of birth. Do not forget to set up a password to log into the AMC Stubs account. After that, you can choose your favorite theater. Click on Continue button to go to the next step.

  • Complete the payment.

Joining AMC Stubs Premiere or AMC Stubs Insider is not free. So, you have to pay the membership fee include the tax.

How to Contact Amc Movie Theater Customer Service

Did you experience bad things in your latest visit to AMC Theaters locations? You just need to tell al of your bad visit experiences to AMC Theaters Customers Service. So, the representatives will help you immediately. These are the ways to contact AMC Theaters Customers Service.

  1. Website

If you are eager to visit the official website of AMC Theaters, you can access This website address will take you to the AMC website directly. On the website, you are able to contact AMC Theaters customer service using these methods.

  • Chat

The first possible way is by using the Chat feature. An agent of AMC Theaters will help you solve the problems immediately if you send your texts through this AMC website chat room.

  • Feedback Form
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The website also provides a form where you can share your feedback about AMC Theaters. You need to submit some information if you would rather use this form. The information includes your reason to send the feedback, first name, last name, account number (if you have one), email address, phone number, order number, purchase date of your ticket, AMC Theaters locations you are supposed to visit, and your messages. If you have completed all of the blank fields, you can submit to AMC Theaters customer service.

  1. Phone

You will get fast responses if you contact AMC Theaters customer service via phone calls. This will be a chance for you to explain to the problems clearly. There are some numbers provided by AMC Theaters for different issues, such as:

  • theater experience: 877-262-4450
  • ticketing order: 888-440-4262
  • AMC Stubs & membership: 888-562-4262.
  • inquires to AMC company: 913-213-2000
  1. Mailing Post

AMC Theaters also welcome customers to send their feedback by mailing post. The letters can be sent to the following address.

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

P.O. Box 725489

Atlanta, Georgia, 31139-9923

The United States

  1. By social media

If you are a user of social media, you can try to leave your comments on AMC theaters social media pages. These are the links to reach AMC pages.

  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Youtube:
  • Instagram:
  • Google+:
  • Pinterest:

AMC Movie Theater FAQs

Can you bring bags into AMC?
As like other movie theater chains, AMC forbid the moviegoers to bring their bags to the theater. This theater has a policy regarding the size of bags that you can bring. You cannot bring large bags, backpacks, and package. Handbags are permissible. But, due to the security issue, the theater manager may check your bags before you enter the theater.
Can you exchange AMC tickets?
If you purchase AMC tickets online through AMC mobile app, you can cancel it to get the refund. But, make sure that you exchange it before the showtime. You are allowed to request the ticket refund online. Just use the Ticket section menu at AMC Stubs account. Besides, you also can use the confirmation email.
Can AMC check your bags?
AMC allows the theater manager to check the moviegoers’ bag when they have the security concern. However, there is no specific rules about bag checking for all theaters.
Can you cancel AMC movie tickets?
As the members of AMC Stubs, you can cancel AMC movie ticket before the showtime. You can use the self-service refund menu which is available at AMC official website at
What does AMC yellow ticket mean?
AMC Yellow ticket means the exchange item which is not eligible to earn AMC Stubs rewards. This ticket is valid for seven days.
How do AMC online tickets work?
You can purchase AMC movie theater tickets online through the AMC website. Then, you can pay it by using a credit card. Then, when you come to the theater, you can swipe the card in the box office. This way, the computer will fetch the ticket you purchase.
Where can you use AMC movie gift cards?
You can use AMC Movie gift cards to purchase the goods and service at AMC Theater. You also can use it at AMC Dine-in theater, AMC Classic, AMC Theater Box Office, and AMC concession register.
Can you get free drink refills at AMC?
You have to join AMC Stubs Insider to enjoy this benefit. The members of AMC Stubs insider can refill their large popcorn. Besides, if you upgrade your membership into AMC Stubs Premiere TM, you will be able to get popcorn size upgrade for free as well as free fountain drink whenever you visit AMC Theater.
What is AMC premiere seating?
AMC Premiere Seating is a group of seats which are exclusively reserved for AMC Stubs a List Members or AMC Stubs Premiere members. This reservation is available at, you also reserve the seat through AMC Box Office and AMC Mobile App.
Do AMC Gold tickets expire?
Fortunately, AMC Gold tickets never expire. This type of tickets is valid for 365 days.

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Summary of AMC Movie Theater Hours

If you plan to watch movie at AMC Theater, you have to check AMC Movie Theater Hours first. Besides, you also need to check AMC Holiday hours to find out the showtimes.

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