99 Cent Only Store Hours – Check 99 Cents Store Near Me and Customer Service

99 cents only store

Do you run out some stockpiles of fruits and vegetables in your fridge? It means you have to do grocery shopping to get what you need. But, you probably think twice before you go shopping in case you are broke right now. It will be embarrassing to go shopping without enough cash. It will not be a big problem, though. You can still get some fresh fruits and vegetables at cheaper prices.

How is it possible? It is actually possible if you do the shopping at 99 Cents Only Stores. This place is popular with its products for 99 cents only. You do not need to worry about quality. 99 Cents Only Stores will not disappoint with you with its great products and services. However, you should go there during 99 Cent Only Store Hours. This way, you will not miss what you should buy at the store locations.

If you need more information about 99 Cent Only Store Hours, you will be able to read it in this article. Besides, you may find details about the holiday’s hours at 99 Cents Only Stores here. Perhaps, you are also wondering how to locate the nearest 99 Cents Only Stores in your area. And there are more helpful things you can get from this article. Happy reading!

99 cents only store

99 cents only store

About 99 Cent Only Stores

99 Cent Only Stores LLC has been managing a chain of variety stores in the United States since 1982. Dave Gold built this business by opening a liquor store in Los Angeles. He tried to sell the liquor for 99 cents per bottle. His effort was so successful that he thought 99 cents would be a popular trend at that time. He even thought it was his lucky number.

So, Dave Gold with Sherry Gold opened the first location of 99 Cents Only Store in 1982. This first store was located in Los Angeles. On the day of Grand Opening, they offered television sets worth 99 cents only. Then, these 99 cents products on Grand Opening Day unexpectedly became a tradition for a new store until today. Currently, 99 Cent Only Stores corporate office is situated in Commerce, California with 394 branches in Southern California, Nevada, Texas, and Arizona.

99 cent only store hours

99 cent only store hours

99 Cent Only Store Hours

You must prepare yourself with information about 99 Cent Store Hours before you decide to go shopping at its store locations. The information of 99 Cents Only Stores operation hours include the days when the stores are available for customers, the open hours, and of course the close hours.

With the operation hour’s information, you do not need to try to guess when 99 Cents Only Stores near to your house start their services every time you need to buy some snacks, fruits, or vegetables. You will understand more about the store hours by paying attention to the following timetable.

Day 99 Cent Only Store Hours
Monday 8 AM – 9 PM
Tuesday 8 AM – 9 PM
Wednesday 8 AM – 9 PM
Thursday 8 AM – 9 PM
Friday 8 AM – 9 PM
Saturday 8 AM – 9 PM
Sunday 8 AM – 9 PM

You have seen from the timetable that all 99 Cents Only Stores locations provide its excellent services and products every day. It has 7 days of operations in a week. This way, you can just visit 99 Cents Only Stores any days you want to purchase some quality and affordable products.

In case you want to make sure about the fixed operation hours at 99 Cents Only Stores which you are eager to visit, you can try to contact the customer service of 99 Cents Only Stores. or, you may just check 99 Cents Only Stores official website to view the operation hours at your preferred stores. Well, the questions and answers below will make it clearer for you.

  1. Is 99 Cents Only Stores open today?

Yup! All 99 Cents Only Stores locations are open today. You can go directly to the closest 99 Cents Only Stores location in your area to grab some products for your stockpiles. The store locations are open from Monday up to Sunday. Make sure you check the hours of operation at 99 Cents Only Stores locations before you go there.

  1. What time is 99 Cents Only Store open?

If you need to go to 99 Cents Only Stores locations on Monday, the operation hours will start at 08.00 a.m. This open hour will be the same until Sunday. It means the 99 Cents Only Stores locations will start the services at 08.00 for 7 days in a week.

  1. What time is 99 Cents Only Store close?
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Most of 99 Cents Only Stores locations are close at 09.00 p.m. This close hour will apply from Monday to Sunday. However, some locations will be closed an hour later than the regular 99 Cents Only Stores hours at 10.00 p.m.

99 Cent Only Holiday Hours

What if you have a hectic schedule day by day? You probably do not have time for grocery shopping at 99 Cents Only Stores locations, except on public holidays. Then, you must know about the holiday hours on at the stores before you head to 99 Cents Stores because several locations may apply different 99 Cent Only Store Hours on holidays.

The information provided in the following timetable will make it clear for you about the days when 99 Cents Only Stores locations are open and close its services.

Holiday Open / Close Holiday Open / Close
New Year’s Eve Open Martin Luther King Jr. Day Open
New Year’s Day Closed Columbus Day   Open
Good Friday Open Memorial Day Open
Black Friday   Open Veterans Day Open
Easter Sunday Closed Independence Day  Adjusted Hours
Easter Monday Open Tax Day Open
St. Patrick’s Day   Open Thanksgiving Day  Closed
Halloween Open Labor Day Open
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Open Christmas Eve Adjusted Hours
Cinco De Mayo Open Christmas Day Closed

The timetable shows that 99 Cents Only Stores locations will be available for all customers on most holidays. However, the management team of 99 Cents Only Stores decide to close its store locations on particular holidays. The purpose is to let its employees to celebrate the holidays with their family members or friends. So, the days on which 99 Cents Only Stores will be close are:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

There are some holidays when 99 Cents Only Stores will be open its stores with adjusted hours. By this mean, the duration hours on those days are shorter than the regular 99 Cents Only Stores hours. Each store location may have different open hours and close hours during the holidays. The adjusted hours will occur on Independence Day and Christmas Eve.

How to Locate 99 Cent Store Near Me

Are you looking for 99 Cent Store Locations near to your house? You’d better search for the locations online because it may save your time and energy. Besides, it will not make you difficult because you only need to prepare your smartphone and the internet connection. If you are ready, you can start to locate the nearest stores. Then, you may try some easy methods below.

  1. 99 Cents Only Stores Locator

If you are eager to use 99 Cents Only Stores Locator, you must do the procedure to operate it. Here are the steps.

Firstly, you must access the official website of 99 Cents Only Stores. The website address for this store is 99only.com. When you have been on the website, you need to go to the page of the store locator by taking the next step.

  • Find a Store

Secondly, you can click the store locator button to Find a Store. You will see the button on the upper part of the 99 Cents Only Stores website. The button will direct you to the store locator page.

  • Provide Location Information

Thirdly, you should provide the location information on the store locator page. You may type the information in the search field. It can be a ZIP code, state, or city. Once you type the information, a prediction list will drop down under the search field. You can pick one if you find your preferred location in the list.

  • Click Search

Lastly, you need to click the search button. It is a search icon put next to the search field. The button will start the process of searching. Only in a few seconds, you will get the search result on the left side of the page. It will show you a list of locations based on the information which you have entered in the search field.

By using 99 Cents Only Stores Locator, you will be able to get some store details. The locator page always provides store address, store hours, and information about some stores nearby. Besides, 99 Cents Only Stores Locator can help you to use the map and get directions to reach your preferred store.

  1. Search Engine

If you are not accessing the website of 99 Cents Only Stores, you can just use the browser installed on your smartphone. It has a search engine which will find the nearest 99 Cents Only Stores locations in your area. You simply need to enter the location details in the search field. If you are not sure about the location details, you can type in 99 Cent Only Near Me there. It will not take too long until the search results of 99 Cents Only Stores near to you appear on the screen.

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What Products You can Purchase at 99 Cents Store?

When you need to go for grocery shopping, 99 Cents Store can be the best place to go. Especially if you live at the Western United States. You must be familiar with this store. At 99 Cents Only Store, you can get the high-quality items at affordable price. What kinds of products that you can find at this store? The list below will help you to arrange the shopping list.

  • Brandname products.

99 Cents Store provides various popular brands to fulfill your daily need. You can find the bath necessity, beauty needs, as well as food at this store. Of course, all the products here are cheaper than other retail stores.

  • Fresh products.

99 Cents store also sells fresh items such as vegetable and fruit. You should not worry about the freshness of the items. It is because this store has the distribution center which supplies the fresh fruit and vegetable every day.

  • Party needs.

Do you plan a birthday party or cocktail party at your house? You can purchase the party equipment at 99 Cents Only store. Here you can buy balloons, ribbons, napkins, drinkware, pinata, etc. All the party supplies can you find at this store.

  • Cleaning products.

Perhaps you want to clean your house on holiday. You can go to 99 Cents store to get the cleaning products for your bathroom, floor, glass, etc.

  • Pets necessity.

Do you love taking care of a pet? All your pets’ need is available at 99 Cents store. Here you can purchase the pet’s food and the products to look after your pets.

  • Beauty products.

Who does not want to look beautiful on every occasion? Just go to 99 Cents store to find the complete beauty products. You can purchase skincare, makeup, and other beauty tools.

  • Snacks.

There is no other relaxing activity but enjoying snacks while watching your favorite TV shows. For your snack supply, you can purchase it at 99 Cents Only store. this store provides a wide range of snack products for kids and adults.

  • Home Goods.

Do you think that you need to decorate your house? You can visit a 99 Cents store to shop for home goods. You can find out various home decoration items here.

  • Fresh seasonal products.

You can find the fruit and other items that are only available on a special occasion. For instance, you can purchase the fruit which can be found in special season. As an example, you can enjoy avocado, strawberry, apple, mango, etc.

99 cents only deals

99 cents only deals

How to Sign Up 99 Cents Only Store Newsletter?

Do you want to get the latest information about the products and special deals from 99 Cents Only stores? You may need to subscribe the 99 Cents store newsletter. There are two ways of receiving the updated info from 99 Cents store. First, you can subscribe to text message. besides, you also can sign up through email. Here are the steps to get the notification from 99 Cents Only Store.

  • Text Message.

To get the SMS alerts from 99 Cents store, you can sign up online at its official website. You can go to 99only.com. Then, you have to click on 99 Your Inbox option which is available at the top section of the homepage. Then, you can enter your phone number. Tick the box to show your agreement with the terms and condition. Last, press the Sign Up button.

This way, you will receive every update from 99 Cents store. But, you have to notice that standard message rates apply. You can unsubscribe this service at any time.

  • Email.

If you want to receive the promotional info via email, you can sign up through 99 Cents website too. Just click on 99 Your Inbox menu at 99 Cents Only store website. Then, you have to enter your email address and zip code. Through this zip code, the system can identify the 99 Cents Only store closest to you.

The next, tick the box to show your agreement to receive the email from 99 Cents store. You can end this process by pressing the Sign Up Now button.

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How to Reach 99 Cent Only Customer Service

Were you not having a good time at 99 Cents Only Stores? It will be wise if you contact 99 Cents Only Stores customer service to tell about your shopping experience. The customer service representatives will try their best to find the correct solution for the problems.

So, you do not need to worry in case something bad happens to you when you are shopping at 99 Cents Only Stores because the customer service will always be there to help you. If you look for some simple ways to reach 99 Cents Only Stores customer service, the following information is for you.

  1. Website

You must have an internet connection if you want to reach 99 Cents Only Stores customer service. After that, you can visit the 99 Cents Only Stores website at 99only.com. When you are able to view the website home page, you may use English or Spanish to run the website. Actually, the website uses English as its default language. But, you can change the language setting by clicking Español button.

Then, you are able to contact customer service using a customer relation form. You need to provide some information to complete the form. The information includes your name, email address, store location, department of the store, and subject of your feedbacks. Also, you can write your messages in the provided field before you submit it.

  1. Phone

For fast responses from 99 Cents Only Stores customer service, you can contact via phone. The phone numbers provided for customers are:

  • Customer Relations: 888 582 5999
  • Corporate Office: 323 980 8145
  1. Mailing

If you prefer mailing post to reach 99 Cents Only Stores, you’d better write your feedbacks on some papers and send them to the 99 Cents Only Stores corporate office address at:

4000 Union Pacific Ave

Commerce, California, 90023

The United States

  1. Social Media

To reach 99 Cents Only Stores via social media is not a difficult task. You can just use your social media accounts to leave your comments or messages on the 99 Cents Only Stores social media pages. Here are the links to visit the pages.

  • Facebook: web.facebook.com/99CentsOnly
  • Twitter: twitter.com/99Only
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/99CentsOnlyOfficial
  • Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/99only
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/99centsonly

99 Cent Only Store FAQs

Is everything in the 99 Cents Store 99 cents?
In the beginning, 99 cents Only store provide all products in 99 cents in their stores. But, in 2008, the company changed its price policy. 99 Cents store added 99 cents to the base unit price of the products sold in this store. So, you may be difficult to find the products at 99 cents price. But, most products will have 99 cents for the price point. For instance, you may find the products charged $99.99.
Does 99 Cents Store accept EBT?
Most of 99 Cents Only stores accept EBT Cards. These stores are located in California. 99 Cents Only stores have authorization from the United States Department of Agriculture to accept California food stamps.
Who owns 99 Cents Only?
99 Cents only store is owned by Ares Management CPP Investment Board.
What is the 99 cent store return policy?
99 Cents Only allows you to return the products you purchased. But, the exchange is only offered if you bring the receipt within 9 days of purchase. Besides, you only can return up to nine products.
Does 99 Cents Store accept coupons?
The price of the products at 99 Cents Only store is affordable. So, they do not accept any coupons to make the price lower.
Does 99 Cent Store accept credit cards?
Yes. 99 Cents Store accepts Mastercard credit card, Discover Network card, and debit card at all the stores.
How many 99 Cents Only Stores are there?
There are more than 350 99 Cents Only Stores in four states of the United States. Besides, this store also has 2 distribution centers in Texas and California. No doubt, 99 Cents store becomes the biggest extreme value retail store in the Western United States.

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Summary of 99 Cents Only Store Hours

Do you want to go for grocery shopping? You can visit the 99 Cents Only Store. But, you need to check 99 Cents Only store hours first. Just call 99 Cents Only store customer service to confirm it.

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